Breaking Quincy

Part 1


            “God damn it, Quincy!” I heard Asher shout after me. I was faster, though. I had always been faster than Asher, even in the pool. This was a source of much tension between us. He had been my best friend since grade school, but now I was on Varsity, swimming the 200 IM while he was still on JV, swimming in a relay.

            I sped around the corner and into the locker room, hurtling myself into the bathroom stall and locking it behind him. I leaned against the cold, chipped blue stall door, resting my head against it, trying desperately to catch my breath.        

            My name is Quincy Kat. I am 17 years old, a senior at J.R. High. My mother has told me over and over to cut my shaggy brunette hair, but I’ve always liked looking in the mirror, seeing my blue eyes peek out from under strands of brown. Not many people have brown hair and blue eyes, I’ve noticed. I’m a swimmer, long and lean. My body has always just naturally been thin and toned, another sore point to Asher; He has to work out hours after practice to maintain his muscles.

            My name is Quincy Kat, and I am hiding in a bathroom stall because my best friend, Asher June, just saw me turn down the hottest girl in school.

            I could feel his body lean against the door. I knew him well enough to know exactly how the 18 year old was standing: muscular arms crossed over his firm chest, blonde hair waving across his forehead.

            I heard him sigh one of those deep, long sighs. I pounded the door with my fist, teeth gnashed, feeling the heat build up behind my eyes. “Don’t sigh at me! Just fucking go!” He hissed, my legs growing shaky. I was hoping he would only hear the anger it my voice, not the fear.

            “Quincy.” His voice was like velvet, soft and low. Hearing his lips speak my name was like feeling a dagger in my chest. I drew a quick breath, silently begging him to leave. He would never leave, though. Ever since we were kids, he’d stay up all night with me if he had to. “Quincy, open the door.” There is was again. My name.

            “Please, Asher!” I pleaded, the tears starting to burn the sides of my eyes. I swallowed hard. The last thing I could do is break down right now. “Please!”

            “You’ve been talking about her for weeks. She asks you for a date, and what, you say no and go running off like a freak?” I could hear the thunk of Asher resting his head back against the door, directly across from mine. “And now what, you’re crying?”

            “I am NOT crying!” I yelled back, tears threatening to burst from my eyes any second. I heard Asher chuckle. That just pissed me off more. “What the FUCK do you know? Come talk to me when you make Varsity.” That shut him up. I instantly regretted saying that. I could feel his pain through the door.

            “Open the door, Quince.” Asher said now, no longer asking. Whenever his voice got that low, demanding quality, it shook me to my core. The strength of his voice drew my hand up.

            The moment I unlatched the metal lock, the door burst open.  Asher stood there, brown eyes shining, looking a mixture of confused, worried, and angry. He was still in his swim trunks; he had worn them for drag practice. And god, he was more gorgeous than ever.

            I could feel his eyes scan me, and I suddenly felt very intimidated. He was a good 20 pounds heavier than I was, all muscle. Humiliation ran through me and I cast my wet eyes down, wrapping my arms around my thin frame.

            He then did something he’d never done before. Asher stepped forward and, without a word, wrapped those powerful arms around me, drawing me into his chest.

            I winced, the delight of being so close to him almost too intense for me to bare. I couldn’t give him. He was my best friend, and I couldn’t give in.  “You don’t know anything.” I muttered softly against his chest, eyes shut tight. He smelled like chlorine, but this was comforting to me.

            Asher chuckled again, his easy laughter relaxing me. I almost whined in protested when he dropped his arms. He stepped back, running his fingers through his own hair. This boy, my best friend, was a god. “You’re so weird, Quin.” Asher turned to leave, turning his head to the side to speak over his shoulder. “I’ll be sleeping over tonight to make sure you’re not having a mental break down. You turned down a double D cheerleader. Something’s not right. “

            With that, Asher left, leaving me shaking in the middle of the bathroom. Asher had slept over many times, but I had a bad feeling about tonight.




            This is Part One of Breaking Quincy. I know, I know, where’s all the sex? Don’t worry, it’s a-coming. If you like what you’ve read, please email me. I can only continue writing so long as people show interest. This story will be filled with sex, lies, intrigue, and fantastical wonders of sorts. Or something.