Breaking Quincy

Part 2

"Light Butter? You watching your figure, Quincy?" I felt the jab at Asher's words. He was, as he had always been, bigger than I was. His muscles were cut beautiful, strong and perfect, his shoulders broad and abs chiseled.

"Maybe you should start watching yours. You might be able to join me on Varsity." I smirked, popping a piece of popcorn into my mouth. I was thinner, true, but I was also faster in the pool, a fact I often threw at Asher if I felt threatened.

We sat there as we had hundreds of times, munching on popcorn, watching some mindless show on television. It was almost unsettling, how easily we slipped into our roles. Today at lunch, he had hugged me whilst I cried in the bathroom. I swear, only Asher had the ability to see me that vulnerable and still be able to be normal around me. He had never gotten an answer, really, as to why I had broken down, but he had calmed me either way. I think that was enough for him.

Family Guy blared on the TV, an episode with Brian the dog's gay cousin. I was instantly uncomfortable. I shifted on my seat on the couch, swallowing hard. Asher eyed me, his eyebrow rising. "You doin okay, buddy? Need to piss?" I chucked a pillow at him.

"I don't like this episode. It's stupid." I muttered, crossing my arms over my chest. It was around 11pm, and my parents were in Seattle, giving a presentation. They only let me have sleep over's with Asher, because they knew his family. Sleep over's. I'm almost 18, and my parents still call them sleep over's.

Asher gave me another look and opened his mouth, but quickly shut it. The air got a bit awkward, and I stood up. I hated it when Asher and I were awkward. "Let's head upstairs?" I asked, stretching and yawning for effect.

Asher didn't move. He was looking at his feet, chin length wavy blond hair tousled around his face. I noticed that if there was a photo for "surfer" under the dictionary, it would be of him. "Ash?" I asked, a bit softer. Something was wrong.

"Hey… Quincy. Can I ask you something?" He didn't look up. My heart immediately started racing. I was struggling to keep my cool. I couldn't lose composer, not now. Besides, I didn't even know what he was going to ask. Maybe he just wanted a glass of water.

"Sure thing, champ. Shoot away." I said, tossing in a soft, forced chuckle and a flip of my brown hair. I was trying to look relaxed. Could he see my heart thumping through my chest?

"Does you not liking that episode have anything to do with you turning down Heather today?" I could tell that thought had been churning through his brain for a while, and it took a lot of strength for him to finally ask.

I laughed again, a bit more nervous. "Yeah, totally. I HATE how she doesn't like Family Guy. Can't date a girl that doesn't-"

"Quincy." His harsh voice cut me off, and I gulped back my words. He looked up then, his brown eyes searing into my soul. "You know what I'm asking."

Was I gay.

My worst fears were realized as the unasked question saturated the room. I swear I could feel my skin melt off and my stomach drop 12ft below ground level. My hands started shaking, my entire body giving into it's sympathetic nervous response of fight or flight. Me, being my frail self, chose flight.

"What? No, it's late. We need to sleep. Here; you sleep down here. I go upstairs. See? Night!" I turned and sped up the stairs. I could feel him at my heels, chasing after me. I ran into my room and tried to slam the door like I did in the bathroom, but Asher was too fast. He put his hand out, his strength holding the door open.

"We need to sleep!" I screamed at him, my hands on his chest, shoving him away. Of course, my shoves were powerless against his rock hard pecs. I felt the hot pressure push behind my eyes again. I couldn't lose Asher. I'd date Heather. God, I'd fuck her for all I care.

"Fuck sleep, Quincy! Fuck it!" He screamed back, those large hands over powering me. He gripped my arms and tossed me like a ragdoll into my bed. Oh god, here it was. Asher knew. He was going to beat me to a pulp, spit on me, and leave. I curled up into a ball, tears streaming down my face, preparing myself for the pain of his fists, and even moreso, for the pain of our lost friendship.

The pain never came.

After a moment, I peered out over my arm. He was just standing there. Asher was standing there, hands still in fists, panting, entire body one big tense ball. "Ash…?" I asked softly. He looked so… mad? No, it wasn't anger. I mean, it was, but it wasn't at me.

"Asher…" I asked again, my voice barely a whisper. I sat on the edge of the bed, still trembling. I reached out, resting a hand on his arm.

This seemed to shake him and suddenly he leapt, tackling me to the bed. His muscular arms encircled me, his face buried in my neck. I was limp for a moment, in complete shock. I was trapped between the bed and my best friend, whom was clinging to me with all his might. I felt him shake, I heard the sniffles.

I said nothing.

I lifted my hand on rest on the back of his head, holding him against me, feeling the soft strands of his sun-kissed blond hair. My other hand rested on his back, stroking there tenderly. I could feel his nails dig into my back with the force he was clinging to me with, but I didn't mind. It was comforting. Tears wet my shoulders, and my eyes dried in response.

We stayed liked that for a long while, just hugging on the bed. After a bit, Asher's sniffles stopped, and I loosened my grip on him. I managed to slide out from under him, and he instantly turned to his side, back facing me, arms wrapped around himself.

I shut the lights off and slipped back into bed. Asher stilled had his back to me. I turned on my side as well, now back to back with each other. He was quiet, but I knew he was awake. His breathing still wasn't even.

"I'm sorry." My voice was soft and squeaky, as if afraid it would shatter the darkness. He shifted, turning back over.

Asher grabbed me and tugged me to his chest. He still hadn't said a word. I nervous rested my head on his powerful pecs, feeling the gentle pounding of his heart. His arms held me tightly, and I nestled into him gratefully. I had no idea what was happening, but I felt that questioning it would be the worst thing to do at this point.

We were calm, now. As Asher's breath evened, mine did too. There, in the darkness of my room, in my best friend's arms, I fell asleep.

This is Part Two of Breaking Quincy. I KNOW, still, where's the fucking sex? This is a sex erotica website, isn't it?!?! PART THREE, I PROMISE. I just kind of like making a base first. Building some character. But the sex IS coming! Literally!

I will only continue this story if I get responses! I like to know someone out there is actually reading them.