Breaking Quincy

Part 3

The sun kissed my cheeks, and I squirmed in bed, stuck in that pre-awake haze. Slowly, the events of last night seeped their way into my consciousness. I startled, my eyes shooting open. Where was Asher?!

The blond boy was no longer at my side. I sat up, looking around the room. Asher was still asleep, fully dressed on the floor, without any blankets or pillows. I hadn't felt him get out of bed last night. He must have woken up, found me curled up on his chest, and panicked.

I sighed, rubbing my sleepy eyes. I guess that was that. I swung my legs over the bed, carefully stepped over the sleeping boy, and headed to the bathroom. I needed to calm down. I grabbed a towel and slipped into the shower.

The shower felt amazing. The room was quickly filled with steam, the hot water caressing my aching muscles, still sore from practice. I leaned back against the tiles, eyes closed, letting the water wash away my worry, lost in the warm waterfall.

The door opened. I heard the sound of a fly being unzipped, followed by the familiar sound of drips in the toilet. This, on any other day, would not be unusual. Ever since we were kids, Asher would come in the bathroom, piss, and flush. The shower water would turn freezing cold for a moment, and I'd shout profanities at him. It was part of our routine. The shower curtain was green and opaque, so he couldn't see me.

I waited for the flush. Of course, it never came. But neither did the sound of the door opening and closing.

What, was Asher just standing there? He's been doing that a lot, lately. Just standing.

It was almost too much to handle. Part of me wanted him to burst open the curtains and proclaim his undying love for me. Part of me wanted to hear the flush, to shout at him, and to never speak of last night again. I cringed in anticipation.

I heard Asher let lout a harsh sigh, and the curtain of the shower was drawn back slowly. I stood there, stark naked in front of the golden haired angel, dripping wet. My blue eyes caught his amber ones before quickly shifting away, looking down at my feet.

"Quincy…" My name on his lips chilled me to the core, and I noticeably shuddered, cringing and shutting my eyes tighter. I had no idea what to do.

Asher, still fully clothed with what he fell asleep in last night, stepped into the shower with me, pulling the green curtains closed behind him. My heart was racing faster than I ever knew it could. My legs shook violently, and I felt the blood leave my head.

Fainting suddenly became a very real possibility as Asher stepped behind me. His large, strong arms wrapped around me, tugging my thin, nude frame against his covered chest.

His hands started at my chest, kneading the wet skin, merely feeling their way around. His fingers, shocking elegant for such a muscular boy, danced over the indents of my pectorals, thumbs gently gliding over my nipples.

My breath caught in my throat and I jerked. My reaction must have startled him, because his paused. It took a few second, but he continued on his exploration of my body. His hands slide lower, stroking over the lines of my abs.

His fingers on me caused my heart to skip beats, my cheeks to turn a deep pink hue. I was on fire, complete puddy in his arms. My crotch started to hard as he gently fingered my defined penis lines, gripping onto my hips and tugging me gently back against him.

I could hear his breathing in my ear, also a bit ragged. His breath stopped, and I could tell he was holding it as his fingers wrapped around my cock.

I groaned out loud, squirming in his grasp. His free arm wrapped firmly around my waist, holding me tightly against him, pinning me down against his chiseled body. I, personally, had no complaints.

He started to pump me. At first, his motions were slow, nervous, drawing out each one of my jagged moans. Each downward stroke would cause a surge of electricity to fire through my veins. My hands reached behind me, gripping desperately at his pants, holding on for dear life as the water continue to soak us.

Suddenly, his pumps became more deliberate. His palm squeezed my shaft tighter, his strokes faster. I rocked my hips about, pressing myself into my hands. "Oh… ohgod…" I muttered, feeling the tightness in my balls and the pressure build up inside me. His hands were skilled, twisting and tugging expertly. He had, after all, had 3 years of practice on himself.

Asher could tell I was close. He leaned over and took my ear between his teeth, giving it a gently nip. I was struggling to hold on, wriggling against him. The harder I squirmed, the tighter he held me down and the faster his hand became.

"Cum for me," I heard his whisper, as if he had not meant to say it outloud. That's all it took. He mixture of his hand working away at my crotch, his teeth in my ear, and the sultry jolt of his words shoved me over the edge.

I cried out loudly, spilling rope after rope of thick white seaman into his hand. I was on cloud nine, lava flowing through my blood, my head spinning. My legs gave out, and it was only Asher's powerful arms holding me up.

He held me up for a few minutes as I struggled to catch my breath. My mind was still racing: Did Asher really just jerk me off? I trembled as his hands slide from overwhelmed body, and in a moment, he was gone.

I stayed in the shower for a bit longer, trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. There was evidence of it everywhere: the cum still sliding down the drain, my pressure of his teeth resonating against my ear, the quarter opened curtains. It all still felt like a dream anyways.

The pleasure Asher had given me still lingered in my chest, and I fumbled as I reached for the towel. What did this all mean? Was he going to be my boyfriend? Would I get to touch him, now? That thought made me blush and giggle. God damnit, I was turning into a school girl now.

I rode my cloud to my room, where Asher was just coming out of the door. I blushed again as I caught his eye. I bit my lower lip, leaning against the wall, towel wrapped around my waist.

"I need to tell you something, Quincy." Asher stood up, the duffle he brought the previous day slung over his shoulder. The gorgeous boy saying my name caused my heart to leap, and I smiled at him, the air around my swirling with joy and possibility. It was then Asher's perfect cherry lips parted and said six words that ripped the cloud out from under my and crushed my soul into tiny, unfixable pieces.

"I can't be your friend anymore."


Thus ends part 3! Expect part 4 tome come out soon. I've received many great responses! I love reading what people have to say and try to respond to every email I get. I've already started part 4. As far as sex scenes go, expect Quincy and Asher to have actual sex in part 5. Okay, cool. Lova ya'll! - Chase