Breaking Quincy

Part 5-1

I could feel the pounding in my chest as my heart hammered away relentlessly. I brought my knees to my chest, curled up on Asher's bed. I was wearing his oversized XXL tee shirt, soft blue cotton that felt like a blanket over my skin. The night had been nice; we had stayed up late watching movies and laughing. Like old times. It was nice to be able to be his friend again.

There was tension, though. Every time our knees bumped or hands brushed, we'd blush and jerk back, me more than him. I think he did it on purpose, loving the nervous schoolgirl reaction it got from me. I must admit, Asher had me wrapped around his little finger. Every time he said my name or sent me a sideways glace, I'd feel the knot in my stomach tighten.

Now, here I was, laying alone in his bed. Asher was brushing is teeth in the other room. He had told me to make myself comfortable, but how was that possible? I had no idea what he had in mind. Cuddling? Fucking? Or would we even be sharing a bed?

Fucking. That idea rolled around in my head. There was no question, really, about who would bottom in case we did have sex. I was the lean whimpering blushing boy, Asher was all muscles and smirks and hotness. To be honest, the idea of Asher plowing into me sent shivers down my spine.

Just as I shuddered thinking about it, Asher walked into the room. He leaned against the doorframe, those amber eyes scanning over my body. I saw him chuckle, crossing arms over his chest.

"What's so funny?" I snapped, feeling instantly embarrassed. I hugged my knees tighter to my chest, feeling tiny in front of Asher.

The blond god laughed again, shaking his head. "You just look so damn cute in that big shirt!" That statement made my cheeks flush hard and I buried my face into a nearby pillow. I felt the mattress depress as Asher sat next to me. I trembled as he rested his large palm on the top of my head.

With a gentle touch, Asher started to massage my scalp, moving his fingers in firm circles, intertwining with my hair. I let out a soft gasp. The sensations of his hand in my hair sent little shocks of pleasure through my skin.

"Hey, Quincy…" Asher whispered in his silky voice. I lifted my head up to look at him, and his hand tightened in my hair. I yelped softly as he yanked me up, smashing my lips against his.

I gripped his sides tightly, clinging it his shirt as we kissed. Our chests pressed together, and I could feel his pounding heart against my own. I tugged him in closer, completely submitting my lips to his. Each touch of his tongue and press of his hips sent electricity through me. I clawed at his sides, softly whimpering.

My sounds must have excite him, because he rolled over on top of me, knees on either side of my waist. I could feel his hands grip my shirt and tug it up and over my head. I lay there, topless under his intense gaze. I grew shy and turned my head to the side, looking away. Asher instantly gripped my chin with his manly fingers, tugging my face and eyes back up.

For a moment, the world stopped as Asher and I stared at each other. I was completely vulnerable, my mind and body at his will. He reached down, fingers tentatively running over my thin, toned chest.

"I don't know what I'm doing…" Asher admitted bashfully, yet his fingers kept caressing my skin, sliding down the long length of my sides and hips. I recognized the nervous touch from the shower. That memory brought back a wave of pleasure, and I knew I was already hardening.

"Whatever you are doing, don't stop," I begged softly. This thumbs pressed against my hipbones, rubbing there for a moment before sliding up over my abs, dipping in the lines between them. I let out a shaky gasp as his fingers brushed over my nipples. His touch, his face, his blonde hair all left me dizzy and wanting- no, needing, more.

He sat up on his knees, still straddling me. I moved to lean up, my hips and legs trapped under him. I gently pressed his shirt up, eye level with the waistband of his pants. I kissed there at the exposed skin, my lips on fire as they touched the muscular lower abs of this golden haired god.

His fingers re-intertwined with my hair, holding my down tenderly, but firmly, against his waist. I groaned, overcome with passion at the feeling of pleasuring him. Asher looked down at me, fingers tightening. I could feel his hand shaking as he whispered: "Please, Quincy, I want you."

Those words drove me mad, and I couldn't help what my body did next. I attacked his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping in one fluid motion, tugging them down along with his briefs. The clothes hung around his thighs, me struggling to sit up more.

I suddenly found myself eye level with his semi-hard circumcised cock. It was large- must've been 9 inches hard. I was struck with fear. I had never done this before, but god I wanted to. I wanted to please him. I looked up at Asher for approval, and I got a nod in return.

My thin, long fingers reached up, wrapping around the base. I leaned forward, flicking my tongue over the red knob. I heard Asher let out a shaky moan, which sent waves of pleasure down my spine. It was the first cock I ever touched, and I wanted to keep touching it.

I wrapped my lips around his head, feeling his shaft harder under my fingers. He pressed my head down a bit, pushing his hips forward, gently forcing his cock further into my mouth. My blue eyes looked up at his, his cock buried between my lips.

"Oh god, Quincy, you look so sexy like that…" He pulled his hips away and pressed them forward again, thrusting a bit further down my mouth. . I gagged when his fully hard dick pressed to the back of my throat, and Asher quickly pulled his cock away.

I gasped for air, licking eagerly around his engorged head. I tongued at his slit, panting as I worshiped his cock. He held fast to my hair, moaning in pleasure as I worked at him. My tongue scaled the length of his shaft, kissing at his tight skin. He gently rocked his hips back and forth, sliding the hard shaft over my red lips, lost in his own pleasure.

Here I was, servicing my best friend, the muscular older Asher. He slowly thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my lips with care, and I could tell his was shaking with effort to control himself.

"Quince…" Asher murmured, and I pulled back, looking up at him as my hand pumped at his cock. He played with a strand of my brown hair, obviously deep in thought. "Can I… take you?"

Those words numbed me a bit. I had no idea how to respond. I opened my mouth, trying to find the words. In the end though, I closed my mouth, nodding up at Asher.

That must've been enough for him, for in an instant, he was on top of me. In a flash, my pans were yanked from my body, and I was completely naked, while Asher's shirt was still on, along with his pants around his knees. His lips attached my neck, sucking there hard. I could tell he was marking me as his. That notion made me want him all the more.

I whimpered as I felt his hand disappear between my legs. Oh my god. His hand was around my hard shaft, tugging at it with skill. I clawed at his back, hiding my face in his neck to stifle my moans. His touch was electrifying.

"Don't," Asher hissed seductively into my ear. "Let me hear you." He grasped my cock tighter, and I did let out a loud yelp, my entire body trembling.

He brought his fingers up, pressing two into my mouth. "Here," he whispered, his tongue running up the side of my ear, "Get these wet for me." I bobbed my head more than eagerly, groaning around his fingers, my tongue wrapping around them, coating them in wetness.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was lost in lost as he withdrew his fingers from my mouth. I pouted, not enjoying the empty feeling. That feeling didn't last, though. It wasn't long until I felt his finger against my tight ring of muscle. He massaged my hole for a moment, and I relaxed.

"Holy shi-" My breath my forced from my lungs as I felt his finger slip inside me. I gripped at his arms, shaking as a wave of new feelings and sensations worked there way through me. There was pain, of course, and it caused my to whimper and hide against in Asher's neck. There was also pleasure, because I felt myself whispering through my harsh breaths: "Don't stop…"


This is the first part of part 5! It was getting long, so I wanted to get it up and give you guys some time to read through it, and hopefully, want to see what happened! Please email me if you read it, and what you think. Are you excited to part 5-2? Cheers!