Breaking Quincy

Part 5-2

"Holy shi-" My breath my forced from my lungs as I felt his finger slip inside me. I gripped at his arms, shaking as a wave of new feelings and sensations worked their way through me. There was pain, of course, and it caused my to whimper and hide against in Asher's neck. There was also pleasure, because I felt myself whispering through my harsh breaths: "Don't stop…"

"I couldn't stop if I wanted to," Asher muttered, nuzzling into the top of my head. I groaned softly, my hands deathgripping his shirt. My breath caught in my throat as his finger started to move back and forth, pressing deep into my hole. I trembled against his chest, trying to steady my breathing. "You look so hot when you get all whimpery like that," the blond whispered against my scalp, pressing his finger extra deep inside me.

"Another… "I begged softly, my body shaking and craving more of this gorgeous boy's touch. "Another finger…" I looked up at him, my blue eyes wet and wanting, big with puppy love. I spread my legs wider, giving him more access to my body.

I didn't need to tell him twice. Soon, there were two fingers pressing their way inside me, stretching out my tight asshole. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out- The feeling of being so filled up sucked the hair out of me, and I found myself gasping. It wasn't long before Asher starting moving those two fingers in and out, slowly but firmly fucking me, my virgin ass struggle to accommodate the knew feelings. I winced in pain, and for a moment, Asher slowed, obviously concerned.

"Should we stop?" Asher asked, a ring of sadness in his voice. I could tell by how hard he was breathing that he wanted this. Wanted me.

I shook up head, pressing my face against him. "Don't stop… I want you inside me. I want to be yours."

I felt the muscular boy pause for a moment. I swear I could hear the gears in his head turning. In a moment, though, I felt the two fingers shove still deeper inside me, his lips dancing over my ears as he whispered, his voice husky and laced with lust: "You are mine."

That was it. I was completely at his mercy. My heart nearly leapt from my chest as I gasped. I turned around on the bed, resting my head against the blankets, ass up, presenting myself to him. I was panting, lost in the idea of offering my body to Asher. The blond swimmer reached forward, caressing the smooth, round globes of my ass. I could feel his hot breath against my cool skin, immediately covering every inch of my skin with goosebumps.

I heard shifting behind me, a large hand resting on hips. "Relax, Quincy, and take a deep breath…" I shut my eyes tight, trying to make my muscles relax. My eyes instantly flew open as I felt something thick, hard, and large force its way into me. He's inside me. The thought raced through my head over and over. And oh god, it hurt! I buried my face into Asher's duvet cover as he slowly, put firmly, pressed inside me. I felt like the air was being sucked from my lungs.

Asher's hips rested against my ass, and I knew he was fully inside me. His powerful hands caressed my back, his tender voice soothing me. He massaged my shoulders, whispering lovingly, "It's okay, Quince. Keep breathing for me…" I nodded furiously, doing my best to calm myself.

I was, needless to say, a mess. My entire body was trembling under Asher's touch, his cock buried deep inside me. There was pleasure and pain and shame and tenderness and- love? I finally calmed down, loosening my grip on the blankets.

Asher slowly pulled out half way before sinking back inside me. I whimpered at the first thrust, a jolt of something running through me. I wasn't sure what to call it, really, but I wanted it again. I got my wish. A few seconds later, Asher pulled out a bit further, pressing himself back inside a bit more quickly this time. I could feel is thrusting inside me pick up speed as my body loosened to accommodate him.

"You feel so- so good…" I heard him pant. His exasperated moan of pleasure made me melt, and I pressed my hips back against his crotch in time with his thrusts. I wanted to please him, and what's more, I wanted him to please me.

After a few minutes, we had gotten into a slow, steady rhythm of him pushing inside me, me pressing back against him. I could tell by the shaking in his hips that he was holding back for my sake. I wanted to do something to through him off, to soak him in pleasure. To make him want me even more.

Without warning, I flipped over to my back, my thin, toned body naked under him, him cock deep inside me. With half closed blue eyes and a quickly rising and falling chest, I gripped the blankets at my side and whispered in my most sultry voice, eyes locked on his brown ones: "Harder…"

That did it. Asher abandoned all control he had. He leapt on me, wrapping his arms around my tight waist, holding my down against my bed, slamming his lips to mine. He kissed me in the most intense, hottest passion I had ever felt. I could feel the hunger inside him swirl through my soul. He started thrusting wildly, his cock drilling my virgin asshole over and over, pounding into me.

I cried out, tipping my head back, clawing at his shirt. It felt so good, so real, so raw. My own cock lay hard against my abs, caught between us. "Don't…Stop…"I begged, as if there was even a slight chance of Asher stopping. He grabbed my hips, using them for leverage as he fucked me, taking me, making me his.

I was an incoherent blob of moans and whimpers, eyes shut tight, taking everything Asher was giving me. I reached down, tugging hard at my erect cock. "Clo..Close!" I managed to sputtered out, squirming like made under Asher's rock hard body. This only made him more desperate, and I could feel the slaps of his hips against my red ass.

My back arched up and everything went white, my body feeling weightless as I orgasmed, cumming hard between our chests. I struggled for air, gasping and groaning, completely lost in the overwhelming sensation of orgasming with a cock inside me.

All my muscles tightened as I came, and I could hear a muttered "Ohshit" from the boy inside me. In moments, I felt a thick, warm liquid fill me. My eyes opened at the perfect time. I was amazed by the image I saw before me: Asher was there, on his knees, cock shoved deep inside me, his bicepts and abs and pec muscles pulled tight as if sculpted by a Greek artist, his face beautifully contorted into a look of pure bliss, his golden hair shaggy and messy around his cheeks, dusted with a pink blush from effort.

We both collapsed in a panting, sweating, clinging ball onto his bed. His hand rested on my cheek, tenderly tipping my head up. He Eskimo kissed me softly, our noses rubbing together. "You okay?" He asked me, softening cock stilly inside me.

"Yes…" I responded. Was I okay? No. I was in heaven, here in Asher's arms. I was sleepy, and so was he. He peeled his wet shirt off and kicked his pants to the floor. I rolled over onto his chest, pecking at his muscles as we drifted to sleep.

I was just about to slip into slumber land when I heard Asher, my best friend since Elementary, the most gorgeous boy in the world, tell, not ask me: "You are my boyfriend, Quincy."


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