Breaking Quincy

Part 7

The Encounter

"Jesus Christ, Asher…" I shoved the blond back, my body trembling with desire. The hot pan in front of me sizzled away, the chicken cooking perfectly in lemon juice, rosemary, and olive oil. The outsides were nice and white, but I could tell the insides needed a bit longer.

Asher pouted in his sexy way, leaning against the counter, arms folded over his chest. "Well! I'd stop if you didn't look so fucking cute in that apron…" I scoffed at him- it was the only apron we had! Sure, it was hot pink with white polka dots all over it, and this odd white frilly lace thing at the bottom. God, now to think about it, I was the perfect little wife, slaving over a hot stove, handsome husband unable to keep his hands to himself. The idea made me blush, but no way was I backing down to Asher.

"I'm no housewife. I can still kick your ass in the pool, mister!" I pointed my spatula at him warningly, giving him a fake little frown before returning to the chicken. I smiled to myself, pushing the hunk of tender meat around. It felt so comfortable, standing in the kitchen, bantering with the muscular Asher.

"And I can kick your ass right here…" Asher came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my hips. I could feel his hands slide up my shirt, under my apron, stroking at my chest. My legs started to tremble, but I did all I could to ignore him, to focus on the chicken. It was no use. The spatula clanged to the floor as Asher bit my ear, his nails gently but firmly running over my hips. I hung my head low, gasping as I yanked me back, crotch rubbing against my ass.

"At- at least let me…" I managed to turn off the stove before being dragged to the kitchen table. I was shoved to my back on the wooden table, manly hands working away furiously at my buttons. I gasped and whined, squirming against the table. My eyes caught Asher's amber ones, and I could instantly the hunger and lust in his body. In a flash, my pants were at my ankles, hard cock against my chest. "Oh god, Ash…"

Asher didn't even have words. He tackled me, attack my stiff cock with his mouth. My eyes fluttered back, fingers running through his feather blond hair, caressing his scalp as my body jerked in pleasure. His tongue started at my base, running up the stiff length of my shaft. My cock bounce against my hard abs as the tip of his tongue teased my sensitive red head. I shook, thrashing a bit as I gripped at his hair, holding him down.

I felt my circumcised cock disappear down the wet, hot, tight throat. He swallowed around it, bouncing his head up and down, jerking my cock off with his perfect cherry lips. I grunted, trusting my shaft into his mouth. The feeling of him worshipping my stiff length was almost too much for me to bear. "As…Asher… You have to stop…" I begged softly, feeling the tension in my balls. I could tell my cheeks were red, my thin little body on fire.

"You make it so hard to stop when you look like that," Asher muttered against my base, his tongue wrapping around it. "I wish you could see you, all whimpery and blushy and squirmy… Like the perfect little cock slut, but all mine."

My hands flew to my face, covering my embarrassed blush. Such dirty words from my best friend! I felt his finger tease at my hole. What was he doing, teasing there, when I had just told him how worked up I was! I let out a deep, guttural groan as I felt his finger slip in, his head still bobbing around my pulsing dick. I jerked my hips, greedy for him mouth and his fingers. He forced in another and started moving his fingers fast, in and out, fucking me as he sucked me off.

The combination of sensations sent me over the edge, and I saw stars. "ASHER! Godfuckinggnnnn…" I screamed his name, thrashing violently under him. His free hand gripped my hip, biceps pulsing as he help me down against the table. I felt him swallow around me as the thick ropes of cum hit the back of his throat. I whimpered, jolting hard as he licked the swollen head clean. My chest rose and fell quickly as I struggled to catch my breath, still overcome with pleasure.

Asher stood up, wiping the cum from his chin, grinning down at me. He was so beautiful, standing over me like that, shoulders broad, blond hair messy, grin just as cocky as ever. My eyes were half closed and watery from the intensity of what the blond just did to me. "Now then, Wife. Where's my dinner?" Asher chuckled warm heartedly, going over to the stove and turning it back on. I just laid there on the table, cock wet and semi-stiff against my thigh. I never wanted to leave this cloud.


I blinked my eyes open. The room was dark, and I reached out next to me to touch Asher. My hands, however, just met the mattress. I instantly shot up. "Ash?" I called out groping for him in the darkness. I felt nothing. One thing was for sure, Asher was not in his room. I scrambled out of bed, tossing on a big shirt, sprinting down the stairs. "Asher!" I called out, searching the bathrooms and the kitchen. No where.

That's when I heard the commotion outside.

I couldn't make out the words, but they were harsh toned and quick. I was instantly outside, throwing the door open wide. My heart sank at what I saw: Asher, standing there in the moonlight, surrounded by three of our teammates: Weston, Tanner, and Ky. Their body language said it all. This was no pasta dinner.

"Leave him the fuck alone!" Asher's voice was unmistakable in it's husky glory. I, barefooted, sprinted to his side, pressing my way infront of him, blocking him from the three boys. Asher looked instantly fearful when he saw me. He gripped me by the shirt and threw me back. "Back in the house, Quincy!"

I frowned. Like hell I was leaving him alone. It was cold, and my thin naked legs started to shiver. "What's going on?" I asked, addressing Ky. Him and I swam the IM Relay together. Ky was some sort of Pacific Islander with those dark almond-shaped eyes. I could see the blackness of them shining out in the night, his dark hair buzz-cut as usual.

"They texted you telling you to come outside." Asher responded, eyes locked in a deadly gaze at the group. "I'm glad I got to your phone first. They didn't know I was here." Asher gripped my shirt again, his muscles tense, protective. "But, now they do. So just go home!" Asher looked like a bulldog, teeth gnashed and hair bristled.

"Come off it, Asher!" Ky screamed out, fists in balls. I knew Weston and Tanner were just there on Ky's orders. They were his loyal groupies, on Frosh/Soph. "We came to… talk… to Quincy." Even I could hear the uncertainty in his voice. They did not come to talk to me. I could see Weston and Tanner moving backwards some. I'm sure they weren't expecting big, buff Asher to come out of that door. Whatever they wanted with me, it seemed they didn't care any longer.

"Ky, let's just go. It doesn't matter!" Weston pleaded, fearful of the enraged Asher. He had a good right to be, as well. When Asher got mad, you could see his blood lust. Ky ignored Weston, taking a step forward. He was stronger than I was, but weaker than Asher. His attitude, however, made him look ten times bigger. Asher stepped forward as well, not one to back down from a fight.

I grabbed onto Asher's arm, tugging at him. "Let's go back in the house…" I asked, frantic. Asher shook me off like a ragdoll, shoving me behind him. God damn, this stubborn asshole was about to get his face bashed in! "Please!" I begged, tears burning the back of my eyes. I was freezing, my breath turning to clouds as it left my lips.

"Ash, you tell your fag boyfriend he better watch his back, if he knows what's good for him." Ky's words were full of palpable venom, and I felt the sting of them instantly. Why was I the "fag" boyfriend? I mean, it was obvious. Here I was, this feminine, thin thing. No one would dare tag those words to manly, muscular Asher.

Asher growled lowly, lunging out and shoving Ky back violently. Ky went flying backwards, landing with a thud on the floor. Ky instantly scrambled to his feet, gorged with rage and testosterone. He sprung forth, fist connecting with Asher's cheek. I screamed out and ran into the mix, trying to pull Ky off my lover. I was most certainly the weakest out of all five, and Tanner was ontop of me in seconds. I felt a forearm against my throat, yanking me back. I kicked and flailed and screamed, clawing at the arm. My vision grew blurry and red as I desperately fought for air. I could vaguely make out the image of Asher on the lawn, Weston and Ky closing in on him before everything went black.


End part 7! Hope it was sexy and melodramatic enough! I've been trying to make my stories & paragraphs longer. Let me know what you think! Obviously, this won't be my last chapter. After the emails I received and the fun I had writing Part 7, I don't think I'd be able to stop.

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