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Brent's Life 

Written By: Bret

Edited By: Str8 boy John, and the girls

Final Edit By: Matt-VT

Chapter 1

I had just turned 14 that day, the first day of school, my freshman year.  God I hated my birthday; what a fucking day to be born on.  Classes started earlier that year with the new block scheduling system, and I was already running late. But what the fuck did I care, I never could stand school.

I entered homeroom just as the bell sounded.  The teacher was handing out our final schedules.  The school usually sent them out 2 weeks before classes started. Sometimes there were changes to them; mine just happened to be one of them.

"Fuck," I said sliding down in my chair.

"Nice to see you too Brent," a familiar voice said from over my shoulder. It belonged too my friend Jon.

"What's the matter?  Not having a good birthday already?"

"Oh yeah, a great day, perfect," my voice dripping with sarcasm, "I can hardly contain my self you asshole!  This is just what I wanted for my birthday, yay me! The first day of school and I have PE first period! Happy fucking birthday to me."

"Yuck!  Sorry Brent, I know you're not a morning person.  I wouldn't want to be running around my first period either."

At that moment the bell sounded, I got up saying, "see ya," and started a fast walk out to the field house.  The field house is kind of an odd attachment to our school.  One year they decided that our high school gym just wasn't big enough and wham!  They built this enormous building that's so huge, it takes 3 minutes just to walk across it.  It attached both the high school and the elementary school.  The building was going overboard since most of our graduating classes were less the 100 people, and our town just wasn't all that big. This also meant that I would be having class with the 7th and 8th graders that morning, oh joy, class with the runts.

 This day was just not turning out to be one of my favorite days.  My 14th birthday on the first day of school AGAIN this year, and now PE at 7 fucking 30 in the morning. Walking through the doors of the locker room I was greeted by our screaming coach handing out locker assignments and locks.

"MITCHELL!!" my coach screamed and waived me over.

"Here son, take this lock and here's your locker assignment, you're at locker 1115, far back left corner."

"Thanks coach," was the only thing I said as I made my way to the back of the locker room.  The locker room was huge, just like the rest of the place, and stank like someone's mildewed pissed stained underwear. I know some of you out there are going to be like, oh yay, but I never really liked locker rooms. They didn't turn me on; well ok, maybe the guys in all different stages of undress made me bone, but the place itself and the atmosphere just didn't do it for me.

As I turned the corner around the last set of lockers at the back of the room, the most beautiful site I have ever laid eyes on struck me.  He was absolutely breathtaking; words can't begin to describe him, but here I go anyway: he must have been all of 12 years old.  Probably 5'4" tall, 120 lbs, jet-black hair, piercing brown eyes, and the most angelic face I have ever seen with just a hint of golden brown tan.  He looked to be a cross somewhere between Native American and pretty-boy Italian, and a smile, oh yeah, that smile was brighter then the sun.

Wiping the drool from my chin, I became aware of some embarrassing problems.  With an almost retard-like stare, and the bone straining in my pants I walked a little closer to him, and ended up right at the locker next to him. Oh fuck, I thought, how the hell am I going to get through this year dressing and undressing next him?

For the next few moments I tried to ignore him by putting my bag down on the bench and fishing out my shorts and shirt.  I found all the shit I needed and jammed my bag in my locker.  I sat down on the bench and started to undo my laces when he came inches closer and put his hand on my shoulder. He then shoved his hand in my face as I sat back up.

"Hi, Nic Matthews, that's N-I-C" he said with a whole lot of giddy energy behind it sounding out each letter.

"Hi Nic, nice to meet you, I'm Brent Mitchell," I said grabbing his hand.

"Yeah, I know, I've seen you ski a few times, man you're really awesome."

Blushing, I said, "naw man, I'm just average, there are a lot better then me out on the slopes."

"Well if there are I haven't seen any, you're perfection out there!"


That's when we both realized that neither one of us had made any attempt to release the others hand, both looking at our hands and then back up at each others' blushing faces, we both broke apart and started getting ready for class.

I guess the kid was kind of right, I really was awesome on the slopes, but I never made a big deal out of it.  Even when every one else did, that kind of shit was never really my deal.  And I guess I was just so busy telling myself there was something wrong with me for years that I never really paid attention to the fact there was a whole lot of good in me.  I was far from ugly, standing at 5'7" golden blond hair bleached with white highlights. People told me my eyes were so blue and so deep that you could lose yourself just staring into them for a lifetime if you weren't careful. My face is squared with high cheekbones and a little pug nose, with just a touch of baby fat.  Everyone told me I was pretty, even though I never wanted to be thought of as pretty, but they were right.  I was indeed a pretty boy. But for years I couldn't see any of that.  All I saw was a worthless fag every time I looked in the mirror.  Thank god that ended sometime in the middle of summer holiday! I don't think of myself that way anymore and I refuse to, I'm me that that's that. Whether bi or gay whatever the case may be, who cares? I don't.

Class was pretty much uneventful with coach mostly going over what was planned for the quarter, and what we needed to do to pass our physical fitness tests for the year.  In the middle of class we were allowed to just mingle and shoot hoops if we wanted, so I got into a little game of three on three.  It was Zack, Justin, and me on one team and Nic, Kevin, and Henry on the other.  For some reason, Nic chose to defend against me most of the game.  Man, was it just me, or was he getting some pretty good gropes and feels the whole time! I didn't allow myself to really think about it at all, I just shrugged it away as an active imagination. 

Class came to an end and the day pretty much flew by after I finally woke up.  I caught the bus home at 2 and was home by 2:30.  That night I lay awake in my bed and all I could think about was Nic.  Man, what would it be like to touch him and hold him, feel his skin against mine, to kiss those full lips?  My dick was rock solid; I pushed my boxers down a little so I could have better access to it.  I stared slowly pushing my skin back and forth over the head of my 6" cock with my thumb and index finger, and every now and then I'd take my pinky finger and coat it with pre cum and twirl it around between my foreskin and mushroom head.  I was really starting to push myself into overload with thoughts of Nic and the feeling my hand was giving me below.  I was really working it hard now, faster and faster.  All you could hear around me was my heavy breathing, a slight squeak of my mattress, and the little snapping sound my foreskin was making from the sticky pre cum that coated the head of my cock.  With all the energy I had, I grabbed my balls lightly and arched my back in the air and 4 large streams of hot cum slashed through the air.  Two hit the wall behind me with such force it sounded like I was pissing on the wall, and the other two streamed over my body, starting in my hair and then laying in a nice pattern of icing like strands down my body and into my pubes. That was all I needed and I was totally wasted and unconscious for the rest of the night until I heard the screeching of my alarm clock the next morning.  

I made it school on time that day, knowing full well I was going to see Nic that day. For the first time since I could remember, I was actually enjoying getting my ass to school.  I made it through homeroom quickly and out to the field house again that morning.  With the new scheduling system I would be going to PE Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday that week and Monday and Friday the next.  This time when I turned the corner that morning Nic was there, but it was his face that seemed to flush and his gaze that hammered into me.  I couldn't help but wonder if he had the same experience I had last night, and the same thoughts about me. Who knows?

To Be Continued...

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