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Chapter 13

Brian and Dan had just come from an upstairs activity of fun. They stopped short however when they noticed that Dan's parents were there waiting for them. Brian's dad was at the bottom of the staircase waiting for them. He smiled at the boys and then his forehead creased.

He walked up the stairs a little and whispered something into Dan's ear. Dan quickly reached his hand up to his mouth to wipe a drop of cum that had been missed in the clean up. What a fiasco if my parents saw that. He thought to himself. Brian just stood by and laughed his head off.

They continued down the rest of the stairs to were Dan's parents had been seated.

"Hi...Dan." His mother said as he appeared.

"Hi." He mumbled back to her. He wasn't really in the mood for talking to them now. He also wanted to know why they had come over with out announcement. What did they want now?

"Have you eaten yet?" his father asked him with a soft voice. You could tell that he wished not to be there.

"Yes." he responded. He was standing not yet taken a seat. He didn't want to get too comfortable with them sitting there. He just stood with his arms crossed.

"Oh...well then would you mind going for a drive with us to the mall?"

Dan looked at Brian who just shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know what to tell him, and he didn't want to. This was his choice, not anyone else's.

"I suppose so." He walked to the closet to get his shoes, "It that okay Brain?"

"Yea. I don't care. What ever makes you happy." Brian wasn't feeling to hot about this but, he had to let him go. If he didn't, then he might have stopped something good from happening. He just hoped that it wasn't something bad going to happen. "Have fun. See you when you get back."

Brian walked to the stairs and walked to his room, closing the door behind him. He was going to give Dan a kiss but thought it wise since his parents were standing there.

Dan opened the door, let his parents out, and he followed behind them to their car.


After Dan left Brian came out of his room and looked to make sure they were gone. He could hear the TV on below and them laughing. They knew that Brian didn't really want him to go, but it was for Dan's good that he let him go.

He walked to his room again and closed the door behind him. He just sank to the floor and cried a little. He didn't want to cry, but he had to. He felt that his world was coming to an end for some weird reason.


Dan's father was the one to drive. He sat in the back seat just looking out the window. Why did I come? I didn't want to come, and why did Brian let me come? I don't want to be HERE!

"So were are we going?"

"We told you that we would take you to the mall." His mother answered.

"Can we get something to eat? I really didn't eat much."

"Okay with us. Were would you like to go?"

"Olive Garden."

"Okay. There is one right over the way."

"So what is the purpose of your visit?" He looked down at his ring that Brian had given him, and he knew the answer immediately.

"Just wanted to talk is all." They drove another 10 minuets with out talking to each other. They pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car.

Dan put his hands in his pockets not really wishing to take the hand his mother offered him. He wasn't a little kid, and these were the people that kicked him out in the first place. Why should he show them the common courtesy?

"Welcome to Olive Garden. Smoking or Non-Smoking?" the waitress what a blond hair lady, with a nice figure. Dan recognized her from school. She was a senior as well as he was. He name was Bertha.

"Non-Smoking." Dan's dad spoke up.

"Okay follow me." She smiled and led them to a table. She wrote something on a paper, and slipped it to Dan as she left. Dan slipped it into his pocket to read later. His parents knew she handed him a paper but didn't comment on it.

"Ok. So what is this about?" He took interest into the menu, but really wasn't interested in what it said. He wanted to get out of here.

"Just wanted to try to make things better is all son." His mother told him.

SON. These words seemed to be like dangers in his side. Son. They toss me out, and they decided to show up and wants to get back in touch. These are the people whom have tossed me out of their house. There only son!

"Okay." Was all he could say. He folded the menu and laid it on the table. He started to play with the ring that Brian had given him.

"What is that?" his father eyed it. "Its nice."

Brian just swallowed. They don't know? "Just something that Brian gave to me."

"Oh. So the rumors about Brian asking you to marry him are true?"

"Rumors? I didn't know it got around that fast."

"Yes. Johns mom called and told us that they were happy for you." His mother didn't smile at this. "Why would you do this? I mean look at all the nice girls around you that would make a nice wife for you. Why do you want another man to be with you?"

"Because that is just the way I am is all."

"He coursed you into this didn't he?" his father eyed him suspiciously.

"No HE didn't. I made this on my own. I knew there was something missing from my life when I meet him. I didn't know what it was, but now I know. You know as well as I do that I went out with plenty of girls in my high school age. None of them were what I wanted. Brian is whom I want." He was able to keep is voice low so as to not let anyone else hear him.

"Have you had enough time to decide what you would like tonight?" Bertha had appeared out of no were.

"Yes we have..." his father answered back.