Warning: This story has the romancing of two males. If you are offended by sex between two males, please stop reading.

            Also if your local/state or other laws prohibit you from reading this, please stop reading.

Chapter 14: The Hidden Chapter

Bertha had appeared almost out of no were, and asked the three if they were ready to order.

“Yes we have.” Dan’s dad answered, “I would like my son to stop seeing that faggot as well as for him not to marry you what so ever.”

            “JOHN!” his mother spoke up really loudly. Everyone looked at them at this point. “What is wrong with you?

            “Mom, it is fine. I know that you could care less, but John, does have some problems. Thanks for trying, but I will just leave now. I love you mom.” With this he just kissed her on the check and left. He went to the desk and asked to use the phone.

            “Yes I will tell him. Thanks for calling Dan.” Barbara just hung up the phone and shook her head. “Brian could you come down here?”

            There was a click and the door opened. “Yes mom?”

            “Dan needs you to go to the Olive Garden on Mesa and Green. He had a fight with his parents.”

            Brian’s face went dark. He knew something bad would happen. “Okay.” He came down the stairs, grabbed the keys and went out the door. Knew I shouldn’t have let him go…”

            Dan stood out side waiting for Brian. He looked threw the windows and saw his parents talking. He didn’t care anymore about them. All he knew was that his father was not a person to be proud of. Why did his mother ever marry him anyway? He guessed he changed when he was born or something. He never asked his mom about it. Maybe he would sometime. If he ever saw her again.

            He reached into his pocket and pulled out the letter the Bertha had given him.

Hey Dan,

class=MsoBodyText> 1'>            I am so happy for you and Brian. I hope that it all goes well. I hope you have had a good day as well. Would you please call me later? My number is 456-4532. Thanks!

            He smiled and put it back in his pocket. He heard the door to the restaurant and his parents walked out. His mother looked at him and had a tear in her eye. His father did not do anything. He just walked to the car and got in.

            Brian finally arrived just a few minuets after his parents had left.

            “Thanks Brian.”

            “Ah. Don’t think much to it. I love to do things for you.” He smiled and the pulled out of the parking lot.

            “So did you get anything to eat? Or are you still hungry?”

            “I am still hungry. I will finish what I hadn’t finished at dinner.” He looked out the window. “My dad doesn’t want me to be around you and he doesn’t want me to marry you. But I told him I didn’t care. My mother is all torn about it. I don’t know what to do. But what is done is done.”

            “I am sorry love. He reached over and gave him a hug of a kind, and just smiled. “It will be all right eventually.”

            “I hope so.” He smiled, “Oh and Bertha wants me to call her tonight. I don’t know when she gets off work.”

            “I think it is around 10. But I could be wrong.”

            “I will call her then. I wonder what she wants?”

            “I don’t know, she is a person, of great abilities. Some I still do not understand, but we will see.” Brian thought for a moment. Great abilities. Wasn’t it around the time I meet her that I started into the Celtic stuff, and Enya more? I wonder…

            “What’s wrong love?” Dan had noticed the blank face that Brain had grown while thinking. He didn’t like it when he was driving. He still could just fine; he just didn’t feel comfortable with him looking like that driving.

            “Oh nothing. Just thinking is all.” He laughed a little and turned onto the street, which they lived on.

            “Mom we are home.” Brian said as they walked in.

            “Okay sweetie. How are you Dan?” She appeared from around the corner.

“I am doing okay Barbara.” He smiled at her, “May I finish my dinner now? I am hungry.”

“Sure thing. It is in the fridge. I will warm it for you.”

“Go and eat Dan, I need to go and do something.” He walked up the stairs as Dan walked into the kitchen to finish eating.

            Brian stood looking out the window. He was looking at the moon, which in all its glory, still held the one thing he knew nothing about. It held the key of wonder. Wonder was the only thing that people found in the moon and what it held behind it. The stars.

            The stars were the key to heaven. They were the gates with which one would have to pass in order to get were one would love to go. Bliss was space. It was quite. It was a place of peace and no controversy. It cared not of your color, or your religion, or sexual orientation. It saw nothing, and there for could not judge it. Or did it?

            As he was standing there a meteor feel the to the earth. Some were it landed and it had caused some damage no mater what. Did space actually see and judge things? Could it possible be able to see and hear things, and is torn by what it hears? Or it is a semi wake up call for people?

            He closed his eyes and thought about the stars and the moon. He opened his eyes not to find himself in his room anymore…

            …He opened his eyes to find him standing on nothing. He looked around and saw earth revolving behind him. As days turned into night, and as night turned to day. He also saw the hot glowing sun of earth. He had always seen pictures of earth but never saw it moving. This was a dream, or it had to be.

            He found that he was able to walk around without any problems. He walked towards earth, only to find it that it was a smaller then he. He could see it more clearly now, and what was going on. He was Australia pass by, followed by Japan and China. On to Russia it went, with the Europeans countries. He soon saw Greenland and Ice land come to view, and finally North America.

            “It is quite beautiful isn’t it?” a voice from behind him came.

            He turned and saw a figure standing behind him. It started to come closer. It pointed to earth with a finger, and he looked back, and it stopped turning.

            “Who are you?”

            “Why don’t you know? It took a while, but you finally figured things out.” It came closer, but the brightness of the sun still mad the figure dark.

            “Why not show yourself to me in the beginning?”

            “Because if I had you would not have understood my reasoning.” Still it walked forward. “Tonight you have figured it out for yourself.” It moved a little into the shad of the earth. Finally he could see who it was. The figure was beautiful to look upon. It was a figure of a girl. With long golden hair. It was Bertha.

            “Bertha…” was all Brian could say.

            “Yes. I am the one that has come to you. Or I should say you came to me. I am more of a figmentation of your imagination. Well to a point. I am in reality true, but here, I am your silent voice. I touched you in a way, and your body reacted to it.”

            “I don’t understand…” he just shook his head.

            “You said yourself ‘she has great abilities.’” She pointed to earth once more. It started to turn backwards. It went westward instead of eastward. “Let me show you what I mean.”

            The earth started to move faster and faster as it went. Finally it stopped and grew larger and larger. They dropped down and clouds developed them in it.

            “You notice this place?” as the landed on a grassy field with a kids playing on it. He looked at the building and on it was Harvard Middle School.

            “Yes, this is our old middle school. I don’t know what year it is.”

            She nodded, “You will realize soon enough. This is sort of like a “Christmas Carol but with only one stop.” She laughed. She also pointed to a bench were a lonely girl sat.

            “That’s…you!” Brian stated, “This is the first day I met you. I remember now. It was our 7th grade.”

            “Yes. It is. Now here you come.”

            “Hi I am Brain. Mind if I sit with you?”

            Bertha just looked up at him and nodded.

            “Why don’t you play with anyone else?”

            “I don’t know. Just don’t want to I guess.”

            “Where are your friends?”

            “I don’t have any.”

            Brian face frowned at this. “Well then you can be my friend.” He smiled at her.

            “I remember you saying that you really didn’t have any other friends. Or that is what you told Dan.” She laughed

            “Well I know, but you are more of a sister to me. I couldn’t call you a friend. Might make things weird up a little.” With that remark she punched him.

            “Well since then you had befriended me, I had always been your friend. You told me a lot. I remember as well.”

            “Yes, I told you many things. You held it for a long time.”

            “Yes I did.” She looked off to another bench, but with a boy sitting on it and a girl with him. They looked older. A wind started to blow a little. They walked towards that group. It was them but a little older

            “What’s the matter Brian?” Bertha had her worried look on her face. She knew something was wrong with Brian. He normally wasn’t so quite during the day.

            “Bertha, I am sorry, but I don’t know how to tell you.”

            “Just try your best then. That is all you can do I am afraid.”

            “Well promise not to tell anyone will you?”

            “Okay I promise.” She smiled and put a hand on his shoulder.

            “I…a…am ga…gay” he finale stuttered out.

            “I know. I have known for quite some time sweetheart.” She just smiled at him.

            “Even then I knew about you. I also knew about 5 others in the school that were at the time. They have all moved by now. But they have also been replaced.” She laughed.

            “Exactly whom are you? Or what are you?” he looked at her.

            The ground started to move from them, and go farther.

            “Well you know, but you need to ask me in person. Now it is time to return.” The earth started to spin faster and faster in the right direction this time, and it stopped as before. “Close your eyes.” She moved her fingers to make him close his eyes.

            “But who are you…”

            “…But who are you?” Brian said opening his eyes once he felt the pressure of her fingers off his.

            “Why I am your soon to be husband, when ever we get it done official.” Brian said walking in. “What’s up?”

            “Oh.” Brian blinked, and looked around trying to remember were he was. “Oh nothing just had a little day dream is all.”

            “Okay.” Dan shrugged and lay down on the bed.

            “Did you finish eating?”

            “Yea. About 5 minuets ago. I had to go to the bathroom and just got done. IT was good. Your mom is a good cook.”

            “Did you call Bertha?”

            “No I haven’t. I should shouldn’t I?” He jumped out off the bed and went downstairs.

            Brian looked out the window once more to see another meteor fall to the earth. Was it just a dream?