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Chapter 15: What Happens Now?

The Conversation

Brian looked out the window to see a falling star fly past his window. Was it a dream? Or did it really happen? He wished he knew if he was just imagining or if she really was someone special. He hoped it was just an imagination, because all these weird dreams were creping him out. He wasn't sure if he should talk to her or not. How to go about this was a difficult idea for him to think

"So you like my moms cooking?"

"Yes. It is really good. She cooks as well as my mom does. Or did. I don't know. I wish they had accepted me. I mean I told them that you wanted to marry me, and my mom was okay with it, and my dad just went whacko on me."

"Well we all learn new things in our life. But we can't change who we are. As long as you are sure about yourself." He smiled once more at him. "So, Bertha wants you to call her?"

"Yes." He looked out the window as another falling star fell. There were a lot of comets falling that night. "I don't' know why though. She said she was happy for us."

"Well call her." Was all Dan could say, he didn't know what to say. He had only known Bertha for a little while. Brian had known her for a long, long time. So he couldn't have any way to know.

"Hum, well I guess I better call her." Brain walked away from the room and out the door. He had his hand on the doorframe, and stopped. "You know Dan, I am glad you came into my life. It was getting lonely. Thought I would never find anyone in my life, but you are her." He blew him a kiss, and walked out the door.

Dan smiled to himself, and walked to the window to see what Brain was looking out. There wasn't anything to see. It was foggy and dense.


"Hey Bertha."

"Hey Stud, why you sound down?"

"Just been thinking a lot lately."

"About what? You sound like you could have a friend to talk to."

"Yea you are a good person to talk to. I just have so many questions and feelings running threw my mind, and I can't sort them."

"It happens to those with minds that are mushy from too much sex on their mind."


"Sorry darling. I couldn't resist."

"Okay. Dan gave me your note, what's up?"

"Oh just wanted to touch base with you. Haven't talked to you since you started to date your star man."

"Star man?"

"Yea. Your star man, well yours, not mine. My star man is my star, and he is your star."

"Hum, you're a weird little sister."

"Yea I try to be. Anyway, I wanted to keep this simple and short. I just wanted to let you know that I am here for you and that if you need anything I am here. I have been there and I have seen it all. But then know that." She laughed at this, and sighed, "I want you to also know that your life isn't going to be easy. I mean no one has an easy life, but in the end it is all worth it." She paused. "My the fog is dense outside. Never seen it like this. Been out there for about an hour now."

"Fog? There's fog outside?" He bent over to the window and pulled the curtain back. "And it's been out for an hour?"

"Yea, didn't you realize it setting in when you left the restaurant? Nasty to drive in. Oh well, I need to get on to some work I have to do tonight. But I will see you tomorrow. Night sweaty."

"Thanks Bertha, see you tomorrow." He hung up the phone still looking outside at the fog. He had just looked out side upstairs and it was clear. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't like it.

He dropped the curtain and walked away from the window. What he didn't notice was a personage walking threw the fog, stop and look at the window that he was standing at.

Long Days at School

The next day at school was a day that all the students had been looking forward too. It was the School District Fair. This day was created as a way for all the School District to get together and have a day of fun in the Sun. It was a beautiful warm spring day, despite the fact that there was the heavy fog cover the whole night. There had been 10 car accidents caused by the bad visual conditions. Luckily no one had died of these accidents.

There were only 2 weeks of school left. Only one left for the seniors. Finals were due starting the next day and would go. It was getting close to the end of the year for the seniors. It was end of the youth for them, before they would be making there way to college, military, or what ever was going there way.

Time was running out for them to live as they had always been living. They were ending there teenage years, and they had grown up. This day was a marking of the last week of "official" school days. And this week would end in the commencement of the high school seniors graduating.

Dan and Brian were walking hand in hand, because the whole school knew about it, and so did the parents. There was some concern that the gay club would be causing an unruly group, and that they would want to try to convert the others to be gay. However these were quickly put to rest.

The last meeting would be held that night. The last meeting that would be held under the Brian and Tom. They would elect the new president, and the new VP. It would be interesting to see who would be the new kid to run the show.

Brian was looking around, happy to be there. Happy that the sun was out and that he could see everything. He felt uncomfortable the whole night. He kept Dan's body close the whole night threw, and made sure that he wasn't let go. He didn't know why, but he felt that he should hold him like he never held him before.

When he got off the phone and went upstairs to be with Dan, he discovered him asleep. He was lying on the sheets naked and asleep. He didn't have the guts to wake him, so he got undressed, crawled next to him, and they feel asleep.

He is your Star, not mine. He will be there with you when you need him. The voice of Bertha rang threw his ears.

"Hey studs, what's going on?" Amanda came running up to them.

"Nothing much. How do you like this little get together they have put together for us? I mean it isn't much, but it gets us out of class." Dan said smiling.

"Yea, well we have tests tomorrow, and that will be a bitch. Anyway. I just wanted to let you know I was accepted to New York University." She smiled.

"GREAT." Brian said. "I am glad for you. Dan and I are going to George Town University. We both have been accepted, and I got a swimming scholarship, and he got a band scholarship."

"Good, good." Tom came up from behind them. "Now then. Lets us have some fun!"

They both walked arm in arm down the middle of the field. They were looking at the different booths and games. Suddenly there was a large snap behind the large base speakers next to the stage. The stage burst into flames followed by an explosion that blew pieces of metal and wood all over the field and the surrounding parking lots. Another explosion went off to the right of the little group and blew mostly wood and bits of metal onto the field.

People were screaming and all the little kids started to run. For this sake parents were around and cleared them away as much as possible. The high scholers who were mostly running the stand and the booths were taking the brunt of the hit. The stand members lay on the ground with wood or metal on top of them. The people who were working at the booths lay covered in the tents and beams were lying on top of one of the tents.

Brian, Dan, Amanda and Tom were on the ground. Dan who was standing next to the side that blew up was bleeding badly. Brian was next to him, and was wounded, but wasn't bleeding. Tom and Amanda were starting to get up as the dust cleared. She went over to Dan who was unconscious. She rolled him over and he was still breathing and his pulse was still going.

Tom went to Brian to see how he was. He had a large scrap on his face were a piece of wood hit him. His eye was swollen and his nose appeared to be broken but not bleeding.

Sirens were heard in the background and a fire truck had already arrived to help with people. Brian crawled over to Dan to see how he was. He held him in his arms till the paramedics came over and put him in the ambulance to be taken to the hospital. Brian cried as he never cried before.


The Hospital


Dan came out of the operation and was in ICU. Brian stood at the window and looked in at his lover. He hoped he would come through and live. The doctors told him that if he lived threw the night he would make it. The first 24 hours would be the most critical time of his survival.

"Brian, come home. You can't do much and you are hurting yourself by staying awake." His mother came to put a hand on his shoulder.

"No. I want to stay here. I want to be here incase he wakes up or..." he trailed off.

"Okay. The doctors said you could stay here. But you won't be able to go in to see him." His father just shook his head. They both walked out the door and left.

Brian shook his head and walked to the waiting room. He was tired, but he wanted to be with Dan. He couldn't go to sleep incase something happened to Dan. He just wanted to go numb to things. His eyes slowly closed.

Lighting flashed before his eyes. He looked around but couldn't see anything. Fog was covering his eyes and couldn't see anything. He felt around and found a wall. He leaned against it and sat down. He would just have to wait till things cleared up.

"Welcome my child. I have been waiting for you." A low voice with a deep feel to it, which shook the air around Brian.

"What? Who is there?"

"Sometimes you make yourself up to things which you can not get out of."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You knew that something bad was going to happen. Dreams are a powerful source of your love for people. I have been watching you and your love. I think it is a great things."

"Then why is he in the death bed that he is in? Why did this happen to him?"

"You should stop asking questions and look at other things? Like here for example."

"Wait, how can I see anything when it is all foggy? I can't see my own hand."

"Yes, but that is because you are too confused in what must happen. You cannot see clearly. Clear your thoughts."

Brian closed his eyes and thought of Dan.

"NO not him."

"But he is all I care for. He is my life."

"That is why you must let go. If you don't learn to let go sometimes it hurts more then if they really did leave."

"You mean..."

"I am no fortune teller, so I don't know."

"Oh. Okay. What should I think of?"

"Think of things that you like to do. What you like to eat. What you enjoy the most."


"You like, you want, you think."

He closed his eyes and thought of swimming a large race and winning. He saw himself standing on the first place black.

"Now open your eyes."

He opened his eyes as he was instructed and the fog was gone. He was standing in the middle of what looked like ancient Greece. There wasn't anyone or anything around him. Just building after building was all he saw. He never been to Greece, and if he had, it would have looked more modern. He could tell this was ancient for the idea that everything was made out of stone, and there wasn't any type of lighting or electrical system in the town.

"So how do you like?" The voice was no longer as powerful as it once was.

"Who are you?"

"Questions, always with these questions. Why do you ask so much?"

"Because I am only human, and that is what humans like to do. Ask questions."

"Ah yes, and sometimes it can get you into trouble."

"Well are you going to answer me?"

"Yes, and no. I am not really here and yet I am. I am alone someone that you will meet eventually, but you will just have to wait. Somehow I can see that you are in anger."

"Yes I am. You would to if a person you cared about was in ICU and you weren't sure if he would live or not."

"Yes, I would assume that would be cause enough for you to be sad. But why are you angry? Being angry cannot solve anything. It only adds more problems."

"Oh great. I have a philosopher conscious." He sat against the wall he had been leaning one, and just crossed his arm in a stupor.

"No. I am not part of you. Or not in a way that you can understand."

"Okay, so tell me what it is then."

"You will know everything. But right now, try not to be so angry at the world. The world is a great place, and you just have to take the blows with the good. That's all you can do."

"Yes I would assume so, but then again, the person I love is in there dying."

"No, he isn't. He is just fine."


"Dan is awake."

"How do you know?"


"Brian, come on get up. Dan is awake."

"What?" he groaned, still in his sleep. He wasn't sure what was going on. The voice was a female.

"Wake up. You have slept threw the night, and Dan awoke around one this morning. The doctor was going to wake you, but he felt that you should sleep. You needed it."

"Where am I?" He noticed he wasn't in a chair as he was when he feels asleep. He was in a bed.

"They moved you to a bed when you feel asleep. They said you were talking in your sleep and moaning and all things else."

"Oh." He sat up quickly. "You said Dan is awake? Can I see him?!"

"Yes you can. But first you must eat something."

"I want to see him!" he protested to the idea of being away any longer.

"No, not till you eat this." His mother pushed a plate of what appeared to be the hospitals idea of eggs. Brian groaned and took the plate and started to eat the eggs.

"Mom, do you they know who did the bombing at the school?"

"Not yet hon. They have an idea, but no arrests."

"What is there idea?"

"Well they believe it was a target of gay students." She just shook her head.

"Oh well, it was bound too happen."

"I would think you would be upset son." His dad was sitting in the chair by the window in deep thought, but decided to come into the conversation.

"Well I had time to think, and being angry just wouldn't help the situation. I am sure they will get the people that did this." He just shrugged and thought of the dream he had.

"Well now that you are done, you can go see Dan now."

Brian jumped out of the bed and started to run out of the room. He stopped at the door. "Um...what room is he in?"

His mom laughed. "He is in room 204."

"Thanks." He ran out of the room down the hall. Both his mom and dad laughed as one of the men nurses yelled WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!