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Chapter 17: Canes of Love

Three weeks had passed since the accident in the sports field. The police hadn't found any leads on who might have wanted to bomb the place. They had their suspicions as to the sports team at the school, or some gay hate group that might have come into town. It was unknown.

However Brian, Dan, Amanda and Tom were safe. They had survived all the turmoil and were stronger in there friendship. Brian and Dan had found a new reason to love. Brian had almost lost Dan, and he wasn't going to let him forget that.

Dan had to go to the doctors once a mouth to make sure things were healing fine, and he had to use a wheelchair for a while, but other then that, everything was going well. Dan also decided to just leave his head shaved till it grew back. Brian stated it was sexy that way.

Finals went fine for all of them, and they all passed. Now they were just for the summer, the last summer before they all parted ways.

Brian and Dan where up in there bedroom making out. Since Dan was still in casts, and a little tender, Brian didn't want to work him too hard. However Dan wanted to be sucked off, since it had been two weeks since he had last shot a load.

He found it hard to give himself a hand job, and Brian was busy with work, and was so tired during the day with work. They rarely saw each other.

Brian lent over and kissed his chest. He took his left nipple in his mouth and bit hard. Dan squealed with joy.

"It's been a while since I got that from you." He laughed, and then winced at the mistake.

Brian moved on down to his dick and tugged on it a couple of time to make pre-cum ooze out. He licked the tip lightly before he took it into his mouth. He forgot how much he loved to suck on Dan's dick. It pre-cumed a lot, and he just couldn't get enough. He would go slow, sending Dan wild, because he wouldn't just bring the orgasm on.

Brian played with Dan's big hairy balls. He stopped sucking to talk to Dan. "We need to shave you again."

"Yea, it's been a while." He laughed, and winced.

Brian went back to sucking on the prize he had now. He loved the taste, the smell and the way the hairs tickled his nose.

After what seemed an eternity to Dan, he came. He shot his load down his partner's throat, and he took it all. He then moved up and kissed Dan on his lips, and Dan could taste the cum on his breath. He liked the way his cum tasted.

"You didn't save me any?"

"No. It has been a long time since I have gotten a deposit that I decided I would take the back taxes too." He smiled and kissed him on the lips. Downstairs they heard the phone ring.

They heard Brian's mom pick up the phone. They smiled and Dan lay on Brian's bare chest. He smiled that he had such a great guy. They heard some footsteps outside and a knock on the door.

"Brian," his mother said through the door, "Bertha wants to talk to you."

"Thanks mom." He reached over and picked up his own phone. "Hey sugar." Dan pinched him. "OW!"

"Thanks! I feel special too." She laughed.

"No. That ow wasn't for you. Dan just pinched me. He get jealous when I call others sugar."

"Its cool. I understand. Hey you want to come over later today? You and Dan are welcome over hear. Just to catch up?"

"Sure. When you want us over?"

"Around 5? Is that okay? My mom said you can eat with us if you want too."

"Sounds good. I will see you then. Love you!" Again Dan pinched him.

"Okay! See you then." She made a kissing nose, and hung up.

"You know I love you more then her." He kissed Dan's nose.

"Yes I know, but I just LOVE to pinch you." He laughed, and winced. "I must remember not to laugh."

Brian and Dan drove up in front of Berthas house. It was a bountiful two-story house. However this wasn't just an ordinary two-story house. The first story was below ground and the second story was about ground.

Brian and Bertha got into an argument over whether it was a one story with a basement or a two story. Bertha won by stating that a basement normal housed an extra bedroom, and maybe a sauna of some such, or just recreation equipment. This was a first floor, since it was the kitchen the living area, and the den. Thus that made the house a two-story house, not a one. Brian couldn't argue with this logic.

Brian got out of his car and walked over to help Dan out. He didn't bring the wheel chair, since he preferred to car him around. Plus it was just easier to do it this way.

Dan rang the doorbell since Brian's arms were full.

"I am sure glad you don't weight much." Brian laughed.

"I am glad you are strong." Dan reached over and kissed him on the cheek as the door opened.

"HOW CUTE!" Bertha startled them. "You two should think about getting a room though. I don't know how neighbors would think." She just winked.

Dan just looked at her in a startled expression. This was the first time that he had been to Berthas house. She was dressed in short boxers and a small tank top. It looked like she worked at hooters and not Denny's.

"Come now Dan. I know you have seen women naked before." She laughed.

"Bertha always dresses like this when she is home. Get used to it." He just laughed.

"Okay, not you too come in."

They followed her into the house, and Brian started to head down the stairs.

"No. Come this way. To my room."

"But I thought you mom didn't like guys in your room." Brian had a puzzled look on his face.

"Yea, well your not a `guy'. You're a `girl'." She laughed and motioned them to her bedroom.

Brian had never seen inside, and was surprised to see what was in there. He knew she liked the ancient worlds of dragons and wizards. However, he didn't know this was the extent.

Dan was equally impressed. "I didn't know you liked dragons."

"Yea. It's a little hobby of mine. I like to collect anything that has to do with dragons, wizards, and the old world."

Brain put Dan on Berthas bed and sat next to him and started to rub his neck.

He looked around as Bertha went to get some clothes on. He noticed a cane on the wall. It was just a plane polished wood can with a red glass ball on top of it. It was a see threw red ball however and there was something in it.

"What is that?" Dan asked just noticed what he spotted.

"I don't know. I haven't been in here before." He got up and walked over too the can. IT was inside a glass case.

"Hum. It looks like a dragon. A red one."

"Yes. That is a cane my parents picked up when they went to Germany. I really don't know much about it, but they spotted it in a story. It wasn't for sale, however, the owner agreed to give it to my parents when they explained that I loved dragons and such."

"Its beautiful." Brian said looking at it closer. He looked at the dragon inside, and it seemed to wink at him. Brian shook his head and blinked his eyes.

"I wanna see it. Take me over there Brian." Dan told him.

"Is that an order?"

"Yes." Brian stood straight up and saluted and walked over and picked him up. He held him close to the case so he could see it.

"Yes. Quite a piece of art." Dan was impressed by it. "You don't know anything about it?"

"Nope. The lady just said it had been in her family. Since she had no children, it would most likely be sold when she died. So she allowed my family to take it. She even gave the case to it that it is in. So... I just hung it up in here for the fun of it."

They sat there till Berthas mom called them down for dinner. She had prepared spaghetti and meatballs.

"It thought you might like that tonight." Bertha said leaning over to Brian. She giggled.

"Oh shut up." Brian found it a little amazing, but not to much.

Berthas mom was a good cook. Nothing however compared too his mother however. They ate and talked about what was going to be going on in their lives.

Brian informed them that they would be heading to Georgetown University for orientation and registration next week. They were able to get in on the first week of registration.

Dan hadn't decided what he wanted to become, but Brian did. He wanted to go into the medical profession.

Dinner ended and Brian and Dan excused themselves to go home. Dan was getting tired, and wanted to get some sleep. Brian carried him upstairs and to the car. Brian got in and stared at the door before he started the car.

"Whats wrong?"

"Oh I don't now. Just that cane kind of spooked me out. I don't know but I feel I read about something like that some where."

"Your just kind of spooked about it. There's nothing to worry about. Bertha would never do anything to hurt us."

"I know. Just that I...swear it winked at me."

"It winked at you?" Dan reached over to check him for a fever. "Sweetheart, you need some sleep."

"Yea. I guess I have been over extending myself lately." He started the car and drove towards their house.