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CHAPTER 18 Contract and Spa

Brian and Dan where heading down the interstate towards Georgetown University. They were happy and in love. They were looking forward to this weekend. One, they wouldn't have to worry about a job, doctors, and most of all parents. Brian loved his parents and Dan loved them too. However they wanted more privacy so as they could have more time together alone. They never were able to do this when they were home. That is unless their parents were home.

They were both holding hands looking at the forests around them. They were all green, and the clouds were nice and gray, the kind that would soon produce a nice little mist.

"Man! I can't believe your parents put the money up for this. I thought we would have too." Dan was looking out the windows at the trees go by.

"Yea. I was surprised too. They said they wanted us gone for the weekend. I don't' know why though." Brain said with a hint of thought. "Now why would this be? I mean they even put the money up for use to stay at the Four Seasons."

"Yea. That is the best hotel in Georgetown." Dan was just happy that he was with Brain that he couldn't care about what was going on. He still had his casts on that made it awkward, and he had his wheel chair with him. It would have looked weird for Brian to be carrying him everywhere. As well it would have been hard to since they were going into separate orientation groups.

Since Brian had his major made, he would be going to that department. However Dan didn't know, so he had to go to on another tour of the university. Of course Dan understood and didn't mind too much. Would give him a chance to make new friends.

"I wonder why they wanted us out of the house." Brian took his hand off of Dan's and scratched his eyebrow.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. We have money and a nice place too stay. What else do you want?"

"You." Brian said looking over and Dan and smiling. "Wait!"

"What??" Dan was startled and didn't know what to think.

"I know why now." He started to laugh and then just shuddered as he thought a little harder. "This is my parents anniversary."

"Eww." Was all Dan could say after thinking about it.

"Yea, well now I know why. I thought they just wanted us to move away as quickly as possible." He laughed some more.

"Well at least it is a viable reason." Dan said looking once more out the window. They passed a sign that said they were only 40 miles from Georgetown. "Brian?"


"Promise you won't leave me."

"Of course I wouldn't leave you. I mean you still want to get married right?"

"Yes I do. Just that since there isn't a law that can keep us together legally, I just want you too promise me never to leave me."

"I will never ever leave you. I mean for God's sake, I almost lost you. I would never want to leave you. You showed me happiness. No one has ever been able to do that to me. I was starting to get depressed that I would never find anyone." He paused and twisted the steering wheel to massage his hands. "I took a chance with you because I felt that maybe you would be for me. I had to take a chance to see if you where. I thought you were cute. Many people thought you were. Girls flocked you, which is why I thought you might be. But I know you had..." passed again "...slept with girls. I just took the chance by bringing you home that one-day. I thought if you weren't it, then I would most likely have to come out of the closet sooner then I wanted to. But it was worth the risk. I would have taken it over and over again. I guess I was lucky."

"Yes you were." Dan squeezed Brian's hand.

"I was talking to a friend of mine in New Orleans. He did what I did. However, it didn't go as well as we did. He had to come out sooner then he wanted too and against his will. He withdrew from school and is home schooled. He has one more year of school left to go. I feel sorry for him."

"That sucks. I am sorry." Dan just looked out the window.

"What's on your mind Dan?"

"Just that we are going to college in August. I can't believe time has gone this far. I wish my parents could see me going. They don't care for me and they left me. That's why I don't want you to leave me. I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

"I promise never to leave you!" he smiled.

"Thanks." A tear feel down from his eye and rested on his cheek. Brian reached over and took it with his finger, and put his finger in his mouth.

"See. Now a tear binds us. The most simple of all humans, the tear; we are bound by it now." He smiled and drove on.

They soon reached the Four Seasons where a valet was standing at the door.

"Sir would you like to check your bags?"

"Sure." The valet rang a bell and a man with a cart came out the doors "He will take your bags for you.

"Thank you."

"And here is your clam ticket when you are ready to retrieve your car." He bowed and had another man drive the car around the building.

They walked into the main lobby, which was a lavishly decorated. They walked over to the check in desk where a beautiful lady was working.

"Hello. Welcome to the Four Season. Do you have reservations?"

"Brian Smarth for two."

"Ah yes. You are staying her with us for a total of 4 nights?"


"Okay. Now if you just fill this card out." She saw Dan. "And this is your guest?"

"Hi! My name is Dan." He blushed.

"Hello. My name is Cindy. You got into a fight?"

"No a bomb blast."

"I read about that in the papers. That was a sad event. You must be the one that was in there that was seriously hurt?"

"Yea. I suppose. I didn't want to read that edition of the papers, so I don't know what all it said. But I am alright now." He smiled at here.

"Here you go." Brian handed the papers back to here.

"Thank you. Here is your key. You are in a penthouse suite room 102." She smiled at them both. "Have fun."

They walked to the elevators followed by the man pushing the cart with their luggage.

"You two are registering for Georgetown University?" He asked them with curiosity.

"Yea. We are staying for an extra day though. My parents wanted us out of the house."

"Ahh. Well I go there as well. I work here for a job. Not much, but you meet interesting people. It isn't often that college students stay here."

"Yea," Dan chimed in, "Brian has a fear of less than 4 stars." He laughed.

"Shut it love...err...Dan." Brian didn't want to let people know that they were together. Cindy knew for some reason, but that was okay. She was a girl and girls tended to take it better.

The elevator reached the floor and they climbed in. The bag boy laughed.

"Its okay. I don't' mind it. I think its good that people can be open about their relationship." He smiled at them.

"Thanks." Brian smiled at him.

"So you two staying in the dorms or renting a apartment?"

"We haven't decided yet. I don't know too much about the area, and Dan doesn't care either way. What would you suggest?

"Well I stay in apartments, but then again I am also a junior. I don't know what you two might want. You may want to rent one for...your cause." He laughed at his personal joke.

The elevator arrived on the 2nd floor.

"I thought we were on the 1st floor." Brian said looking at his key.

"Opps...wrong button. I am sorry. He pressed the first floor button and they went down one flight. "Right this way." He said pulling the cart out into the hallway.

The floor has a nice green emerald carp that had recently been placed in. They walked to the end of the hall and came to there room. Brian opened the door and they all walked in. It was a great room. There was a large TV in the middle of the room and three couches around it.

"This will work perfect for you Dan. You can lie down and watch TV without hurting yourself too badly." They all walked in.

"May I put your cases in your room for you?"

"No that's okay. Just unload them right there. I can get them." He just walked in looking at everything. He was glad his parents wanted him out. He could have fun.

It took just a few minuets for the bellboy to unload the cart. "If you need anything else, just call the front desk. Room services are open from 7:00A.M. till 10:00 PM. Please enjoy your stay."

He started to walk out, but Brian stopped him.

"Here." He gave him a ten. "Thanks for your help." He winked at him.

"Thank you sir." He turned to walk out, but stopped. "I shouldn't say this, but there is another person that is here for the weekend for orientation. He is on this same floor. He walks the halls now in than for some reason."

"Thanks." Brian responded as the bellboy walked out the door, and closed it behind him. "Hum. I wonder why he said that too us. I would like to meet him though. I mean it would be cool to meet someone else that goes here."

He walked over too where Dan was getting out of his wheel chair and onto the couch.

"I am tired, so I am going to take a nap right here." Dan said yawning. Brian leaned over and kissed his forehead.

"Sleep tight my little angel. I am going to go down to the pool and see what is going on.

Brian walked out the door towards the elevator. He noticed someone else exiting another room and head to the elevators. He has some swim trunks on and was looking like he was heading to the pool himself.

The both got onto the elevator together.

"Hello." Said the boy that had gotten on with him.

"Um...hi." Brian was cautious because he wasn't sure. He noticed he carried a cane with him. He didn't lean on it like someone that used it. More like he was using it just for support now and then.

"My name is Tom." He extended his had for Brian to shake.

"Brian. Mine is Brian." He was stuttering because he finally looked at the can a little more as Tom switched hands. It was a can that looked almost like Berthas, but not quite. It had a green top to it. Plus there was a different looking dragon to it. Or he thought.

"Oh. You like this cane?" Tom said noticing that he had spotted it. The elevator came to a stop and they got out. "I am going to the want to come too?"

"I was going to look at the pool."

"Like to swim do you?" He asked with a little more interest.

"Yea. I am on, or was on, the swim team back home." Brian was still looking at the cane out of his eye.

"Cool. Well I am going to the spa, and you are free to join me." He said with a little wink of the eye.

"I would, but I would have to get my trunks." Brian said forgetting that he should have changed.

"Oh, its okay. You can go in the buff if you want." He laughed.

" is public, so I don't think that would be..." Brian was starting now.

"Oh. They have private spas here. I have one. I have to have a spa, and so that way it isn't always full. So it wouldn't be any biggie."

"You wouldn't mind me being naked?" Brian was a little more then curious now.

"Naw. I have seen plenty of guy's nude. No biggie." He smiled and started to stumble a little, but use the cane to catch himself. "Hum...I hate when that happens. It is sooo embarrassing."

"Its okay." Brian was starting to like Tom. He seemed like a good person, and not bad intentions. "So why you in Georgetown?"

"Two reasons. One is that I wanted to get away from the rents. Second is that I am registering at Georgetown Uni." He laughed.

"Me two. Except for the parents thing. They wanted me out of the house. There anniversary."

"That's cool. What's your intended major?" They arrived at the glass doors. They had been going slow for some reason.

"Medical. Want to be a doctor."

"Oh that's cool. Me too." He smiled again. He had beautiful teeth, and he had a charming personality.

They arrived at the private spa, and Tom unlocked the door. They walked in and Tom began too strip to the nude. Brian was taken aback by this action but soon recovered. Tom had a great body with a thick 6-inch cut cock.

Brian went ahead and striped himself and slid into the spa behind Tom.

"Ah this feels good to the hip." Tom sighed in relief.

"Hip?" Brian became curious.

"Oh sorry. The reason I have that cane is because I have a problem with the ol' hip." He paused and looked around for a second and climbed out of the tub. "Ice tea?"


He started to pour to glasses. "Well about 2 years ago or so. I try not to keep track of it, I was attacked by a shark down in Florida." Brian gasped. "Oh don't worry, he just shattered my hip bone." He laughed at the thought. "I have a metal hip. Sometimes it fails and I start to fall. I got this cane for a good friend of mine when she found out I needed one. She said that I needed to have some style with it. So I did." He climbed back in and handed the glass to him. "She died 2 weeks later in a car accident."

"I am sorry." They both sat there for a while without talking. "Some one I cared for is injured due to a bomb blast."

"Oh?" Tom thought for a moment and then his eyes went wide. "Oh you're the one that I read about in the papers and the news. I thought your face looked familiar."

"Yea. I am he." He was starting too worry if the papers had stated that he was gay or not.

"So I take that the one named Dan is the one you care about?"

"Yes. I care about him." Brian was getting a little nervous. Tom was starting to get a weird look in his eye.

"Its good to have a good friend to look out for you." Tom smiled and relived the nervousness from Brian's face.

They both sat there just looking at the ceiling.

"Your voice sounds familiar. Have we ever met before?" Brian just realized this.

"Not to my knowledge. Have you ever been down to Florida to the beaches?"

"Nope. Never have. Will sometime." Brian wasn't sure why he thought he had talked to before or not. They sat there for another ten minuets before Tom said they had to get out.

"Thanks for joining me. I hope you and Dan are going to enjoy this. May I call on you again when I come back down here?"

"Sure. I am in room..."

"I know. I saw you come out of the suite." Tom said cutting him off. He got out and walked over to Brian, kissed him on the forehead and hugged him. Right there with out any clothes on. Their dicks brushed each other, and Tom departed. Brian leaned over to put his boxers and pants on, and left back to see Dan to see if he was awake yet to tell him what happened.