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Now enjoy Chapter 19: The Long Road, The Short Road.

CHAPTER 19: The Long Road, The Short Road

Brian got dressed and sat at the bench for a little while before getting up and leaving for his room. He wanted to see how Dan was doing. He wasn't worried about him, but he wanted to spend as much time as he could with him.

He arrived in the lobby to see a large group of people exiting the elevator. They must have been some sorts of a business group, considering the outfits they were wearing.

He waited for them to empty the elevator and pushed the first floor button. The elevator silently moved up to the first floor, and opened the doors with a ring of the bell. He walked to his room, and started to slide the card threw, but heard some heavy breathing on the other side.

Brian smiled to himself, and knew what was going on. Dan was inside jacking off without him. He thought this was odd, but didn't really think so, because of the fact that they both did this a lot more then they used too, due to the fact that Brian worked long hours and they rarely saw each other. He slid his card into the slot and pulled it out, and he slowly opened the door.

As he had though, Brian was on the couch, in an awkward position, and jacking off. He was mumbling to himself some phrases. "Yea, come on Brian, suck it. You know you want my sweet cum."

"Of course I want it. But you seem to like to waste it." Brian said walking in and interrupting Dan's little session.

"Brian." Dan said slowing down a bit. "I didn't hear you come in." He blushed a little, but it went away. They had seen each other cum, so it was no biggie. Dan started up again.

"So...how...was your...uggg...walk?" Dan was trying to ask, but was slowly starting to get close to orgasm.

"It was okay." Brian said walking to the counter to get a drink. He walked back eyeing Dan and sat down on the chair next to the couch. He wasn't going to help Dan. He liked watching him do this.

"That's goood...I...decided tooo...oh yea...jack off...while..." his back arched, and he made a large moan. Cum shot out of his slit, and went all over. His back went limp and he was breathing hard. "That hurt like hell to do that but felt good."

"Well, let me clean it up for you." Brian smiled and put his glass down. HE walked over and kneeled next to the couch, and kissed the tip of Dan's cock. He licked all the cum he could find, and kissed Dan on the lips. "Thanks."

They kissed deeper moving their tongues into each other, as they normally did.

The phone rang, and Brian made a groan. He stayed there, but it range 2 more times. He decided he better answer the phone.

"Hello?" Brian asked into the phone.

"Hey hunny." A female voice said on the other side. It was his mom. Just wanted to make sure that things were all right to you. You sound out of breath." She said this with a laugh.

"Yea...um...me and Brian were just getting things un-packed."

"I am sure you were." She laughed a little more, but soon became quite. "Well I am glad you are settled for now. Big day tomorrow huh?"

"Yea." Brian took a stool and sat down. He turned his back to Brian and leaned on the counter. "I met this other kid here and he is cool. I think he is gay as well, but oh well."

"Oh? How did you meet him?"

"Meet him in the elevator as I was going down to the pool to check it out. He wanted me to join him. I told him I didn't have my trunks on, but he said it was cool. He had a private spa, so he said we could get naked."

"YOU GOT NAKED WITH HIM?" Dan screamed across the room at Brian.

"Yes I did, but I sill love you." Brian waved at him. "Anyway. What's going on at home?"

"Well, your father is taking me out to the Ranchers Stake House for dinner tonight, and a movie." She sighed. "It's been awhile since he has done this for me."

"Yea. I know." His mother got really quite on the phone.

"Brian, keep Dan away from the television and the newspapers." Brian's mom went somber without much joy in it. "They arrested someone in the bombing today. They called shortly after you left."

"Who was it?" Brains voice was light with joy they caught them.

"Yea, but it isn't good news. It was two of Dan's uncles. They didn't say which one." Barbara got silent. "They think it wasn't intended to hurt Dan, but to kill you. They aren't sure."

"Why would they want that? I mean I am not something of a threat am I?" Brian just shook his head. He said this quietly.

"They aren't sure. But they are questioning Dan's parents for involvement. They wanted to know how they acted when they found out about Dan." She stopped to get a drink of water. "I told them that they wanted nothing to do with you. I also told them about the incident at Denny's that one night."

"Okay. Thanks for the heads up mom." He heard Brian getting up. "I guess we are going to go and eat."

"But Brian. You just ate." Dan sat holding his crotch.

"Shut up Dan." Brian laughed.

"Okay honny. Just be careful. Talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye mom." He hung up the phone. "Hungry?"


They reached the restaurant that was attached to the hotel and sat down. Brian looked at the menu. Dan just looked around the room.

"So where's that guy at that you saw?" Dan wanted to meet this naked jaybird.

"I don't see him." After Brian looked around the room. He started to look back at his menu, but noticed someone coming in. It was Tom. He was alone as he said he was. Brian waved at him to come to their table, and he came over.

"Hey Brian." Tom said sitting at the table. He had his cane with him and leaned it to his side. Dan caught a glimpse of it, and gave Brian a weird look.

"Hey Tom. This is Dan. He is my fiancÚ." Brian said with a smile, and looked back at his menu.

"Hi Dan." He reached over to shake hands. "I am going to Georgetown just as you two are. What's your major?"

"Um...undeclared. I don't know yet. Maybe English, maybe history. I want to teach."

"Good. We need some teachers, and some good ones." He smiled at Dan and looked at the menu that the waiter brought to him.

"What would you all like to drink?" he asked them.

Brian just nodded his head and Dan shook his head. "I will have a Dr. Pepper and he will have coffee." He pointed to Brian.

"I will have a Coke." Tom said next after thinking about it.

"We have Pepsi."

"Oh God no." he laughed. "I will have a Sierra Mist?"

"Yes sir." The waiter walked away.

"So Tom," Dan let Brian choose his meals for him. He always seemed to get it right. "What's with the cane?"

"Brian didn't tell you about me?"

"Naw. He just said you got naked together."

"Um...well we didn't do anything." Tom got edgy in his chair.

"Oh don't worry about. I don't mind." Dan laughed.

"Oh okay." Tom sighed. "Well I go this from a friend when I got attacked by a shark. He shattered my hip, so now I have one of them fake ones. And I have to have a cane to support myself sometimes."

"Oh." Dan took a closer look at it. "Looks different."

"Different?" Tom asked looking at it. "You have seen this one before?"

"No. I mean different then the other one." He reached gave a jester to see if it was okay to look at it. "May I?"

"OF course." Tom handed the can to Dan.

"Brian. This is totally different then Berthas. It has a different wood pattern, AND a different dragon inside. Not to mention the color of glass." He thumped it with his fingernail.

"Hum?" Brain came back from the menu. "Oh yea. I noticed."

"How long have you had it?"

"Since I have had this injury." Tom just shrugged his shoulders. "The girl that gave it too me died shortly after she gave it too me...so I don't know how long she has had it."

"Well she took good care of it." He squeezed the wood. "Its still polished well, and not scratched." He just shook his head and handed it back to Tom.

"Yea. I try to keep it nice and all. But it was this way when I got it." He looked at it closer again. "I guess its just been taken good care of because its never looked like anything has happened."

"Are you ready to order?" the waiter came back with a pad to write down what they were going to order.

Brian looked over at Tom who just nodded. "Yes we are." Brian said looking at the waiter.

"Will this be one or more ticket's?"

"Two..." Tom started to say, but was interrupted by Brian.

"One." He looked at Tom, "We might as well make it a date." He laughed a little at this. The waiter just raised one eyebrow at this.

"Very well." The waiter smiled as he caught on what was going on. "What will you have?"

"I will have the shrimp and mushroom." He pointed to Dan. "He will have the t-bone steak medium done, with potatoes and a salad." Tom just was amazed at how Brian could know what Dan wanted.

"Very well, and you?" the waiter said turning to Tom.

"I will have..." he paused. "Well I don't' know how much I can spend."

"As much as you would like."

"Okay. I will have the seafood and stake combo."

"Very well. Is there anything else I may get you?"

"Yes. A large order of Mozzarella sticks."

"They will be out in a moment, and your food will be out shortly as well." The waiter walked away.

"I noticed how you knew what to get Dan. How do you do that?" Tom said watching the waiter leave. He thought he has a nice ass, nice for parting.

"Well for one, I can tell from his cum, and..." he winced a little. Dan had pinched him. "I am kidding on that one. I just know. I don't know how, just do."

"That's cool." Tom took a drink and just sighed.

"What's wrong Tom?" Dan noticed this and was troubled by it.

"Well since my accident I haven't been able to keep a boy friend. I don't know why. I mean I am good looking. Still have a swimmers body, but I guess guys don't want a `cripple'." He smiled a fake smiled and took another drink.

Brian was looking into his coffee. "I am sorry. You will find someone. I believe that everyone has someone in life." He thought about this a little more. There are caretakers and there are lovers. What if Brian is a caretaker? Then there won't be anyone for him.

"What's wrong Brian?" Dan said noticing that he was looking blank again.

"Wha...oh nothing just thinking."

They chatted about where they were from and where they wanted to go. They found out Tom was in a lead for the 2004 swim team, but had the shark accident that prevented him from doing this. So he was now concentrating on school now. He was excited about getting away from Florida. He claimed there were too many old people, and they just wouldn't drop the Bush/Gore idea. Who actually won, he could care less. He was also glad to get away from the parents. He didn't like them always acting like he was hurt.

There food arrived and they ate as if they hadn't eaten all day. Of course that was true. They all arrived that day and they hadn't had to much food that day. They finished and walked back to the elevators once more.

"Hey you two want to come to the spa?" He asked hoping they would.

"I would love too, but I don't want to leave Dan alone." Brian said to Tom.

"Of course you can go Brian. I will go too. I can wrap my leg in a plastic wrap, and my arm can as well. We will go." He smiled at Tom.

"Cool. I am going to go ahead and go down there, so come down ASAP." He smiled and walked off.

"He isn't going to change?" Dan asked in amassment.

"Nope. He just does it in the buff." He turned back to Dan. "You brought plastic wrap?"

"Of course. I knew we would want to go play in the water." He smiled and they stepped into the elevator.