Chapter 20: Hot tubs and Tears

Brian and Dan reached their room and went in to get changed to get into the spa with Tom. Brian was kind of uneasy about all this. He wasn't sure what would happen with Dan next to him. He couldn't keep himself down when he saw him naked.

Brian didn't change into do anything; he would just go down in what he was in. Dan however had to get a plastic rap on his arms and legs so as not to get the casts wet. This was something he didn't enjoy. Having casts wasn't as fun as they made it look in the movies he always said.

Dan walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Brian smiled because they always saw each other naked but it was something else when they changed. He never understood, but that's just the way they did.

Brian reached for the remote on the coffee table in front of him for the TV. He was going to see what was going to be on later that evening. He switched on the TV to the news channel. The weather was being displayed.

"It looks like another hot day here in the D.C. area. Please be sure to take care of all necessary needs for care under the sun, and have fun." The weather lady said sitting at the table that seemed to be the same no matter where someone lived.

"Thank you for the weather. Now back to our top news story of the day. The bombers have been caught in the Rainsfield High bombing. As said earlier there was apparent cause for the reason behind this bomb, to be the cause of an gay/straight alliance at the high school."

Brian was paying close attention to the news story that he didn't notice Dan coming out of the bedroom.

"We are now getting a report that another person in the case has been arrested. They are not realizing the names of the people that have been rescued, due to the nature of this case. We will bring you more tomorrow morning at 5:00." The lady news anchor stop talking and the man picked up.

"This has been channel 10 news. Have a good night and we will see you tomorrow at 6:00 and don't forget to tune into the morning team tomorrow morning at 5:00 and at noon." Brian turned the television off and sighed.

"They caught the bomber?" Dan said surprising Brian.

"Dan. I didn't know you were there." He started to fidget. He didn't know what had been over heard.

"Yea. So? Who is it? Did they say who it was?"

" they didn't." Brian turned red.

"You know who it is don't you?" Dan said moving his chair near Brian. "Your mom told you didn't she?"

"Yes, but she didn't want you to be..." he stopped before saying anything else.

"Who was it?" Dan said a little firmness in his voice.

"It was..." Brian looked at the floor, "Your uncles."

"MY uncles??" Dan was shocked. "Why did they do this?"

"They don't know. My mom didn't want you to know because she figured it would upset you. I am sorry."

"I can't believe it." He acted like he lost all strength. "Why would they want me dead? I mean they don't approve of my lifestyle, but I thought they still loved me enough to not want me dead."

"Yes. They didn't want you dead." Brian looked at a scar that was still healing on his arm. "They wanted me dead. Or that's what they think. They aren't sure."

"I can't believe it. Then they arrested another one. I wonder who it was." Dan looked out there window and saw cars passing by.

"I wish it wasn't this way, and I wish you could have found it out back home. But it just wasn't in the cards. I am sorry love."

"Its okay. Lets go before Tom thinks we are making out." He laughed a little and the walked out the door.

Tom looked up and heard a knock on the door. He grunted as he crawled out of the tub. He was naked and so he put a room that was on a bench on.

"Hello sexy." Brian said giving him a wink. Brian walked in and Dan followed in with his wheel chair.

"Thanks." Tom smiled at the two. "Care to join me?" He closed the door and took his robe off.

"Wow." Dan said in a shocked stated.

"I am sorry, he covered himself a little."

"Its okay. Just wasn't expecting you to be so open with it." Dan laughed.

"Oh okay." Tom laughed as well and pulled his hands away from his cock. He climbed into the spa again. He looked at Brian who was laughing and getting undressed. He then walked to Dan and took care to undress him as well.

"That's cute you too. I am happy you have found each other." Tom smiled and put his head back.

After Brian had gotten Dan undressed he lifted him into his arms and the climbed into the spa themselves.

"Oh yea. That feels great." Dan said once he was in there. "I haven't felt this good since all this has happened."

"Yea, better then sex huh?" Brian laughed. Dan punched him in the arm. "I should learn to sit on your bad side."

"You two are just to funny." Tom said opening his eyes and looking at the two. "So tell me about this Bertha."

"Bertha is a good friend of mine." Brain said eyeing Tom a little. "We have known each other, oh since third grade or so. I can't really remember." He thought back to his dream, but wasn't sure it was a dream or not. "We have just grown close. She has always known about me, and she is strange in certain ways. She is single as well."

"She is?" Tom said with a little curiosity in his voice.

"Ya. You interested?" Brian laughed at this one.

"Naw, just curious."

"Its all good." Brian thought for a second. "We never have met before right?"

"Never." He smiled.

"I feel like I have heard your voice before." Brian just took a look at Tom once more, and then just shook his head and laughed a little.

"You know Brian," Dan said interrupting him, "This feels good. Thank you."

They sat in silence for another hour or so not speaking much. Just enjoyed being men, naked and together. They couldn't stay in long at a time, so they had to get out, and take a break, but they got back in when they could.

"Well Tom, we need to get going, so we will see you over at the college tomorrow?"

"Sure. Would you like to go together?" Tom said looking at them getting out.

"That would be fine. What time are you wanting to leave?" Dan said while Brian dried him off, and started to get him dressed.

"Well we need to be there between 11 and noon. So I guess we can go to be there right at 11. That way we can get to know some of the other students."

"Okay. You want use to come get you or you us?

"Well, we can come get you?"

"Okay. I will see you tomorrow." Tom smiled as Brian drying off and getting dressed. "What time will you be by?"

"At 20 till eleven work?"

"Sure. It will work." They both had gotten dressed and were about to exit. "See you both tomorrow."

Brian and Dan left the room and the door closed behind them.

"Well," he said looking at his cane. "I do believe we have some friends, and I do believe that they are cool people, and we do need to keep them together as much as we can." He climbed out of the spa, and got dressed. "My friend, it is worth the wait I think."

Brian and Dan went back to there room and started to get ready for bed. They were tired and they needed to get to in bed early for the next day. They would have a busy day ahead of them.

Brain helped Dan out of his clothes and started to pick him up to put him into bed. However Dan put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"I want to stay up some more." Dan said pulling his big shirt back over his head as best he could. Brian helped him a little getting it over his arm. "I don't feel like sleeping."

"Are you okay?" Brian looking into his lovers eyes and saw a sadness that he never noticed before. It was like he was being torn apart inside.

"Yea I am fine." He smiled. "You get some sleep. I will be in here in an hour. I am going to be in the other room."

Brian sat down on the corner of the bed and watched as Dan rolled out of the bedroom. He closed his eyes and shock his head and thought, God I wish you didn't find out about that just yet. He lay down on the bed without the intentions of falling asleep, but he was tired, and he soon was asleep.

Dan went to the big window that they had in their room and opened the curtains so he could see out. He looked to the sky that was dark, and you couldn't really see anything since the city lights prevented any viewing. He looked as his arm and leg that were in casts. He took his good hand and moved it along his broken arm.

He looked back outside, and there were two people walking down the street hand in hand. They looked happy, and he smiled to himself, and then he felt his heart sink. A tear feel from his left eye, then another from his right eye. He didn't wipe them away. One tear feel on his arm cast and the other feel on his leg cast. They didn't absorbed into the cast like water should have. They just rolled off.

Soon he had more tears coming, and he was crying like he hadn't done for a long time. The realization was starting to sink into him that his own family had done this. They felt that Brian was a disease and he was the receptor for it, and thus had to be killed to stop it from spreading.

He rolled to the door, and looked in at Brian. He was asleep and he sat there looking at him for what seemed like a long time. "I love you Brian." He said as soft as he could. He rolled over to the side of the bed he was on, and he leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. He then moved to his side, and semi- jumped on the bed. Brian moaned as if he was waking up, but he didn't. Dan was tried, as well, and he feel asleep in a short time.

Brian opened his eyes and looked around. He wasn't in his room. He had some weird clothes. He wasn't anywhere he could realize. It was dark, and every once in a while a white light would fly by, and then was gone. They seemed to come faster and faster. He turned around where they were coming from, but couldn't see anything.

Suddenly is dawned on him "Not another one."

"Huuummmm..." The voice seemed to echo of nothing, as if it was flying with the white lights. "You do not like this I take?" It was a woman's voice.

"Well not especial." He rubbed his eyes. "I would rather wake up."

"But you are in control not I." The woman's voice seemed to be getting closer.

"Your voice is familiar, however it has an echo to it. Why?"

"You're the controller. You make these images up. To a point." A light was starting to pass by but stopped. It grew larger and a person stepped threw. It was Bertha.

"I thought it was you. I don't know why I dream about you so much."

"Who said you was dreaming?" Bertha laughed and the light she came from disappeared. "We are all real, in some fashion. You have the best ideas during your sleep. You just don't remember them, tell you need to."

"Why am I always dreaming about you and not someone else? I mean, what makes you special?"


"Me?" he looked at here in a weird way. "Why am I starting to hallucinate when I finally find someone that loves me and I love him." He wanted to wake up so he started to slap himself and pinch himself.

"That won't work." Bertha said laughing. "You have more to learn, but you will in time. Don't be afraid. You will understand a lot later on in life. Maybe sooner, maybe later." She lifted her hand to him. "Take my hand."

Brian complied and he garbed her hand. As soon as he did, the lights went by faster and faster. There didn't' seem to be air or anything around them, but he could tell they were moving, since his weird clothes were flying around him."

"You must learn some things. Things about you and things that you must do in your life."

"What things?"

"Life itself. You will soon learn. Take care though. I love you, but more importantly Dan loves you."

"Wha..." she let go of his hand and he speed faster and faster, and he started to scream because he was scared...

"NNNOOOOOO." Brian was yelling in his sleep.

"Brain, wake up. Brian. WAKE UP." Dan shook him as best he could. "You were having a nightmare."

"Dan?" he looked at him into his eyes. Dan looked back into his eyes and saw fear in them, and he could tell he was scared. "I am fine. I had a weird dream. I don't know what is going on. I have been dreaming lately. Seems every time I am worried about you I get these dreams."

"I am sorry that you are worrying about me. I am fine myself."

Brian looked into his eyes, and smiled. He kissed him on the lips, and they cuddled each other. "Yes Dan, things will be alright."