Alex Nelson

Broken Facades
The Journal

Chapter 5

And it Starts with Hello

As Meredith sits down on the coach, she takes a deep breath, I can do this. She opens to the first page of the Journal and start to read.

November 28, 1998


Hearing Justin's voice, she laughs as she remembers Justin never could start a writing project off with the right words. She looks and shakes her head as she reads the word fuck, it's the only thing on the first page...turning to the next page she sees the date and only a few more sentences and again hears Justin `s frustration.

December 3, 1998

Shit...What the fuck am I suppose to talk about. I don't know what I am supposed to do. I guess I'll just wait till next session then Dr. Dan can tell me how the hell I start.

At the third page, she finally sees something. Nine days that was a long time for him to have writer block. She thinks to herself as again she starts to hear her son...

December 7, 1998

Hello book or journal...God that sounds so stupid I guess I should name about J...

I just got back from my session where I tried to tell Dr. Dan that I was having a hard time with my Journal, he then asked why I was having such a hard time, told him I didn't know. He then asked me if I remembered that I said we talk about my problems. I told him that it still hurt. He asked me if I was able to talk to anyone. I told him the only people that I can even be around are Tony and Kate, and even when they are around all I do is cry as they hold me. He asked me why was I so comfortable with Tony and Kate , I told him I guess because they know the real me like Alex, Alisa and Brad but unlike Alex, Alisa and Brad they didn't hurt me and they don't hold me to some expectation like my parents do. He said then it should be easy to talk to my journal because it doesn't know me as well as won't hold me to some standard that ever one has. He said treat it like a new friend, as he smiled. Then told me to think about this, the next time we will talk we will talk about what expectation I held myself to.

What he said about this journal not knowing me kind of made sense... I guess I should first introduce myself and talk a little about myself...Hi, god I feel silly, anyways I'm Justin Mitchell Kemper I am 17 years old and will be 18 on April 16 well that was easy. I guess I should now tell you what I look like, well I am about 6ft 2 in and 180lb and have dirty blond hair and blue-gray eye, people tell me they get bluer when I blush or when I am in a good mood or happy. I play football for South Texas High School, I play quarterback...well play is a mild term I am the starting quarterback. I have no brothers or sister I am an only child. I like to read and watch movies...What else, I get good grades...and I guess I am a good kid; I don't drink or do drugs. Dan kind of got me thinking what do I hold myself to? I don't know and that I think is the problem I just want to be happy, but what would make me happy I can't have...I think I first have to get to know who I am, and that is the hard part.

December 14, 1998

Man, that hurt, I cried like a little baby, a week of thinking about what I wanted, I told Dan I just wanted to be happy. Dan said he would help so I could become happy, but I told him that I couldn't become happy. I told him about what I did to Brad and the pain that it caused me. The pain of hurting a person that was like a brother, no more than a brother. Then as I cried I told him about how Brad, Alisa and Alex hurt me and why I tried to do what I did. I also told him the words that I am so uncomfortable saying. I said it for the first time to anyone!

God that was hard...well I guess I have to tell you the whole story now since you have no idea what happened. I still don't know about this though, I guess I should just tell you about Brad, Alisa, Alex, Tony and Kate, then you'll start to understand. First Alex, Alisa and Brad were my best friends; I've known them all my life. I'm talking about from since I was a baby my earliest memory is being at day care and their houses or my house with a babysitter while our parents went out. Kate is my ex-girlfriend and Tony is a guy that I played football with and used to hate, but now is my good friend.

My problem started right around when I turned 12. I always wanted to be around Alisa, Alex and Brad, but for some reason I really enjoyed being around Alex and Brad more that Alisa. Around that time that time the four of us became totally inseparable, it was then I started to notice that Brad was always either next to me or around me. What I fail to realize but now know is that it wasn't him that was always me, but me always around him. I was always touching him in some ways either hitting him or bumping into him. As we got older I started to watch him more and more and he started to watch me just as much. Around the age of 14 I started to get scared as to the feeling that I was having and one day lashed out at Brad because I thought he was causing me have these feelings. I thought he was to blame and called him a Fag one night at a sleep over at Alex's house for looking at me.

That was the beginning of the end of our friendship because I was angry at him for making me have these feelings. Because Brad was the smallest out of all the guys at school and stopped playing sports a while back he was starting to become an easy target at school for the bullies when Alex or I were not around. After that night I felt bad and though if I stopped hanging around him maybe I would stop having these feelings, so I started to distance myself from him. I can't remember when it happened but a few weeks later I then did the most hideous thing a person could do to a friend, I turned my back on him and told a few people at school that I thought he was a fag because he was always watching me and touching me in some way. For about a year and a half I was so angry with Brad for changing on me on us, becoming something that the world hated and for trying to turn me into one too. In my anger I started doing some real nasty things to him without his knowledge. Again I now realize that it was not Brad but me that was always doing the watching and touching. What I also didn't realize was that Brad was the glue that held the four of us together and once he was gone Alex, Alisa and I just separated and started hang out with new people. Within that year's time I tried to conceal those feelings that I was having, as well as trying real hard to become what the person that everyone wanted me to be.

I had to become these different people for my parents and my friends, for my mother I had to become the perfect son, good grades, never getting into any trouble, finish school at the top and get ready to go to college and then get married. In my father eyes I had to become this, this super athlete, the guy who will make millions and millions of dollars. And to the rest of the world I had to become the All-American guy. To make these people, I got a girlfriend and work even harder at Football, Baseball and Wrestling. Now don't get me wrong, I loved Kate and love playing sports, but it only cause me to start to not only hate myself, but my parents as well. Although the one good thing I had were sports. It became a hiding place, my escape from the real world somewhere where I thought the pain from playing and practicing would be greater than the pain that I was feeling in my heart. But I was wrong, the pain and feelings never went away and they only became greater and greater. So for three years I fought the feeling even harder and harder, as well as trying to be all these different people that everyone wanted me to be, to my mother the Good Son, the Honor Student, to my father the Star Athlete and to Kate the Perfect Boyfriend.

The turning point was coming to Alex and Brad's aid against Tony. When we were together I felt whole again, like one person. That event made me realize how much I missed them. But I still had the secret and the bedrail to Brad hanging over my head that was eating me alive. But it was only after loosing them again for a second time to realize how much I needed them. I lost them a second time because Brad and Alex found out it was me that started the rumor about Brad being gay...

which he is not but I see I'm gay.

A numbness sudden flow through Meredith's body as the journal drops from her shaking hands. He couldn't be?

How could he be? she says as she looks at the journal on sitting on the couch while trying to figure out how what she just read could be true.

Mere, suddenly she hears a voice call out as the front door quickly opening. As she looks at the clock to see that it is five o'clock. Oh shit Steven she says as she grabs the journal and places it under the couch on the floor knowing that her husband would never be able to handle what she just found out.

Meredith? he called to her with a smile, You're dressed, what happened, you not in our room?

I just went out for a bit...I had to get out of the house for a while, so I went for a drive.

Oh my god sweetheart, that is wonderful. Steven says as he hugged his wife then noticed that she was shaking. Sweetheart why are you shaking, are you cold.

Yes, just a bit. she says with a smile. I have to calm down and stop shaking she thought to herself.

I am so happy, that you went out today. I have to call Dan and tell him you went out today. I was going to see him tomorrow and...


Mere, what...what's wrong?

You don't have to go and talk to Dan about me I'm ok. Meredith says with an unconvincing smile.

I haven't been so sure, I mean it has been over four months since Justin died, and it just seem like you were not getting any better

Steven, it's just so hard, he was my only child and I...I can't have another.

Sweetheart, he wasn't our only child, remember we helped raise 3 other children and they took it just as hard. He says as he slowly reached for her, You know they miss you so much.

They are not my baby and they can't take his place. She says as she starts to cry again. God Steven, I feel like a part of me is no longer here. I can't replace it with anything or anyone.

I know and I am not asking you to replace Justin with Tony, Alex, Brad, Alisa or Kate, but you are like a mother to those kids and for four months you have not been there and they miss you.

I can't! she says as her tears now started to flow.

Just let them back in. You can use them to fill in the emptiness that in now in your heart. Steven says as he held his wife for the first time in four months.

I don't want it substitute with them, I want my baby back.

Oh Meredith, baby I know you hurt. But Just will never come back, you...we have to move on and keep on living.

I'm just so afraid, that I will forget him if I let someone else in.

Looking into her tear filled eyes, Oh honey, we'll never forget him...never.

But I feel as thought I am forget who he was, ever since he went away to college it was like he put up this wall and he was a different person and now...

What are you talking about, now? I know we were a bit estranged for a while, but when I went to visit him the few times I did I'd never seen him happier. Come to think of it I never could figure why. I just thought he was seeing some girl up in school. Did you ever hear him mention any girl that he might have been seeing?

Meredith suddenly went cold with fear

What's wrong honey? Steven says as he felt her tense up.

I'll fucking kill mother fucker. Brad says as he continued to squeeze Heath's neck.

Heath mind was blank and everything was going dark around him as white flashes started to fire around in the darkness. He could sees Justin's face smiling at him the first time they met...FLASH...then Justin looking at him the first time they kissed...FLASH...Justin's face after the first time they made love...FLASH...then Justin's face the day he lost him. Then the darkness consumed him as he heard the muffled sounds cease.

BRAD STOP IT YOUR KILLING HIM!!! Alisa screamed as she started to pull on his arm while tears of shock, fear and angry ran sown her face. She could only wonder were of this unbridled angry and hatred came from as she looked in the eyes of this monster that was her boyfriend. An angry and hatred that she had never seen before

Oh Shit, Both Tony and Alex says as they rushed and tackled Brad away from the now limp form that was once their friend Heath. As they tackled Brad he releases Heath, who then dropped onto the floor still deadened, but now getting the oxygen that his brain needed. Seeing his two friends screaming at him, while lying on top of him, knocks Brad out of his maddened rage.

BRAD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! Tony shouted as he quickly started to stand up to run over to the still unconscious Heath.

YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! Alex shouted as he too rushed over to tend to Heath.

I...I...I was all Brad could say as he looked at Tony and Alex tending to the now breathing Heath. When he turned to look at Alisa he was shattered. Because standing before him was the woman that he loved with a look on her face that he had never seen before...a look of horror,

I'm sorry, he says as he turned and ran out of the house; knowing that he may have just lost the most important thing in his life.

Brad! Alex called out as he watch him running out of the house

Don't worry about him, we'll find him later and figure out what is wrong with him. Right now I think we should call the paramedics. Tony says

No...don't do that... a raspy voice says as both Tony and Alex looked down and smile at heath

Guys, remind me never to try anything that requires me to not breathe. I wouldn't suggest anyone trying that. Heath says with a slight smile as he slowly starting sitting up and start look around the room for Brad.

Don't worry bro, he's gone. Alex says as he squats down to look heath over

I can't believe Brad would attack you like that

Brad is really hurting, I never knew how much till now ...have to find him guys...We have to... Heath says as he suddenly starts to get light headed from trying to stand to quickly.

Slow down bubba, take it easy. Tony says as he grabs Heath and stops him from falling.

I can't, I think I made the biggest mistake of my life, it wasn't his mom that Justin told me need his journal it was BRAD!

Bro, I think the lack of oxygen has seriously affected you. Alex cracks with a smile

Heath sweetheart, I think you need to lie down Alisa expresses as they start to walk Heath up to her room.

Trying to pull away, No, we have to find him, if we don't I think he may just go over the edge. Suddenly Heath goes limp in Tony's and Alex's arms.

Easy Cowboy, Tony says as they reach Alisa's room.

Guys we have to go. Heath protests as he is gently placed on Alisa's bed

We will, but first you have to tell us, what is this about Justin telling you something... Alisa says as she steps into the room with a wet washcloth in her hand.

I'll tell you, but one of you has to go and find Brad. Again protesting as Alisa brings a wet washcloth and places it on Heath's forehead.

Ok, Ok, I'll go I may have a better chance of talking to him plus I think I know where he might be going. Alex says as he rubbed Heath's arm. You just sit here and relax...ok. Looking at Heath then walking out of the door.

Now before you think I am crazy, remember what I was like before I was kidnapped and brought here. Smiling as he continues Justin came to me about two weeks ago and told me someone that was close to him next help.

Oh Heath, Justin is dead sweetheart. Alisa says as she gently reaches for his hand.

I know it was in a dream. Heath now frowning I guess I just though I would be his mom...I guess I was wrong and now I feel like shit, how could I have been so stupid. Heath says as he pulls his hand away from Alisa and starts to cry tears of frustration and anger as he brings his hands up to his face.

Ok Tiger, Break time let go and get some lunch at the station.

I'm not very hungry Justin says as he continues looking out the window.

K, suite yourself, be back in a few, as Kim grabs here purse she turns and smiles as she looks at Justin then walk off the bus, leaving Justin alone again to his thoughts.

Walking over to the snack stand Kim reaches into her purse for her cell phone and sees that she has messages. Finding the number that she needs she hits the button and the phone dial the number and with in one ring it is picked up. Did it go well? the person on the other line answers.

And a hello to you, too Kim answers back with a smile.

Fine, Hello Kimberly; now then where are you, I have been trying to call you since yesterday? The person answers bad very short tone.

Kim just Smiles, Tobias, relax and calm down. she says as she quickly eyes through all of the news papers and magazines.

Fine, you know we could have save hell of a lot of time if you would just...

We are not, having this discussion again you now how I feel about planes. Kim says as she grabs two cokes and some sandwiches from the mini-fridge and places then on the counter.

I know, how are you feeling, and how did it go, was he the right one?

Toby I'm fine, and it didn't go well at all, not at all. Kim turns away from the counter; we'll talk about it later.

I'm sorry Kim you had your hopes up for this one.

I know, but this trip might not be a wash after all, turning back and smiling.

Why, what happened. Tobias asks sounding excited.

Well I met someone on the bus. Kim tells him as a feeling of warmth overcomes her as she thinks about Mitchell.

Dear god girl a commoner on the transit. Tobias answers back shocked.

Tobias, ya big queen...he's not like that. I need you to find out as much about him as you can, his name is Mitchell Kemper. Kim says as she reaches into her purse to retrieve the money to pay for her and Mitchell's lunch.

Do you know how many Kemper there are, it could take...

I don't care; I want you to find out who he is before we get to Phoenix!

And should I even ask how far you are.

We are about 8 hours outside of Phoenix, but you have three hours.

For god sakes Kimberly!


Yes madam, and would you like me to leave the information on you phone.

No, send it to my email I'll check it later.

And Tobias ...Thanks. I don't know what I would do without you, I love you.

Sighing I know, Tobias hangs up the phone.

Alex pulls up to Miller park and see a lone figure sitting on the swings has his head down and is just sitting alone. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, Alex turns off his engine and exits out of his car and walks over to Brad.

Hey bear.

Still looking down Brad looks up and then back down at his feet.

You ok?

Brad shakes his head and continues looking down.

Just like old time a bud? Alex sits in the swing next to Brad and looks at him, Bear, what's wrong?

I didn't get to say goodbye, you did, Alisa did and Tony did...he forgave you. He never forgave me. He died without us ever becoming friends again.

Bear he...

No Alex, he died hating me.

Bradley, Justin did not die hating you.

Then why didn't he ever call or try to talk to me?

You really have no idea how long it took for him to get over you. Brad you were his first love, his best friend.

Yea, but so were you, Tony and Alisa he talked to you guys almost everyday.

Brad, get this through that thick skull of yours; he wasn't in love with me, Tony or Alisa, only you.

Well he sure had a funny way of showing it, not calling, or wanting to see me.

The reason that he never called you was because he was still pining over big goof.

How do you know all of this?

Do you know how many times Justin and Heath used to call me or Tony or Alisa, because of some problem that they were having. And do you know what the main caused of most of their problems were.

No, Brad said quietly.

You, and Justin inability to let go of you, as a matter of fact right after the first time I met Heath, Heath call me telling how he was going to break up with Justin because he couldn't compete with the straight guy that had Justin's heart. Looking shocked Brad continues listing. That guy was you genius.

Heath said that?

Yep and the very next day I got a call from Justin crying about how Heath just broke up with him and was not talking to him. And how he wanted Heath back, and you know what I said?

No, what?

Quit pining over something you'll never have, stop ignoring Brad deal with him. For some reason he never could say anything to you about how he really felt about you, so like with everything Justin ever had a problem with, suppressed his feelings. I remember him tell me that he would never fall in love with another person that it hurt to much; that was until he met Heath.

Frowning, see he replaced me with him.

No, I wouldn't say replaced, he more like added Heath into his heart with you. Replacing you would mean that didn't care about the feeling of the other person. Justin allowed Heath's love into his heart along with yours. You can't be at peace with yourself while having two loves. Man what a mess did that cause, way bigger than the first flair up between the two of them.

And what was that?

Just take a guess how long it took Justin to even touch Heath.

I don't know, how long.

Try 6 months of nothing not even holding hands. Alex could see the Brad starting to come out of the shell that he grew over the time since Justin death. Smiling as he remembered some of the events that happened before Justin died. It's Heath that should have wanted to strangle you.

Fuck, I bet he wants to kill me even more now; I was such a prick to him. Brad says looking down again.

Actually it was him who wanted me to find you first after we saw that he was ok.

Huh? Brad look puzzled.

Brad, he really is a great guy, Justin was so lucky to find him, and now so are we. Alex starts to stand in front of Brad and offer him his hand.

I see that now. Taking Alex he is pulled into a hug.

We could never replace you, you're the bear. Alex says as he looks in to Brad's eyes. Feeling Better?

A Little, Brad now smiling, Lets go see him, I hope he gives me another chance.

Kim has her lap top in her lap as Mitchell sleeps next to her quickly checking her email.

You have five new messages.

Clicking on the one with the subject Mystery Man and opening it:



Subject: Mystery Man

Date: 03/25/02


You've found yourself a true mystery, trying to find out who you mystery man is should be easy, right? Wrong Normally I would have only needed to know where he lived or lives. Well I can't seem to find any Mitchell Kemper anywhere near the area that the bus has traveled. With out you being able to tell me which city Mr. Kemper lived in I had to trace your bus back to its starting place to discover where Mr. Kemper started. He started in New York City where he boarded then made his way to Atlanta, which is where you joined him.

Here is where it gets interesting; I only found twenty Kempers in New York City and none of them with the first name Mitchell. I did however find a Justin M Kemper; I am waiting to receive a copy of Justin M Kemper's picture ID. It may take a while, the reason being is that Justin M Kemper was reported missing and has been assumed to be dead according to the police reports. Sorry I could not gather more info I will email you as soon as I have it. Be careful, I have a funny feeling about this...


Closing her computer as Mitchell turns his head while still sleeping to faces her, she gently brushes the hair out of his eyes, Mitchell moans softly.

Heath... he says as he turns to face the window again still asleep.

Who are you, my sleeping prince...Who are you? Kim asks while watching Justin...

Greeting everyone...Wow it has been a long time...One year since the last chapter...First I am sorry that it took so long, my life over the past year has been rough moving from city to city ...Greensboro-NC, Charlotte-NC, Knoxville-TN, Back to Charlotte, then Tampa-FL then back to Charlotte then Back to Knoxville all for work. On top of trying to get the film going, takes all of my time. I needed some time away from everything, I promise never to do that again...As a way of saying sorry I have a treat for you all; here is a sneak peek at the next Book in the Broken Facades saga...

Here is a taste of Broken Facades: Phoenix

Broken Facades


And From Its Ashes A New Phoenix Will Arise...Even Greater Than The Old One

ESPN Scholastic Sports desk, Alex Nelson Speaking.

Stop your grinning and drop you linen.

Tony, what's going on man?

You tell me buddy, your best friend moves out of town with your god child and you don't hear a thing from him except an occasional holiday card or an email now and then.

Come on Tony you know I'm trying here man.

Alex, our kids talk more then we do, Tony is laughing on the phone. What, now that you are the big time ESPN Producer slash reporter are you to big for the little people?

I better duck and pull my pants legs up with all the bullshit being tossed around, let's not talk about big time Mr. big city lawyer?

Ok, ok you got me, buddy.

Man you sound good, how's Kate and the kids

If you are asking, you must have talked to them, because I'm not their favorite person right now especially Jackson, man you are luck you have a girl.

If you call playing the crazed psycho father lucky, then I just won the lottery.

Yea, well I know my goddaughter and no little boy is messing with her in New York.

She's not the one I'm worried about it's all the rest of these fools in New York, she misses Brennon, Brian and Jackson. Although, you guys should have it easy now that there's only three left they, shouldn't be anywhere near as bad as Brad, Alisa, Justin and I were.

Almost, from what I know 8 kids couldn't hold a candle to the four of you.

Ah come on one back yard fire, four houses repainted isn't that bad...anyway I know you did call to catch up on old time Kate told me you were going to call, what's this about having some trouble with my godson.

Well I am calling about two things one is about Jackson but that can wait, this is more important.

Ton, what could be more important than Jackson.

I have to show you, I have something and I don't know what to make of it, are you in your office and by your computer?

Yea man I am, Ton you're starting to worry me...

Let me email you this first then we'll talk.

Ok sent open it up when you get it and tell me what you see.

Ok just a few seconds, while we are waiting what is going on with Jackson.

I don't know he is changing; he is not talking to me, all he does is go to school then football practice and then into his room. Neither Kate nor I can talk to him.

Are his grades ok?

Yea, hell I don't think it's school because he just started High School so he couldn't have tanked his grades yet. I think since you and Michelle and Kari moved he's become withdrawn. Hell even Brennon and Brian are moping around; it's been six month everyone is acting like you all died. And now he and Brennon and Brian aren't even talking.

Whoa that is serious; I wonder why Mich hasn't said anything to Kari and me?

She may just not want you to pack up everything and leave giving up your dream, like she knows you would. Remember how all of us had to basically kick you out of town and you left only after you told everyone that if Kari and Mich became unhappy you would move back.

I know, come to think of it her nor her mother have not been a regular jovial self.

Alex don't panic and start packing, I have Heath and Brad keeping an eye on the terror squad at school

So how are Prof Westrick and Prof Finnkley handling their teaching and administrative duties?

Fine I don't think the twins or Jack as he now wants to be called really like being in high school with their dad and uncle.

So how are thing at ESPN.

Good I just hope my show doesn't get canceled.

Al man your doing great, I watch it all the time.

Yea right, Ok I got the email.

Good Open it.

Ok... It's a picture of Justin...that's odd I don't remember Justin playing for a team in that color uniform when he was that age?

He didn't when Justin was13, Justin only played for one team his Dad's team and I should know I was on that team.

What the hell is going on, this kid look just like Justin. Are we cloning people now?

Yea that is what I thought, too.

Good god this in Impossible that kid looks like Justin to the tee.

Well here is the kicker not only does he look like Justin but the number he puts up kills Justin stats when he was his age, keep reading the email about this kid.

As Alex continues reading and see the stats that this kids has put up in the last year he is stunned, Wow 3000 plus yards passing...who is he?

Say hello to Jonathan Theodore Macmillan...Kemper.

Mr. Finnkley, a voice comes over the loud speaker.

Yes Miss Thomas, Heath answers from behind his desk as he gathers his papers for his next class that takes place in an hour.

Your charming nephew is here to see you, do you have time to see him?

I always do, please send him in.

Jackson Hunter walks in and stands in front of Heath looking nervous and like he had been crying.

Jackson, Uh oh shoot I'm sorry Jack, I forgot your dad told me since school started you want to be called Jack. Sorry, I won't let it slip again.

Before Jackson began talking Heath could tell something is wrong, Jackson was not his normal chatty self. What's wrong buddy,

Everything is a mess Uncle Heath, Jackson said as he plops down on a chair and starts to cry.

Miss Thomas could you hold my calls please and I may be in here for a bit could you get Mr. Westrick to take my 1 pm class.

Sure thing is everything alright, She asks?

Yes just a family emergency, Heath replies with a smile.

Now Jackson, sorry I did it again.

Its ok you can call me Jackson I like it when you and mom do. Jackson said smiling still with tears streaming down his face.

There is that beautiful smile I know and love. Now tell me what's wrong. Is it school.

Jackson shook his head no. Only one other thing could be bothering him.

I bet I know you miss Uncle Alex, Aunt Kari and Mich, don't you.

Nodding his head yes, why did they have to move away.

Squatting down in front of Jackson, Jackson your Uncle Alex got a great opportunity to do something that he had wish for ever since he was a little boy, if fact. He knew how much it would hurt you, me, your dad, your mom, uncle Brad, Aunt Alisa, Brennon and Brian and Michelle if he moved and wasn't going to do it until we all said that he should.

I remember, but I miss her and I really, really need to talk to her. She was the only one that I could talk to.

What about Brennon or Brian?

Well, we are sort of not talking to each other right now.

I see, can I ask why.

We had a fight.

All three of you are fighting?

Well kind of, it first started out just me and Brian, but them Brian is making Brennon not talk to me, you know how bossy Brian can be.

Brian can be bossy I guess that comes with being the oldest twin.

Yea but why does Brennon have to do everything he says.

He doesn't have to he only chooses to.

That why I am not talk to either of them, that is why I need Mich she was the only one that could talk some sense into Brian.

Well, you could write her or call her on the phone or better yet you could talk to someone like a teacher, a counselor or a favorite Uncle. Heath says with a smile.

I don't know; I don't want to embarrass you or make you mad.

Now why would I get mad?

Looking down, well it's because of you why we are fighting.

I guess I better tell you the whole story; but you have to promise not to get mad, and you have to answer a serious question first no dodging around it I'm 14 now, I am not a little kid any more.

You're 13 and a half, but who's counting, Ok ask away.

Well for a writing assignment Me, Brennon and Brian had to pick a person that we admired and write a report on them telling why we admired them. Well Brian wanted to pick Uncle Justin while Brennon wanted to pick you. I told Brian I did care just as long as we did one of you. That's when Brennon got mad at me because I did go along with him because, Because... Jackson stops tell the story and starts looking at the ground.

Because why, Jackson?

I'm getting to that. After sighing he continues his story.

Sorry, Heath smiles at the boy, I am a bit lost, how could picking Uncle Justin over me cause you all to be fighting?

Well it all started when we started researching about Uncle Justin, we went to Grandma Kemper house and while we were up in the attic we found some things.

Wait a minute, you were in Grandma Kempers attic, how did you get in the attic?

Well Grandma Kemper said that there were some great pictures of Uncle Justin up in the attic and that she would get them down for us the next day.

Ok, but that still doesn't explain how you and Brennon got into the attic, Heath sternly asked Jackson.

Well you know Brennon; once he put him mind on something he won't stop. Brennon couldn't wait to get into the attic; he insisted that we had to get in that day. He said he had to show me something, so he and I went up in the attic after grandma Kemper went out; I only wanted to get some good picture of Uncle Justin, I had know idea what we would find. Now when I ask you this question please don't get mad.

Oh my, Heath went cold as he pulled up a chair to sit down because he knew what was next.

Are you Gay Uncle Heath?

Well why would you ask that question? Heath said with a slight smile.

Well we found some picture of Uncle Justin while we were up in the attic, but we also found some of you and him together as well. Looking down at his feet, we also found a Journal that belonged to Uncle Justin.

Jackson, you know it is not right to sneak around in others people things.

I know, but you know how Brennon can be, but you till haven't answered my question.

So you think I am gay?

Uncle Heath, will you stop with the psycho babble stuff Brennon and I found the picture and stuff.

What did you feel when you found the pictures and stuff, Heath said with a slight smile.

We were excited and we couldn't believe what we found.

Then yes I am gay, why were you so excited?

Because Brennon and I could now prove that we were not alone. Brennon thought if he could show Brian that his idol the great Justin Mitchell Kemper was gay that everything that Brennon and I felt was ok.

It is ok to feel the way that you do Jackson, but you may change your still young.

I don't think so, but why didn't you ever tell Brennon and me that you were gay Uncle Heath? You could have told us, Bren and I wouldn't have cared, don't you trust us?

Jackson now was crying again, Heath reached over to the boy and gently held his hands trying to clam him down.

Oh Jackson, all of your parents and I agreed that once you got older we would tell you.

You mean our parents know?

Of course, they know.

That's pretty fucked up not to tell us!

Jackson Anthony Mitchell Hunter, watch your mouth.

No I will not watch my mouth; you all fucked up by not bringing it up and tell us early. Now we have a homophobic ass-hole in our family. Do you have any idea what the last three years have been like for Bren and me. It's been hell Uncle Heath, pure hell for Bren and me. Do you know that after Brian caught us, he has held it over our heads and said that if he ever caught us again he would tell everyone, then everyone would hate us and that our parents we disown us?

Looking at Jackson dead in the eye, Jackson that will never happen, do you understand me? Your parents have known about me since we first met.

Then why didn't you guys ever tell us?

We just didn't think it was necessary, and if anyone of you kids had ever asked or if a problem ever came up then we would deal with it together as a family.

I think it is way past necessary, since last week when we showed Brian that journal he gone over the edge, Brennon can't talk to me at all if, I try to go near him he pulls him away.

Have you talked to Uncle Brad or Aunt Alisa?

I thought they would hate me.

What about your dad?

Well I thought my dad would hate me too, he is a football coach for god sake.

Jackson so am I remember, I am the quarterback coach of the high school. But don't worry I'll call your dad and talk to him and let him know, everything is going to be alright.

Just as Heath is pulling Jackson into a hug, sound of people arguing at his office door as it is pushed open. Walking through the door are two police offices with Brian Westrick behind them.

See I told you and now he is doing it to my best friend. Brian said coldly.

Mr. Westrick, you are under arrest, says one of the officers as he pulls Jackson away from Heath.

You've got to be kidding me, what are the charges.

The charges is molestation, rape and anything else I can think of I hate people like you.

You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can be and will be used against you in a court of law. As one of the officer continue reading Heath his Miranda right heath glanced over at Brian Westrick and for a moment does not see Brad and Alisa's boy he helped raise but a monster.

Wow and you though Tony was Nasty as a kid...Brad and Alisa have a hell spawn, bad ass kid...pure evil...But you'll see more as well as find out who the mystery kid is...As always Send all comments to

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