Alex Nelson

Broken Facades
The Journal

Chapter 6

Secrets and Confessions

No, I don't think he was seeing anyone. He would have said something to us if he found a new girl that he was seeing, but then again he never told us about the break up with Kate. I could never get him to tell me why they broke up, did he ever talk to you about it, Steven asked with a curious look.

No, Meredith replied trying not to show her knowing that she had no idea who her son was. Neither he nor Kate would talk about, oh how I loved that girl. After that break up did you ever notice how different Justin became.

No not really, although... I do remember how much he wanted to head back to school when he came home for that last visit. I always thought he just wanted to get back to school, you know to get away from us, Steven said as the smile he had slowly was replaced with the sadness of recollection of the loss.

I do remember that.

Now that you mention it he wasn't real happy to see me when I dropped off the truck with Bradley," remembering the shade that Justin turned when he saw Brad and himself.

Steven, you did drop in out of the blue with a new truck.

I know, I know, but there was something different when I saw him at school away from us. I knew he was still mad at me for what I said about going to Columbia, but it was like...I caught him doing something bad, and the tension between he and Bradley.

Bradley was the only one of the kids that Justin somehow still kept his distance from.

Maybe one day we will find out what that was all about, well it is great to see you up and about I am going to change and then we will go out.

As Steven walk up the stairs Meredith quickly puts Justin journal under the couch.

Soon I will have all the answers, Meredith thought as she made her way to her room in order to get ready for her first month out in months.

So now what? Kim asked as she looked at Mitch as they stood in the bus station.

I don't know yet, I figured get a cab and head over to the Y. I'm going to have to save up enough money to get a place of my own. Mitchell said as he looked around taking a moment to look around at his new surroundings. Well thanks for keeping me company, Mitch said as he extended his hand with a smile.

I can't believe you. Kim said with a look of shock.

What's wrong? Mitch asked.

So you're telling me that you moved out here and don't have a place to stay or a job?

What would be correct, you usually do that when you are starting over. Justin said with a curious look on his face.

Well that is totally unacceptable, Mitchell you have to have place of residency in order to get a good job. What place of employment is going to give you a good job if you are staying at the Y, you are not staying there.

Well red, I don't think living on the street will get me work either. So it's either on the streets or the Y. Given that choice, the Y is 20 times better than some cardboard box off of the interstate. Justin said with a smirk.

Who said anything about a cardboard box, I was thinking three-bedroom condo. Kim said in all seriousness.

Well I would love a place like that, but I don't know anyone who has a rent-free place. That's all I would be able to afford right now, red.

Who said anything about rent-free?

Wait a second, are you asking me to stay with you, No...No I wouldn't want to impose, plus I don't except charity.

Who said anything about charity, I have a little place that I stay in when I town. I would only be renting out the extra room and as for a job I could use a cute houseboy. Trust me I will work your ass off, in the mean time you save up some money then find a real job, then rent the entire place from me. Kim said as she grabbed her bags and started to walk off.

I don't know Kim; I really don't want to put you out. Mitch said as he quickly picked up his bags to follow her as Kim made her way out of the bus stop.

Stopping before then reached to door Kim turned to face Mitch, Mitch, you wouldn't be putting me out, at least come and take a look at the place. I mean it's late and you have nowhere else to go. Come on, what's there to loose, if you don't like it I'll drop you off at the Y in the morning.

I see you're a person that doesn't like to be turn down; I'll humor you for now, but don't get your hopes up.

Great you'll love it.

Why do I all of a sudden have a bad feeling about this?

Have a little faith Mitch; you know you worry too much, Kim said as she continued walking out of the bus station. Mitch just shook his head as he smiled and followed.

Relax Heath, if anyone can get through to Brad, its Alex. Tony said as he rubbed Heath's shoulder with a smile.

Sweetie it will be ok, he'll get through to Brad. Alisa said as she rubbed his back.

I hope so cause I feel like crap, like I failed Justin and the family.

Maybe this is what was supposed to happen this way. Tony said as he tried to comfort his friend.

Brad has been moping around for the past few months, but at least he is not locked up in the house like Meredith. Maybe she needed to read the journal I just hope she it isn't too much of a shock. Alisa said as she looked into Heath's eyes.

Finding out about Justin and me will be shock for her, and in the begin she may feel guilty about the way Justin felt in the beginning, but she will read how much he loved his family and friends. Heath said as he placed his face in his hand I just hope I did the right thing.

Well there is only one way to find out, a voice said from behind them. I think it is time to let old wounds start to heal and the only way I think is to get everything out in the open, everything. Alex Step to the side and everyone saw Brad.

Alisa and Tony rushed over to him, Alisa held his face gently in her hands, Brad just remained still and looked into her eyes smiled and started to say something.

Shhh, it's ok I know.

Brad slowly closed his eyes and held onto Alisa harder than he ever held her before. When he opened them he saw Heath looking at him, and what he saw chilled him to the bone. Brad let go of Alisa and slowly walked over to Heath.

Look, I'm and asshole

Wait, I should be the one who should be saying I'm sorry, I've read that journal front to back and back to front and I didn't get it.

No heath you don't understand I was angry with you because I thought you had take my place in Justin's heart

Brad I could never do that, even though you are not gay, you were Justin's first love, and I am not talking puppy love. Justin was in love with you and I thought Ok he's st8, he love Justin like Tony, Alex and Alisa do, but I was wrong. Your connection is deeper and I never took that in consideration.

You maybe right but I never got to say goodbye to Justin

I know that hurt, but you know just like everyone here does Justin never dealt with his problems the correct way. I was in your corner; I even told him once that if he didn't deal with his crush over you I would leave him, I was in your corner.

I just feel like crap about how I treated you when you got here, I want to start over. Brad extended his hand; Hi, Bradley Westrick one of Justin's good friends, welcome to."

Hi, Heath Finnkley Justin's fiance nice to finally meet you.

Ok here we are home sweet home.

Stepping out of Kim's car Mitch is amazed at the size of the town homes. "I thought you said you had a little place."

2500 square ft is a little place to put 4 bedrooms 2and half baths, Mitch.

Red, what part of 4 bedroom two and a half baths is little?

Laughing, Kim pops the trunk of the car of her BMW and starts to remove her bags. "Here, let me help you with that," Justin says as he removed their bags all the while smiling at Kim. The walk up the driveway isn't long but Mitch is amazed at the house and the car. "Nice car by the way."

Thanks, I like it, it's one of my favorite one.

How many cars do you have?

Kim starts to blush, A few.

How many is a few?

A couple of cars, I stopped counting at 4? Kim said as she reached in to her pocket and pull out her keys, do you drive?

Yes I had a Cobra mustang that I had stocked out, now stop trying to change the subject.

That a cute car and I'm not trying to change the subject, I was only asking if you drive because I'll be able to give you the Beemer to use while you are here. Kim said as she walked into the townhouse.

First Cobras aren't cute, Mitch said with a laugh as Kim disarmed the house alarm and switch on the lights, Mitch couldn't believe what he saw what he thought was large town home on the outside was a humungous mansion inside. All of the furniture was brand new, like no one had live here in months if not years. Mitch was dumbfounded at the size because vaulted ceiling, Spanish Bay Windows and doors it had the look of an old house.

How old is this house? Justin asked with a curious look on his face.

Oh, it's only 10 years old, Kim Said with a smile.

Kim it looks like you barely live here. Justin was in awe as they passed the dinning room and into the living room.

I stay here every now and then, do you like it.

Yea, I think this is the most, Mitch paused. I can't stay here.

You said, but before she can finish Mitch cuts her off.

I know but your house is incredible and you, I don't even know who you are. As far as I can tell you're loaded, I just wouldn't feel right.

Ok, but I can say the same about you, I don't know who you are either and I can't find anything on you, Kim tires to catch herself but is slips out.

What are you talking about? What do you mean you can't find anything on me, who are you?

I guess I better come clean, but lets get something to eat and I`ll tell you everything.

Not before you tell me who you are.

Ok, have you ever heard of Macmillan Enterprises?

No, I don't think so. Justin said as he was becoming more frustrated.

Macmillan Enterprises is a high-tech multi-conglomerate company that does business all over the world.

Stunned, Justin slowly sits on the couch; you work for Macmillan?

Ahh no...actually, I'm Kimberley Ashley Macmillan. Kim says as she extends her hand.

Aren't you coming up? Steven asked as both he and Meredith changed for bed.

Soon, I just wanted to straight downstairs and maybe do a little reading and I know how you need complete darkness, she said as she lightly gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Once Meredith was downstairs she found Justin's journal and sat on the couch to start to read again determined to find out more about her son world.

December 18, 1989

Sessions are getting a little heated now; I got upset because Dan made me promise that I wouldn't try to hurt myself again. He says he is trying to get me to understand why I did what I did. I could care less I fucked up and lost my best friends again but this time I was the one that chose to walk away. I just need some time because the anger that I am feeling from them turning their back on me, along with them knowing what I am is too much for me to handle right now; at least no one has told my parents. I don't think I could handle my parents rejection right now, I don't think I ever will be able to.

I can't believe he was in that much pain and I couldn't tell. What kind of parent am I that I couldn't tell that he was having problems. Slowly Meredith closes Justin journal as she contemplates the many question going through her head.

This journal is only leading to more questions. Meredith is torn as she places the Journal under the couch and walks upstairs and heads into her room. Maybe tomorrow I find more answers.


Hello, a very raspy and sleepy voice answers the phone.

Ok, did you get the ID?

Gracious Kimberly, lifting his head to glance at his alarm clock; it's 3 o'clock in the morning.

Well I've been waiting for the picture that you said you'd get.

Where in the hell are you, looking at his caller ID he see that Kim is not at the main house. Why are you calling from the condo?

We had to come here; I didn't want to go to the main house.

We, Rolling his eyes, Kimberley you didn't?

He was going to stay at the Y; I couldn't let him stay there.

Kim you barely know this man, and how do you think he is going to react when he finds out who you really are?

Well, we don't have to worry about that because I told him everything.

Tobias sits up in his bed, you told him everything?

Well not everything, only who I was.


Well he was a bit shocked to say the least, and I almost had to tie him down in order to get him to stay, so that proves he doesn't care about the money.

How does that prove anything?

Because he wanted to leave Tobias, thank god I talked him into staying at least for the night.

And you managed that by?

By telling him it was late and that it would be next to imposable to find a place to stay at this time of the night.

And what did he say?

That we would talk about it in the morning. Toby, I need to find out who he is. I have this funny feeling that he is running away from something and that I can help him, please.

Fine, let me check my email. I was supposed to get a copy and listing of all the Kempers in New York, do you know what I had to do to get this list?

And I will post bail if you get caught.

The authorities would have been easier; Laughing Tobias rolls out of bed and heads over to his computer to check if the email came in from his " Friend". Oh I have something. I'll send but before I do, I don't want you to get upset if this guy doesn't pan out.

I won't, and Tobias I love you.

Yea, Yea, it has been sent.

Ok, hold on while I open the file.


From: <>

To: <>

Subject: Mystery Man

Morning you owe me...two tickets to any Broadway show of my choosing in order to pay back the lovely lady that won't ask questions.



Kimberly smiles as she opens the email and it's attachment. I'll get you 2 season passes if this turn out.

First once I went to my friend she got me the complete list of Kempers, it is much larger than the one I found, over 100 names. Can you understand how I sorted the list the first part of the list contains people that are alive while the bottom half contains people that have passed.

After about 5 minutes of searching Kim is getting frustrated. Dam it, I haven't found him yet and I am coming to the end on the list, he's got to be here.

Sweetheart I'm sorry.

Oh God.


I found his picture.

Wow, so we can say we solve the mystery?

No, I am only more confused.


Because I'm looking at a Justin Mitchell Kemper, he looks like Mitch to the tee.

And the problem is?

He's Dead.

Greetings Everyone...I'm Back sorry about the long absence. Much has happened since the last chapter I've moved back to Florida and am getting ready to move again, this time to New York. I've decided to head back to school. I won't go into too much but I am going to improve my writing as well as my filmmaking skills, so bare with me.

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