Bryn and Mel
Chapter one


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    Two teenaged boys kicked back on the bed staring at the ceiling, at nothing. Bryn seemed to be lost in thoughts of his dad, again. He couldn't handle the fact that the man was not going to return from the war.
    Bryn was eleven when his dad knelt before him and told him that he had to watch out for mom, but that he would be home before the boy knew it and they would go somewhere, just the two of them. Bryn loved to spend time with his father doing guy stuff.
    Sure, he loved his mother, but his dad was his hero. He was tall and strong. He was a Marine. Ted Elders was a Colonel in the Corps and he commanded men. Colonels DON'T DIE. Bryn had told himself that for almost three years as he waited for his father to return home again.
    Bryn's mother was having her own hard time with the loss of her soul mate. They had been high school sweethearts and had never known another. They married a year after she graduated from high school. Bryn's dad had joined the Corps and had become a young officer in just over two years. His buddies stood in a line outside of the chapel and held their swords high in the air as they formed an arch for the young couple to run under. Her life had been one of a darling princess and her prince charming.
    If nothing else she was a realist. She looked at Bryn and knew that she would not be able to raise him on her own. The home that they lived in became a constant reminder of their loss so she pulled up roots and moved the two of them seven hundred miles away to live in a new city, amongst new people.

    Mel and his folks had been at the new house to help Bryn and his mother unpack. The Corps had moved everything that the two owned in the world, but putting it away was left up to the mother and son. Mel was nice and he seemed to understand. His own dad was tall and good looking and Bryn couldn't help but think how lucky Mel was to have his dad.
    Bryn was happy to have Mel as a friend. He was witty, good looking, popular, and...oh yeah, cute. Mel Collins had an older brother, Mic, and two of the nicest parents in the world. Mr. Collins loved to play ball with the boys and he always included Bryn in everything that the family did. Bryn's mother found a good job almost at once so she was often made to work late. That was no problem for Bryn, the Collins family watched after him as one of their own.
    Mel and Bryn started into the seventh grade together and were at once a hit with all of the other junior high school students. Both boys had shown their skills on the ball diamond and at the swimming pool over the summer and the coaches sought both boys out for team sports, as their academic schedule allowed. Time and again the two boys proved themselves as they excelled at everything that they did.
    Their popularity soared, especially with the girls. The boys quickly learned how shallow girls could be as they seemed to cling more after the boys had one major achievement or another. Trophies and medals for excellence seemed to gather the most groupies to them. It hurt both boys when one of them was in the lime light and the other was pushed away. That scenario only occurred occasionally, but both boys could not be the first in those competitions in which they both participated.
    Unbeknownst to the boys they had an audience of admiring males that admired more than their academic prowess. Twelve and thirteen year old boys are not ready for the world to know that they may have gay leanings, but that did not stop many of their classmates from fantasizing about one or the other hunk during his up time when he was alone in his room.
    Bryn and Mel managed to get through junior high school with their virginity totally intact. The boys never discussed sex, or sexual matters, with the other. They spent many nights sleeping over at the other's house, but they always slept in separate beds, and with sleeping shorts, or pajamas on cold nights, on. When the need arose the boys simply took matters in hand and dealt with it, in private.
    However, as biology changes the body, hormones change the mind. Creepy thoughts had pervaded Bryn's mind for several months. On school nights, when his mother had to work late and he didn't want to stay at Mel's house, he would surf the web. It seemed a strange way of saying it, but then he began to identify with the phrase as he would quickly move from one site to another. He had learned how to hide his tracks from prying eyes and keep all traces of his browsing off of his computer. He had never known of his mother to snoop into his private affairs, but he felt it better to be safe than sorry.

    Halloween came on Friday in 2007 and Bryn was going to spend the entire weekend at Mel's house. They would dress as hobos and go gather as much candy as they could carry then pig out at sugar city for the rest of the weekend. With their stash sorted and socked away the boys showered and kicked for the evening. Bryn seemed to have something on his mind that had him distracted. Mel stared at the ceiling as he lay with his head at one end of the daybed and Bryn at the other.
    Mel sat up and looked at Bryn before jumping off of the daybed, "What the fuck you thinking about, perv?" The boys wore nothing but the skimpiest of last year's brief underwear and the elastic in Bryn's was stretched to the maximum as his super hard cock stood straight up. leaving nothing to be imagined.
    At fourteen Bryn had an amazingly thick and long cock. His briefs were tented a solid seven inches above his flat groin. The stretched leg hole revealed a thickness that far surpassed anything another fourteen year old would have, but the real eye catcher was the full scrotum with two of the largest balls that Mel had ever seen in his life.
    Mel had never had any real desire to see another boy's balls and he had never seen an erect cock on anyone before. He didn't know what to make of his friend lying two feet away from him with one super big hard on. Bryn looked at him and smiled, "Just thinking.
    "Have you ever thought about jacking off while somebody takes pictures of you doing it?"
    "Hell no! That's so queer."
    "Even for money? I mean big money? I saw it on the web where these straight guys are paid to do all kinds of sex stuff, even with each other and they get money for doing it."
    Some twenty minutes of persuading found the boys sitting before the computer as Bryn's fingers nimbly flowed across the keys to show some of his favorite sites. Mel was astonished, not at the sites, but at his friend knowing about them; and how about that tent in his shorts? In truth Mel had more than a little fascination with what was going on there. He had never seen another boy hard before, and Bryn's underwear left nothing to the imagination as it had pulled back letting his friend's entire cock stand out and his balls hang loose below it. This was a fact that Bryn was well aware of.

    The boys heard Mr. and Mrs. Collins' car pull into the driveway so Bryn quickly erased their surf tracks and shut the computer down. The boys were in their beds reading when Mel's parents peeked inside to say goodnight. They lay still and listened as the couple made their way through to the back of the house where their bedroom was. The boys were safe and sound on the third floor at the front of the house where no one would bother them.
    When everything was quiet again Bryn slipped out of his bed and crossed over to Mel. He raised the covers to expose the near naked form of his best friend and stared at his perfect body. Somehow that act excited Mel and his young cock rose to the occasion. Bryn sat down on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on the firm abs as he stared into the most beautiful pair of sea green eyes on the planet.
    Never letting his gaze falter he slowly circled his hand as he felt the firm ridges of a very well developed, muscular boy. He widened his circle to touch the elastic hem of Mel's briefs then up to the two, quickly stiffening, nubs at the center of two pink, dime sized, areolas. He let his fingers tweak each nub before moving south again, this time pushing the elastic band of the only garment on the boy a little lower.
    By the time that he had made his third pass the briefs were completely removed from over a fine young boi bush of light brown hair. The waist band had pushed Mel's erection down at a most uncomfortable angle. Bryn used both hands to lift the garment slightly then he pulled it down over a very stiff five and a half inch cock that sprung upright before falling flat against a firm groin with narry a blemish on it.
    Wasting no time with words Bryn bent forward and engulfed the turgid meat of his best friend into his mouth. Mel made a sound that was more akin to a kitten mewling, then he let out a deep guttural moan With that encouragement Bryn pushed the underwear further down Mel's legs as he grasped the boy's firm testicles in his hand and swallowed the entire length of his cock.
    Mel could no more yell stop than he could climb a mountain. He gripped at Bryn's head and fucked his young cock deeper into the best place that it had ever been in his entire life. In moments it was over. He was shocked, he had just cum in Bryn's mouth. He tried to pull away, but Bryn pressed forward as he swallowed every foot of a nearly six inch phallus. Mel was thrashing about as he worked through the sensitivity of a just ejaculated cock and the growing of a new erection. His lust level was off of the scale and he never wanted Bryn to stop what he was doing to his body.
    Bryn had other plans. He sat up and removed Mel's underwear as he slid onto the bed with his head to the foot and his feet resting against the headboard. He grabbed Mel and turned him so that he was on his belly on top of him. In this new position Mel found that his cock had returned to Bryn's mouth, but Bryn's cock was right before his face.
    Mel was fascinated by the largeness of Bryn's fully distended cock. He wrapped his hand around it and pushed the ample foreskin down to expose a very large, bulbous purple head with a bead of pearly white precum just waiting for a licking. It took Mel almost a tenth of a nano-second before his tongue darted out and lapped up the first of many pearly drops that he would consume from Bryn over the cuming years.
    Bryn knew where he was headed and what he wanted. He splayed Mel's legs wide and raised his head to face that one place that he had often thought of, but never dared to believe that he would go. He sniffed of the tight pucker before letting his tongue do a quick swipe of the area. He tasted musk and sweat. He took another taste swipe before deciding that it wasn't gross, it was pure Mel. He aimed his tongue at the puckered hole and closed his eyes.
    "Oh my fucking...oh shit that feels...Are you like licking my ass hole? If you are don't never stop for nothing, that feels so fucking good." Bryn was pleased to feel his own cock quickly sliding into the warm depth of, what he assumed was, Mel's mouth.
    With renewed vigor Bryn drove his tongue deeper into the nastiest place that he could think of, and he loved every taste and smell that assailed his senses. Then something unexpected happened. Bryn had read about it as he had found dozens of nasty stories about what boys could do to each other, but he had thought that was only in stories. Mel's tight hole opened wide, like the iris lens of a camera. Bryn found his tongue deep inside and the taste was still the same.
    He dared not let his mind think of what that hole was used for, he wanted to make it into a two way street. He kept licking and slurping as Mel was bobbing his head up and down on his own cock. Bryn thought that he needed to hurry along before he creamed Mel's throat and ended the entire night.
    Slowly he moved a single finger up against his tongue. Just as he had read in the stories he licked his finger as he continued to lick the hole. Very slowly he let his finger slip inside the hole and he was blown away by the feelings he received. He didn't know what he expected the inside of an ass hole to feel like, but he was feeling a silky smoothness of soft tissue that seemed to caress his finger as it begged for something more; something bigger? That was what he intended. He was going to fuck his buddy in the ass and hopefully his buddy was going to fuck him.
    Bryn had only dreamed of being where he was. He had tried all summer to garner the courage to make the moves that he had made thus far. To him there was no turning back now. He was sure that he was going to get his way, but he wasn't sure about what sort of reaction he would receive the following morning.
     It would kill him to loose Mel as a friend. Worse it would be hell if Mel told others what he had done. Sure Mel was sucking his cock, but to his mind he was sure that Mel could say it was only in the heat of the moment and that he had succumbed to a weakness of character. Bryn knew that ploy and he knew that Mel could pull it off.
    His big worry was what the Collins family would think of him. What would his mother say? He did not want to hurt her by letting her learn that her only son was a fucking faggot. He decided to go for broke. He had the night and, if nothing else, he was going to have the memories. He pushed another finger inside Mel's ass and stroked at the hard spot that he believed must be the prostate.
    Bryn had taken Mel's cock back into his mouth so when his fingers stroked that organ Mel moaned and pushed himself deeper into the most amazing place that he had ever been. Mel could not hold back. His balls roiled and his gut churned. His toes tingled as he felt the cum of cums rushing through his body. His only thought at the time was that Bryn had not cum and he wanted more than anything else in the world to make his friend do that. He wanted to taste it so that he would know for sure if he liked what they were doing.
    Bryn felt his cum traveling up the shaft of his cock as he felt the super warmth of another mouth full of one substance that he had suddenly learned to relish. Both boys fucked their loads into the sucking mouth of the other then Bryn made a swift move that left Mel flat on his back and looking up at his friend squatted between his splayed legs.
    In one smooth move Bryn pushed his cock into Mel's ass. Mel's eyes widened and a tear formed at the bottom of his left eye. Bryn stopped and held perfectly still as he watched Mel's face. In only a few moments Mel looked up and smiled, "It's okay now, just go slow. Fuck, you are so big. I may never be able to hold my shit again." Both boys began to giggle.
    Mel's cock was soft, Bryn's almost went soft as he laughed at what Mel had said, but Mel stiffened him up again. "Come on, babe, fuck me. I've been thinking about this all night. Those web pages you showed me got me so fucking hot. I hope that I can do you sometime."
    With that Bryn bent forward and the two boys kissed another person on the lips for the first time in their lives. Their tongues came into play before Bryn backed away and looked down. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me all night long. I was afraid that if I didn't do it to you first then you wouldn't do it to me. Are you angry?"
    "Angry as hell. We could have been doing this for years. Now quit talking and fuck the shit out me. You have no idea how good if feels to have you moving back and forth deep inside of me."
    For a first fuck the boys were more like poetry in motion. Each seemed to sense the needs of the other as they let their youthful bodies come together and move as one. There was a lot of kissing and words of love shared between the two as every move that they made only seemed to excite new emotions deep inside of them.
    Mel found himself involved in the deepest orgasm he could ever imagine. Without warning his young gonads pumped out one, two, three, powerful spurts across his body. Bryn felt it and clasped his body tight against Mel as he began to fuck with long strokes, almost pulling his cock out of his love tunnel. Then something amazing happened to Mel. Six, seven, eight, of the most powerful ejaculations he had ever experienced. They seemed to cum from the very heart of his soul.
    Mel was in ecstacy as he felt Bryn pull all of the way out then plow back inside of his ass. He could feel his balls churning, but he knew that the true essence of his ejaculation was cuming from his prostate. The ginormus ridge on the head of Bryn's cock was catching that organ with each draw backwards and then the shaft of that beautiful cock was sliding against it on each forward plunge.
    Mel's orgasm continued on with a will of its own. He didn't mind, he was loving the feeling of his cum, that just seemed to flow, moving through his cock. Suddenly he felt the wetness of the bed and realized that he was urinating. He started in surprise, but the look on Bryn's face told him that all was well. He clamped his legs around the hips of his lover and pissed on.
    Bryn was down to his final strokes. His ass muscles clenched as his back muscles tightened. He was taking short, hard jabs into his favorite spot in the world as his orgasm wracked his virgin body. He smiled to himself. He was no longer a pure virgin and if he could have his way Mel would be up his ass in just a few more minutes. Bryn was very curious about ass play and from Mel's reaction it had to be nothing but good.
    Finished at last Bryn started to roll away when Mel almost shouted at him, "Don't stop. Keep it in me."
    "I have to go pee." Bryn said with urgency.
    "Do it in my butt. Please, go ahead, do it. I want it Bryn, I need to have all of you inside of me." Bryn was to the point that waiting was not an option. He relaxed his bladder sphincter and felt the hot liquid flow through his cock. That had to be about the second best sensation of his life. He always felt very relaxed after taking a good long piss. Pissing into an ass hole was a change, but it was pleasant. Until he thought of what would come back out of that ass hole.
    He had been given an enema before when he had the flu and couldn't shit for a few days. He winced as he thought about his mother placing a small black tip of plastic into his ass then releasing a clamp on the hose to let warm water flow into him. That wasn't as bad as what followed. He had to rush to sit down on the toilet as all of that water rushed back out. He could hear the plop, plop, plop, as little turds fell into the water, and the smell. Fuck, that shit smelled foul.
    He giggled as these thoughts crossed his mind, but he continued to let his bladder drain itself. He felt his cock shrink as urine, and who knows what, washed against his body. He looked down and Mel and told him that he was going to have to clench his cheeks and run like mad to the toilet. Both boys giggled.
    In one fluid movement Bryn rolled to the center of the bed and Mel arose to make the run to the bathroom. Bryn discovered the wet bed and reacted to it at once. He jumped up then turned to the bed to remove the linens. With that move he saw that he had really fucked the shit out of his best friend. He giggled as he curled his nose at the odor. He rolled the sheet up and then took two thick, piss soaked mattress pads from the bed. Under the two pads was a heavy plastic sheet with a pool of piss laying on it. He used the top sheet to absorb that pool then picked up the filthy bottom sheet and quickly carried it into the bathroom.
    Mel looked up from his duty on the throne and smiled wanly. "That was the most fantastic thing that I ever felt in all of my life."
    Bryn put his load onto the floor of the shower then looked at Mel. "You got plastic sheets on your bed..."
    Mel clouded over, "I used to wet the bed...but I don't anymore. Unless I get the piss fucked out of me." Both boys giggled as Bryn confessed that he used to wet the bed when they first moved to town. Both boys kept their thoughts to themselves as they knew that Bryn's wet nights were probably connected to his feelings of the loss of his dad.
    Bryn stepped into the shower and turned on the water as he spread the sheet out to get all of the heavy crap washed off of it. Mel stepped in and took the sheet away from him. He turned the hand held nozzle on then held the sheet in front of himself. With the sheet spread out and held high Bryn was able to blast all of the chunks away. There were no real chunks, that was just the boy's teenage banter. What was on the sheet was anything but pleasant, but it was soon washed away.
    The sheet was tossed into the corner as Mel turned on all three upper shower heads. The large daisy head in the ceiling cascaded them with a fine spray as the two heads from opposite walls soaked their bodies for the serious lathering that they were giving one another.
    Mel switched the water around, turning off the daisy head and turning on two lower heads that washed their favorite heads clean of the soap. Next Mel switched on the steam and released the catch on the fold up wooden bench along the back wall. The two boys stretched out on the bench with Mel on top this time.

(I had to squeeze into the shower so that I could observe. The steam was thick and my shirt was soaked through. My glasses fogged over, but I was still able to observe the perfection of two virile male forms loving one another with total abandon. Through my foggy view I could make out Mel's muscular body as he stretched out on top of his new found love. I watched as the muscles of his back flexed with each movement of his arms. His cheeks clenched and flexed as he ground himself into the man flesh beneath him. His legs popped at the knee as Bryn's hands played across the back of Mel's head. Their kiss was wonderful to watch from my angle. My position did not allow for me to care for my own pressing needs.)

    The boys giggled at each other's pruned skin as they dried the other off after their steamy bath. They grasped the sheet as each boy twisted in an opposite direction to wring as much of the water from the fabric as possible. They looked at the clock and saw that it was almost eleven, Mel's parents would be fast asleep. Naked as young Jay birds they carried the soiled linens along the wide balcony and down two flights of stairs through the kitchen and then out to the laundry room between the garage and the house.
    Very carefully they placed their dirty load into the extra large capacity washer and turned the water on to hot. With soap and bleach added they were satisfied and turned to head back up to Mel's room. Mr. Collins stood in the kitchen watching them. The boys froze when they saw him, but he was smiling.
    "We had to put my sheets in the wash, dad. I sorta had one of those accidents," Mel explained.
    "It's been a long time since that has happened. I suppose that it was all of the sugar from all the candy you ate. But why are you both naked?"
    "I sorta helped Mel get the sheets off of the bed and I got sorta wet. I sometimes wet my bed and I didn't want him to get all scared and shit...oops, sorry. All scared and stuff 'cause I was there and seen it so I helped him out then we took a shower before we came down here."
    "It's alright boys. I understand. Just don't let your mother see you naked. You know that she has some real issues with nudity." The boys both nodded and ran through the house and back up the stairs. Once in the sanctity and safety of Mel's room they paused for a kiss.
    Bryn pushed the boy back and looked deep into his eyes. "It's your turn. Ya wanna fuck the shit outta me now?" The boys giggled as Mel placed two large towels on his bed. His young cock was fully up and ready as his mind could only imagine the fun he was about to have. He knew how much pleasure he had received and he wanted to give all of that pleasure to Bryn. A tug at his heart told him that he was in love with his best friend.
    The real action almost never got started. Mel had discovered that Bryn's mouth was about the best tasting thing that he had ever licked. Their shower kiss had awakened in him a need for the closeness of their bodies and the feeling of safety and peace that encompassed him with the arms of his boyfriend wrapped around him.
    Boyfriend? Was Bryn his boyfriend? He certainly hoped so, but he had to know. He pulled his head back, just far enough to focus his eyes on Bryn's eyes. "Would you be my boyfriend." He did not get an answer, he was pulled back down for more kissing and cock grinding. Suddenly both boys exploded their hot boi seed over the other's bodies. They were breathless from their orgasm, but continued to cling to each other while keeping their tongues tied together.
    Suddenly Mel remembered the serious licking that he had gotten less than an hour earlier. He slid his body down to come to rest between the wide splayed legs of...his boyfriend. Oh that sounded so wonderful in his mind and he wanted to hear it said out loud. He knew that he would have to be careful saying it though, the world is not ready for frisky boys to proclaim their love.
    Mel stopped and looked at the slimy mess that the two boys had made. A few gallons of cum was smeared about Bryn's tight abs and there was a pool of the viscous liquid gathered in his tiny inny. He just had to stop and get a taste. A taste was not good enough. There was a serious need of a clean up and he had the tool to clean that mess up already on site. He began to lick and suck as he searched for more of the sweet nectar. Somehow he felt that the combined ball batter was better. It had more body and presence. He was intoxicated by the strong smell and the taste stiffened his resolve to its full length.
    Bryn was hard again, but cock play would have to wait. He had to make the oral plunge into virgin ground first. He had no qualms about where he was headed. He had washed that area very thoroughly in the shower. He knew where he would dine tonight. He giggled as he thought of someone using a spoon, that would not be a bad thing where Bryn was concerned. In his heated mind he was sure that Bryn's shit did not stink.
    He got a nose full of Bryn's tight hole and knew that there was no stink there. He let his tongue travel across the tightened scrotum that held two of the largest testicles in the world tight against their body. His tongue continued on down, but he could not reach where he wanted most of all to be. He pushed at Bryn's legs and the boy immediately rolled back, pulling his legs to his chest and holding them with his arms locked behind the knee joints.
    That move gave Mel the exposure that he was after. He took in the beautiful sight then followed his tongue in for a lick around. He liked what he licked as he let his tongue travel through the crack with its light dusting of hair. He crossed his eyes as he watched the pink pucker move about. He looked at the matted hair that surrounded his dining room then moved in to take a seat. He didn't wait for a napkin or a spoon, he just began to lick and push his tongue against the tight doorway.
    Suddenly that door opened and his tongue was drawn inside to the first class dining hall. Mel's head was reeling with the headiness of the flavors and smells that assailed him. His own cock stiffened even more and he was sure that it was about to burst open. He reached down to squeeze himself and was amazed at the hardness he found. He had never felt the veins of his cock stand out like they were doing then and the was as if his cock had taken on a core of solid steel.
    He knew that he had to get on with his chore or risk busting another nut and spilling his seed onto the floor. He tried to emulate Bryn's moves as he let his finger soak up the drool running from his mouth and down Bryn's ass crack. He placed the finger at the tight hole and watched as it slipped inside, all of the way up to the first knuckle. That was not far enough. He fretted about what to do next before lust won out. He removed the finger and stuck the whole thing into his mouth. He was overwhelmed with the taste. It did not taste shitty at all. It was strong and musky, but somehow it tasted good. He knew that the taste was Bryn so he removed the finger and placed it back at the puckering hole.
    This time it slid all of the way inside. Just to be sure he pulled his finger back out and stuck it back into his mouth. He thought that he could get used to that, but now he had another mission. He returned the finger to the hole and fished around in search of the tight little nut that Bryn had told him was there. He felt silly when he realized that he been all around it, but didn't know what he was looking for. When he hit it Bryn let him know by emitting a low, guttural moan and lifting his hips from the bed. Mel had looked up at the towering penis in front of him and saw it twitch and a drop of pre-cum flip to fly through the air. He wished that he had been there to catch that.
    Another push on the hard spot and another similar response convinced him that he needed to tame the monster before him with a good sucking. He raised himself to a height that allowed for the meaty morsel to slide down his throat while at the same time he inserted a third finger into the hot keyhole at the back. He remembered that Bryn had spread his fingers wide in order to make the next entry even easier. It was during that spreading that Bryn gave up his ball batter and Mel was in the correct position to swallow every drop.
    Mel had scooted his knees forward as he sucked for any last drops. Finding no more he quickly raised up and placed his cock head against the gapping hole just vacated by his fingers. He pushed forward slowly, he didn't want to cause any hurt or pain to Bryn. Bryn's eyes popped wide open as a grimace crossed his youthful face. He smiled at Mel and slowly the face of pain relaxed giving Mel the sure sign that all was well.
    All was very well, at least for Mel. He could scarcely believe the unimaginable softness that surrounded his tender cock. He felt as if he was being gripped by a million tiny fingers as every inch of his manhood was massaged and caressed. He slowly pushed his way inside as new sensations flooded his data banks with emotions that he had never known before.
    He had thought that getting fucked was the best thing that ever happened to him, but! He set up a rhythm that moved the senses of both boys. He knew exactly what Bryn was experiencing, but he wanted it for himself. He continued his movements and he enjoyed the stimulation to his cock, but he decided that he needed to be fucked in order to truly appreciate what two boys could do together.
    He felt Bryn's rectum tighten as he looked down at the form beneath him. He watched for hot cock snot to streak forth to coat the washboard abs of the hottest boy in the entire country. The expected never happened. His own orgasm was upon him and he felt himself flood the tight tunnel that surrounded his cock. He was spent. He rolled aside and looked at Bryn. His cock was at half mast, but it was dry. There was no emission for him to suckle into his hungry mouth.
    He looked at Bryn. "What happened babe, didn't I do it right?"
    "You did it fine. I just couldn't get off. I tried. I thought that I was almost there, but it quickly passed. You know I read that sometimes a guy just can't get off from being fucked. In fact it seems that only a very few guys do reach a total orgasm during the act. Maybe we need to do it again." With that he grabbed his boyfriend and gave him a toe jam cleaning kiss.
    "Babe, fuck me. I want you to get off. Your cock is hard again and it is throbbing with excitement. Fill me with that excitement and get off in my ass."
    "You really like it?"
    "Bryn, I have never liked anything any better in all of my life. This is even better than a birthday at Christmas time."
    Bryn was in need. His balls were churning. He wondered why he had not felt anything from the anal penetration. He knew that he liked it, but...He clouded over as he thought that maybe Mel just didn't do it for him. That was a horrible thought. He knew that he was in total love with the fool and that he wanted their love to be equal in every way. They would try again tomorrow. In the meantime he had a request to fill so he climbed on top of his love and filled him with everything inside of himself.

    As Bryn rolled aside to get his breath he saw Mic, Mel's big brother, standing there looking down at them. Mic curled his lip and snarled, "Fucking faggots!"

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