Bryn and Mel
Chapter two


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    Mic wanted candy. He had been out with his gang of friends, but they had gathered very little candy. The older boys were more interested in tricks than treats. Mic was not into wanton destruction of other people's property. He had his fill of the boyish pranks and turned away to walk home in the biting cold of a lightly falling misty rain that had moved into the area.
    He found himself five miles from his home and in an area of upscale homes set alongside winding streets with no connecting streets to cut across. The area was sort of eerie in the cloudy night. The idea that it was Halloween caused silly thoughts to fill Mic's mind. He was not superstitious or a fraidy cat by any stretch of the imagination. It was just the setting.
    Mic had watched as his friends had thrown six rolls of toilet paper over their school principal's house. They had let the air out of the tires at two houses. They had even tossed burning bags of feces onto front porches then ran away. These things may be innocent fun to some, but it grated on Mic's sensibilities. He was raised to respect the rights of others and their property.
    Mic had been teased throughout the evening for not having a girlfriend. His buddies were a close bunch that knew everything about each other. Mic never seemed to pay much attention to girls. He got tongue tied when he tried to talk to one. He liked to look at Julie Carruthers, but his mouth turned dry and his tongue got thick when he tried to speak to her.
    Julie liked Mic, she kissed him one time. Mic's body was filled with new feelings as her lips pressed against his. He had a hard time remaining on his feet after the quick kiss. The kiss did not last long, and it wasn't a passionate kiss. It was rather platonic, like one friend for another, but it was his first kiss.
    Julie tried to spark an interest in the boy, but at last she drifted away to become Scott's girlfriend. Scott Adams, what a dweeb. Scott claimed to be the sexual answer to every girl in their high school. He boasted of his sexual conquests with dozens of girls. He even claimed that Julie could not get enough of his giant cock.
    Mic is heavy into team sports. He participates in almost every team sport that his school has to offer. After sporting practice the boys headed to the showers. With everyone naked it was easy to see what one boy had in comparison to another boy. It was easy to compare oneself against the other boys. On several occasions Mic had seen Scott with a full erection; it was no big thing.
    Scott's talk was just that. His cock was almost tiny for a sixteen year old. The boy with the cock was Troy Masterson. He would get it hard and stroke his eight inch cock then shoot his juices at the drain in the center of the shower room floor. He would apologize to the class for wasting his cum. He always said that he was sure there were a few fags in the class that wanted to swallow his manly juices, if so they could meet him after school and he would feed them.
    Troy didn't date any of the girls at his high school. He was often seen with a dumb blond that seemed to think that a snowball fight had something to do with her favorite recreational drug. Troy always seemed to have a large bag of the white powder that he, and his girlfriend, sniffed up their noses several times a night. Mic was not into that scene either. He would move away from that activity when Troy came around.
    Mic had smoked a joint with Scott a month earlier. The two boys were at Scott's house when his parents were away. They sat outside in the backyard so that the smell of the smoke would not linger in the house. Mic had been pleasantly surprised when Scott had put his hand in his lap and told him that he thought that he was a stud. At that time the boys heard Scott's father pull into the driveway and nothing like that had ever occurred again.
    These thought occupied Mic's mind as he made his way along the last wide boulevard toward his own home. He had another mile to go, he was wet throughout and very cold. He let the memory of Scotts's hand and words play over in his mind. Was Scott gay? Was he making a pass? Mic wondered about those things, but most of all he wondered at his reaction. He grew hard in an instant. He had fantasied about that moment for more than a month. Was he gay?
    No, he couldn't be. He was dating Alicia Fienstein, sort of. Nobody really knew about that, except his mother. Alicia was the daughter of one of his mother's country club friends. The girl was a gold digger that wanted to have Mic as her trophy boy. The two only saw each other at functions at the exclusive club and he had told his mother that was going to a Halloween party with her so that he could get out of the house to hang with his friends.
    At last he arrived at his home. He quietly walked through the house and climbed the stairs to his second floor bedroom. He was so cold that he rushed into his bathroom and turned on the steam in his own shower. He quickly removed his clothes then stepped into the hot shower to lay down on the wooden bench and absorb as much heat back into his body as possible.
    He drifted off to sleep and awakened about eleven thirty. He dried his body and thought about his brother and their adopted brother, Bryn. The two little kids would have lots of candy. His sweet tooth led the way up to Mel's third floor room for a treat. What he got was not the treat that he had in mind. It was much better.

    The boys stared up at Mic with fear in their eyes. Mic looked at the two studiously then he reached out a hand and dragged two fingers through the pools of hot cum on his little brother's belly. He pulled the fingers to his nose and sniffed before his tongue darted out and licked the fingers clean.
    A small puddle of cum was collecting around Bryn's wilted cock. Mic reached down with his same two fingers then took them straight to his mouth. A smile crossed his face as he bent over and sucked Bryn's cock into his mouth and tasted everything that was there. He reached across and fondled Mel's soft cock then moved over to suck it.
    "So this is what being a fag is, huh? How long you two been fagging it? Are you cocksuckers or just butt fuckers?"
    He did not get an answer. Instead he found himself thrown to the bed, his pajama pants were pulled down as Bryn swallowed his six and a half inch skinny cock all of the way to his pubes. Mic pulled at Mel and sucked on his cock as he moaned and humped his own meat into the first mouth to ever touch him. In fact that was the first time that any person had ever touched his cock in his memory. He was sure that he had been touched as a baby when his diapers were changed, but this was different, this was sex. He was sex starved.

    Sixteen year old Mic was all jock, right down to his narrow mind. He lived to live sports. His skills at baseball were to be seen to be believed. His powers on the grid iron were legendary. Only the previous week he had passed four hundred and eighty yards for a total of eight touchdowns. He had even managed to pick up the ball for a fifteen yard carry across the line. He was his high school's fair haired boy.
    Sunday afternoons would find him on the links with his dad, he had a fifteen handicap. He enjoyed a game or four of tennis with his mother on the large court in their backyard and often played her at the club, which she ate up. His room was filled with trophies from every sport, but his favorites were those that he had garnered from swimming.
    One sport that he did not compete in, but he loved was cross country running. He would run with Mel and Bryn through the large forest behind his house. The wooded area climbed quickly up the side of the mountain on which they lived so the running was arduous and taxing. He liked it because it built up his lungs and kept him in shape for swimming.
    The family lived in a colder climate so most of his swimming was done indoors, at school, or at the YMCA. Their dad had considered putting in a pool, but the maintenance in the their area would be expensive; and the pool would only be used a few short months each year.
    As he lay on the bed receiving the first sex that he ever had he admitted to himself that he had wanted it for a long, long time. He wasn't sure what Bryn was doing to him. He felt something in his ass, but Bryn's mouth was working magic on his cock. He had just witnessed Bryn fucking his little brother in the ass and he wondered if he could do that. He wanted to try. He raised his legs and pulled them back to his chest as Bryn kept up his assault on his cock and at his backdoor. When he let go of the best orgasm that he had ever experienced he found his world opened to another dimension.
    Bryn was smooth. Very smooth. He moved from sucking his cock to fucking his own cock fully into Mic's virgin hole. There was no time for questions or discussion, he just found himself stuffed with more cock than he had himself. Mel came off of his load of thin and weak cum. Mic smiled, he had hoped for more, but then the boy was only fourteen. Then something happened that gave him a whole new view off his sibling.
    Mel spread his legs and straddled Mic's face then sat his gaping, freshly fucked ass hole down on his mouth. The taste...the smell...all were so intoxicating. Mic found himself digging his tongue into the nastiest place that he could imagine, and he was loving it.
    Mic felt the grandfather of all orgasms moving through his body. He closed his eyes and enjoyed all of the data that everyone of his receptors was sending to his brain as wave after wave of euphoria swept his body over the edge and his emission gushed forth into the open air.
    At the same time he felt Bryn fill his ass with hot boi cream. He was surprised that he could feel it shoot into his rectum. He clenched his cheeks in an effort to give the little fucker a tighter hole to cum into. That action only moved his own orgasm into double overtime.
    Again a smooth move, only this time by both boys as they swapped places. Mel pushed his cock deep into Mic's eager hole while Bryn dangled his dripping cock over his gapping mouth. Without hesitation Mic pulled the boy down and took that slime covered cock fully into his throat as he tasted his own ass and everything else that was on the perfect uncut specimen of boyhood.

    Filled and sated the boys arose and moved to the shower. No words were spoken as they explored the body of each other with hands and eyes. Once every part was clean again, both inside and out, the boys moved to Bryn's bed and turned off the lights.
    No one stayed in the middle. The boys were busy kissing and holding each other in a never changing combination that kept them moving about until sleep over took them around a quarter of one. They slept the sleep of innocense and arose to a new awakening with a stiffness that needed the personal attention that they were eager to give each other.
    Mic took Mel's cock into his mouth as his own cock received a warm welcome in Bryn's mouth. Mel was happy to suck his boyfriend, if the facts be known he didn't want it any other way. After a high protein breakfast the boys ran to the toilet. The toilet sat in its own little closet that was too tight for two, let alone three. The boys are sharp. They had pressing needs and the shower was the best place to relieve those needs.
    They discovered a new game to play as they sword fought with their own light sabers. It wasn't light that was emitting from the end of their sabers, but it was fun. The shower that followed was more to remove the golden water from the hair and body parts so that they could take care of the other thing that teenage boys are famous for. The consumption of mass quantities.

    Neatly dressed and properly coiffed the boys walked in to the breakfast table with the smiles of innocent lambs on their faces. Mr. and Mrs. Collins greeted the boys with a touch of pride in their hearts. They were blessed with two of the finest and most upstanding young men in the community and Bryn was just as special to them as their own sons.
    A large platter piled high with hot pancakes was produced as a plate with bacon was uncovered for the boys to help themselves. Milk was poured and egg orders taken as syrup drowned the cakes slathered with fresh butter. Mrs. Collins placed a glass of orange juice before each boy then she shook a multi-vitamin tablet out into their outstretched hands. It was the cold season and she didn't want a bunch of sick boys on her hands. She had other plans for the following week.
    Mr. Collins looked at the boys and smiled. He loved all three of them. Bryn was as a son to him and would always be welcome in his house. Tensions were high between him and his wife. He hoped that the boys did not notice. He politely excused himself to go into his office for some work that was piling up on him. Actually there was no work that could not wait until Monday, but he used the excuse to get away from the house before a real argument broke out.
    Mrs. Collins sat at her breakfast then looked up. "Mic, darling, it is very windy and cold. Would you mind if we took a rain check on our match today?"
    "No mom, that would be fine. I am a little bushed after last night so I would like to just kick with the boys for the day." He realized what he had said and he hoped that his mother wouldn't call him on it.
    "Oh yes, your date with that little Fienstein girl, Alicia isn't it? How did that go?"
    "It was okay, I guess." He breathed a sigh of relief.
    "Mic, you aren't doing anything with her are you?"
    "Mom, I'm sixteen. I am not ready to go getting married and I am not ready to be a father."
    "We won't have that kind of talk in front of your brother." She sternly warned.
    "You asked."
    "Well, I was talking to the girls at the club and they tell me that their sons are into some things that boys their age need not do."
    Mic rolled his eyes. Sure they are, but if she only knew what those things were. The son of her best friend was the biggest fag that the school had ever had. Only the day before he had been made a total fool, again. Troy Masterson strutted about the locker room waving his eight inch cock about as he teased anyone that he thought was beneath him. In other words everybody in the room.
    He liked to pick on Rudy, the son of his mother's friend. His cock was mostly soft, but it was still an imposing looking weapon. He walked up to Rudy and pushed the boy to his knees as he slapped his upturned face with the soft member. There were streaks of precum on the boy's face as he begged to be able to suck on the giant penis. Troy made a show of letting the faggot suck an inch or two into his mouth before pulling away and laughing.
    Rudy had made his normal mistake of reaching out to touch Troy's body. Nobody touched Troy. He pulled his cock away with his usual admonition, "Don't touch daddy, fag boy. You missed your chance to nurse for my milk today." Then he walked away high fiving his clique.
    Looking back on it now Mic was upset with himself that he had laughed and made fun of Rudy. He looked over at the two boys sitting next to each other at the opposite side of the table and vowed to protect them from such bullying. He knew in his heart that he was now, and forevermore, a cocksucker himself.

    The boys picked up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. As Mrs. Collins passed through the kitchen on the way to her car she air kissed the boys and disappeared. The boys aren't dumb, they had noticed a change in their mother and it seemed that their dad never stayed around her for very long. They shuddered as the thought entered their minds about a divorce. That is a common malady in their community, almost all of their friends lived with a single parent.
    As they heard the garage door come down and snap against the ground they smiled at each other and dropped their underwear. Not wanting to carry the garments through the house they placed them on their heads and danced naked as they ran through every room in the house, except their parent's suite of rooms. Had they gone in there they would have discovered a secret that their parents had kept from them for several months, they were not sleeping together. Mr. Collins had taken up residence in his study. He had even installed a heavy lock on the door to the smallish room.
    Mel remembered his bedding from the night before and he went into the laundry to find it all folded and stacked on top of the dryer. He picked it up as the boys made their way up the stairs and into their private sanctuary of peace and privacy. They made sure to lock the door, 'just in case'. They even slid closed the extra bolt that Bryn had installed on the door.
    Mic was anxious to continue the activities of the night before with his brother and their adopted brother for what he hoped would be a full day of hot sex with two of the cutest kids in the world. He was not disappointed. Both boys wanted sex play, but Bryn had a request to make.
    "Mic, you like really sorta got into all this shit didn't you?"
    "Yeah, I did. You fags gotta been doin' this shit for a long time."
    "No, really. Yesterday was our first time together. I ain't never done nothing like this before, ever. Bryn sorta like showed me this web site that had this bunch of homos doing all of this shit for their first time and we sorta tried it. That is what we was doing when you came home last night," Mel explained.
    "I never did none of this neither. I been looking at those places on the internet and I found all of those boys doing stuff together and I wanted to do it. When I found that one site where straight guys was paid to fuck around together and stuff I knew that I should show Mel. I figured if he was straight that he would see how some guys will try stuff before they get all bitchy and stuff 'bout it.
    "But we both fucked you and you jizzed all over yourself and all. You ain't got to fuck yet and I think that it is only fair that since I fucked you that you should fuck me." Actually what Bryn wanted to know was if he could cum without touching himself the way the other two boys had done. It bothered him that he had not cum when Mel fucked him. He didn't want to tell Mel that he felt nothing at all. He didn't want to hurt his best friend, but he had to know if it was him or if it was the way that Mel did him.
    Mic was near tears as he kissed Bryn. He pulled Mel up to them and the three boys slobbered on each other's faces as they moved from mouth to mouth to ground their tight bodies together in animalistic sexual heat. Bryn wanted to be skewered like a shish kabob with a cock in each end. The boys liked that idea.
    Mic took his time as he turned Bryn's ass up and placed his face close to the crack. He looked things over very carefully before letting his hand touch places that he had never thought of touching before. Mel made life a little more interesting for his brother as he got behind him and began to lick at his crack and play his finger around Mic's hole.
    Encouraged, Mic ran his own finger between the deep cleft of Bryn's butt as his body tingled with his excitement. Bryn was dry and at best Mic could only lightly skim over the soft, hairless flesh. He realized how good Mel was making his ass feel by licking and probing so he moved forward and let his tongue dart out for a taste of ass crack. When he found no taste at all he became emboldened and began to soak the crack with his slobbers.
    Mic had not intended to do it, but his tongue crossed that one really nasty place. He realized what he had done and licked his lips, searching for any foreign tastes. Finding nothing revolting he directed his tongue back to that spot. Bryn's pucker moved about and Mic froze in place. He smelled ass. He let his mind process the smell. It wasn't bad after all. He didn't smell shit, just something...different. Mel pushed his tongue through Mic's sphincter at that point. Mic reacted by pushing his own tongue firmly against Bryn's hole.
    At once Mic was intoxicated. His mind reeled as his head spun about. His tongue took on a mind of its own as it licked and probed at the tiny puckered opening wanting to go places that he had never before dreamed of. Mic had gotten to third base with Alicia once before. He had actually touched her twat and let his finger feel what his eyes were deprived of seeing at the time. Like most teenage boys he had to sniff his finger. He learned what stink finger was all about, but he didn't particularly like it.
    He had stuck his finger under the nose of Scott when they went out to get popcorn for the girls. Scott called him a lucky dog. Mic went to the bathroom, but accidently forgot and washed his hands. Scott told him that he should have kept that smell on his hand so that he could sniff of real pussy when he jacked off after their date. Mic found that idea strange. As he remembered that event he wondered if maybe his mind was telling him that he didn't like girls in that way.
    As he saw it, there was only one thing to do. He placed his finger in his mouth to get it wet then pushed it all of the way up and inside of Bryn's tight ass. His cock jumped. His belly churned. His heart gave a lurch. He felt a rush through his body that he could only describe as an unyielding need 'to suck the shit out Bryn's ass.' He let his finger probe around for a moment as he felt the silky texture and warm smoothness of a shit hole. His mind could not accept that definition of where his finger was. The place where he was touching was so much better than that.
    He removed his finger and took a tentative sniff. Funk and musk and what? What did he smell? He didn't care, it smelled better than Alicia's nasty cunt. He licked his finger. The headiness of the flavors caused his head to really spin, he had to have more He pushed his finger back inside Bryn and probed. He hit the prostate which caused the opening to squeeze around his finger. Something wet hit him on the forehead at the same time. He quickly realized that it had to have been Bryn's precum.
    He pressed against the tight nut once again, only this time he was looking up at the seven inch long cock standing tall before him. He watched as the meat tower reacted each time that he touched the prostate. He was excited with his discovery. Quickly he added a second finger, after taking the time to slobber all over the first one again. He raised himself up to take Bryn's cock into his mouth.
    Mel chose that time to slide his cock deep into his brother's tight ass. In one mighty shove he was balls deep in heaven. Mic felt the pain of entry that was quickly followed by a feeling that he knew that he would never tire of. He clenched his cheeks around the blood engorged invader as he knew the love that his brother had for him; at least for his ass, but he didn't care.
    Bryn's cock was so thick and so long that it was difficult for Mic to get more than just the head into his mouth. He knew that he wanted every inch of it, he had to have every inch of it. That cock represented everything that life had to offer to him. It was manifest that he take all of it.
    Mel was doing a slow slide inside his ass. The feelings that filled his sixteen year old body were unlike anything that he had ever heard of before. He wanted to cry with his joy. He worked his mouth down, over the amazing penis that Bryn possessed. His angle was all wrong for an easy throating, but he managed it, at last. He halted his movements as emotions flooded throughout his being. He was actually enjoying having a cock in each hole.
    Mel was not trying to get either of them off, he was simply stimulating his brother through his learning curve. Suddenly Mic had an overwhelming need for boi seed. He wanted the nectar that Bryn's balls contained and he wanted it in his hungry mouth. He began to bob his head. Bryn grabbed his ears and held tight. He ran his fingers through Mic's golden hair as he raised his hips off of the bed to meet Mic thrust for thrust.
    The angle was still wrong and Mic found himself short of breath. He knew what he wanted, but he also wanted to give Bryn full pleasure at the same time. Mel was giving him pleasure at the back end, Bryn was giving his throat more pleasure than he felt he deserved. He came up with a plan. He slid his mouth up so that only about four inches of Bryn's cock fucked in and out of his mouth. He wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the base of the thick shaft and began to stroke Bryn in rhythm with his mouth's actions. At the same time he let three fingers fuck in and out of the tight ass hole under his control and in moments he received the creamy reward that he sought.
    Mel had his face against his brother's ear. "Don't wait. Rise up and shove your cock into his ass before his orgasm passes. You will both love it."
    Mic obeyed. Mel had withdrawn his cock leaving him free to move quickly. He lined his cock up as he moved his fingers from the target zone and in one quick move he was inside heaven on earth. All of the sensory data that his brain had compiled over the past few minutes were pushed aside as his cock took over the job of sending terabytes of data up his nervous system's interconnecting pathways.
    Mel appeared before him as he knelt over Bryn's head and fed him the cock that he had just removed from his brother's ass hole. Bryn wrapped his arms about the tiny waist of his best bud and sucked the cock deep into his mouth. Mel and Mic locked eyes on each other then moved forward to lock themselves together at the lips and tie their tongues together.
    Mic's hips took on a life of their own as nature controlled his movements in the age old fashion of copulation. He was sliding his cock in and out of the most wonderful place that he could imagine. Bryn's ass gripped his penis tighter than he had ever been able to grip himself. Bryn's grip was different, it was up and down the entire length of his cock, not just concentrated in the area where his own narrow hand was.
    Mic felt empty though. He would have the boys put him in the middle later on. He wanted to fuck and be fucked at the same time. He felt his end cuming near as he fucked with all of his power and strength. He could not have held back the impending flood of juice that was flowing up his cock shaft if he had tried. Cuming inside a tight hole was the epitome of his extensive sexual life. He pumped his hips as hard and as deep as he could go as he dumped every drop of his load into the infertile hole beneath him. He smiled as he thought that Bryn wouldn't be coming around in nine months wanting child support.
    Mel had fallen into a rhythm of his own as he deep fucked his boyfriend's mouth full of his own seed. Bryn had played with his ass and fingered his hole, giving him more stimulation to speed his orgasm along. He was breathless.
    He pulled his tender cock from Bryn's mouth as Mic rolled aside breathing heavily. Bryn lay still. His cock was flaccid, his belly dry, his balls full of unspent splooge that had not made the trip to freedom. A tear rolled from his eye and down across his temple. He had wanted to feel what the other two had felt. What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he get off when two of the greatest guys in the world fucked his ass silly?
    The boys curled up together for some well deserved sleep. They had all learned a lot about their bodies as they each experimented with sex for the first time. The closeness of the others made each of them feel warm and safe. Their arms and legs were entwined about other arms and legs and hard cocks rubbed against one part or another as dreams of sexual conquests filled their heads with pleasant thoughts.

    Bryn had to go home Sunday afternoon. He would spend the night preparing his lessons and his clothing for school the next morning. He was happy to spend time with his mother, she seemed to be very lonely without his dad around. She buried herself in her work, but Bryn knew that she needed the closeness of another. He had learned about sex over the weekend and realized that his mother might have sexual needs of her own. That was a reach for the teenage boy, but he was a realist. He couldn't imagine his mother having sex, but he was proof that she had done it, at least once in her life.

    Mic had gone to Mel's room Monday after school. He had found something that he really enjoyed doing with his little brother. Mic wanted Mel inside of himself and Mel was happy to oblige his big brother, with the stipulation that he was next. Mic's cock had managed to penetrate his little brother's most secret place. Both boys knew the pleasure of the other's attention and drifted off for a short nap. They were at peace with the world as they slept on in sex driven euphoria.

    Mr. Collins looked at his sons and simply told them to take a shower before coming downstairs. He did not want their mother to smell what he smelled. He turned and left. Mr. Collins stepped from the room with a smile on his face. He headed down the stairs, but turned to walk out onto the bridge that spans the balcony from the second floor and across the large living room below. The bridge connects to the wall at the far side where a small area holds the family's musical instruments. In the middle of the bridge sits a full sized grand piano in polished ebony.
    Mr. Collins let his thoughts roam as he considered what he had just seen. He was not upset, he had been a boy once before himself. He never had a brother to play with and that is where his thoughts centered. With the current events unfolding downstairs how would this discovery affect the life of an innocent young man that needed their family's stability to cope with the catastrophe in his life?

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