Bryn and Mel
Chapter three


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The two boys were terrified. What would happen to them. Their dad seemed calm enough and he had never made the comments against gays that their mother had. That was the biggest worry for them, their mother.
    The woman could shred stone with her mouth. They had seen her debilitate a store clerk for a simple error while ringing up her purchases. She never missed a chance to offer her disgust when seeing someone that she considered to be gay. It seemed that almost every night she let loose with a long tirade about how all of those queers were destroying the very fabric of America. "They are going to bring the wrath of God down on the whole nation."

    They showered together, but only that they might get every sign of their night together washed from the other. There was no playing about in the shower. Balls were picked up and carefully washed. Backs were scrubbed with gentleness and butt cracks received special attention, even so far as placing a finger up in the hole of the other, 'To get any last drop of splooge from out of there.'
    At last satisfied that each of them was clean and smelled good again they dressed and took the long walk to their doom. The staircase never seemed so long. The walk to the kitchen seemed to take them forever as fear welled up in their young hearts.
    When they stepped into the kitchen at last their fears magnified. Their dad was sitting at the table with Bryn curled up in his lap. It was plain to see that Bryn had been crying. His eyes were red and his face distorted. Their mother sat in a chair near her husband as she held Bryn's hand in hers. She had been crying as well. There was a large pile of wadded up tissues laying on the table and the box of tissues sat in easy reach.
    All three sets of eyes turned to look upon Mel and Mic as they entered the room and the boys wanted more than anything in the world to be anyplace else in the world, except where they were.

    Bryn slipped from Mr. Collins lap and moved to his two best friends. A sudden memory filled his mind as he thought about the love between the two boys and their father. Deep in his memory he could recall the two boys as they played together each day after school. Bryn remembered that Mr. Collins wore and Air Force uniform and that they lived in the house next door.
    Their mothers would meet them in front of their school and walk them home. They would sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee and cluck like hens for the rest of the afternoon. Bryn smiled to himself as he remembered his dad coming in from work. The man would hang his cap on the hook by the door then bend down and pick him up. A tight squeeze followed by lots of rib tickling had the boy laughing loudly.
    His father would always ask, "Are the hens in the house?"
    Bryn would answer his father in the same way each time, "Yes daddy, they're clucking away, but I ain't seen no eggs yet."
    "Well, just keep looking. But don't let them see you, they get mighty touchy over some things. Just wait until they stand up then look in their chairs and around the floor beneath the table. One day you just might find an egg."
    "Then will I get a brudder?"
    "You really want a baby brother don't you?"
    "Oh yes daddy. Mic and Mel got each other to pway wiff when they goes home, but I don't got nobody to pway wiff." Bryn wished that he had not remembered that part. It always hurt when he thought about having a baby brother. He remembered hearing his mother and father talk about how much they wished that they could have another child, but it was just not meant to be.

    Now his mother was dead. He would never have a brother. He began to cry as Mic and Mel moved to him to encompass him with their loving care. Monday afternoon Bryn's mother had walked across the busy street in front of her office to get a sandwich and coffee from the convenience store located on the opposite corner.
    She had entered the crosswalk late, two people crossed the street before her. She was caught on the center median to await the recycling of the light. She sipped of her coffee as she waited. She was thinking about how perfect her son was, he was a true blessing to her. Both of them missed Ted very much, but life had to go on. She never knew what hit her.
    A small red pickup truck had rear ended a car and become airborne. Traffic began to pile up as car after car hit the one in front of them. The truck sailed over the top of the stalled traffic and hit her, pinning her against the concrete barrier that was designed to protect pedestrians at the mid-block cross walk. She died instantly.
    Bryn was called from his classes to the office. Before anyone told him why he was summoned Mr. Collins appeared. He sat down next to the boy and held him in his arms as he quietly told him that there had been an accident and that his mother was dead.
    Bryn held himself together as he walked with Mr. Collins to his car, but once out of the school he broke down. Mr. Collins carried him into his own house and sat him at the table. Mrs. Collins sat down beside him and dabbed his eyes as he rested his head on her bosom. The two of them sat crying until Mr. Collins returned. Bryn crawled up in the man's lap and settled down some.
    When Mel and Mic entered the breakfast room he stiffened his lip and moved over to sit with them. Mrs. Collins rose and left the house, never to return.
    Nanette Collins was torn. She had planned everything so well. Her Samí would be waiting for her at the airport in two hours and she would be free of the narrow military mind of Mitch forever. Samí was a man of the world. He knew how to treat a woman. He lavished gifts on her, they dined at the finest restaurants in the country as they flew about in his private plane.
    Even his name, Samí, was special. She loved the gravé accent in his name, it sounded so regal. Samí was dark and swarthy where Mitch was blonde and pasty. Mitch was fun in his youth. He was a young Marine when they met and he swept her off of her feet. But she landed here...a rich socialite to be sure, but with a dull life. They had more money than anybody in the state. Mitch had a large company that made some sort of electronic gizmos for the government. Samí always wanted to know about Mitch's work, but Nan shushed him and told them that it was only the two of them at the moment.
    With Bryn joining the household it would be extra work on Mitch, but she had her own life to live. Didn't she? Didn't her happiness preclude everything else? Bryn is a good boy and he would fit right in. He was almost a part of the family anyway. It was really sad about his mother, but then...that's life.
    The boys didn't know what was going on with the adults, they only knew that Bryn was in pain. They sat in silence as their dad told them the story.
    The good part of the story caused all three boys to perk up. Mitch Collins and Ted Elders had been friends since junior high school. They had long ago signed an agreement making the other the god-father of their children and responsible for their care and rearing. There were life insurance policies in place that would fund any expenses the foster family would incur. The policies were large enough that there would be money for a college education and enough to give their sons a heel up in life after their education was completed. According to the agreement Mitch Collins had full and total custody of Bryn. The boy would move into his house and become a part of his family forever.
    The boys were pleased with the news and quickly welcomed each other as brothers. Mr. Collins cleared his throat. The boys turned to look at him. "I believe that Bryn needs to know what I saw while ago." The boys blanched. They were going to have to discuss their secret with their father.
    Shaking under the steady gaze of their father Mic spoke up. "Mel and I were having sex with each other and I was sorta up inside of him."
    "But it wasn't just him, dad. I had done it to him first."
    Mr. Collins looked at Bryn as he pondered what to do. He could not subject this innocent boy to homosexual activity. "Er, uh, Mr. Collins. I sorta uh started the sex between them last Friday. We never done any of that before 'til I sorta told Mel about seeing guys doing sex on the internet. Mic came in and caught us and he was gonna say something so I sorta did him and he liked it too."
    Mitch sat back as he digested this new bit of information. His silence assured the boys of their doom as they sat in their chairs shaking themselves half to death. His face slowly brightened with a smile, "Boys don't feel uncomfortable. I am not upset with you. You are doing nothing that most other boys in the world do at one time or another during their own sexual awakening.
    "Some boys do the things that you are doing. Some only look at each other candidly. Curiosity is normal and many boys actually experiment with their peers. Very few boys will ever admit to messing around with another boy. Since it is a taboo subject in our society you may never get another boy to admit to it. Most boys don't go as far as you have. They only look and compare. There are those that will masturbate in front of a friend. These boys are more interested in showing off their own goods than actually seeing the other boy.
    "There are boys that will masturbate their friends, just so that they can experience the thrill of being touched down there by somebody else. Most often that is a one time thing and the two boys usually break off their friendship at that point. One of the pair may have enjoyed the touching and would have continued on, but the other boy felt that what they did was wrong and walks away, forever.
    "There are boys that are gay, there are boys that swing both ways--they like boys and girls. There is nothing wrong with any of this at your ages, unless contact is forced or coerced. You may only be experimenting, you may be gay. Who cares? You did not decide your own orientation, that was decided by your genetic makeup at conception. It is society that holds the rules and decides whether to accept you as you are or try to force you to be what they believe is the normal way to be." He let out a sigh as a tear appeared in his eye.
    "This is much harder for me to say than it would have been for you to have to confess to me what you were doing to each other. You may have faced fear and trepidation when I found the two of you together in bed awhile ago. You have no ides of the fear and trepidation that is in my heart right now. What I have to say to you is going to make you think less of me as a man and as your father. I fear that I am about to loose all of your respect for me. But I know that if I don't tell you this then I will be living a lie. Not only to you, but to myself.
    "Bryn, your dad and I were teenage lovers. We had a sexual history that started when we turned twelve years old. We remained sexually active throughout high school. Your dad met your mother and fell head over heels in love with her. I was devastated. Your dad came to me and slept with me. He assured me that I was still his best friend and that we would still have sex from time to time. He told me that he was still in school and had no intentions getting a girl pregnant until he was in the position to get married to her.
    "He convinced me to join the Marine Corp with him, but he was accepted into Officer Candidate Training and I remained an enlisted man. That actually proved to be the best thing. He managed to have me transferred to his unit every time so that we were able to get away and enjoy each other's talents.
    "Your dad had it bad for your mother so when he told me that he wanted to get married I supported him. We had met a few girls that liked men in uniform and Nan began to chase me. I let her catch me. It was easier for your dad and I to get together if we lived off base with our wives.
    "Bryn, your mother knew about Ted and me. She said that she knew back in high school that we were tighter than most boys. She was comfortable with us being together as long as we didn't go off with other men. We had no interest in anyone else.
    "When Nan told me that she was going to have a baby I was the happiest man on earth. Ted and I broke off the sex for several months. We lasted as long as it took for Nan to cut off our sex life so that I would not hurt our unborn baby. By that time Ted was fit to be tied. He wanted for the two of us to get with your mother for a rousing round in the hay." Suddenly he shut his mouth and his eyes grew larger.
    Bryn moved to sit in the man's lap. "I always knew that my dad loved you. I didn't know how much until now, but I remember when we would move to a new base and he would get uptight until you and the boys arrived. You said that he wanted to get you into bed with him and my mother. Tell me, was he your bottom?" Bryn was staring directly into Mitch's eyes. He could not lie to the boy.
    "Bryn, your father loved to take it. He often told me that his only good orgasms occurred when the two of us were coupled. Unlike me he could not get off just by know. Er, he had to have help in that area. He especially enjoyed it when I would do it for him as I was doing him...back there. Am I being too graphic?" Mitch was afraid of what he was telling a very young and fragile boy.
    "No, you have just explained something about myself to me. So you would do my dad in the butt while he fucked my mother? Is that what you did?"
    "Yes, it is. Both of your parents enjoyed our three way couplings more than they did being alone with one another. I remember when you were conceived. I had been on TDY for three months. I had taken Nan and Mic with me and Nan was pregnant. We did not know that until three weeks after we returned to our home base. Nan was very happy. Your mother wanted a baby very badly. She asked me to come to her house and help Ted deliver the key ingredients that she needed. I was anxious to oblige.
    Nan went to see her mother for two weeks and your mother and dad had me over to their house every night. I have my needs as well and they included mutual sucking. Your mother enjoyed watching us do that. I needed your dad inside of me, we had not been able to do that for almost four years. We did it all for the two weeks that Nan was away. Your mother and dad coupled and I entered your dad as the three of us fucked our brains out. It was the wildest time that we had ever had.
    "The following morning your dad and I went to the Judge Advocate's office to make each other the god-father of our off spring. We had to get our wives to sign the legal documents so there was a delay until Nan returned home. By that time we knew that you were on your way. Your parents were the happiest that I have ever seen them."
    "Mr. Collins, did you and dad continue to have sex after that?" Bryn was asking questions that hurt Mitch to answer, but he had opened the door and he had to finish the story for the boy.
    "Yes, we were addicted to our sex. We had been at it with each other for nine years. We were in love with each other. We loved our wives, but we loved each other. We both loved our sons. We often wondered if our sons would be as close as we were. Bryn, your confession to starting the sex this last weekend almost answers that question for me. Would you mind telling me what your feelings toward each other are?"
    "Well, for myself I have to admit something. You have helped me to understand myself, more than you know. Mel, Mic, can I talk or do you want me to keep quiet?" The brothers moved their chairs to each side of their father and placed their hands on the new brother in reassurance.
    "I didn't know nothing about no sex 'cept what I read on the computer. I wanted to try that stuff so bad and I wanted to try it with Mel 'cause really like him. I was afraid that he would not let me, like, you know, do him back there so I sorta just did it without asking. He liked it, a lot, and he got off from just my doing him.
    "I wanted him to do me as well. I had been thinking about doing that with him forever and when we actually did it I felt so good. Only I did not get off. That hurt me. I love Mel and I wanted him to give me what I gave him, only I didn't get off when he did it again. I didn't know if it was the way he did me or if something was wrong with me.
    "When Mic came into the room I had to have him do me so that I would know. He didn't get me off either. I worried about what was wrong with me. You explained that it was in my genes, I am my father's son so I have to have extra help getting off. That means that you guys are going to have to do a reach around." The three boys smiled at each other.
    "We could make you the meat in the middle of our sandwich, you know." Mic was smiling. He loved to get fucked more than anything that he had ever done and Mel liked to fuck and fucking Bryn was the best thing ever. He liked Mic's idea.
    "Boys, there's one thing that I have to say here. There are three of you. It is a very common for two people to gang up on one. Somebody always gets hurt. We are a family now and I fear the first time that you boys get into an argument. Mic and Mel get at cross purposes all of the time and it gets tense in the house for several days sometimes. With three of you then those times are going to become more frequent.
    "Boys, I don't know this for a fact, so if she returns please don't say anything. I believe that your mother has another man in her life. She has closed all of her banking accounts and withdrawn a large amount of money. She has spent a great deal of money on her credit cards buying new clothing. The clothing that she is buying is for a warmer climate than we have here. I don't think that we will see her again for some time yet."
    Mic and Mel were suddenly very aware. They had seen the signs for themselves, but they didn't understand them. They had overheard their mother talking in hushed tones on the telephone. Mic had even heard her in what sounded like love talk. They moved closer to their dad for a hug and his reassurance. He told all three boys that they would remain together as a family. It would be a little difficult without their mother there, but he knew that the boys would fall in and keep the household going.

    The household ran smoothly for the next six months. Thanksgiving was a highlight because of the visit from all of the boys' grandparents. Bryn was especially glad to see his paternal grandfather; the man had been an inspiration to the boy during his childhood and Bryn had always enjoyed cuddling in the oversized lap of the large man. Bryn loved all of his grandparents equally and spent time in private conversation with each of them. All of them asked the same question, "Are you happy? Wouldn't you rather live with us?"
    To the last question Bryn answered with a quick and firm, 'No!' He was at home with the Collins family and felt that he was loved by them as much as he loved each of them. "Besides that," Bryn thought to himself, "His grandparents were old and wouldn't understand his boyish needs."
    Christmas turned out to be a private affair. The grandparents sent gifts by the truck load, but none of them made a personal appearance, or even bothered to call on the telephone. The boys could not understand their actions, but being boys they made the best of the situation.

    Bryn and Mel drew closer to each other as love entered into their young hearts. Mic was always included when he visited the two boys in the upper bedroom, once home to Mel alone. Bryn had been offered his own bedroom, but he had declined. He wanted to be with his boyfriend. Mitch was a realist and had Bryn move some of his things that were seldom used into an empty room on the second floor. The room was at the back of the house, away from Mic's room, thus giving the boy a private place to retreat too when tensions arrived at a breaking point between him and other members of the family.
    Bryn is an even tempered boy and slow to anger. However, Mel has more of his mother's temperament and angers easily. Bryn cried to Mitch after an exceptionally harsh argument with Mel that it was like living on top of eggs, fearing that with every word that a shell would break and an argument would ensue.
    Their arguments seldom lasted through the night and both boys quickly admitted their own guilt before cuddling together and sleeping in peace. It was during this time that Mic began to get closer to his old friend Scott. High school social life is important to a teenager. No one wants to be labeled with anything other than "Cool:". Mic actively sought that label.
    He did commit a social blunder when he invited Alicia to a school dance. He had thought that Scott knew her and was kewl with her so he would take her amongst his peers. His peers tried their best to warm up to the snobbish socialite, but to no avail. Alicia was just too high on the social ladder to mix with children from a public school.
    She even took a second look at Mic and decided that he was not the sort of boy that she should be seen with. After all his mother had abandoned him, hadn't she? If such a wonderful woman as Nan Collins was could not live with her husband and sons then they had to be animals not worthy of notice. At least that was the opinion of Alicia's mother and her social circle at the club.
    In truth Mic was satisfied with losing Alicia's self serving attentions. He had only dated her in preference to his mother and her bid at social acceptance. Mic had another that appealed to him. He only had one problem, Julie was the girlfriend of his best friend, Scott. Mic did not know that Julie still had a place in her heart for the first boy that she had ever kissed.

    Life sometimes happens when we don't expect it. Scott insisted on taking Mic home after school one day. When Mic arrived in the parking lot after school he was surprised to find Julie waiting at Scott's car. Before either of them could say a word Scotty opened the door and told both of them to get into the front seat.
    Scott's car had a center console that forced Julie to sit very close to Mic. Before the car full of kids had left the parking lot Julie had moved into Mic's lap. Her soft body and her sweet smell aroused Mic in a noticeable way.
     Julie wiggled around on the embarrassed boy's lap and worked him into a sexual heat that he was unable to do anything about.
    "You may wonder why I invited both of you to ride with me. I believe that my eyes are telling me what I have always thought. You two have a chemistry between you. Mic, Julie and I have been very good friends, but I always knew that she had it bad for you.
    "Julie, Mic has never said anything, but as his best friend I can read him, and I know that he more than likes you. I have told him stories about us and he gets very uptight. On that note I need to confess something to both of you. Julie, I have told Mic that we have been having sex with each other. Mic, I lied when I told you that I have had sex with Julie.
    "I am so sorry. I lied. I don't believe that Mic really believed me, I only told him that to make him jealous. He didn't react in the way that I expected though. He just kept on with his quiet, unassuming ways, but I could read him and I knew that he really cared for you.
    "Julie, I have sort of used you to hide behind, but I won't any longer. I am going to tell the two of you my secret and I hope that you will hold it close. I am gay."
    Mic and Julie turned at once to look at their friend. Scott pulled up to the front of Julie's large house. Her butler walked up to the car door and opened it. Julie told the man that she would be in shortly, but that she was talking to her friends.
    Scott was gripping the steering wheel with both hands as his body shook with fear. Tears could be seen running down his cheeks. Julie reached across and wiped them away. She started to say something, but Scott stopped her.
    "Look, I've never done anything with a boy or a girl. I just have these feelings for someone and I have to be true to myself. I can not continue to lie to either of you, you mean too much to me. I hope that we will remain friends, I can not stand the thought of losing either of you, but you deserve to know the truth."
    Julie had planned to invite Mic up to her room. She would not be opposed to losing her cherry to the boy that she truly loved. Mic had similar thoughts, he wondered if sex with her would be as good as sex with Bryn and Mel. He almost felt like a fifth wheel when he crowded into their sex play. Both boys always made him feel welcome and they showed him sincere love, but still he felt out of place. He wanted a boyfriend of his own, he wanted Scott.
    He didn't know but what he was reading more into what Scott was saying, but he knew in his heart that he could not let Scott drive off alone, not now. He wanted Julie and he was sure that she wanted him, but he felt that if he left the car that Scott would take it as rejection. He had to stay with his best friend and let him know that they were still tight. He wasn't sure how Julie had taken Scott's confession, but he knew that Scott needed him at that instant in time.
    Julie turned to Mic and whispered in his ear, "Please go with him. I worry about what he is going through. He needs a friend." With that she planted a solid kiss on Mic that re-stiffened his resolve. To add to the effect that she had on the poor boy she grabbed his erection and gave it a squeeze as she held on to whatever she could grab onto to help extract her body from the car.
    Mic could have exited the car to allow her easier egress, but the two kids were having more fun playing their game. As Julie bent over to retrieve her school books from the back seat she whispered in his other ear. "By the way, I am still a virgin, but you can correct that problem in a day or two." Mic creamed himself and Scott saw the wet spot.

    Mic closed his car door and placed his hand on top of Scott's right hand as it rested on the gear shift. "Let's go talk about it. I am here for you, buddy. I have always been here for you and I will be here for you as long as you want me."
    Scott looked at Mic, "You might not be here for me the way that I want you."
    "You might be surprised, Scott."
    Scott pulled his car into the garage at his house and shut off the motor. Mic felt that he needed to take the lead so he jumped from the car and made his way around to the driver's side just as Scott opened his door. Mic offered his hand to his long time friend and pulled him to a standing position. Both boys stood face to face in silence. Mic placed his hand on Scott's chin and lifted his face to meet his own.
    Their kiss slowly grew in intensity. Scott was unsure in the beginning. Mic was unsure himself, he had kissed Bryn, but Scott's kiss was different somehow. Mic felt a stirring in his heart like he had never felt before. Scott slowly pressed his lips tighter against Mic's, that was shortly followed by his body moving closer. As their denim clothed cocks began to grind against each other the lips of both boys were parted and tongues traveled back and forth in greeting to each other.
    Scott's body melted against Mic as his legs buckled and he could no longer hold himself erect. Mic wrapped his arms tightly around Scott and gripped a firm butt cheek in each hand. "I can spend the night with you if you will have me."
    "I want you so bad. No I want you good, but I...Oh Mic, I have wanted you for so long."
    "I think that I knew that. I was unsure of what I was seeing in you and I stayed away. Remember that joint that we shared in September?"
    "I felt you up that night. I didn't wash my hand for a week. I imagined that I could smell you on the palm of my hand."
    "Like the smell of Alicia's cunt on my finger?"
    "That stunk."
    "That's why I washed my hands."
    "Mic, can I tell you something? Don't get mad at me, okay? I was jealous of Alicia, I wanted your finger to smell like me." Mic stuck his hand down the front of Scott's jeans and felt around his hard cock for his balls. He ran his finger around the firm orbs then made his way up the stiffened shaft of a very erect cock. He was pleased to learn that Scotty was uncut, a fact that had never been noticed before. He ran his finger under the long foreskin and circled the enraged glans.
    He withdrew his finger and took a deep sniff of essence de Scotty. He passed his finger under the nose of his smiling friend then pulled it back to his own mouth and sucked it clean. Scotty's eyes grew three times their normal size. Mic again pushed his hand into Scotty's jeans, this time pushing the tight denim garment down enough to expose a thick cock head that glistened with sweat and of other liquids from the day's confinement under layers of cloth as well as the day's exertion.
    Mic leaned forward and licked the exposed frenulum. His efforts were rewarded with a soft moan and a drop of pearl white liquid, which he quickly assimilated into his own system. Scott looked at him with wide eyes, "I told you that you might be surprised."
    "I am not so surprised as I am happy." Scott led the way to his bedroom and locked the door. His brother was away for the night, he was supposed to be in charge of the household while the boys' parents were out of town until Tuesday.
    Scott proved to be an eager student as Mic taught him everything that he had learned from his two brothers. Scott was hung with as much meat as Bryn swung, and he was uncut as well. Those two points mattered to Mic for some reason. He quickly learned that he was in love with the boy that he had known since the fourth grade, but the boy's body was a real plus to him. Scott was not a very good athlete. In fact he didn't go out for any sports, yet he had a buff body that was muscled in all of the right places, the largest muscle an unmistakable suckable member.

    Mic told Scott that he could become addicted to his tasty ball batter as he gathered every drop of the fourth emission of the afternoon. Scott was too busy searching for one more drop of Mic's nectar to offer comment. Mic had not attempted anal sex at that point. He sensed that Scotty was orally fixated and he played that to the hilt. It was during their third joining in a hot sixty nine that he introduced Scotty to anal penetration. As expected, Scotty tensed up in the beginning, but once Mic played his finger over the virgin boys butt nut a new being slowly awakened.
    Mic took his time even then. He had plans to mount Scotty after they retired for the night. He didn't want a fast fuck. He knew his own short comings and knew that he would not hurt his lover. He wanted to ride him for as long as possible in the darkness and quiet of the night.
    He had learned to take it for a long time while giving of himself for a long time as well. Mel and Bryn were willing to do everything with Mic and they were good teachers as all three boys learned about sex in every form that boys can have sex. Mic loved to hold Bryn inside him as the boy moved ever so slowly, not in any hurry to climax or end their union. At the same time Mic would be up in Mel giving him the same treatment.
    Bryn enjoyed being the middle boy, but he knew that Mic had his needs as well and was more than willing to allow him his passion. What Mic lacked was one on one time. Bryn and Mel slept in the same bed together and had each other all night long. Mic was only involved with them in three way sessions, he wanted a boyfriend of his own that he could make love with the way that his brothers loved each other. He really hoped that Scotty would accept his love.

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