Bryn and Mel
Chapter four


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    What a night Mic and Scott shared. Scotty was a pure virgin boy that was eager to do everything that his fertile imagination had ever conjured in his head. When Mic hesitated with the anal foreplay Scotty took charge. He told Mic that he wanted it, then. Mic tried to hold back to avoid hurting the virgin, but Scotty would have none of that, he rolled Mic over and mounted himself on the awestruck boy.
    Mic tried to hold back his mirth, but Scotty was a sexual animal in heat and was unwilling that a single second's delay should pass before he got what he wanted. The two boys took a hot shower together and discussed the evening's coming events. Scotty wanted to go at it in the shower. Mic was the more restrained of the pair as he reminded Scotty of the fact that he had a very homophobic brother and that James almost always barged into Scotty's bedroom whether the door was locked or not.
    Sure enough, at ten thirty James pulled into the driveway, only instead of coming in the house in the normal way the eighteen year old raised a window near Scotty's bed and crawled inside. He was high, but the boys did not smell alcohol on his breath. Scotty knew something about the character of the boy that James had been with and he was frightened for his brother.
    Scotty enlisted Mic's aide to carry James to his bedroom. They undressed the older boy, but he was almost comatose. His skin was cold and clammy and had very little color. Mic took control and carried the older boy in a fireman's—over the shoulder—carry to the bathroom. It was a struggle to keep James upright as the water played over his frail body.
    Scotty was crying as he ran his hands over the once buff torso of his emaciated brother. "What has happened to him? He used to be so strong and virile."
    "It's drugs, Scotty. James has been doing some kind of drugs and he has been doing them for a long time."
    Scotty placed his head against his older brother's chest and wrapped his arms around the boy who had always been his hero. James moved and looked down at the kid that he had always teased and shed large tears as his arms cradled the smaller version of himself.
    James seemed to be out of danger for the moment. Mic took a large towel and dried his naked form then wrapped the terry cloth item around the waist of the six foot one inch tall pile of skin and bones. Mic passed a towel to Scotty as he wrapped another around his own waist then he placed James's arm over his own shoulder and helped the boy to the kitchen.
    Once James was seated on a stool, and appeared, steady Mic began to rummage through the kitchen cabinets. He pulled out two cans of Swanson's chicken broth and poured them into a large measuring cup then placed the cup in the microwave.
    In the meantime Mic had directed Scotty to move his ass and find a large cup and spoon for James. He also told Scotty to get two slices of bread. By the time Scotty had everything in place Mic was pouring the hot broth into a cup set before James. With no fanfare of conversation Mic placed a hand behind James's head to steady him then began to spoon feed the shaky boy before him. Mic whispered to Scotty to find a pail or bucket of some kind and set it on the floor.
    About the time that Mic got the fourth spoonful of broth into James's mouth the shit hit the fan. Mic was ready. He grabbed the bucket that Scotty had found and held it up to the face of James. James wretched and dumped the contents of his stomach into the bucket.
    James sent up more than soup. His stomach was full of massive foreign matter, but in moments all of that was in the bucket. Scotty had been alert and appeared with a warm wash cloth which he used to wash his brother's face. James smiled at the boys then wretched again, only that time he had little to discharge.
    Scotty ran the wash cloth under the hot water and again applied it to his brother's face. Once James began to come around Mic placed a spoonful of the broth before his mouth. James accepted the broth as he ran his hand through Mic's hair and said, "Thanks." He then picked up the cup and drank the broth slowly. Mic passed him a slice of bread and told him to eat that along with the broth.
    The microwave oven dinged and Mic turned around to retrieve a cup of hot water in which he had placed a tea bag. Mic reached to a Lazy Susan on the kitchen bar that held salt, pepper, sugar, syrup, and honey. He retrieved the honey and poured a small amount onto a teaspoon then stirred it into the tea. "I don't want to make it sweet because that will irritate your stomach again. I only added enough honey to help you get the tea down."
    Again James roughed Mic's hair only this time he wrapped his hand around the back of Mic's head and held it still for several seconds. James had tears in his eyes as he took the cup of warm tea from Mic and slowly sipped it before realizing that it was not hot. He drank the tea down then picked up the measuring cup of hot broth and drank more of that while slowly eating the whole grain bread.
    Mic had another cup of tea ready, but James wanted to go to bed. The two boys helped him to his bedroom then Mic handed him the tea. James sat on the edge of his bed and drank the tea. Mic told Scotty to remove the towel around James's waist then the two boys helped James to lay out on his bed and tucked him in. James in an uncharacteristic mode pulled Scotty to him and kissed him on the forehead as he ran his hand around the back of his little brother's head. He then did the same to Mic and told both boys that he was grateful then closed his eyes for sleep.
    Scotty was misty eyed as he led Mic back to his own bedroom. "That was so awesome. How did you know what to do?"
    "Swear not to tell? My mother's a lush. Oh she doesn't get that bad, but I learned about the soup and bread from a neighbor who's husband was a drunk and I used to use it to sober my mother up before anyone came home. Mom told me about the tea, green tea works best, but I just grabbed what I could find."
    "Do you give your mother a shower?"
    "No!!! Doofus! I saw that on TV where when someone is drunk or high you can revive them with a shower. I thought that it was worth a shot. I didn't want to call 911 and ruin our evening."
    "Do we have an evening?"
    "I hope so. I mean…if you, like, er ah, you know…maybe."
    "I like. I really liked what you did, but we sorta got interrupted by James crawling through my window. If you want you could do it again and this time really show me…I mean…damn dude, I like your cock in my ass and I want to do it again."
    "You might do me first to see what that is like." Mic really wanted Scotty's big cock up his ass. He has become ass aware and cock hungry.
    "Well…maybe you could do me again, then I would sort of know what to do to you 'cause I don't know shit 'bout this stuff. I just know that somehow your cock seems to belong in my ass. If I am right then we will have to get married so that you can fuck me all of the time."
    "We live in a state where we can get married, but we are too young yet. Let's just have a very long courtship. We can practice fucking each other every day until we know what we like then we can fuck all of the time."
    "I think that I like that. I hope James sleeps soundly and doesn't walk in here."
    "You had to go and ruin a good mood. Now I will worry about him. Will he kill me if he finds me fucking the shit out of his little brother?"
    "Yesterday I would have said yes, but I think that you saved his life tonight and he won't forget that."
    Scott had taken a good grip on Mic's six inch stick as he talked. He had slowly moved his face closer to the object of his fascination and after his last spiel he opened wide and swallowed every foot of cock that Mic could push into his mouth.
    Mic wasted no time. He had turned his body so that he was in position to return Scotty's actions. Mic loved the larger cock of his friend, but he truly loved the foreskin and the extra fun that the piece of flesh offered to him. He had learned well from Mel and Bryn and applied all of the lessons garnered to his ministrations on his lover.
    He let his middle finger slide fully inside of Scotty's anus, meeting little resistance. What resistance was there was quickly overcome by slipping the digit into his mouth and getting a taste of Scotty's secret place while at the same time applying much needed lubrication to his finger.
    Once the finger was returned to its target area it slid in effortlessly and in no time was loving and caressing the hidden treasure that sends pleasure throughout a man's body. Scotty moaned his appreciation to the digital assault and lifted his ass from the bed so that Mic could have better access.
    That was a fact not missed by Mic. He withdrew his middle finger and then returned it with twin reinforcements. His forefinger wrapped around the firm nut as his ring finger made a similar move around the other side. Once in place the two fingers lightly squeezed together as the middle finger returned to it soothing caress of the top of the semen filled gland.
    With such stimulation Scott could barely contain his pending climax as Mic relentlessly let his entire mouth rise and fall over the length of engorged man flesh. With each trip upward Mic let his tongue play around the boy's frenulum before making the trek downward to let the swollen glans break through the back of his throat. Scotty slid into the tightness of a place that he had always dreamed of being, but never believed that he would realize; his dream was now reality.
    After the amount of semen that the two boys had swapped with one another over the course of the evening both of them were surprised at the extremely large emission that Scotty ejaculated into Mic's eager mouth. Mic never missed a stroke as he took the spurting phallus deep into his throat until three shots had fired past his hungry taste buds. Mic slid his mouth back up to the head of Scotty's monster meat and gulped at the remaining shots of tasty ball batter.
    Mic knew that to delay would diminish the pleasure of what was to cum. He did not want to remove the cock sickle in his mouth. He wanted to suckle on the sweet meat for a much longer time. However, duty called. He raised himself up as he slid forward to place his knees beneath the firm butt of his new lover. He held his cock with his right hand as he placed his left hand on Scotty's thigh to steady himself, and to push it aside. He placed his cock against the tight ring and felt himself pulled inside the velvety warm confines of a tight colon.
    Scotty's face went through the gauntlet of emotions that comes from anal penetration. Mic watched as pain turned to pleasure with all of the other faces being represented in between. When Scotty opened his eyes and smiled at him Mic pushed his entire cock inside and bent forward to meet Scotty's upturned face for a serious tonsil tickling kiss.
    The kiss added passion to the moment. Mic was stirred deep inside as his emotions rose to great heights. He poured his passion through that piece of flesh that connected him to a boy with whom he was beginning to realize that he had always loved. He hoped that his love and his passion to pleasure would stir similar feelings in Scotty. He need have no fear on that point. Scotty had held a fiery torch for the hunk over him for nearly three years.
    Scott had fallen in love with Mic when they were in the eighth grade. Scott had fallen from a concrete wall on which he was walking, foot in front of foot. He had torn the knee of his jeans and the blood could be seen as it welled forth from the open wound. Mic picked the fallen soldier up and cradled him in his strong arms as he carried the wounded boy to the school nurse.
    The wound was superficial, only a skinned knee. Still it hurt and Scotty limped as he tried to walk on it. Mic lent his shoulder and Scotty put his arm around his new hero as they limped off to class. Scotty played the wounded soldier for the rest of the day and even convinced Mic to help him home after school. Once in his bedroom Scotty pulled a daring move.
    "It will hurt to pull my jeans off, will you help me so that I can put on some shorts?" Mic fell for the ploy. He considered himself super straight and never felt that Scotty was coming on to him. Scotty slid his jeans down past his hips and let Mic take them the rest of the way. Mic's face was directly in the hot crotch of the thirteen year old boy and it would have been impossible for Mic not to have seen the raging boner of a four inch cock tenting out the white briefs that Scotty wore.
    Mic removed the jeans and placed them on the bed next to the battle casualty then offered his hand to help the fallen to stand. Scotty made sure that what he had was on display as he jutted his hips and stretched his body with his arms above his head. "It feels so good to stretch like this." Mic agreed that it did, but his eyes never lingered where Scotty wanted them to focus.
    Over the course of time Scotty tried other ploys to entice Mic to notice him in a sexual way. His boldest ploy had been to place his hand in Mic's lap and cop a feel. He was sure that Mic's cock enlarged under his hand, but he was cut short by the sound of his father's car pulling into the driveway. That was his last attempt at enticing the object of his love interest. His confession earlier in the day had been his final words to the world. He had plans to park his car in the garage and to shut the door as the engine ran. He would go quietly and no one would know the pain in his heart.
    Suddenly his body was wracked with grief and passion at the same time. He was sorry for what he had almost done. He was happy at how things were working out. He was at the edge of another great orgasm. The boys had turned in their position and lay on their sides with Mic up behind Scotty. Scotty's left leg was high in the air and Mic's leg was held against it so that Mic could get all of his cock into the tight ass of his perfect friend. Scotty let loose of a load of splooge that left him weak.
    He came to life when he felt a hand around his cock. It was milking the last drops of his creamy ball batter from his gonads, but he knew that the hand did not belong to Mic—the angle was wrong. Scotty raised his head and looked down. Sitting on the floor at the side of the bed was a naked James.
    "You shoot a lot, little dude." Cocking his head to one side James ran his cum covered fingers under Scotty's balls and lifted them up. He looked closely then ran a finger over the base of Mic's cock, where it entered Scotty's ass. "Don't that hurt some? No, guess not. You seemed to really enjoy that.
    "Look, dudes, I need to talk. Is this not a good time?"
    "NO IT'S NOT YOU BIG LUMMOX!!!" Is what Mic wanted to say, but ever the diplomat he quietly said, "Uh, could you let us take shower first?"
    "Huh? Oh, sure. I guess you might need one. Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not into that, but you two dudes is looking good together." He raised his cum covered hand for a high five, but he had no takers as the two boys separated and rose to a seated position. James rocked back on the floor with his hands behind him on the carpet. Scotty looked at where his brother's hands were and stifled a giggle. He would have to clean that spot on his carpet. The amount of splooge in his brother's hand would make a stiff spot that would scratch at bare feet for centuries to come.
    When the two boys stepped back into the room James was still seated in the same spot. They took up seats a little in front of him. They were a little closer than they were comfortable with, but there was a bed in the way. They sat in silence as they waited for James to have his say.
    "I came home tonight to die in my bed. I knew that I had fucked up and I knew that all of the shit that I used at Bertram's was going to take my life. I drove like a little old lady. Dudes, the last thing I wanted was for mom and dad to have to deal with me killing somebody on the road.
    "I cried because mom was going to be so sad and dad…well you know how dad got when his brother died. I hated myself for doing that to them. I don't know why I came through your window. I could have gone through the door and you would have never known until you woke up and found me dead in my own vomit and shit in my bed.
    "You dudes saved my life, and I mean it. I am still out of it a little. I am still feeling spaced out and I keep seeing shit. I just shake my head and it seems to go away for a little while.
    "I am not into what you two were doing. I mean, you know how much I hate queers. But you little dudes, it just seems right for you. I won't never say anything and I won't never put you down for it. I saw real love for the first time in my life tonight. Sure mom and dad love each other, but they don't show their affection the way that you two were doing."
    "How long were you sitting there?"
    "Only a few minutes. I sat over there for about twenty minutes. I watched you kiss and make love, and it was so tender. I have loved many women and I never showed them the tenderness that I saw you two do. Not even in the movies do they love like you did. My cock got hard a little, but my heart was in my throat as I thought how lucky you are to have someone to love you the way that you do.
    "Guys, I want that kind of love. Not that gay shit, I'm so not into that. I want to find someone who will love me so deeply that she will share my heart with me. I will love her and treat her like the lady she will have to be. I will never cause her any pain. I will provide for her and respect her they way that you two respect each other.
    "Mic, I'm not blind. I have known for sometime that Scotty held a torch for you. He was dating that girl named Julie, but his heart wasn't in it. When you were around or when your name came up his eyes brightened and a smile came to his face. I almost got on his ass last weekend about it. I am glad now that I didn't. I would have fucked up my brother's chance for happiness and you would not have been here to save my life."
    "James, you saved your life by coming in through the window. I only did what I knew to do, it was your desire to live that saved your life. I think Scotty was in trouble earlier today as well."
    Scott scooted around and looked nervous. James looked at him with puzzlement on his face. "Yeah, we almost destroyed mom and dad today. I was wasted away and decided to kill myself because I could not have the love that I wanted." James reached out and took Scotty's hand and placed it in Mic's hand then held both of them together.
    "Guys, I have been living a lie all of my life. I pretended to be this macho stud that everything going my way. It was all a pretense, nothing was the way that I wanted it at all. I was using Julie to make Mic jealous, but it wasn't working. Mic loved me so much that he congratulated me on my love for Julie. All of the time I knew that he loved her and wanted her very badly.
    "I came to realize that and decided to let both of them go. I told them that I was gay and that they were free to love one another. I had my plans to drive into the garage and…"
    "Don't you never do that, dude. I will kill you if you do that. You can't never kill yourself, do you hear me?" James was mad. The other two boys laughed at him.
    "Look, little dudes, I don't want to sleep alone tonight. You got your sex and now you should sleep. Come sleep next to me in my big bed and let's keep each other warm. There is storm moving in and the snow is supposed to be a foot deep by morning. So we can get all close together and keep warm. I don't care if you kiss, but no fucking in my bed, okay?" The boys giggled and agreed. Mic looked at Scotty's huge wanger and sighed as they held hands all of the way to the big bed in James's room.

    Morning came with a start for Scotty. The covers were pulled back and James had his hand wrapped around Scotty's morning wood. "I am so pissed. Your cock is bigger than mine. My cock is about the same size and thickness of Mic's cock, but yours is huge. There ain't no justice in this old world. The boys laughed, but made a mad dash to the toilet to relieve their bladders.
    Morning breath or not the two boys crossed the streams and pulled close to one another. When their flow subsided their faces met and their lips locked. Still locked together they moved to the shower for a quick morning hose down. Pulling on their shorts and t-shirts they moved off in the direction of the kitchen. James was at the stove making a large pot of oatmeal. He had eggs and sausage laid out and bread was in the toaster.
    Scotty turned to the coffee maker and found that it was already full and making a fresh pot of the hot liquid. Mic was looking out of the back door at the snow covered lawn. Scotty moved beside him and both boys shivered at the sight. "Snow ball fight after breakfast?" The boys high fived.

    There were more than two feet of freshly fallen snow on the ground. The roads and streets were closed as snow plows moved through the city clearing the main thoroughfares first. There was nothing for the boys to do except to make the best of it and a snowball fight seemed to be at the top of their list of best things to do.
    The boys quickly found a distant corner of the backyard to build a fort to protect himself against the other two. A supply of snowballs was quickly assembled before the first missile sailed through the air. That first ball of frozen water left the hand of James and easily traveled the space of the yard to connect to the back of the neck of an unprepared Scotty.
    Mic had seen the sneak attack and no sooner had James launched his deadly assault a snowball was hurtling toward him at the speed of a fast moving tricycle. James turned into the deadly attack in time to take the full force of snow in his face. He sputtered and said something about being dead meat as the snowballs flew from every corner of the yard, toward every corner of the yard.
    A half an hour later the boys were exhausted as were their supplies of ammunition that they had stacked before hand. They headed for the warmth and safety of the house, but as they stomped the snow from their boots James froze in place. His eyes glazed and he began to teeter. The boys were quick to catch the older boy and help him inside the house.
    It was difficult to remove the snowy boots from James and to get his heavy coat off, but it was accomplished. James was helped to his bed where he shook violently. "He's in withdrawals. He is going to be mighty sick for a few days. We need to try to tie him down when he is shaking like this so that he doesn't hurt himself." Mic showed his take charge, can do, moxy. Scotty followed along and did as he was told.
    The love life of two youngsters was hampered between their stopping to feed and care for James, but Mic finally got the ride that he wanted. He was more than pleased with it, and Scotty became a new man as a result of being able to slip into a tight saddle.
    On the fourth day James began to come around and be more like himself. The boys had hidden the restraints that they had used to tie the older boy down. There was no use in creating a situation that would hamper the mood of the day. There was a gloom hanging over the house however. James and Scott's parents had not been heard from since the first day. They had called to say that they were snowed in in Chicago and were going to drive home.
    Scotty wished that he had not told them that James was sick. He had said it before he had thought. A strange feeling crept down his back and he held onto Mic as he voiced his fears of his parents driving that distance. The boys had been watching the weather reports and they had seen the road conditions. Mic had called Mitch and told him about Scott's parents making the drive. Mitch was ill at ease himself.
    Mic shared with his dad the condition of James and Mitch quickly deduced that he was going through drug or alcohol withdrawal. On the third day he had a doctor pay a visit to the boys to examine James. The doctor gave the boys some medicine drops to feed to James in his tea. He told the boys that they had done a very good job and that the worst of it was over. Mic carefully measured the drops into a cup of hot tea and fed James the result. James began to show signs of response almost at once.
    James took some clear broth and more hot tea as he sat in a chair next to his bed so that the boys could change the sheets and use a few cans of air freshener. They wished that they had a real bedpan, that shit was hard to clean up, the smell made it the worse part. James blushed and quietly thanked the boys again and again.
    The morning of the fifth day two highway patrol officers knocked on the door. The boys' parents had been found in their car, buried in a snow drift. They were alive, but just barely. They were both in a hospital in Waterloo and would be transported to Sioux City. James was put back to bed where he slept peacefully for almost ten hours. He awakened, hungry and needed the bathroom. At least he was able to walk to that duty, with a little help from his friends.
    He was given more broth, but with bread and butter to go along with it. He wolfed the food down and rubbed his belly. The boys took that as a good sign. Mic had put more drops into a cup of tea and James drank it down unknowingly. The boys took the advantage of James being out for eight hours to get themselves up to some real boy fun.
    By that time both boys were anxious to give or take, whatever pleased the other one. While it was clear that they both wanted the bottom position they knew that the needs of the other were just as great so they swapped off, evenly. Of course that didn't mean that there wasn't a great deal of oral stimulation going on. Both boys had learned that the other had the best tasting boi ball batter in the state. How they determined that we don't know.

    School had taken up again after the severe snow storm had closed it for three days, plus the weekend. Mic braved the cold and drove James's car to the school and explained the situation to the front office. Mitch had already called and talked to the principal. Mic was able to gather all of his and Scotty's assignments as well as those for James.
    Julie met Mic in the hall and the pair ducked into a dark stairway for some kissy face as Mic explained what was going on. Julie had been concerned about Scotty so Mic filled her in on the whole story; leaving out the five days of sex of course.
    Julie ran her hand over Mic's crotch and whispered that she wanted him to be her first. Mic flushed and promised to call her in the next day or two. Scott insisted that Mic call her that afternoon. He gave Mic the keys to his car and kissed him farewell as he drove off to keep a rendevous with a girl. Scotty felt secure in his love for Mic. He knew that Mic would probably have sex with Julie and he was fine with that.
    Julie's butler allowed Mic into the house and directed him to the front room where he could wait. Julie called down from the top of the stairs for Mic to come straight up, the butler did not like that—but he was hired help. Mic thanked the butler and headed up the stairs. He was following the beginnings of a very stiff body part as he looked at the flimsy nightie that Julie was wearing.
    Julie wasted no time. She moved into Mic who, as the gentlemen that he is, kissed her. She shoved her tongue into Mic's mouth and ran her hand down the inside of his pants. Mic was no longer suffering from the beginnings of a very stiff body part, it was full on hard.
    Julie kept her hand around Mic's meat handle and led him into her bedroom where she locked the door and dropped to her knees. She untied Mic's sneakers and opened his pants. She slid the garment down, along with his underwear, slowly and sensuously.
    Julie proved to be adept at taking a phallus into her mouth and creating good feelings for the boy to which it was attached. Mic's knees wobbled as Julie's head bobbled on his flesh stick. Mic had to push her away.
    "Didn't I do good? That is the way my cousin taught me to do it last summer." Mic told her that she was very good, but that he was too close to a climax. He had to know more about the cousin and summer. He learned that Julie had a cousin, two actually—brother and sister. The sixteen year old sister had been sucking her brother's dick for him for three years. She told Julie how great it was and convinced her to try it.
    Julie saw in that offer the chance to make Mic a happy boy so she applied herself to the lessons that the older cousin offered and learned to suck cock, almost as good as a boy. Julie could take all of Mic deep into her throat and she didn't mind swallowing either. Mic thought that he had a real treasure at his beck and call.
    Mic was concerned that Julie may have applied her lessons to other boys. Julie assured him that there was no one else but him She held his hand and looked him in the eye as she promised him that she had not done anything with Scott. She held his cock as she told him that she had never loved another, in all of her life. She wanted to remain pure for him.
    That was more than Mic could take. He had to tell her of his five days with Scott. Julie told him that she understood. She was glad that he had done that. She told Mic a family secret. Mic remembered that Julie had an older brother, but he had not been around for two years. He was enrolled in a all boys' military school where his folks hoped that he would be cured of his unnatural tendencies.
    Julie told Mic that she had hoped that Mic would help Scott through his problem. She could see the signs in Scott and she knew that he was desperately in love with Mic. She batted her eyes and told Mic that she knew that he loved Scott as well, he just hadn't admitted it to himself.
    Mic asked her what that information meant to the two of them. Julie told him that she hoped that it would make him a better lover. She wanted a man that would swing both ways. She told him that she didn't want a promiscuous slut, but she knew that a man that had a boyfriend in high school was a better lover in later life.
    Mic wanted to know how she knew that. She told him that she liked to read love stories.
    Julie removed her outer cloak, Mic thought that it was called a neglige, or something similar. She reached between her breasts and opened the clasp to expose the C cup sized mounds to his hungry eyes. "Mic, I want you to take me. I am virgin and I give of myself to you willingly. You have been with Scott and I want you to try the other side.
    "I don't expect you to leave him. In fact I don't want you too. I love him, but in a different way. I don't want him hurt, and I don't want him to hurt himself. Make love to me, then go back and make love to him. You can have both of us."
    Mic had to shake his head. He was not believing what he was hearing. He wanted Julie. Yes, he wanted her as much as he wanted Scotty. He ran his fingers over her breasts and felt the smooth, flawless skin. He let his finger roam down to the top of the frilly pajama bottoms and lingered there. Julie smiled at him and placed his thumbs on the sides of the garment and helped him to push down.
    Mic's eyes never left the sight that was revealed to him. He was comparing, but he was also adding up the pluses of having a male and a female lover. Suddenly he snapped too and rose to find his billfold. He opened the leather pocket book and smiled as he withdrew a string of three condoms.
    Julie smiled and took them from him. She opened a package with her teeth, the way she had seen done in a movie. The lubricant was not so great tasting. She had paid attention in sex education class when the teacher had made the class roll a condom onto a banana. She gripped Mic's cock and deftly worked the prophylactic down and did a little tip with her forefinger and thumb on the reservoir end.
    Mic toed off his shoes and slipped his jeans and underwear from his body. Julie had the buttons of his shirt under her control and in moments the two kids sat naked on Julie's bed. Mic was breathing hard. His cock was so stiff that it was stretching the condom super tight to expose every vein in his penis. Julie lay back on the bed and told him that he needed to get it on because her mother would be home in a hour.
    It didn't take Mic an hour to do the deed. The couple made passionate love together. Mic was tender and careful of the girl's feelings, both physical and emotional. Mic has a passion streak in him that makes him a perfect lover for whomever he is with. He made Julie feel as though she was the only one in his life.
    Julie knew that she wasn't the only one, and that is the way that she wanted it. She does have deep feelings for Scott, as a friend. A very good friend. A very close friend. She was more than happy to let Mic know that she wanted to share him with Scott. Mic was very emotional with that news.
    Mic made love to Julie a second time before leaving her home that afternoon. There would be several days before the two could once again join together, but they talked on the telephone daily. Mic had taken on a duty to James and he explained that to Julie as the reason that he would not be at school for a few more days. Julie accepted that as just more proof that the man she loved is a very special person.

    James was up and feeling well when word came that their parents were at the local hospital and able to receive them. Both boys insisted that Mic accompany them to the hospital. James stood beside his mother's bed and told her that he had taken drugs and that Mic had saved his life. She looked at Mic and pulled him close for a hug and a heart felt thanks.
    Mr. Traffen was still in critical, but stable condition. He was in a drug induced coma to allow his body time to heal. He had shielded the body of his wife with his own and even used his over coat to wrap around her legs to give her more warmth. The temperature outside of the car was a minus sixteen degrees when the couple was finally rescued.
    Mic stayed back as Scotty and James stood to either side of their father's bed and prayed for him. The doctors were doing all that they could, Devine Intervention was needed. It was five days before his eyes fluttered and he uttered his first words. He had lost both feet to frostbite, but he was alive.
    The next morning he was moved to another room and the entire family gathered around him, with Mic at the center of the crowd. Scott and James confessed to their parents their own trials and how Mic had saved their lives. They told them that it was Mic that got down on his knees several times each day and prayed for James, and for the safety of the parents.
    When it was learned that the parents were found snowbound it was Mic that got on the telephone and organized a prayer vigil with around the clock prayer warriors sending up their petitions to the Lord for the safe return of the Traffens.
    Scotty even came out to his parents and told them that he was in love with Mic.
    His mother threw her hand over her mouth. His dad turned his face to the wall. There was deathly silence in the room for an eternal period of time, about a full minute. His dad spoke first. "We are happy for you, son. Your mother and I have known for a long time what your feelings for Mic were. Of course we hoped that things would work out between you and Julie, but they were not to be. Mic is a very fine boy and we will welcome him into our home as a member of our family."
    His mother walked over to Mic and pulled him against her bosom for a tight hug then she drew Scotty in next to him and hugged them both.
    Life became much different in Scotty's household. Mic was almost always there. His father was still in the hospital and the doctors did not know when, if ever, he would be able to return home. His lungs were seriously scared and his circulation was not good. The family had been prepared for the worst.
    James grew stronger and soon regained his former strength. His body filled out once again and he began to workout and shortly he was dating again. Graduation loomed on the near horizon for the high school senior and he looked forward to having his father sitting in attendance for the event. That was not meant to be.
    James had proposed to his longtime girlfriend and she had said yes. Her father had given her hand freely and James looked forward to telling his parents the good news. He walked into his home to find his mother sitting with the telephone in her lap, she was crying. "Your father is gone. He passed away about a half an hour ago and I wasn't by his side. The doctors thought that he was doing so well. I came home to change and get cleaned up because I heard that you had some good news to depart to us this evening." She broke down in tears. James knelt and pulled her head against his strong shoulder.
    James walked across the stage, tall and proud. A week later he and the love of his life ran down the aisle amidst the well wishes of many friends and family. The new couple departed for their honeymoon to Niagra Falls.

    Scotty and Mic are as solid as any couple. They are committed to each other in every way. Though younger, Bryn and Mel are just as devoted. They welcome Scotty as part of their family and Mitch feels blessed to have four such outstanding young sons. Life in the Collins household can not get any better.

    Two years have passed and the love that the four boys share with one another has only gotten stronger. Mrs. Traffen moved in with James and his wife to take care of her grandson. it is a job that she looks on with relish. Scotty has moved into the Collins house and has claimed as his right, half of Mic's bedroom. Which half we are not sure, but we believe that it is probably the top half as Mic prefers that down under position more and more often these days.
    Mitch was very happy for Mic. Scotty has become a part of the household and he shares a love with Mic that seems to know no bounds. Mrs. Traffen was needed to help her daughter-in-law with their new baby. The daughter-in-law returned to college and her work in a law office, which she hoped would set her on the path to becoming a lawyer someday. Mrs. Traffen was all to happy to stay and raise the baby.
    Mitch is planning a long trip to the Orient to attend a series of trade fairs from Japan to China. He is anguished about what do with four teenage boys. Mic and Scotty are eighteen, but hardly mature enough to watch after two sixteen year old boys for three months. He wished that he could find some sort of a trip for the boys that would be fun, inexpensive, and educational. His wish was about to come true in a way that he could never have hoped for.

    Mitch was surprised when the large black helicopter sat down outside his office unannounced. He quickly went out to meet it and found himself face to face with the legendary Chris Dickson in the company of Andrew Foss. The two men had some concerns that needed to be discussed in private.
    Mitch sat back in total surprise as he learned for the first time of his wife's involvement with a man by the name of Samí Oban. He knew that his wife was seeing another man, but he had never learned a name. He had been relieved that the misery of the last few months of his marriage had ended peacefully and that the three boys seemed to accept things the way they were. Life had taken on laughter and joy in the Collins house once again. Bryn was a blessing. He was a good boy and the love that was being shared between the three boys seemed to make each of them stronger. Scott was as much a part of his family as his own three boys.
    Chris shared a brief history of this Oban character with Mitch before he passed over documents that showed that Nan was a sex slave in a harem in Tanzania. Mitch almost laughed out loud. He had no feelings for his wife of seventeen years, not after what she had done to him and his sons at a critical time in their young lives.-For more information on this situation readers of the long version of Traveler can read chapter 209. Traveler has temporarily ended on-line.
    He thought long and hard before he decided to tell Chris his family secret. Foss International knew full well of his sexual history with Ted Elders. Everything about his life was known to the agency before any contracts were ever signed. Mr. Foss had told him that his sexual secrets made him a better candidate for work within his organization. He let it slip that everyone he worked with had homosexual pasts. He shared that it made for a tighter community.
    Chris let it be known that the relationship between his eldest son and Scott Traffen was also known to the organization. The relationship between his youngest son, Mel, and his ward, Bryn, was not known, but suspected. Chris assured him that this information was strictly confidential and that nobody outside of the investigators, Andy, and himself had knowledge of the report.
    Chris told him that because of the nature of FOSS International, and the work that it does, that everybody connected to it lived in a glass bottle and were watched very closely. It was more than a matter of national security, it ranged on global security.
    Mitch had built a small micro chip manufacturing plant into a multi-million dollar industry with a chip that only randomized data. It randomized data faster than any chip of its kind on the market and that is what made Foss International interested in it. Over the years he had learned that it was Chris that had married his chip to a chip that Foss himself made. Chris was an enigma. He was the strong silent type, but when he spoke everyone took notice. His voice was always welcome and his input sound.
    Mitch had only learned what is common public knowledge about the man. He is a knight in four countries. He wears the Presidential Freedom Medal and his nephew is the King of Munedavia. On top of that he knew that the man owned schools for gay boys all over the world. That part convinced him seek advise about raising four homosexual teenagers of his own.
    As the shock of the revelation about his wife faded into obscurity Mitch broached another subject. He told his visitors that he was to attend trade shows in Japan, Korea, and China. Those shows would take up most of his summer. The nature of the tour would make it very difficult to entertain the four boys. He feared that they would be bored and that they might create problems for him as they sought something to do.
    Chris leaned forward and looked at Mitch for a long time. He told Mitch that he was taking the entire enrollment of his school in Tucson on a trip to Parga, Greece for the summer. He told him that he had a new school there that was ready for new students and that he was going to let his boys run amuck in the Grecian woods and strike terror in the wild life as their naked butts enjoyed their own form of wild life.
    Chris offered to include the four boys from Mitch's home in the tour. Mitch was excited about the prospects of such a trip. He called for the boys to come to his office where he introduced them to Chris and Andy. Chris sat down with the four boys in private. He took them by couples then as a group. When they rejoined Mitch and Andy it had been decided. The four boys would go to Greece to learn how real fag boys lived.

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