Bully High

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Anon


Almost 13, Sheldon Matthews’ life became a living nightmare shortly after entering grade 7 at Bull Valley High School, a combined facility for junior and senior students, with over 1,500 kids. His milk money and sometimes lunches were handed over to a band of thugs led by Greg Coulter, a grade 10 senior, feared by many of the juniors he was shaking down and beating up.


Mary Matthews suspected something was wrong with Sheldon. Lately, he just wasn’t his usual good-natured self. She noticed the bruises which he claimed were sustained in gym class, and his appetite had increased to four sandwiches instead of two, and double the fruit cups, cookies or cake she packed. She didn’t know her son was packing a second lunch, and hadn’t noticed and didn’t give much thought to the fact that the paper lunch bags in the cupboard were dwindling much faster than usual. Mary never guessed Sheldon was making up two lunch bags - one which he hid in a washroom garbage can to be eaten later while sitting in a toilet cubicle - and the other bag without the $1.00 for milk to be purchased in the cafeteria.


“What’s fer lunch today, Shelly?” Greg would ask, inevitably crossing paths in the hallway between first and second period. “Fucking hope it ain’t peanut butter and jam again. You know I only like meat sandwiches.”


Sheldon despised being called “Shelly”, a derogatory nickname insinuating he was a girl because of his longish, blonde, curly hair and fair-skin features. Greg once rubbed the peanut butter sandwich in Sheldon’s face, calling it “fag makeup”. Although he loved peanut butter and jam, his choice of sandwich was soon replaced with roast beef, ham or chicken, light on the mustard and mayonnaise: “I’m not a little kid anymore, mom!”


Mary accepted his reasoning - after all, he wasn’t in grade school anymore; peanut butter and jam were rather juvenile, weren’t they? However, she did make a mental note to call the doctor and have him tested for tapeworms, due to his odd increase in appetite; not to mention his changed demeanor, which her girlfriend suggested was only the “terrible-teen” syndrome. Call it mother’s intuition or whatever, but Mary remained sceptical.


“Hey Shelly, how bout a blowjob!” Greg suddenly began to tease, grasping a handful of fabric from his thin tracksuit crotch, causing his four henchmen to laugh every time. A swift punch to Sheldon’s side just below the rib cage, would always follow - Sheldon never knowing which side the punch would be inflicted … sometimes both sides.


When his $20 weekly allowance, earned from doing household chores, was no longer enough to appease Greg and prevent him from physically abusing Sheldon, he began stealing money from his mother’s purse. Even so, the verbal insults calling him queer, fag and homo continued.

Sheldon began to question his appearance, so one day he cut his own hair, thinking that perhaps it was the root of what was becoming an epidemic of rumors about his sexuality. Mary was pissed! Sheldon’s golden locks lay in the bathroom sink, looking like furry caterpillars.


“You can bloody well go to school looking like that, mister!” she screamed, the thought of taking him to a barber replaced by the decision to set an example through humiliation. “What the hell is wrong with you, Sheldon Matthews?” she screamed, running from the bathroom in tears.


“Fuck off, bitch!” he yelled after her, slamming the bathroom door and locking it. Snip, snip, snip … he tried to improve on it, wondering how much hair dye costs at the drugstore.


“Yer mother use a lawn mower to cut yer hair, faggo?” Greg pointed and laughed the next day in school. “Now how am I supposed to hold yer head in place while ya blow me?”


Sheldon went home after school and begged his mother to have his hair cut and styled properly. The barber had to wash his hair twice to remove all the greasy gel he had used in an attempt to straighten his curls. The fat Greek barber laughed at him cynically, saying, “You look like a half-plucked chicken wing who fell into a pan of olive oil!” much to his mother’s smug pleasure, and to his already deflated self-esteem.


Suddenly, an awareness formed in Sheldon’s mind, and he now knew the reason behind all the torment he was suffering. Greg won’t stop the verbal and physical abuse … the teen was serious and preoccupied, hiding behind his jestful insults in front of his followers.


Sheldon hardly slept that night with the realisation. Could his intuition be correct, or was his gut feeling way off the mark? What if he, Sheldon, was ‘that way’ and never knew it … yet others saw it. He was only mildly interested in girls - they seemed alien to him - yet girls were all that some boys talked about at school. He had long ago been ostracized from any friends - thanks to Greg Coulter - no one wanting to be seen associating with Shelly the faggot.


As much as he tried to deny it, the visions of Greg’s vividly defined manhood, repeatedly gripped in his hand under the white nylon, was a curious sight. At times, Sheldon could make out the ridge, enough to suggest the teen was circumcised - merely an innocent observation, he convinced himself. Who couldn’t notice the common sight of Greg’s usual protruding crotch? Only that Sheldon got to see it a little more intimately than most, when Greg performed his almost daily ritual, just short of exposing himself. Greg’s enforcers were either dumb not to notice, or more likely ignoring their leader’s crude antics as just messing with the junior faggot.


“Shit, I rather liked the lawn-mower look ya had yesterday,” Greg said in the hall between classes, his posse nowhere to be seen. “You almost looked like a guy, Shelly!” he laughed, about to walk away.


“Wait, Greg,” Sheldon said nervously, scanning the hall full of bustling students after last period. Unable to look Greg in the face for too long, he swallowed, gathering his courage, moving from foot to foot, and stuttered, “I--I’ll--I’ll blow ya if that’s what ya want, if you’ll leave me alone.” There, he finally said it after long deliberations. The only question now … was Greg only teasing - or not?


Greg’s eyes widened with a look of shock on his face, before quickly looking around to ensure no one was paying attention.  Still nervously looking around everywhere except at Sheldon, he quietly said between his teeth, “Meet me in the handicap bathroom on the second floor,” before walking away red-faced.

Shelson was scared to death. As much as he had planned the moment and waited patiently for a few days to find Greg alone, the reality of his plan to free himself of Greg’s abuse and prevent further harm - the only way he believed he could - was nerve wracking.


Sheldon was pleased that his suspicions were on the money - Greg truly wanted a blowjob, it seemed. He turned and made his way in the opposite direction of his nemesis, down two flights of stairs, rethinking his strategy and literally shaking from head to toe, wondering if he had made the right decision. If it was the wrong decision, he’d get the shit kicked out of him in the handicap bathroom.


Sheldon checked to see if any of Greg’s comrades were hanging about.  Seeing none, he slowly made his way with much trepidation to the bathroom door. It was locked, of course. He knocked lightly, the thought of running away presenting a very viable alternative. He heard the click and saw the silver handle lower, the door opened a crack - enough to see that it was Greg’s quarter profile peering at him. The door opened further, and Sheldon scooted inside, closing and locking the door, and finding that Greg was thankfully alone in the bathroom, looking as scared and as uncomfortable as he was. Sheldon noted the teen’s out-of-character unguarded change from his usual tough-guy demeanor, looking sheepish and tongue-tied, unable to utter whatever was on his mind.


Sheldon was quiet as well - after all, they weren't there for a friendly chit-chat. Quite noticeable was the protrusion in Greg’s sweatpants - with an obvious wet-spot forming - the shrouded contents of which gave Sheldon the jitters, wondering if he could go through with it. He plopped down on the toilet shaking like a leaf, staring up at Greg staring down at him. Time stood still for a moment, with Sheldon eying the white string tied in a bow, a simple tug away from a life-changing decision.


Greg took one step forward, closing the gap between them, his crotch literally an inch away from Sheldon’s face. Gathering courage, he pulled the drawstring watching the loops grow smaller until the strings were hanging loose. Immediately, Greg’s cock caused a slight gap at the waistband, the tip of his pink head visible enough for Sheldon to see the slimy piss-slit. ‘Who didn’t wear underwear?’ Sheldon thought.


Looping his thumbs under the fabric at Greg’s hips, he slowly lowered the sweats momentarily dragging the large cock down with them, until it sprung free. Sheldon had seen other guys dicks before, but certainly not an erect one! He was mildly impressed, although it appeared menacing, and his hand trembled as it circled the warm and meaty girth at least two hands in length.


Sheldon had come this far, but the true objective of putting it in his mouth was yet undecided. Perhaps Greg would settle for a hand-job thus saving him any further humiliation? That idea was thwarted shortly after, when Greg broke the silence saying, “I could jerk myself off, Shelly. You told me you wanted to suck it, now do it!”


Sheldon closed his eyes and opened his mouth leaning his head forward, until his lips touched the wet skin. The smell wasn’t unpleasant, perhaps a soapy scent, Greg having showered after gym class. It had no real taste other than his sweet pre-cum, also surprisingly not unpleasant. And then he realized a greater threat he hadn’t thought through: “Don’t cum in my mouth!” he warned, his words giving him a sense of detachment from performing the disgusting act. He wasn’t queer; queers would be indifferent to eating another guy’s load; right?


Greg never offered a rebuttal to Sheldon’s warning; the only sound from his mouth was heavy breathing and occasional sighs and gasps. However, he did place his hands gently on the back of Sheldon’s head, which kind of unnerved him, although no force was applied, indicating to Sheldon that the teen was content with his efforts.


For someone who had absolutely no experience sucking cock, Sheldon was astonished at the fact that he was somehow doing a decent job; taking a good deal of length on his forward moves, keeping the shaft tight in his mouth, and hand masturbating Greg. Breathing was rather difficult, having to back off in order to replenish his oxygen, eye level with Greg’s thick balls which he had an urge to weigh in the palm of his hand, deciding to hold them while he went back to servicing the cock. Greg seemed to like the hold on his nuts, and murmured, “Damn, that feels good. Suck those, too, Sheldon.”


Sheldon? Not Shelly? Greg’s use of his proper name was somehow reassuring. Maybe they had reached a level of mutual respect? It had in fact put Sheldon at ease about what he was doing to win Greg over - his intention all along.


Sheldon took a walnut-size testicle in his mouth and rolled his tongue around it for reasons beyond logic - he did it blindly without thought - even puffing the other silky-smooth nut, despite the few sparse hairs.


Sheldon battled with his emotions. He refused to believe he might be enjoying Greg’s masculinity and attention a little too much. He never really had a male figure in his life; his father ran off years ago, and his mom never replaced the prick. He often wished he had a big brother to look up to and protect him from bullies like the one he was blowing. Compounding matters was his own erection, uncomfortably snug in his jeans.


Someone tried the door handle, giving both boys a momentary fright. Greg had reached for the sweatpants around his ankles and had them at his knees ,before he calmed down and put his cock back in Sheldon’s mouth. Minutes later, he came!


Sheldon had no idea until his taste buds detected the bitterness, as well as the fluid spreading in his mouth, which wasn’t his own saliva. Greg’s grip prevented Sheldon from backing his head off. “FUCK!” the older teen screamed, unloading  his jism. Sheldon should have known Greg wasn’t to be trusted; he spluttered and gagged before accepting his fate, feeling betrayed.


“Thanks, dude. That was awesome!” Greg said pulling up his pants, tucking his semi-hard cock inside, and secured the drawstrings. “Never had one before.”


Sheldon was skeptical and asked with a bitter tone, “Ya mean you never forced another guy to blow ya?”


“I never forced you. You offered. I said thanks, didn’t I?” he said sincerely, not in a bullying tone. “Wanna come hang out at Ricky's?


Sheldon was taken aback. Ricky’s was a burger joint frequented by many seniors after school. “Sure!” he relied, perhaps a little too excited about being seen at Ricky’s in the company of Greg - not that he didn’t feel like a fish out of water.


He accepted the lift home offered by Gerald, a sixteen year old friend of Greg’s, who also crawled into the front seat of the older model car, next to Sheldon. But Gerald didn’t drive him directly home. He pulled off Highway 22 onto a dirt road, and parked.


“Gerald wants a blowjob, Shelly,” Greg said smiling. “I can sure use another one, too!”


Gerald wasted no time pulling down his jeans and underwear, his hard cock much smaller than Greg’s, which he stroked, looking at Sheldon with anticipation.


“No way. Let me out!” His words were futile.


Greg grabbed him by the hair and shoved his head down to Gerald’s lap, “Come on, Shelly. Be nice.”


Sheldon had no choice - be hurt, or comply. He never once thought he would end up being the gang’s cock-sucker. Six teenagers used his mouth from that night on … but he was never bullied or beat up again … and for that he was thankful, more than happy to be on his knees pulling train, amused at the difference in sizes, shapes, and tastes of semen!


Not long afterwards, Greg and his buddies were bullying another junior. Sheldon approached the boy, and in no uncertain terms, gave him advice. Sheldon only smiled, watching the kid enter the handicap washroom to meet Greg. Sheldon was soon relieved of duties, becoming an affiliate member of the bully squad. And better yet, got his first blowjob!




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