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But You Will Not Know My Name – ch2

I felt the warmth of something raising up my body, I felt so relaxed for the first time in years, it has been so long since I could remember ever feeling like this.

I was trying to open my eyes, but I just could not manage it, my eyelids felt like concrete and they did not want to open. I had a feeling that I was ok, but not at the same time, it was such a surreal feeling.

The warmth continued to raise higher up my body, my legs, my thighs, over my groin, it just felt so wonderful.

Although I was feeling relaxed I wanted to move, I wanted to know why I was feeling the way I was and what really was happening to me.

I sensed movement in the room, it was someone, but I do not know who it was, the person did not scare me, but the person made me feel safe. I felt the warmth still rise up my body it was now at my neck, on my lips, my nose, and then...

My eyes just opened, the force that prevented them from opening was gone and I could see as clear as day that I was in my home, laying on my bed and the room was empty and I was naked and the warmth was gone.

I looked around and everything seemed normal, nobody was there. I attempted to stand but felt a bit light headed, my vision was some what distorted, no that is wrong to say, it was not distorted, I could see everything in the clearest detail, I sensed a noise coming from the window, and immediately I zoomed in on what it was, the smallest of spiders, I could see its eyes and I could hear it move, I was alarmed yet reassured by something but not sure what it was.

I finally stood up, taking in my room as if it was the first time I saw it, I walked a round and I felt like I was walking on air, as I looked down at myself, I saw that I was the same but different, I always had a defined body but it was more detailed, the muscles in my stomach were ripped, the definition in my legs was sculptured, I looked really good.

I put on some underwear and carefully walked down the stairs, as I walked I heard movement from the kitchen, I assumed someone was home so headed towards the noise.

As I opened the door, there he was the man from school, the beautiful stranger, I looked at him and I knew him but could not pin point from where.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Lets just say your parents have asked me to look after you” he said too calmly.

“Not being funny, but that makes no sense I am 18, and I pretty much look after myself, like all the time.” I said to him kind of pissed.

“You need to sit down, things are happening and you need to be briefed” he said in a rather formal way.

Without thinking about it, I sat down and just looked at the stranger, he was beautiful, he top fitted his physique perfectly,you could see the muscles underneath and they got me a little aroused. I sat down and just looked at him as if to say, well spit it out then.

Picking up on my stare, he began, “You are in danger, as are all people that are like you and I...”

He knows am gay? He's Gay?

“... No its nothing to do with your being gay...” he said.

Did he just read my mind?

“You are very special, you have a destiny so to speak and I am here to train you and keep you safe and make sure you understand your potential.”

This guy was cute but insane, destiny and potential he made me sound inhuman, I just rolled my eyes at him, “not sure what you are taking but I know somewhere really good you can go to get your head sorted” I joked and began to stand.

“Sit down!!” he commanded calmly.

My body seemed to be doing its own thing because that is exactly what I did, even though my head was like lets get the fuck out of here.

“Fine explain and get to the point quickly, I am pretty sure I should be at school” I said trying to remember what had happened.

“You are an anomaly, your parents are very special people but you are even more special, because they have given you great power, you are part of a line of the greatest good, you have the strength of the strongest person to walk the earth and you have the power of the strongest mystic...” he offered as an explanation.

“So your saying am like some super powered Buffy, Charmed, slayer witchy thing?” I joked.

“Pretty much spot on” he said flatly.

I just looked at him, as I did he walked towards me and I tensed up, I was thinking this guy was like totally nuts, but as he approached me I felt that there was truth in what he was saying, but this could no way be true, me a super bad ass, mega strong, he-witch.

He touched my hand and held it, this felt strange but in a really good way, I felt something like electricity when he did this, I looked into his eyes, trying to figure out who he was, I saw beauty in them but also I sad type of emptiness. “You need to understand yourself completely if you are to stop what is to come” he said.

“OK OK what’s to come? And I know who I am so what do you mean I need to understand myself?” I said pushing for answers.

“Do you accept yourself?” he said.

“What do you mean do I accept myself? I know I am gay, I guess I accept that, I know that am a little bit messed up in the head but who could blame me after...” I faded out.

“So your gay, just wanted to clarify that.” He said with an awesome smile. “You are not as messed up as you think, even after what happened to you.”

“You know what happened, but how, no one does, not even my parents.” I was getting angry and began to cry.

I realised I was still holding his hand and as he saw the tears come down my face he pulled me into him and held me, he muscular arms surrounded my own muscular frame and he then lightly kissed my head and reassured me everything would be OK. As he held me I felt my self become excited, there was a stirring in my groin, the way he held me had such an amazing affect on me. He began to laugh as if knowing what I was feeling and said “teenage boys”.

I moved away from him and felt belittled by his comment, he pulled me back and placed his lips on mine, we kissed and then he told me “this is meant to be, my love”.

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