But you will not know my name – ch4

I stood frozen, watching my best friend laying motionless on the floor, I was trying to move, I wanted to see if he was OK, I was frightened, one by the fact I had hurt my friend, two, had I killed him, but what troubled me most was how I managed to do that. I know am strong but not strong enough to propel another across the room in the fashion that I just did.

I began to move towards Trey, I was at his side in the blink of an eye or so it felt that way, he was breathing that I could tell. I bent down to look at him, I touched the wound on the back of his head, there was so much blood seeping out, I needed to do something, I could not lose him, even if he was attracted me. That kiss was amazing. Think, I need to think, I held my hand over the wound trying to slow the flow of blood, I just wanted this to be over, I wanted him to be OK.

As I held my hand, I began to feel heat radiating from them, I did not know what it was, but it felt soothing, I could feel the heat get warmer, but as I looked there was light coming from my hands and I could see the wound close.

I jumped back, unable to describe what had just happened. Trey began to move and sit up with his back against the wall.

You healed me?”

I did what?! How? This does not make any sense”.

I know who you are, I know what you are and you have finally come in to your own.”

I was not really comprehending what he said, I had healed him, I had come into my own, seriously, he knew who I was.

Your eyes were blue.” I said as a statement rather than a question.

They have always been blue” he said laughing.

You know what I mean, they were shining, the brightest blue, it was like a heavenly light it was like I could see your soul. What is going on?”

If you promise not to freak out again, I will try and explain everything, but you must keep your emotions in check. Agreed?”

I nodded in agreement as he began to explain first of all his feelings towards me.

He told me how he always knew I was gay and that he had known for a while about himself, he was attracted to me, but only me, he did not have these feelings for any other guy. I thought to myself that he was very specific about the word guy.

I stopped him at this point, “Do you love me?”, call me vain but it has to help boost the ego if someone is in love with you.

Yes, and for as long as I have known you I have felt this for you”.

I understood his feelings for me, well to understand is more to say I get he likes me, but what about all the creepy shit that had just happened, how does that relate to all this.

Trey looked deep into my eyes and without saying a word, I began to hear him speak without moving his mouth.

2015 years ago it was foretold that there would come a time when dark would outweigh the light in the world, the forces that guide life would have to choose sides as a battle would begin that would finally decide the fate of humanity and all life on Earth as well as the Universe.

Through this time of what would decide the rest of existence, one person with two souls would fight for the greater good, that person would ultimately decide all of fate.

That person is you. You are either the saviour or you are the un-doer. The decision ultimately comes down to you. What you choose to do is only for you to decide. And that will only happen when your true self is shown, when a name is chosen.

As for me I am a guide, I was placed here to watch out for you to help you decide what should be, but during our existence together, I felt closer to you than any other being. I will not decide anything for you but I will care for you, and lead you down the road of what is good.

I could no longer hear Trey in my head, everything seemed pretty much normal, I was not sure if what he told me could be possibly true, how could it? However, something inside me told me it was and that I had a big decision.

The first thing that came to mind out of all this was my day dream.

Who was the man in my dream? Because that was real? It was wasn't it? Am right?”.

As you are the ultimate power, for want of a better word, you are going to decide what will happen to life, there is another me, my alter ego, I guess you could say, he will be the one to help you from a different perspective, he is here for the dark.”

Oh my god, he was so hot, how could he be so bad. I guess it explains the reason why I felt the same feelings when I kissed both of them. Was it still a kiss when I was dreaming? Anyway, how stupid is all this, I must make a decision, of course I am going to kill life as we know it. NOT!!

I choose the greater good.”

You can't just do that, you need to make an informed decision, you need to see all sides, and only then can it happen, either way there will be a battle, it is just about what side you want to be on.”

So what happens now?”

Over the coming months you will be escorted through the wondrous beings of the light and dark, when the light is longest and the dark is shortest that is when you will decide. But please know this I am here for all things light, but regardless of that I am and always be your best friend, who loves you.”

He kissed me on the cheek and vanished right in front of my eyes. And all I could think was, I need to really get my head checked out.