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But you will not know my name – ch5

It had been 2 days since Trey had told me all about my supposed fate or should I say the supposed fate of the world and beyond. I did not want to believe any of it but it all felt so real that I could not discount any thing that he had said to me.

The weekend had gone by quick, and I was trying to do some research on what had been told, surprisingly I came up with nothing, I am not sure what expected to find but I hoped there would be something.

Monday was the same day it always had been, however, Trey never made an attempt to come and speak to me, this saddened me, I liked the guy, he was always there for me, regardless of the prophecy speech, I just could not get my head a round the fact he actually loved me, you think I would have been more awkward with the whole one person two souls part but his feelings frightened me more, because I did not know how I felt for him.

At lunch time I went and sat outside, it was quite warm for a January, it felt nice having the sun shine on to my face and having a fresh breeze sweep over me. As I sat there thinking about the meaning of my life, I felt as if I was being watched, as I looked around nothing in particular stood out to me, the nerds still studied, the cheerleaders still cheered, yet I knew I was being watched.

I stood up to take in more of my surroundings, and that is when it hit me, the beautiful stranger was here, I do not know how I knew that I could not see him but I could sense him. I started to walk towards the field, my senses getting stronger. And there stood in the centre was him, wearing a similar figure hugging top which made me just want him.

I knew he knew what I had just thought to myself because a smile appeared on his face, as he did this he held out his hand and all I wanted to do was touch it.

As I touched it, the world evaporated around me and within seconds we were stood in ruins, the sun was even more intense, there were marble walk ways all around us. Pillars surrounding us with headless statues. But directly in front about 100 yards away at the bottom of a steep decline was the most amazing building and this was something that I had seen before, I am sure had seen it before.

Where are we?”

Where do you think we are?”

Stop bullshitting me, I cannot be dealing with any more of the cryptic s!”

We are in the place where your being was foretold, this is the place where you begin your journey. Walk with me, if you will!”

I began to walk still holding this strangers hand, it was such a nice feeling, and I must admit that I was incredibly attracted to him, the worse part being is that he knew this. As I had that thought I realised I did not know his name, I stopped walking towards the huge structure that was in front of us, and I pulled him towards me.

If everything that I have been told is true, you are the dark side of all this magic stuff, right? And if that is true, why should I trust you? And what is your name?”.

My name is Dante and yes I guess you can say I am from the dark side. That sounds so star wars, don't you think! As for trusting me, other than preconceived ideas do you have any reason not to trust me?”

I guess he was right other than believing him to be bad I had no actual reason to not trust him. I grinned and carried on the walk to the structure a head of us.

As we came closer to the building I felt the ground either side of us disintegrate, the marble road leading to the building remained but the rest of the world was gone, we were surrounded by infinite space, I was scared and wished that this would all just stop, however, I am not sure why but I knew I would be safe if I was with Dante and I knew I would be completely safe when I was in the confounds of that building.

Dante did not seem to have changed in the slightest, his composure remained and his confidence was infectious and it made me feel at ease.

We finally got to our destination, as we stepped in to the building the path way behind us disappeared into space, there were lanterns in the four corners of this gigantic place, I knew it was old, this place in its time would have been a place of pure beauty but age had done its best and made this place of beauty have a ring of death about it.

It is your job to find the original prophecy, in its 2000 years it never left this place, that we know, but what we do not know is where it is. It is protected by good and bad equally and you yourself being equal in both is the only being who can find it.” Dante said with a look of his empowering confidence.

I looked around, the room was empty, it was huge, how was I suppose to find anything in here, how could it still be here after all that time. I looked at the scratched marble floor, the intricate murals on the walls, but there was nothing. However, Dante believed in me, I knew I could do this.

I started to walk around looking for any hint of what I was looking for, in fairness I was expecting something like a piece of paper, but that could not be true as it would have been destroyed along with the rest of this place.

As I continued to walk, I looked at Dante, who still stood smiling at me, but then I noticed a familiar face behind him. It was Trey.

Trey, what are you doing here?” I said with some relief.

He walked and stood right next to Dante, they both eyed each other, and for the first time I noticed the confidence in Dante vanish and he became a little darker in his features.

I am here to witness on behalf of the light” that is all that Trey said and I was left to continue my search.

Over the last few days I felt an itch in my stomach, and stood in this place it was beginning to over power me I was suppose to find the prophecy but could not focus with this feeling. I was becoming anxious and could feel my breathing become heavier.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax my body. I tried to block out everything around me, I tried to focus on myself, and then I felt a surge of energy rise through me and as I opened my eyes light beamed out of my body, it was black and white light circling each other, it shot up to the black sky and then smashed into the marble floor.

All my anxieties disappeared at that moment, I walked towards the place where the light hit and within the smallest crack was a speckle of silver, I bent down to see what it was, and laying there in the dirt was a silver ring engraved with some sort of writing on it.

I turned to face Dante and Trey, both were smiling, at this point they looked at each other and held out their hands and clasped them together and their bodies became one.