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But you will not know my name – ch6

I stood in the ruined spaced, and just stared at what had happened right before my eyes. Trey had become Dante or Dante had become Trey, I really was not sure of what had just happened.

I had found this weird silver ring, with the most amazing intricate writing on it and my best friend and the hottest guy I had ever seen had become one.

I tried to speak but no sound came out.

I tried to move but I was frozen to the spot.

Both of these things were not because I was scared I could physically not do either no matter how much I tried to push my body to do so.

Trey/Dante walked towards me, in one glimpse I saw the heavenly beauty of Trey and in another I saw the dark and enchanting Dante, but with all that they were neither the same or different.

As they got closer I felt my body become looser and I felt movement in my limbs again, I moved towards Trey/Dante and slowly wrapped him in my arms, desperate to be held, desperate to know what had happened.

Within in seconds, I was stood on my own in the centre of the field, I looked in my hand and saw the silver ring, it was so beautiful, however, I stared at it the writings that were there before had disappeared. I squeezed it in my hand and then placed it in my pocket.

As I turned a round, I saw one of my friends, Sarah, approach me, she looked concerned for me, that much I can tell. I just stared at her.

“Are you OK? I have been shouting you for like 5 minutes and you didn't even move. You look white as a sheet!” Sarah said worried for me.

I looked at her and she was the beautiful girl in the world, I knew she liked me in more than just friendship but even with her silky blond hair, her gorgeous curves and her dazzling eyes she would never be for me.

“I am fine, just taking in the scenery, must have zoned out.”

“You looked like you were somewhere totally different, are you sure you're OK?”

As she asked the bell rang calling, signalling the end of the lunch period, if she pushed me to explain anything I really was not sure if I could lie with conviction she always saw straight through me. Instead we just walked to class and that was the end of that.

I was sat in my final class of the day, English, something I always did good in so did not feel the need to pay to much attention.

I got the ring out of my pocket and examined it, trying to figure out why it had changed. The ring gave me a feeling like it belonged to me, it was beautiful even for such an inanimate object. I looked at it, smelt it and listened to it. I am not sure what it was but this did not just belong to me, it was a part of me.

I had an urge to put it on my finger, never been one for jewellery but this was for me. I slowly placed the ring on my index finger, and I suddenly recalled my deepest darkest secret.

I was 11 years old, it had been one of the best days of my life, not for any particular reason, but it was just a great day, Trey and I were just wrestling around, having fun with each other.

At about 4 that day we were in the park just chilling out and talking about various things in school. I felt the sudden urge and need to pee, so I excused myself and went to the toilets in the park.

I walked in and unzipped my pants and just let it flowed. I had an eerie feeling, I looked around but everything was as it should be.

I finished peeing and went to wash my hands, when a man appeared out of no where, and I mean out of no where, he definitely did not come through the door.

If I was to guess the man was approaching his 40's, he looked charming but with a dark aura about him. As I finished washing my hands, I went to leave but the man grabbed me and pushed me into a cubicle.

I tried to push him away but he was just too strong for me, he pulled down my trousers and pushed me against he toilet and that is when it happened...

I was sat back in my classroom, I could feel my heart trying to get out of my chest, I looked around and realised everyone was staring at me. I was covered in sweat, I stood and bolted from the class, as fast as I could I ran to my car and drove home.

As I went into my house, I felt my stop churn and the next thing I noticed I was emptying the contents of my stomach on to the kitchen floor..

The ring was still on my finger, I looked at it and knew I had to remove it, I slowly pulled it off my finger and everything seemed to settle, life was as normal as it could be.

I cleaned up the vomit from the floor and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I stared at myself in the mirror, thinking about everything that had transpired in the last few days, it all did not make sense, and then I thought about the horrible vision I had, since the day it happened, it had never felt so real since, I felt violated all over again.

In my bedroom, I lay on my bed trying to think of anything else, but nothing worked, I prayed for Trey to be here, he would make this all feel better.

As quick as I though of him the being that was Trey/Dante appeared before me, he saw how scared I was and just came and lay on the bed with me holding me in his arms, protecting me from the world.

“Kiss me!” I demanded.

“Are sure that is what you want?”

“Please, make me feel that none of this is real, make me feel wanted. Be with me.”

With that said, Trey/Dante, climbed on top of me and kissed me with more passion than I ever felt before, My cock hardened immediately, and it was pressed into Trey/Dante. I could feel his hardness too, I moaned in to his mouth. I finally let go and was at peace with all of this magic stuff. As long as I had the man on top of me, I would always be OK.


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