Butterflies Fly Free - by BW Copyright 2006 by billwstories

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Legal Notice:

The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. The story is a work of fiction and has no basis in reality.

Don't read this story if:

**You're not 18 or over, **If it is illegal to read this type of material where you live,

**Or if you don't want to read about gay/bi people in love or having sex.

The author retains copyright to this story. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. Legal action will be taken against violators.

I wish to extend my thank you to Emoe57 for his editorial assistance, and to Art and Uwe for their additional input on various chapters along the way.

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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.