Butterflies Fly Free - by BW Copyright 2007 by billwstories

Chapter 17: Coping.

**Author's Note:** Please read the disclaimer in Chapter 00 before you read this.

Saturday, I drove the boys to the high school basketball courts after breakfast. I didn't really want to play today, but I did it for Colt. I didn't want him to think I was refusing to join them now, just because I had caught Jason and him sucking each other. I had to keep everything as normal as possible, so he wouldn't think I lied about what I'd told him.

Once we reached the courts, we waited for everyone else to show up. The others began to arrive a few minutes later, but it soon became apparent Albert wasn't going to make an appearance. None of us knew whether this was a bad sign, indicating Bert had not worked out all of his emotional issues, or if it just meant that he wasn't feeling well or something else had come up. Regardless of the reason, I took this opportunity to excuse myself and get out of playing. I explained to the boys they had enough for a three-on-three game, so they should enjoy themselves and I'd come back in a couple of hours to pick them up. After listening to their protests and suggestions that we could all sub in and out, I declined their generous offers and got in my car and drove back home.

I used the time to straighten up the bed in the spare bedroom and then I went out to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. This not only allowed me to complete some jobs that I'd been putting off, but it was also therapeutic. It gave me a chance to work out some of the pent up frustration I'd felt since I'd discovered the boys in bed together. When I finished, I took a quick shower and then drove to the high school to collect the boys. They were still playing ball as I pulled in, so I sat in the car and waited for them to finish. Before long, the game ended and they came running over to join me.

"I'm whipped," Jason announced, as he hopped inside.

"Me too," Colt agreed. "Those were some wicked games. You should have stayed Leo. You would have enjoyed it too."

"Maybe, but I used my time wisely," I informed him. "While you boys were shooting hoops, I got some work done at home."

"Really? What did you do?" Colt asked. I quickly explained the jobs I had completed.

"Hey, that's my job!" he exclaimed, when I mentioned the yard work. He looked upset.

"It's a job we can share," I quickly countered, "seeing I don't pay you for it. Besides, I need to get out in the sunshine and work once in a while too. You wouldn't want me looking like a ghost the entire summer?" I joked, just as we pulled up to the house.

"I'd never expect you to pay me for doing the yard," Colt said with a sigh, "but I guess I can share that job with you." He gave me a wink, to let me know he was being playful.

"Hey, it looks really good," Jason complimented.

"Thanks, but it should look nice," I shot back. "Who do you think taught Colt all he knows about doing lawn care?" Colt gave me a playful punch and Jason giggled at our antics.

The boys went in and jumped into the showers, as they were hot and sweaty from their game and wanted to cool off, as well as clean off the accumulated grime. When they got out, they wanted to know what there was to eat, as they had worked up quite a hunger too. After telling them their options, they ate and then came in to sit on either side of me in the living room.

"Leo, we're both real sorry about what happened yesterday," Jason told me, unexpectedly. I thought we had put all of that behind us and didn't anticipate it coming up again. "Colt filled me in about you and him and I'm sorry if I almost messed that up."

"You did what?" I shouted louder than I meant to, while staring at Colt. My animated reaction scared both of the boys.

"It's okay, I'm cool with it," Jason quickly told me, in an effort to soothe my anger. While Jason was trying to calm me, Colt cowered on my other side. After seeing his reaction, I immediately felt rotten about how I'd responded to that revelation. Colt looked like he was afraid I might even attack him. Slowly, I leaned toward him, hoping to soothe his fears.

"I didn't mean it to come out so harshly," I explained, "but I thought we had agreed to keep that between ourselves." Colt still looked nervous, but no longer scared.

"I had to tell Jason," he informed me. "I wanted him to know why we couldn't fool around any more. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and make him hate me now."

"It's okay, Leo. I think it's really great," Jason interjected. "Colt told me how much he loves you and all. I think you're both really lucky." Shit, how could I be mad after hearing that?

"Okay, but we don't tell anyone else until you get out of high school. Agreed?" I asked, getting an immediate positive response from both boys.

A little while later Colt went to pee, so Jason leaned over and whispered to me. "Don't be mad at Colt. He really does love you a lot. He was even willing to give up just about anything when he thought you were angry with him, and that included being friends with me." I looked at him, with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

"I'm beginning to see that now," I whispered back, "and I wouldn't want you to stop being friends. Thanks, Jason. You're a truly great friend to both of us."

When Colt returned, he told us he had to go out and work on some of his lawn jobs. Jason and I told him that was fine, so as Colt left, Jason went off to find Albert. He wanted to invite him to join us on our camping trip.

I knew Colt wouldn't be back for several hours and Jason might be gone nearly as long, so I used my time to plan our camping trip. I mapped out our meals for each day and calculated how much food would be required. Once that was completed, I started making my grocery list. This was going to take a lot of work, but it would be worth it.

By the time I finished that task, I began to think about what we'd have for dinner that evening. Once I'd decided, I had just started to prepare a few of the dishes when Jason returned. "Can I help?" he asked, looking as if he really wanted to assist and wasn't just being polite.

"You can and you may," I told him, hearing myself parrot a comment my mother used to say to me whenever I incorrectly phrased my question.

"What does that mean?" Jason asked, not catching my drift.

"It means that when you ask permission, you say may I," I explained. "When you say can I, that indicates that you want to know if you're physically capable of doing something." I almost cringed when I heard myself repeat my mother's words. How I used to hate it when she would do the same thing to me, but Jason just seemed to listen and learn.

"I didn't realize you had such an interest in cooking," I added, switching topics.

"I didn't, before I started spending time here," he admitted. "That's when I found out helping Colt fix the meals was kinda fun."

"You never fixed anything at home?" I asked, without thinking.

"Heck, no," Jason replied. "We have a full-time cook, so no one in my family does anything like that," he informed me. I'd momentarily forgotten how well to do his family was.

"Then you really want to help?" I asked, just to make sure. Jason nodded eagerly.

"Well, only a fool would turn down such a generous offer," I told him, "and I only LOOK dumb." Jason had a surprised expression on his face after hearing me say that.

"No, you don't," he insisted, before realizing my comment was merely a lame attempt at a joke. We got to work and Jason did whatever I asked, eager to learn all he could.

Everything was nearly ready by the time Colt returned home. All of the dishes were either in the oven or in the fridge, waiting to be served. Colt looked hot, sweaty and tired as he came through the door, so he went to his bathroom and took another shower before we ate.

Dinner was uneventful, as no one was overly talkative. Jason did tell Colt about helping me, but I'm not sure Colt heard much of what Jason said. Colt was fairly lethargic for the remainder of the evening, being exhausted from both the basketball and his job. Seeing his condition, I urged him to go to bed early.

"Not unless you do too," he announced, " because I'm going to bed with you tonight." I was not only shocked that he said it, but surprised that he'd done it in front of Jason.

"I don't think that would be such a good idea," I told him, quickly drawing a scowl in return. "Did you forget we had company?"

"Hey, I'm cool with it," Jason informed me. "You don't have to stop sleeping together just because I'm here."

"Come on, Leo," Colt urged. "It's not like Jason doesn't know what we do together." He had a point, seeing they'd done some of the same things together too.

"Okay, but no one else is to know about any of this until after you graduate. Right?" I compromised, and they both nodded their assurance that would be the case.

I was actually a little uncomfortable with this arrangement, seeing it had been so long since Colt and I had actually done anything together. Sure, he'd slept in my bed a few times since Jason started staying with us, but the sex had been on hold. I later learned this was because Jason had been meeting those needs for him, which only added to my discomfort about what Colt wanted to happen tonight. It wasn't that I didn't care or wasn't looking forward to what we might do together, but I was afraid I'd still picture Jason in my bed with Colt too. However, I knew it was my problem and I had to work through it.

After we finished our evening ablutions, we said good night to Jason. He went to the spare bedroom, while Colt and I entered our room and crawled into bed. Before I had a chance to settle in, Colt was all over me. He was running his hands all over my body and grinding his mouth against mine, as he tried to thrust his tongue down my throat. I had never seen him this aggressive before. After a few minutes of this lustful and animalistic attack, he pulled away and started to slowly work his way down my body.

I'd never seen Colt so attentive before, as he paid attention to my many erogenous zones. Lovingly, he worked his way down my neck and over my chest, kissing and licking my skin as he went along. He paused momentarily to nip and suck on both of my nipples and then he began to move on again, working his way to my navel. He playfully flicked his tongue in and around that small depression, making me hotter by the second. I was so hard that I was afraid if he turned toward my feet, my erection might poke out one of his eyes.

Slowly, he continued his journey, working his way toward my throbbing member. However, before he reached it, I pulled him away from it. "What's the matter?" Colt asked, startled by what I had done.

"Nothing," I told him, "except that it's my turn now." After a moment, he grinned.

I decided to start on one of Colt's ears, as I knew from past experience that he found this both stimulating and erotic. As I ran my tongue around the ridge of his outer ear, I would occasionally let it flick tenderly inside the folds as well. When I did this, Colt would sigh, sometimes even moan and once in a while even giggle. When I glanced at his face, I could see he had squeezed his eyes shut, tightly, totally lost in the pleasure he was feeling. I'd never seen anyone with such sensitive ears before.

When I finished with the one, I moved across to the other, but Colt never opened his eyes. He knew what was coming and savored every precious second of it. After I'd spent a sufficient amount of time on that ear as well, I started moving slowly down his torso, repeating the steps he'd plied on me just a short time before. When I reached his groin, I flipped my body around, so I could also offer him my manhood, while I greedily enjoyed his.

Colt eagerly accepted my offering, as he completely enveloped it with his mouth and began sucking on it like a starving calf. I, on the other hand, was happy to delay moving so quickly, and allowed my tongue to playfully lap over his midsection from his scrotum to his dickhead. Eagerly, I began lathing his smooth sac with my saliva and gently rolling his testicles around in my mouth. Carefully, I let my tongue toy with his watery orbs, moving them about within my oral furnace. When I felt I had paid sufficient attention to that part of his body, I released those grape-size nuggets and let my tongue glide up the length of his engorged penis, before swirling it about the glistening crown. I even let my tongue dart in and out of the tiny slit at the tip, licking up the first of his pre-cum, which caused Colt to gasp.

Colt's hips were bucking and he was moaning loudly, as he tried to force me to swallow his penis completely. As he did so, he also bobbed up and down on my shaft, bringing me closer and closer to my own release. I knew that I'd better go down on him, if we were going to cum at about the same time, so I let my mouth slide over his helmet and allowed my lips to caress the sides of his sensitive rod. I carefully mirrored what he was doing to me, while tenderly stroking his scrotum with one of my hands, for added stimulation. Before long, I felt his penis expand in my mouth and his testicles pull up tightly against his body, signaling his impending release. Colt groaned, his body stiffened and he arched his back, just before he forced his penis further into my mouth and released his first volley of boy nectar.

I've always loved the taste of Colt; from the very first moment I ever sampled his liquid delights. It was light, almost sweet, and devoid of any bitterness. His ejaculate was in that in-between stage, a mixture of the watery stuff that guys first produce and the creamy semen that comes later. It was truly a dessert from the gods.

As Colt reached his orgasm, he momentarily stopped sucking on me, while he enjoyed his moment of rapture. After he came down from his orgasmic bliss, he attacked my rod again, with twice the fury that he had used before. I was already very close to my own climax before he exploded, so it didn't take long for him to bring me to that same point again. As my juices boiled deep within me and began their journey towards release, I went rigid and my eyes rolled back into my head, in preparation. As my seed erupted into Colt's mouth, in several volleys, he took it all. He continued to suck on me, until I was completely dry, and then I slowly began to come down from my orgasmic high. When I finally was able to focus on Colt again, he smiled, letting me know that he enjoyed this as much as I did.

"It really is much better doing this with you," he announced, touching me deeply. "Although it was good when I did it with Jason too, it never really felt the same. I do really love you, Leo, and I hope you believe that."

"I do," was all I could manage to say?

After uttering that simple reply, I swung back around, until we were lying side-by-side, facing in the same direction once again. Lovingly, I began to kiss him anew. These weren't the lustful kisses we had exchanged earlier, when this first started. Instead, they were the tender and passionate kisses of a deep and abiding love. Tonight, we were truly one.

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