Butterflies Fly Free - by BW (High School). Copyright 2007 by billwstories

Chapter 18: The Camping Trip.

**Author's Note:** Please read the disclaimer in Chapter 00 before you read this.

That week Colt received his report card and he happily showed it to me, the minute I got home from work. He had done well on all of his finals and his grades were very respectable, considering the rough year he'd had. I was extremely pleased with him and let him know it.

When Jason came over the next time, he also brought his report card to show me. I guess he wanted me to see his grades too, so I would know that he and Colt had spent at least some of their time actually studying. I was impressed. He had done quite well on all of his finals, as well.

Jason also informed us that he had talked Albert into joining us on the camping trip. However, he wouldn't tell us if Bert readily agreed on his own or if he had to be convinced to go. Jason would only say that Bert was willing to go with us. I adjusted my grocery list to include him, so now I could go out and get our supplies.

I purchased two lightweight, self-contained, easy to assemble wilderness tents, complete with ground cloths. I also bought a couple of air mattresses. I already had sleeping bags at home for Colt and myself and Jason had told me he'd supply sleeping bags and air mattresses for Bert and himself. However, he didn't have a tent, so I offered to supply both, because I felt we'd be able to use them again later. I hoped this might become a regular getaway for us and I wanted to be prepared. I also picked out a camping stove and propane tanks, a couple of lanterns, heavy-duty flashlights, a woodsman's axe, a couple of hunting knives in sheaths, an expandable water carrier and some camping cookware. I knew I was going all out for this, but it would be a long-term investment that would provide Colt and me years of enjoyment.

Seeing Colt was now out of school, he made sure he had completed all of his yard jobs before we left and had informed his customers as to when he'd return. Since everyone thought he did such a wonderful job for them, most wished him a good time and told him he deserved to have a little fun too. I was glad to see he had established such a good rapport with his clients.

Friday, after work, I picked Colt up and we did our grocery shopping. We purchased everything on the list, took it home and began to pack it into the two Coleman Ultimate Xtreme coolers that I already owned. I had purchased the coolers originally to keep things cold when I took long trips. These particular coolers were able to keep ice in them for up to 6 days in 90-degree F (or 32-degrees C) heat. We would just need to make one ice run about midweek, which should be the only time I would need to leave camp. Once we had everything packed away and covered in ice, we loaded all of our gear into the car, ready to leave in the morning.

We were both quite tired when bedtime rolled around, but for some reason, Colt's horniness gave him a second wind. He was afraid we might not be able to do anything together while we were away, so he wanted to make sure we did something tonight. After listening to his pleas, I finally gave in.

"Leo, I think it's time you actually made love to me," he announced, in sort of wistful and dreamy sort of tone.

"Colt, I thought we had decided to wait until you graduated, before we did that," I reminded him.

"That's a whole year away and I don't think I can wait that long," he whined. "I want to do it with you tonight."

"But we haven't prepared you for this moment," I told him, trying to make him understand. "We should have been slowly stretching you, to work up to this moment."

Instead of being upset with me, he flashed me a wicked grin. "I've been taking care of that," he announced, obviously quite pleased with himself. "Not only have I used my fingers to get ready, I've used come candles and the top part of an old broom handle I cut off. Haven't you noticed how quickly the Vaseline and hand lotions have been disappearing?" he asked, while giving me a playful smirk.

"Yes, I did," I responded, "but I just thought maybe you had really dry skin." Colt giggled.

"Nope, just a real itchy butt," he teased, while turning slightly and shaking his rear-end at me.

"Well, I see you've done a lot of preparation and thinking about this, so if you're really sure," I told him.

"I am, Leo," he replied, after he'd bolted in my direction and began squeezing me. Seeing he was so positive, I scooped him up in my arms and carried him to our bed. He was as giddy as a virgin bride on her wedding night, while passively submitting to whatever I wished to do to him. After I laid him on the bed, I began to kiss him tenderly, landing light butterfly kisses all over his face and lips. At the same time I also began remove his shirt, breaking contact with him only long enough to lift the garment over his head.

At this point, my kissing became more passionate, as I parted my lips and placed my mouth over his. I let my tongue reach out and stroke his ruby gates. Slowly, he responded, by parting them for my entry. Soon my oral muscle was gliding across his teeth and tongue, until he began sucking on it, like he was so fond of doing with my penis.

After swapping roles a few times, I let my lips break contact with his, as I moved slightly, so I could give equal attention to his ears and neck. Colt was squirming and cooing as I teased these sensitive areas and he was nearly hyperventilating as I started down his chest. As I slid lower and lower, I unfastened and began to remove his shorts, slowly slipping them, along with his underwear, down his legs, until he finally kicked them free. Now, he was totally naked and ready for what he really wanted. Even though I had not been able to plan for this moment in advance, I still wanted to make it as memorable for him as possible.

When I reached his groin, I reached over to the nightstand and extracted the tube of KY jelly I kept there and then lay down beside him, moving him so he was positioned straddling above me. This way he could get me ready, while I prepared him for what was to come. I began by pulling his hips downs and lifting my head up, until I could run my tongue along his crack. Willingly, he parted his legs farther apart, giving me complete access to his untouched rosebud, while he slurped on my turgid manhood. Lovingly, I ran my tongue across and around the surface, getting it nice and wet, and then I pressed my tongue against the guardian, until it began to yield and give way.

Colt gasped as I gained entry and began to delve deeper, but I knew this was a sign of fulfilled anticipation, rather than one of pain. Persistently, I kept pressing against that vice-like muscle, until it allowed my tongue complete access. I began to let it dart in and out, getting him used to the activity that was to follow, and I began to feel Colt rocking back and forth, eagerly trying to match my movements. He was so wrapped up in his own pleasure that he forgot what he as doing to me, but that was all right too, as I didn't want him to bring me to the edge too quickly.

Once I withdrew my tongue from his love canal, I slid under him and began to lick my way to his penis. As I did so, I lubed up one hand and carefully inserted a finger where my tongue had just been, repeating what I had been doing earlier with my oral muscle. As I began to suck him off, I ran my finger across his prostate, sending shivers throughout his slender frame.

I added a second finger, opening him wider, and then I began to twist them about, before continuing to drive them in and out of his bottom. Colt was nearly wild now, bucking against my hand, as he tried to intensify the pleasure I was giving him. Seeing he was handling this so well, I added a third finger, and Colt seemed to take this as easily as he had everything else. This let me know he was ready for the big moment, so I spoke to him, to make sure.

"Do you still want to do this?" I asked, giving him a chance to change his mind.

"More than ever," he gasped back, almost breathlessly.

"I think it would be easiest for you if you start of on all fours, so just let me out from under you." He did as I asked, so I crawled out, slipped on a condom, lubed Colt and myself up and moved into position.

I edged forward slowly, aiming my erect penis at his pucker. As it came into contact, Colt tensed momentarily, before relaxing again. I gradually applied more pressure against his sphincter, until the head of my dick popped in, eliciting another gasp from Colt.

"Are you all right," I asked, concerned that I might have hurt him.

"I'm fine, just a bit surprised at how big you feel," Colt assured me, before giggling. "It feels different than when I have it in my mouth." I understood what he meant. I think everyone feels that way, even if they don't admit it.

Cautiously, I kept inching more and more of my cock inside of Colt, watching his reaction as I did so. He seemed to be taking me quite easily, so his preparation must have been more than adequate. Once I was all the way inside of him, I asked if he was ready for me to begin.

"You feel incredible," Colt cooed. "Go for it."

I began carefully, using long, slow strokes, and I tried to position myself so my penis would glide against his prostate and stimulate him even more. Colt was really getting into it and pushed his butt to meet my forward thrusts, before pulling away from me again, as I withdrew. After a few minutes, I decided it was time to try something a little different. Without warning, I pulled completely out of him.

"Hey, why did you do that?" Colt nearly screamed, like a child who'd just had his favorite toy taken away.

"I want to put you in another position now, so I can watch your face while we do this," I explained. He seemed to find that answer satisfactory, so I had him lie on his back, folded a pillow and placed it under his butt and then placed his legs on my shoulders. I eased my hips forward and entered him again, this time with even less difficulty than before. Once I felt my pubes brush against his bottom, I leaned down and kissed him as passionately as I knew how. We were one and we were deeply in love.

As I kissed him, I began to slowly pull out, starting a nice, slow, steady rhythm of long deliberate strokes. Colt began squirming beneath me, as he thrust his hips toward me. It was a not too subtle signal for me to go faster. Ending the kiss, I straightened up and began grinding into him again. At the same time, I began stroking Colt's erection. I was trying to bring us off together, but Colt was obviously going to win the race. With my penis brushing against his prostate and my hand stimulating his boyhood, he began to tense up with every muscle in his body straining just before his erection erupted, in an explosive burst.

His first blast landed just below his chin, with the following volleys going only a fraction of the distance of the one before it. This continued until the last drops just oozed from his cock-head. When he went into the throes of orgasm, his muscles contracted around my thrusting member, gripping it tighter and sending me over the edge. With one final surge, my juices gushed up from inside my loins and filled the condom with a handful of powerful blasts. Spent, I collapsed forward, but I had enough sense to support my weight on my forearms and not crush Colt. We stayed that way for several more minutes.

"My God, that was unbelievable," Colt gasped, once he had regained his strength. "Leo, you made me see stars."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I sighed. "I certainly did." Colt suddenly wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down upon him.

"Leo, I feel as if we're linked forever now," he whispered in my ear. "I love you more than ever."

"And I feel the same way," I assured him, "and I never want to lose you."

"You won't," he sighed, remembering his fling with Jason. "I've learned my lesson and you're the only one I ever want."

Once he calmed down, I got up and went off to grab a damp washcloth. I came back and cleaned him up. Then I went back to the bathroom and washed myself off, before climbing back into bed. I spooned up behind Colt, wrapped him up in my arms and we slept that way the entire night.

The next morning when my alarm went off, I rolled over and turned it off and then rolled back, so I could look at Colt. His face was radiant, almost glowing, and I hesitated rousing him. However, I knew we had to get going, so I gently shook him.

"Colt, wake up, sweetie," I urged him. Slowly, he began to stretch and pull himself out of his slumber. As he turned to look at me, his face lit up.

"I almost thought last night was just a wonderful dream," he began, "but seeing you here, I know it really happened. It was wonderful, Leo, and that will always be special to me."

"For me too," I replied, before kissing him, and then I pulled him out of bed and led him to the shower.

We took turns washing each other, but I wouldn't allow any sex play, as we had to pick up Jason and Bert and get underway. We ate a quick breakfast and double-checked that we had everything we needed, before we took off for Jason's house. As we pulled up outside his mansion-like residence, Jason started lugging his gear toward us and we both got out to help pack it away. After we loaded the last of his things into the car, Jason handed me an envelope.

"What's this?" I asked, confused.

"My parents told me to give it to you," he told me. "It's for all the times I've stayed at your place and for taking me for the week."

"Jason, this isn't necessary," I assured him.

"I know, but my parents insisted," he explained. "Go ahead, open it." I did and found a bunch of hundred dollar bills inside.

"Whoa, this is way too much and totally not called for," I advised him. "How much is here?"

"Two-thousand dollars," he stated, calmly. "Oh, my dad threw in a little extra for allowing Bert to go with us too. He thought you did that just for me." He laughed, like this was some kind of joke.

"I can't take all of this!" I exclaimed. "It's way too much."

"You can and you will," Jason announced, like a man in charge. "My `rents would have spent more than that if they had to take me with them and they can afford it. You will take it and not think twice about it. It's the least they can do for not spending any time with me. You're more of a father to me than my old man is." I was touched by his statement and choked up, unable to reply. I think Jason realized it too, so he quickly jumped in the back seat and took me off the hook. I put the envelope in the glove compartment and locked it, figuring it would be safe there until we returned home. I guess my extravagant spending to prepare for this trip wasn't so bad after all. I just got all my money back, plus some extra.

Jason directed me to Bert's house, as I'd never been there either, and Albert immediately came running out, appearing almost eager to join us. I got out and helped him load his gear and then he crawled in the back seat, next to Jason. I backed out of the driveway and started down the street, soon leaving the suburbs behind, so we could experience the wonders of nature.

The boys were extremely quiet during the ride, which surprised me. I had expected them to be all excited and unable to remain silent. This was a real shocker.

I continued driving, until we arrived at the campsite. Upon seeing it, the boys started to perk up, so after we got out, I locked up the car and gave them a quick tour around the area. They liked it almost immediately, but I think they fell in love with it when I showed them the pond.

"Can we go swimming?" Jason and Colt teased.

"You MAY, but later," I told them, "after we have things set up." They were disappointed, but did as I asked.

We started with the two tents and I let the boys choose where they would be placed. To my amazement, they set them up on opposite sides of our little location, rather than side-by-side. Later, I suspected this had been done to make sure Bert and Colt had less chance of starting something or maybe so the other tent couldn't hear what was happening inside. It may be that Colt hadn't given up hope of us having sexual contact during the week after all.

Once the tents had been erected and the air mattresses inflated, I had the boys place their sleeping bags and gear inside their tents too. However, I thought it best to leave the food in the trunk of the car, where it would be less likely to draw attention from the local wildlife. After everything was put away, I had them help me build a fire pit and surround it with stones, so we could build a small campfire at night, if we wanted to. Once all of that had been done, I told the boys they could go off for a swim.

"Do you think it would be safe to go skinny-dipping," Jason asked, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Well, we're not alone in the park, so you might be observed by others if you do," I explained. "Therefore, I'll leave it up to you. If you don't mind taking the chance of someone else seeing you in your birthday suit, then go ahead. Since there's no formal swimming facility here, there's nothing in the park rules against swimming naked."

The boys looked at each other, to see if they all felt brave, and eventually they seemed to come to a silent consensus. "Okay, we're going to do it," Jason announced, for all of them, "but you've got to do it too," he added. I hesitated before giving him an answer.

"Oh, Leo, don't be a wuss," Bert taunted. "If we can do it, you can too."

`What the hell,' I thought. I knew I wouldn't mind seeing the other two naked either. "Okay," I announced, and suddenly we were all racing toward the pond.

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