Butterflies Fly Free - by BW (High School). Copyright 2007 by billwstories

Chapter 19: A Romp in the Woods

**Author's Note:** Please read the disclaimer in Chapter 00 before you read this.

As soon as we reached the pond, everyone began removing his clothes. The boys didn't seem shy about doing this, probably because they'd showered together after sports. They all beat me getting undressed, so I was able to feast on some fine boy flesh as I finished disrobing. Once they were naked, Jason and Colt leaped off a higher part of the embankment, cannon-balling into the water. Bert and I took a little more casual approach, by wading out into the water, until it was deep enough for us to swim. As I got out into the deeper water, Jason and Colt tried to dunk me, before doing the same thing to Albert.

"Cut it out and get off me," Bert screamed, which caused the duo to stop their assault. "I don't want to play your childish games."

"What's with him?" Colt asked Jason, after Bert's outburst. They watched as Albert rapidly swam away from them.

"It's my fault," Jason admitted, taking the blame. "I forgot that Bert's not a real strong swimmer and doesn't like to do anything out of the ordinary in the water. I should have warned you, before we started out."

"Nah, that's okay," Colt told him. "Now that I know, I'll be more careful."

We stayed in the water for about an hour, before getting out and relaxing on the bank. If there were other campers in the park, they didn't seem to be in the immediate area, because we didn't see a soul. I was surprised that with all the noise the boys had been making, we drew no one's attention.

After we rested, we put our clothes back on and walked to the tents. I decided I was going to collect some firewood, in case we wanted to make a small fire later, so I grabbed the axe and started to move into the woods. I wasn't going to cut down trees, because the wood would have been too green to burn well, but I would cut up all the dead limbs and trees I could find. As I started to move away from the area, Jason called out to me.

"Leo, do you mind if I come with you?" he asked, sweetly.

"Not at all," I told him. "I'm just going out to do a little work. Nothing fun."

"That's okay," Jason responded. "I just need to be doing something."

"Fine, then come along," I told him, and he hustled to catch up to me.

Colt and Albert stayed behind, and as soon as we were out of sight, Bert turned toward Colt. "I knew Jason would pick me over you," he sneered.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Colt replied, confused.

"That Jason picked me to be his tent-mate," Bert answered, with his chest puffed out. It was almost as if sharing a tent with Jason was some sort of a trophy.

"Actually, we all decided who would share which tent," Colt informed him. "We thought you'd feel more comfortable sharing a tent with Jason, rather than with Leo or me, so we put you in with him."

Albert sneered again.

"Yeah, sure you did," Bert mocked. "Do you think I'm that dumb?" Luckily, Colt didn't answer his question. "Are you going to try to tell me that Jason wasn't the one who suggested I come along on this trip?"

"No, not at all," Colt told him, "but he did it hoping that once we got to know each other better we could become friends too."

"Do you really think I'm going to believe your crap?" Bert asked, scowling at Colt. "Jason wanted to bring me along so he didn't have to be stuck with just you and that idiot you live with." That last comment almost sent Colt over the edge and he was ready to attack Bert for making it, but managed to restrain himself. He did it solely for Jason's sake. He had agreed to go along with Jason's suggestion to invite Bert in the first place, so he didn't want to be the one responsible if this effort failed. He needed Jason to see for himself that it was Albert who wasn't willing to meet him halfway.

"Whatever you want to believe," Colt snapped back, unable to control himself totally. "If you don't want to be friends, that's fine, but just let everyone know it was your choice, not mine." Bert gave a half-grin in triumph, thinking he had won that round. Colt went to his tent, just to get away from Bert.

By the time Jason and I returned, things had calmed down, but we could immediately recognize there was tension between the two boys. I pulled Colt aside, to ask him about it.

"What happened?" I wanted to know

"Oh, as soon as you left, Bert started in again," Colt explained. "He makes this trip sound like some sort of competition."

"I was afraid of that," I replied, "but don't give up. Jason noticed it too, so I'm sure he's talking to Albert about it too."

I was right, Jason did say something to Albert, although I didn't know until much later what he'd said. I guess Bert was pretty smug when Jason approached him, so he figured something had gone on. "You didn't pick another fight with Colt, did you?" Jason asked.

"Me, no," Bert replied, flippantly. "He just doesn't like me for some reason." Bert began to strut about like a peacock.

"Maybe that's because of the way you attacked him," Jason explained, "but he did agree to let me bring you along. He didn't have to do that, you know!"

"He only did it because you wouldn't have come otherwise," Albert responded, cockily.

"You're wrong," Jason announced. "I would have come with or without you. The reason I suggested bringing you along is so you could get to know Colt and Leo better. They are my friends too, but I would be happier if we were ALL friends. I don't like seeing you guys argue." Bert looked like someone had just let all of the wind out of his sails. He had been caught completely off-guard by Jason's confirmation of what Colt had told him earlier. However, he quickly recovered his composure.

"It won't be me who starts any problems," Bert announced, confidently.

"Bert, don't fuck with me," Jason countered. "I know what you're like and I know what Colt is like. You're the one who doesn't want me to be friends with anyone else and it's you who has been the dick here, not Colt." This time Albert looked crushed. He had a pained expression on his face and he knew he wouldn't be able to finagle his way out of this one.

"But we've been friends forever and you owe me," Bert whined, trying to convince Jason he was right. "I let you come to my house and stay with me when you had nowhere else to go."

"That's true," Jason agreed, "and I told you someday, when I have my inheritance, I will pay you back for your kindness. That won't change, but it doesn't mean I have to remain friends with you, if you won't accept my other friends too. I'm not your property and you don't own me. Colt is a nice guy and you'd find that out, if you'd only give him half a chance." That seemed to cool Albert down for the time being, as he absorbed what Jason had said, but who knows if the fire was still smoldering and might burst into flames again later.

After we had lunch, Jason and Colt wanted to see what else was in the park and what the other campsites were like. I thought it was a good idea too and the exercise wouldn't hurt any of us, so we agreed to take a hike and check out the rest of the park. I think Bert joined us just so he didn't have to be alone, or maybe so he could keep an eye on Jason. Whatever the reason, we walked off in a line. I was in the lead, with Colt next, Jason after him and with Albert bringing up the rear. I became the leader only because I was the only one who had been to the park before.

It was a nice leisurely stroll and we checked out everything. We saw the RV campsite and the large picnic area, complete with pavilions, toilets and showers. After that, we investigated the numerous other campsites that dotted the park. We also discovered a place where someone had established several horseshoe pits and another location where a volleyball net had been put up, in an area filled with sand. We figured we'd check those two spots out later.

When we got back to our own site, the boys all agreed we had the best location. Not only was it isolated from most of the other sites, but it also had the pond close by. The only other sites the boys would have considered staying at were the two closest to the volleyball area and horseshoe pits.

Since they had worked up a bit of a sweat during our walk, the boys wanted to go for another swim in the pond. I decided not to join them this time, but told them they could go on their own, if they wished. The three of them took off, this time not even considering taking along their swimsuits. Over the next couple of hours, all three of them enjoyed their swim, even though Bert still wasn't overly friendly toward Colt. At least he wasn't hostile and didn't start anything with him. Once they decided they had enough for one day, they returned to where I was waiting for them. They were all pleased to see that I had begun to fix dinner by the time they arrived.

Jason and Colt immediately pitched in and tried to help, but Bert just sat back and watched what was going on. I wasn't sure if it was because he was just lazy, wanted to stay away from Colt or didn't feel he could be helpful. Whatever his reason, I think Jason and Colt took note of it too.

After dinner, the boys wanted to go try out the horseshoe pits, so we decided to play teams. It was Jason and Bert against Colt and me. Bert liked that idea, until he learned that one partner from each team played from either end. I offered to go to the far end with Bert, so he and Colt didn't have to be together.

The boys weren't very good at the start, as they had never played horseshoes before, but they seemed to pick it up quickly. Colt and I won the first game and then Jason and Bert won the second. We decided to play one more, so we could declare a champion.

I let Bert shoot first, to start the game, since they had just won. His first shot slid up against the pole, which would be worth a point, and my first shot was wide to the right. His second shot bounced in close too, possibly worth a second point, but I managed to get a ringer on my last shot. That took his points away and gave Colt and I three points of our own. Bert didn't look very happy when that happened.

The match stayed close, going back and forth the whole way, and it came down to Jason and Colt's turn, with the score being 19 19. We were playing to 21. Both of their first shots were too far away from the post to score, but Jason's second shot looked close enough to give them a point. Colt, however, was determined not to lose. I could tell this by the way he was concentrating. When he was finally ready, he let his horseshoe fly. His shot was short, but it bounced a couple of times, ending up leaning against the peg. A leaner is worth two points, so we won the game and the match.

"That sucks!" Albert exclaimed, unhappy with the outcome. "That's pure luck. What bullshit." He was visibly upset about losing.

"Hey, I'd rather be lucky than good," Jason told him, trying to defuse the situation. "Nice game, Leo and Colt, but we'll beat the pants off of you the next time." Jason grinned at us.

"I hope you don't mean that literally," I quipped. "That might be em-BARE-ASS-ing in front of all these other people," I teased. This caused Jason and Colt to laugh and Bert to clear his throat in disgust.

By the time we returned to our campsite, it was starting to get dark, so we made a small fire to sit beside. It was really nice. We sat there and talked about the day and what we might do tomorrow, however Albert didn't participate much. Eventually, we went to our tents to sleep.

"I'm not sure this was such a good idea," Colt told me, as soon as we were alone. "Albert doesn't want to be my friend, no matter what I do."

"Don't be so quick to judge him," I advised him. "It's only been one day and we have a bunch more days to go."

"It wouldn't matter if we spent a thousand days together," Colt shot back. "As long as I'm friends with Jason, he's going to hate me."

"Just don't give up hope," I urged.

Colt immediately let go of thinking about Albert and turned his thoughts to me. "Leo, I need to be close to you tonight. I need you to love me. Will you?" he asked, looking at me sweetly. "I put our tent way away from theirs, so they couldn't hear us," he hinted.

"I already figured that out, you little devil," I countered, before drawing him into my arms and kissing him deeply. "Maybe we should wait a while longer, until they've gone to sleep," I advised him, once we broke our embrace.

"That's not necessary," Colt informed me. "Jason already knows what we do and Albert wouldn't come over here if somebody paid him to, so if we're quiet, he'll never know." That made a certain amount of sense, so I agreed with his plan. We both undressed and lay on top of our sleeping bags.

"Leo, I want you to make love to me again tonight," Colt announced, looking dreamily at me again.

"Colt, I don't think that would be such a good idea," I advised him. "Last night was your first time and I think you should wait another day or so before trying it again. I don't want you getting sore from doing it too often." He looked extremely disappointed.

"But I'll tell you what," I continued. "Tonight I'll let you make love to me. I brought a few things with me, just in case you suggested something." He started to brighten, as I rummaged through my gear and pulled out a second shaving kit, in which I'd packed condoms, lube and a few other items.

After pulling out what I thought we'd need, I began to suck Colt to erection. He surrendered to me completely, letting me do what I wished. When he was rock hard, I slid a condom over his dick, lubed it up really well and then lubed my butt. After that, I had him lie on his side, while I did the same, and then I reached back and grabbed his erection, guiding it to its destination.

"Okay, now push it in, but not too quickly," I advised him. "It's been a while since I've done anything like this."

Colt didn't say a word, but did as I instructed, slowly pushing the upper portion of his cock into my chute. I sighed, as I felt his heat penetrate me. "Are you all right?" Colt asked, concerned.

"Oh, yeah, big guy," I replied. "I was just enjoying a sensation I had missed." That seemed to suffice, because he said nothing more. "Start pushing it all the way in, but go slow," I told him, giving him an order that he happily obeyed.

Once Colt was totally inside of me, I wanted to change position, to make this easier for him. "Colt, I'm going to roll over on my stomach, but I want you to stay inside me and follow my move. Once we get in the new position, you may start your thrusting and you may go as fast or as slow as you'd like." I wanted him to do this whatever way was best for him. I didn't hear a reply, but I felt his body jiggle a bit, so I concluded he was shaking his head in response.

It didn't take us long to complete that maneuver and Colt almost immediately began sliding in and out of my love canal. He took to it naturally, relying on thousands of years' worth of ingrained instincts to continue the act. Colt was like an eager bunny, pistoning in and out like an engine approaching the red line. I knew he was enjoying the sensations because of the noises he was making, but I also understood he wasn't going to be able to hold out for very long. Almost as soon as I had that thought, I felt him push deeply inside of me and grunt a couple of times, before he collapsed on my back.

I let him remain like that, without moving a muscle, so he could take all the time he needed to recuperate. Finally, I felt him move above me. "Leo, that was incredible," he glowed. "Just as good as last night, when you did it to me. Just think, we can do this together for the rest of our lives." Colt was beside himself with delight.

"Yes, Colt," I replied, having come to the same conclusion, "and I look forward to it."

Due to the fact Colt had sped through our lovemaking, I hadn't cum and Colt didn't seem to notice that fact. However, I was satisfied by our act of love, so I didn't think I needed to masturbate to feel fulfilled. Even though it was a warm night, I still cuddled up behind Colt and fell asleep that way, with us lying on top of our bedrolls. About halfway through the night I started to feel a chill, which woke me up. I concluded Colt was probably feeling the same thing, so I helped him slip into his sleeping bag, before getting into my own. We slept a most relaxing, dreamless slumber, until the first rays of dawn penetrated my eyelids.

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