Butterflies Fly Free - by BW Copyright 2007 by billwstories

Chapter 7: Through the Eyes of a Child.

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After stopping for a hearty breakfast, we were on our way again. However, this time Colt wasn't pestering me about where we were going. I guess he finally decided I wasn't about to give in to his relentless whining. Instead, he looked out the window as we drove along and his eyes nearly popped out his head when we reached our destination.

"Are we going here?" he asked, somewhat awkwardly and sounding more than a little confused.

"Yes," I responded. "Don't you like amusement parks?" I was concerned I had made a poor choice.

"I don't know," he replied. "I've never been to one before, but I always wondered what they were like." Now, I was confused.

"You've never been to one?" I asked, unable to believe that a young man his age had never enjoyed the thrills of such a place.

"Nope. Never," he told me. I was dumbfounded.

"Not even to a local carnival or field day?" I countered, thinking maybe he had a chance to enjoy some of these types of rides at smaller events.

"Uhnt uh. Never went to any of them either," he informed me.

"But I thought all young people flocked to those types of places," I sort of stammered back.

"They do and I always wanted to go," he explained, "but my father wouldn't let me."

"Why not?" I inquired.

"He said those types of places were run by fags and crooks that used the bright lights and rides to lure kids in, so they could entice them to their way of life," he explained, dryly.

"He really believed that crap?" I asked, truly amazed.

"I guess so," Colt agreed. "He always said the same thing whenever we passed one of those places or he saw a commercial or poster for them." I wondered if the man was really that stupid or if he was just saying that to keep Colt from begging to go to such places.

"What about you? Do you believe what he told you?" I asked him.

"Hell, no!" he exclaimed. "I've always wanted to go with my friends from school, but I didn't dare, because of my dad. Even when my class went to one on a field trip, I wasn't allowed to go. My dad made me stay home from school that day, telling them I was sick."

"Well, it's time to put that behind you," I consoled, "because today is just for you. You can do anything you want. That means you can go on any rides, play any games or try any foods while we're here. I planned this whole trip just for you." When I looked at him, his face was beaming, but there were tears in his eyes. "Is something wrong?" I asked him, concerned.

"No," he assured me. "I'm just so happy. I don't know why you keep doing all these nice things for me, but thank you, Leo. I love you."

My heart almost stopped beating when he uttered those last three words. Did he really mean it or was it just a response to let me know he appreciated my efforts? Did I really dare to think he was serious in his declaration of love for me? I could hardly breathe. We sat there in total silence for quite a few seconds, as I thought about this.

"Leo. Leo. Are you all right?" he asked, looking concerned.

"Oh, yeah," I told him. "I was just thinking about what types of things you might like the most," I lied, trying not to guide his response where I wanted it to go. If he truly meant what he said, then I figured he would tell me again, later. When he was ready.

We got out of the car and walked to the main entrance, where I bought our passes. Once inside, Colt raced about trying to see everything. This is when I realized he had been named appropriately, for he did assuredly remind me of a young colt frolicking merrily in a pasture, as he flittered about the park.

"Can we go on that?" he asked, pointing toward the roller coaster.

"Sure, but I hope your breakfast is settled by now," I quipped. "If you've never ridden one before, it might make your stomach a little queasy."

"You mean we can't go on it?" he asked, looking crushed.

"No, that's not what I meant," I explained. "I just wanted you to know that it might send your stomach up into your throat and then back down again." I laughed to emphasize my point.

"Oh," he muttered. "But I still want to try it."

"Then let's go," I told him, as I started heading out, toward that ride.

"Do you want to sit in the front or back?" I asked him.

"I don't know. What's the difference," he asked.

"Well, you can see more in the front," I began, "but it's not quite as thrilling. However, if you sit in the back, you get the full effect of the ups, downs, twists and turns of the ride."

"Let's sit in the back then," he almost cooed, as his face contorted into a devilish half-grin. I was so excited that I would be watching him enjoy this for the very first time.

As luck would have it, the previous ride took almost everyone in line in front of us, except for two other groups. That meant we shouldn't have any trouble finding a seat in the back maybe even the very last seat. When the previous ride pulled up and the riders had exited, we were allowed in. One of the groups ahead of us went toward the front, while the other headed toward the rear, like us. We had to settle for the next to last seat, but that would be fine. I think I was actually more excited about this than Colt was.

Once we were secured in our seat, the coaster jerked to life and we were on our way. I was totally concentrating on Colt. He face was alive with expectation, as we crawled up that first lengthy slope. When the front of the coaster broke the crest and started to pull us downward, his eyes began to open wider, until we felt that final jerk, which made us feel as if we were being dropped from a five-story building. His body went rigid and he wasn't quite sure whether he should be amused or frightened. After going up and down another incline, we hit a few little twists in the track, which slammed us back and forth, causing us to bump into each other. Colt was laughing, and I hope it was because he was having fun and not a nervous laugh, concealing his misgivings. As our ride came to a stop, he turned to me and spoke.

"Can we do that again?" he pleaded. I guess I had my answer.

"We can," I assured him, "but do you want to do it now or later, after we've had a chance to try some of the other rides?" Colt was almost comical to watch after I'd posed that question to him, as he wasn't sure which he wanted to do more - go on the roller coaster again or try something new. He was shifting his weight back and forth; from leg to leg, as his pondered his decision. He was unconsciously dancing about, like a small child who had to pee. After a few more seconds of this internal debate, he finally announced his decision.

"Let's try the other rides first," he told me, "and then we can go on the ones we like the most again." I thought that sounded very logical, so I asked him what he wanted to try next. He looked around and pointed toward the Ferris wheel.

This one was larger than many of the Ferris wheels I'd been on, although it didn't come close to comparing to the double Ferris wheel I had once ridden. However, it would take us up quite high and I hoped Colt didn't have acrophobia. After being locked in the seat, we gradually crept our way around the giant circle, stopping every so often so the attendant could unload and then refill a car with passengers. When we stopped at the top, we got to look around and had a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.

"Wow, you can see everything from up here!" Colt exclaimed, while enjoying the scenery. "My dad was nuts. This place is just for fun." It was so energizing to see him so excited. I reveled in his innocence.

It wasn't long before we jerked forward again and then there were a few minutes where we just went around and around, without any stops. Colt started chatting excitedly, explaining how he was feeling and what he thought of this place. It was actually highly amusing, as it all seemed to be one long, run-on sentence coming out of his mouth. I was enjoying myself just seeing how happy he was.

After we got off of the Ferris wheel, we tried a bunch of the other rides, like the Whip and Giant Swings, and then we even played a few of the games, located in the small buildings that dotted the grounds. Everything was new to Colt and watching him was even more fun than participating myself, which I did just for his sake.

He was especially cute when we went on the bumper cars, because he set his sights on ramming me and was oblivious to anyone who came after him. He was like a man on a mission, doing his best to crash into my vehicle and he laughed hysterically whenever he succeeded. Oh, he was so cute and so sweet to watch, even though I pretended to be upset with his single-minded focus.

As the day progressed, we went on some of the rides again, but the roller coaster and bumper cars got the most attention. I think we went on each of those at least four or five times. We did stop to eat, and I also let him try some other things he had been deprived of, such as cotton candy and a candied apple. He relished each new experience and threw himself totally into the hedonistic delights that surrounded him.

I think I was almost as disappointed as he was when it began to grow dark. That meant we only had a few hours left to continue to enjoy everything. However, in the glow of the artificial lights, everything looked different and new to Colt again, so we went on all the rides one more time and it was almost as if he had never ridden on any of them before. He was just as excited as he had been on his first go around and my heart was ready to burst with joy, just from watching him.

As the day drew to a close, we eventually conceded that all good things must come to an end. Reluctantly, we made our way back to the car, so we make the long ride back home. As soon as we were inside the vehicle, Colt turned to me. "Thank you, Leo. I had a great time," he told me. "Today, I had more fun than I've had in my whole life and it's all because of you. I really love you, Leo, more than I've ever loved anyone." When he finished speaking, he leaned across the seat and kissed me. It was a quick peck on the lips, but was more than I expected, especially seeing there were so many people mulling around in the parking lot who could have seen what he did. However, that didn't seem to concern him at all.

I, on the other hand, was unsure as to how to respond. I was ecstatic that he had told me he loved me again, but I still wasn't sure if it was just out of appreciation for what I'd done for him or if he truly had deep feelings for me. I was also a little concerned about carrying on in public, as Colt did look younger than his age and I was afraid it would draw unwanted attention to us. Therefore, I advised him to buckle up, so we could get underway.

As I drove along, Colt rambled on about all the things we had done. He was virtually giving me a blow-by-blow description of our day, even though I had been there with him. He was happily embellishing his tale with his unique observations and descriptions of his feelings. The words were spilling out of his mouth at ninety miles per hour, sometimes making it difficult for me to comprehend what he was saying, but his excitement and enthusiasm were unmistakable. As he began to tire and wind down, so did I, almost to the point where I was afraid of falling asleep at the wheel. Fearful of having an accident, I located another motel and decided to get a room for the night. That way, we could return home safely the following day.

Once we were in the room, I decided that I wanted, no needed, to take a shower before I went to bed. I stripped down to my underwear and then went into the bathroom. I had just stepped into the shower when Colt suddenly joined me, but this time I was prepared for his appearance.

"I need a shower too," he announced, as if this was just an ordinary, everyday occurrence.

"And you couldn't wait until I was finished?" I asked, just to see his reaction.

"I could have, but I didn't want to," he countered, before giving me a wink. "I love to see you naked and touch your body," he added. I could see that devilish gleam in his eye.

"Okay. I guess it will be all right," I told him, which caused him to immediately begin soaping up my body. He washed my back first and then helped me rinse it off, before he shifted his attention to my front. However, this time when he reached my penis, he began to masturbate me, without trying to conceal what he was up to.

"Hey, I thought you were going to behave," I protested.

"That was this morning," he responded. "I didn't say I'd behave tonight." He flashed me a mischievous grin. "Come on, I've had so much fun and tried so many new things today, so please let me try one more. I've never done anything with another guy before and I want to see what it's like."

As I thought about his statement, he continued to stroke me. I couldn't deny I was enjoying it and I began to admit I wasn't as opposed to the idea as I was before. He was of legal age, he had told me he loved me twice today and I was beginning to believe this wasn't just happening as a show of appreciation. He really wanted to experience the joys of doing something with another male.

"All right," I answered. "I guess it won't do any harm." Before I knew it, his lips were pressed against mine, as he began giving me the type of kiss he might have given his mother. His lips were merely puckered and pressed against mine, while his hand had stopped moving on my engorged organ. I pulled away from him.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked, nearly looking as if he were about to cry.

"No, not wrong," I told him, "but I want to show you a better way." He let out a deep breath, relaxed and his smile returned to his face.

"Loosen up a bit and let your lips part slightly," I informed him. He complied with my request without question. Now that he was ready, I ran my tongue over his lips, letting them glide sensuously across those shiny, ruby surfaces and I heard him sigh. After a few seconds of exploring his lips, I let my tongue dart through the opening and begin its own search of his oral cavity. My oral muscle delicately teased Colt's, before I allowed it to lovingly glide across the other surfaces. He was passively engaged the entire time, so I felt it was time to change that. Again I pulled away from him, but this time he didn't immediately respond to my absence. Instead, he appeared to be lost in a dreamlike state.

I allowed him to enjoy his previous feelings, but when he finally focused on me again, I spoke. "Why don't you try doing that to me this time," I suggested. He looked up at me and nodded, before moving his face closer to mine.

He repeated the same things I had done to him, but when his tongue entered my mouth, I began to suck on it. His body suddenly began to go limp as I did that, so I grabbed a hold of him and held him up. However, I didn't break our kiss. Instead, I keep sucking on his tongue, which he seemed to enjoy immensely.

As he got more and more into the kiss, he reached his hand down and began stroking me again. His hand was very warm and the skin soft and smooth. Just knowing that hand belong to him was more than enough to get me excited, but the dual action of the kiss and the hand job soon caused my blood to boil. My whole body began to tingle. It wasn't long before I felt my sac tighten and my muscles began to stiffen, as my seed began to rise up my shaft. Moments later, I was spraying both of us with my hot juices. When I was able to focus again, I could see how pleased Colt looked from having brought me off.

"Did I do it okay?" he asked, insecure about his performance.

"You did a wonderful job," I assured him, while catching my breath. "I thought you could tell by the large load I released." He grinned at me. "Okay, your turn," I told him, while turning him slightly sideways and grasping his rigid cock.

Colt felt wonderful in my hand and his dick seemed to fit perfectly in my palm. His shaft was hard, yet pliant and almost delicate in my grasp. I could feel it throb, as his blood pulsed through it, and Colt sighed contentedly when I began to find a rhythm. He leaned against me, totally surrendering himself into my care and relishing the feelings that were coursing through his slender frame. His breathing was becoming irregular, which I understood was a signal of his approaching orgasm. I knew he wouldn't last long this time. Not many do, when enjoying their first climax at the hand of another. It was only a couple of seconds later when he arched his back, went totally rigid and released his load. It came out with a vengeance and splattered against the shower wall. After a few less forceful blasts, his body began to relax slightly, but his eyes were now glazed over and I knew he was lost in the throes of post-orgasmic bliss.

I held him until he recovered, and when he did, he threw his arms around my neck and kissed me again. "Leo, that was absolutely wonderful. I love you. I really, really love you," he cried. I knew we would have to talk about this in more depth later.

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