Butterflies Fly Free - by BW Copyright 2007 by billwstories

Chapter 9: More Surprises.

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"What are we doing here?" Colt squealed, as we pulled into the parking lot of the bicycle shop.

"I'm going to buy us both bikes," I told him. "That will give us something else to do, something that will not only be good for us, but it will also give you some freedom this summer, while I'm working." Colt thought about what I said for a few seconds, before nodding his head.

"What are we sitting here for then?" he teased. "Let's get inside and get our bikes." Damn, he was getting so bossy.

We quickly got out of the car and went inside, slowly investigating the myriad of bicycles on display. "What are we going to get?" Colt asked me, while eying the bikes.

"Whatever you want," I told him.

"Are you kidding?" he screeched. "I can get any of these?"

"Sure," I answered, "but first let's find an employee to help us. We can tell him what we plan to use the bikes for and then get his recommendations as to which would be the best for us. Then you can see if you'd like to have any of those. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah," he shot back. "It sounds great."

The person we approached happened to also be the shop's owner, so after discussing our wants and needs with him, he suggested a couple of bikes that would work nicely both on and off-road. I wasn't planning on doing that much off-road biking, but Colt thought it would be neat if we could do something like that once in a while, so I gave in to his wishes. The owner then suggested a bike rack that we could hook onto the back of my car, so we could take the bikes with us when we went different places. I thought that was an excellent idea too and a better way to get them home, rather than trying to squeeze them into the trunk.

Once we got back to the house, we changed our clothes and set out on a ride, as we were eager to play with our new toys. Riding the bike brought back many memories from my youth and proved to be exhilarating, but doing it with Colt made it even more so. I let Colt take the lead, even though he didn't know the area that well. I eagerly followed him, like a puppy behind its master. Of course, I took the opportunity to watch his butt too, as he lifted it to give additional power to his peddling.

He followed the road, making a turn every now and then, until we came to a local park. That's when Colt decided we should try the off-road capabilities of the bikes and took me for a tour of the gentle hills and vales within the park's boundaries. I found it a little taxing, but thoroughly enjoyable, chasing him across this uneven terrain. By the time we exited this pastoral retreat, he was laughing gaily, watching me struggle to keep up with him.

"What's the matter, old man," he taunted me, as his bike wobbled uneasily, due to his laughter.

"I'll show you old man," I replied, before throwing on a burst of speed and passing him by. Seeing he wasn't expecting anything like that to happen, I easily left him in the dust and then watched over my shoulder as he frantically tried to overtake me. He ended up following me all the way back home, only catching me when I applied the brakes in our driveway.

"What's the matter, you little wuss," I teased him, in an effort to get even for his earlier comment.

"You cheated!" he exclaimed, through his panting and giggling.

"Like you didn't when you suddenly shot through that park? I countered, causing his grin to broaden.

"Okay, we're even then," he offered, as he bent over to catch his breath.

"Not quite, Mr. Wise-guy," I told him, causing him to eye me suspiciously.

"What do you mean?" he wanted to know, while wondering what I was up to now.

"Well, seeing you're the one who made me get all hot and sweaty," I began, "it means you'll have to wash me off now." His smile returned and his face glowed with anticipation. As soon as both of us got off of our bikes and put them away, he grasped my hand and jerked me forward. Excitedly, he dragged me into the house, indicating how eager he was to get on with his duty.

Colt left a trail of clothing from the front door to my bathroom, as he flicked off these items all along the way, but I elected to restrain myself and undress in the bedroom. While he waited for me, Colt turned on the water and adjusted the temperature of the shower. "Will you hurry up?" he protested, as he glanced back into my bedroom. I looked up and noted that his impatience was almost comical.

Once I was in the shower with him, he eagerly started soaping me up. His hands were swirling all over my body, as he tried to wash the various parts as quickly as he could, so he could get to the one part he wanted to dwell on. When he reached my dick, he soaped it and lovingly stroked me to a raging erection. As soon as he made certain it was well rinsed off, he dropped to his knees and tried to swallow the entire thing, which caused him to gag.

"Easy, sport," I told him, as he pulled away from my member. "You're not ready to take that much and I'm not even sure you're ready to do it at all yet." He now looked as if I had just scolded him.

"Please, Leo? Let me try," he begged, expressing his eagerness to do this for me. "Just tell me what to do, okay?" he pleaded.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked him. "You don't have to, if you don't want to. I didn't expect this at all." He flashed me a disgusted look.

"Then you should have," he announced, emphatically. "I want to try everything you teach me." I thought for a minute.

"Then I guess maybe I'll have to slow down and think about things before I do them," I joked.

"Don't you dare," he threatened. "I've waited long enough to learn this stuff and I want to learn it all." He took a defiant pose.

"You will, but we're just going to take it slow," I explained. "That way you'll learn everything thoroughly and not half-assed." He nodded, half-heartedly, in agreement.

"Okay, but I don't want it to take too long," he warned, to let me know he was serious.

"Don't worry, champ, it won't," I assured him. After that, I tried to explain some of the techniques of oral sex.

"First of all, you don't have to swallow the whole thing right off the bat," I told him. "You should also work your way up to that or tease you way up to it by licking other areas of the body on your way there. That builds up anticipation for what's coming and mental arousal can be almost as satisfying as the physical." He gave me a questioning look.

"Don't you remember how I built up to that moment for you," I asked him, "when I started on your ears, neck and then worked my way down your chest?"

"Oh, yeah," he replied, "and then I almost got upset that you weren't going to do it, cuz you only licked it a couple of times and then went to my nuts." I laughed at his revelation.

"Well, some guys work from the top to the waist, then stop and start again at the feet and work their way back up," I explained. "Only when they reach the groin area for the second time do they pay any attention to the genitals."

"That must suck," he uttered.

"Yep, that's when they suck," I teased, making a bad attempt at humor.

"Very funny," he replied, with a great deal of sarcasm. "I meant it must be frustrating for the guy to have to wait that long."

"Not entirely," I informed him. "Didn't you enjoy the things I did to the other parts of your body too?"

"Un huh," he responded, simply.

"So, those other things can be pleasurable as well," I explained, "and it just keeps building in intensity, like a piece of music gradually reaching the crescendo."

"You mean when I busted a nut?" he asked, innocently. I couldn't help but roar out loud.

"Yes, that's a crude way to put it," I snorted, in between guffaws. "The crescendo is generally the orgasm, or a mutual orgasm, when that can be arranged."

"Is that when both guys blow their load at the same time," he wanted to know. I was just so amused with his naiveté.

"Yes, that is what is meant by the term mutual orgasm," I assured him.

"Okay, I'll do all that stuff next time," he informed me, sloughing off my pearls of wisdom. "Just tell me how to give you a blow-job." God, he was certainly impatient.

"Yeah, okay," I sort of grunted back. "Use your tongue to lick up and around the shaft. Let your tongue tease and please at the same time." He did as I instructed.

"When you think your partner is ready," I continued, "slowly slide your mouth over the tip, extending your lips forward as you do so. Don't let your teeth scrape the shaft." He eased his way into position.

"Don't try to take too much," I warned him. "Start with just the knob and then you can keep trying to take as much as you think you can handle. When you're ready, start to bob your head up and down, letting just your lips slide up and down the surface, and add a little suction each time you pull upward." He mumbled something, but I couldn't understand him, seeing his mouth was pretty full at that point. However, he did as I instructed. Colt's technique was rough at first, but that was to be expected. I was prepared for his initial mistakes, as long as he didn't get a muscle spasm in his jaw and bite down. Gradually he improved and it was getting quite pleasurable for me.

I figured he'd get tired before he brought me off, but Colt was determined. It appeared he wasn't going to stop until I ejaculated. Therefore, I tried to concentrate on the sensations radiating from my testicles, to speed up the process for him. It worked. I was quickly nearing the moment of no return.

"If you don't want to get a mouthful," I warned him, "pull off now and you can jerk me off to climax." I was surprised when he didn't pull away.

"Colt, I mean it. I'm going to shot soon, so if you don't want to take it in your mouth, you'd better stop now." He didn't and I couldn't hold back any longer. My load exploded from my dick and filled his mouth. When the last of my spasms subsided, he released my penis and spit the contents of his mouth into the drain. I decided not to say anything about that.

"I'm sorry I didn't swallow it all," he apologized. "I did swallow a little, but there was just too much. I hope you're not mad about that." I tousled his hair.

"I told you that you didn't have to do it," I offered, soothingly, "therefore, I'm not upset at all." He stood up and hugged me and then finished washing my body. When he was done, I decided to see how he'd react if I began to get out of the shower.

"Hey, you've got to wash me too," he informed me, "for getting me all sweaty when I raced you." He stood there with his hands on his hips, grinning at me.

"Okay, you win," I conceded, knowing I was planning to do this anyway. Tenderly, I washed his entire body and rinsed him off. When I did step out of the shower, I expected him to follow, but he didn't.

"Hey, aren't you going to do anything else?" Colt wondered, disappointed.

"Maybe," I teased. "I thought after we dried off, I'd take you to the bed for something more." The last of my words had hardly escaped from my throat when Colt jumped out of the shower, slipped on the wet floor and landed on his ass.

"Ouch!" he exclaimed, rubbing his cheeks.

"You're going to have to learn patience," I warned him, "or you're going to kill one of us in the process," I snickered. He merely scowled at me and got up.

After we dried off, I put my arm around Colt's waist and led him out to the bed. Once we were there, I pleasured him orally, as I had done once before, satisfying Colt's sexual needs. After he had climaxed, we just laid together, enjoying the closeness and the tenderness of the moment, before getting up and redressing.

"Would you like to go to a movie after dinner?" I asked him. He thought for a second, before he answered.

"Nah, I think I'd just like to stay here with you," he told me. "We can watch a video or something. I don't think I could kiss or cuddle with you out in public, but we can certainly do that here," he added, flashing me his devilish grin.

"Damn, you aren't tired out yet?" I teased.

"Hell, no," he replied. "When it comes to you and sex, I can never get enough." We both laughed at his response.

I wasn't unhappy at all, because I agreed with him fully. We could enjoy a movie much more if we were cuddled up against each other. Since that was settled, we went about our normal business.

During dinner, Colt asked me another question. "Leo, do you have anything planned for tomorrow?"

"Actually, I thought tomorrow we could go out for another bike ride," I told him.

"Oh, okay," was all Colt said in reply.

"Don't you want to know where or why?" I pressed him.

"I just figured you'd tell me it was a secret," he confirmed, causing me to chuckle to myself.

"You're learning," I quipped, "but not this time. I thought we could ride around the neighborhood and scope out possible customers for you, for your lawn care business." His face brightened.

"Really? How do we do that?" he wondered.

"I think one way is to look for lawns that are ill kept or where we see elderly people out and about," I suggested. "I'll make a list of those addresses, so you can go back and talk to them later."

"Great!" He sounded enthused. "What else?"

"Well, I also thought we could stop and talk to people along the way, asking them if they knew of anyone who could use help taking care of their property."

"Awesome!" Colt squealed. "Have you done this before?"

"I have to admit I did have my own lawn mowing business as a kid," I told him. "However, I think we might be able to set you up doing more than just mowing lawns. I'll show you how to trim hedges, prepare mulch beds and how to use my leaf blower, so you can clean off the clippings afterward and take care of the leaves in the fall."

"Hey, this might be better than I thought," he enthused. "At first I wasn't sure of the idea," he confided, "but this is sounding better all the time."

"Yes, and I've also figured out a way you can take everything with you using your bike," I added.

"Really? Thanks, Leo," he beamed. "I'm really glad you thought of this, cuz now I'll be able to feel like I'm helping to pay my own way," he bubbled.

"I told you not to worry about that, but it will give you additional spending money," I told him.

"But I want to give you the money," he responded. "I owe it to you. You've spent so much on me."

"Let's wait and see how much you make first, and then maybe we can work something out," I offered, as a compromise. "Maybe you can give a little to me and keep the rest for yourself."

"We'll see," Colt countered, letting me know he wasn't in total agreement with my idea.

The rest of the evening we spent planning our route and then watching a movie, before turning in early. We were both tired and thought it would be best to get some rest. Tomorrow would be another interesting day.

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