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Subject line: California Dreamin

The story "California Dreamin" and subsequent chapters are about Alan Street's move to California in 1975 as a teenager; his days growing up there, and then onto college. The story is written from the first person point of view; it's a work of erotic fiction and not meant to demean or disparage any persons living or dead, or any particular town in California

California Dreamin

By Dick Licker

Alan's First Day in California

"Suck my dick."

"Fuck you."

"You wish."

That was the crux of a provocative verbal confrontation between the blond teenager lying on a freshly mowed lawn and me thirty some years ago. This is my firsthand recollection about my first day in California. A chance Monday morning meeting thirty plus years ago, and what happened that first day.

In the afternoon on the second Sunday of July 1975 I arrived in California. That arrival had been delayed by way of a detour to my aunt and uncles in Michigan before arriving in California. The first thing that impressed me about California summer as I stepped off the train was that there was little if no humidity. I previously lived in the Midwest where the heat and humidity during July and August were many times unbearable. My parent's met me at the train station after the long ride across country, and after retrieving my baggage the three of us all departed for my new home in sunny California.

The California Rambler my parent's had purchased earlier in the summer was a nice three bedroom ranch style house located in a cute central coastal California suburb. The new home was situated on a large corner lot and came with swimming pool. The pool was definitely a plus; it would make the transition to California more bearable. Mom and Dad seemed happy with the new house and surroundings, so I decided I would do my part to decrease the anxiety between us over the move. My parents had taken new jobs in California and there was nothing I could do about it.

Dad had been accepted to a prestigious position at Vandenberg AFB with the space shuttle program. Mom became an assistant professor at California Polytechnic Institute at San Luis Obispo. My Mom and Dad were college graduates. Theirs was the quintessential American love story; they met in college, fell in love, married after graduation, and started a family. After years living, working, and pursuing graduate degrees in the Midwest my parents interviewed for positions on the west coast. Both were hired; thus, the move to California.

After they were hired they sold their real property in the Midwest and moved to California, lock stock and barrel. A move I considered very selfish at fifteen; a move that meant I would be uprooted and forced to leave my friends behind. Also, I would have to start at a new high school in central California as a sophomore. Not something I looked forward to eagerly. So, I had spent the first part of my summer staying with my aunt and uncle in Michigan since my old school let out in June for summer vacation, while my parent's relocated.

For me the worst part of moving to California was leaving behind my many friends, especially my best friend Billy Organ. I had known Billy since the fifth grade and we had been best buddies since that time. We went to the same church, were in the same scout troop, and played on the same community athletic teams. Billy and I had grown even closer after the seventh grade when we both entered puberty and began experimenting sexually. We weren't romantically attracted to each other or never considered ourselves lovers. We didn't kiss or make out; we just engaged in a few moments of sexual pleasure with each other from time to time. Billy was simply my huckleberry friend.

Billy and I loved each other as best friends, but we weren't lovers, we were just fuck buddies. We both had girl friends that we would go out with, but in middle school they weren't into heavy sex yet. Oh, they would allow us to make out with them and they French kissed. If we were lucky, every once in a while, maybe we would manage to score a little titty play, but that was it. As Billy and I entered puberty our hormones were in full bloom. We began developing a huge appetite for sex and the exploration thereof; thus, we found comfort and sexual pleasure in each other's bodies as two horny lonely boys becoming teenagers.

We knew that sexual pleasure between two males was wrong in the eyes of the church and society, but our animal instincts overrode the laws of religion and societal standards. For Billy and me we began engaging in casual sex innocently one day during the summer before entering the seventh grade; it was an exploratory thing. We both began to notice that we were getting erections more often and at the most inopportune times. Other things were happening; our sexual organs were beginning to develop, sparse body hair was starting to come in, and our hormones were raging wildly. We began by showing off in front of each other, comparing and measuring sizes of our erections and so on. One thing led to another and within a few days we were engaging in sessions of mutual masturbation.

I would discover later in life that mutual masturbation among preteen boys is not all that unusual; it's part of the sexual experimentation and evolution process. As we moved into the seventh grade Billy confided to me secretly one day that something happened while he was jacking off. Billy told me that while he was jerking off he had a strange feeling come over his body accompanied by a sticky pearlescent looking substance that oozed out of his urethra. A couple weeks later the same thing happened to me. We both became worried; afraid we had broken something internally, or maybe injured ourselves. Since this was prior to the Internet we sought out some sage street advice on the playground from older more experienced boys and found out nothing was broken or had we injured ourselves.

We discovered that we had not injured ourselves or our sexual apparatus, so we decided that we should continue doing what brought pleasure to us. One thing led to another and by late spring of seventh grade we were engaging in oral sex. The first few times we engaged in oral sex we used the sixty-nine method. For young boys engaging in oral copulation the sixty-nine was the favored position for breaking into oral sex because it served as a safety net. The sixty-nine position is a sexual union whereby both boys engage in oral sex simultaneously; therefore, there is little chance for either party to back out once committed, or of being outed by the other. After a few sixty-nine sessions we developed a mutual trust and moved onto individual oral pleasuring.

Of course, all of this sexual experimentation was done with up most secrecy. We cut our fingers with my pocket knife whereby we became blood brothers and then swore a secret pact never to tell anyone. As we began engaging in all the sexual stuff teens do the feelings produced within were truly awesome. We would tell each other when we felt we were about to ejaculate giving the other time to pull his mouth off the other's penis, and then we masturbated each other to completion.

For some reason letting another's bodily fluid enter our mouths was not something either one of us relished. We equated ejaculate to urine and neither of us wanted the other's piss in our mouths. Then one day we actually tasted each others ejaculate. We scooped some jizz off each others bodies with our fingers to taste it; the taste wasn't too bad, so we decided it was safe to swallow from that point on. We managed to generally meet up three or four times a week after school to engage in our secret rituals which didn't last more than a few minutes and then it was over.

Our main desire during these sexual rendezvous was to just help each other get off sexually. Many times there would be weekend sleepover sex sessions or camping adventures where we would pleasure each other. All of these secret sexual trysts lasted only a matter of minutes and then the sex was over. We would unload, what we considered, a ball busting load of cum; clean up, and it was off to sleep, or onto other play day actives. When I left school after my freshman year to go stay with my aunt and uncle while my parent's shopped for our new house and moved to California I was forced to leave my huckleberry buddy behind, but not sex.



Summer Vacation in Michigan

When I arrived at my aunt and uncles in Michigan I was thoroughly depressed by the thoughts that I would never see any of my friends again, especially Billy. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my female cousin who I hadn't seen in two years had blossomed into a vivacious and voluptuous young lady. As we all visited after my arrival and later at dinner I couldn't keep my eyes off her, especially her breast.


My cousin had a beautiful smile that was enhanced by a perfect set of teeth. I was thunderstruck by the beauty of her olive tone skin, raven black hair, and smoldering dark eyes, all of which gave her such an erotic look. I found my insatiable appetite for beauty and sex overshadowing my common sense and moral values. My moral compass told me that I could and should not have sexual feelings for my cousin. I knew instinctively that I shouldn't engage in lustful thoughts about her, but why was I aroused? My sinful thoughts about my cousin were being overridden by my little head. The question of desire for my first cousin was being blurred by my state of mind and arousal. I was thankful that no one could see my tented jeans under the dinner table.


The table covered my erection; an erection I hoped would disappear before dinner was over. I began thinking about the train ride to Chicago and the car ride with my uncle to the house in Michigan as a way to distract my lustful thoughts about the beautiful young lady sitting across from me. Later that night after desert I was assigned my cousin's room upstairs. The room belonged to my older male cousin who was away in the Air Force undergoing basic training. I had stayed in the room with my cousin before on visits, and we had fooled around a little sexually. Mostly we just compared and jacked each other off.

On that first night in Michigan I had no sooner drifted off to sleep in my cousin's big bed than I felt a smooth warm sweet smelling body slide under the sheet into bed next to me. I knew immediately it was my female cousin. God she smelled so pleasing. I would soon discover that my cousin had not only turned into a very good-looking young lady since I last saw her, but a seductive siren at almost sixteen years old who wanted my warm body as her personal plaything.

I felt a little uneasy at first sharing my bed with my hot blooded girl cousin, but soon she vanquished my uneasiness as she began caressing and kissing me passionately. Although she had been flirting with me across the table and rubbing my leg with her foot under the dinner table I had dismissed these gestures. The teen temptress was nine months older than me. I soon discovered that she had become sexually active about the same time as me. The seductive little slut began touching and stroking my body and within a matter of seconds I was at a full state of arousal. Oh Hell, I was game if she was ready to play. My cousin had snuck into my bedroom that first night without warning crawling into bed next to me with one thing on her mind sex.

As we caressed each other and conversed quietly we soon began quizzing each other about what we had done sexually so far in our lives. I confide in her about my girl friend and the pain of not getting any pussy, as well as the pain of leaving Billy behind and our sexual adventures. She informed that she thought two guys getting together for sex was hot. She confessed that she too had experimented sexually with both girls and boys. That made me feel a little easier about what we were doing that night. As we continued caressing each other's bodies I became a whole lot hornier.

Our erotic conversation continued whereby we discovered more and more about each other throughout that first night. I learned that she had many of the local high school boys drooling over her. By the early morning hours of the next day we were both very excited by each other's stories. Slowly, she began groping me and stroking my engorged dick through my underwear. Then we decided to strip down showing each other our naked bodies. Of course, I was all boned up with a robust hard on; furthermore, both our nipples were fully erect. Once the viewing of our naked bodies was complete she commented that my cock was very nice looking and good size for my age; in fact, a little bigger than many of the boys that she had fooled around with previously.

The main thing that impressed her most about my dick was that I had been circumcised at birth. She confided to me that uncircumcised boys did not turn her on. I knew that her brother was uncircumcised from previous encounters. She told me that the two uncut guys she had fooled around with, one in junior high, and the other in high school, tended to have a strong offensive odor in their crotch area. She said that because of the stench she would only give them fist, but refused to perform oral sex on them due to the odor. She had sniffed me out and apparently found me to smell refreshingly clean. She was also impressed with the size and shape of my glans telling me that it was better looking and bigger than any of her former boy friends.

I had known for a couple of years that my glans was bigger than Billy's as well as most of the boys I'd seen in the locker room at school. The head of my cock tapered and flared back to a large dark coronal band. So, with my ego all blown up I decided to show her my favorite trick. I grabbed my hard dick at the base of the shaft and began choking it. As I strangled the stem my cockhead began to swell up. As it swelled the head turned from a nice pink to a deeper crimson color and the coronal band became a deeper shade of purple. The head of my cock swelled to almost twice its normal size as I squeezed the shaft. Soon all the texture lines of the glans became evident. She seemed mesmerized by the dark crimson cockhead, marveling at its size and shape.

After a careful inspection of my male reproductive apparatus it was time for us to make out again. This girl loved to make out and French kiss. She had luscious lips and a very talented tongue. She would kiss tenderly all over my face nibbling on my ear lobes, all of which drove me wild. Then she would whisper all the nasty things she had planned in my ear which totally got me into high gear. She gave me hickeys top and bottom; some of the marks on my neck I had to hide later. In the process of giving me hickeys on my chest she taught me that my nipples were super sensitive too. She loved to get them hard standing at attention so she could play with them.

Once my nipples were fully erect she would play with the firm little buds sucking on them one at a time until I was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Then she would stop and move on to torment other sensual parts of my body. For her age she had a great looking rack with dark areolas and delicious nipples; nipples that would become erect in a heartbeat. She let me play with them nibbling and sucking on them. A couple nights later as we were making out she whispered into my ear that she wanted me to stimulate her clitoris while we made out.

She guided my hand towards her crotch showing me where her magic button was located, and then whispered instructions in my ear as how best to stimulate her clit. I began flicking and rubbing the engorged little bud with my finger tip while she wailed and writhed on the bed with wanton desire. I was always surprised and thankful that we were never discovered during my visit because of her loud moaning. God, she would become so very noisy when sexually excited, but then again so would I.

I found out years later from her husband that she was such a hot blooded vixen that much of the time during their marriage he never had any trouble needing for sex; in fact, he told me that at times her sexual desire overwhelmed him. I just smiled and let it go.

I discovered quickly that the girl truly enjoyed dry humping. As we would get ready to make out she would position me on top adjusting the head of my hard dick inside my briefs so the head lay in the crack of her pussy thereby stimulating her clit as we rocked back and forth pretending to make love. She would clamp her legs around my midsection while we made out dry humping each other to fruition. She many times had body trembling orgasms, whereby she would wail and quiver with unbridled emotions. After those sexual sessions our underwear was wet, we were sweating profusely, and sheet would be soaked.

She confided to me that I was the first boy with the patience to please her sexually and didn't ejaculate quickly. She said many of the boys she fooled around with would cum as soon as their pathetic little peckers popped out of their pants. She said they would make out getting all aroused and couldn't control themselves. Over a course of a few weeks she taught me the art controlling ejaculations even more. She taught me to let her know when I felt the urge and then we'd stop so I could hold off for a more powerful orgasm. The two of us managed to engage in sexual experimentation from that first night until that July morning when I departed for California. Always, my main worry of a night was that her parents who were in the bedroom downstairs would discover us, but I think they could have slept through an earthquake.

On that first night we stayed up until dawn making out sexually arousing and satisfying each other. Later the next day she phoned her best girl friend telling her to come over. My cousin wanted to show her girlfriend my dick with a full blown hard on, especially the bulbous head. She had me strangle the shaft of my cock thereby engorging the glans for her girl friend to view, which I did gladly.


The girl friend was in awe of how big the glans grew and the darker crimson color it turned as I tightened the grip on the shaft. The girlfriend was allowed to feel and touch it one time, but that was as far as my cousin allowed the girl friend to go. I was her sex toy and she wasn't going to share, not even with her best friend. I discovered that day that the girlfriend and my cousin had a history of sexual experimentation dating back to the seventh grade. They still made out from time-to-time sexually satisfying each other.

Later that day the two girls engaged in some sexual acts for me as I watched. God, they were so hot going down on each other. While they were sixty-nining each other I began playing with on one of my cousin's exposed nipples while she jerked me off. Every once in a while she would leave her girlfriends vagina to suck on my dick. As the session moved on I lay my saliva slick dick in the crack of her butt moving it back and forth similar to the butt masturbation that Billy and I had done to get off. I shot a load on her back and buttocks and then licked it off. She went wild with desire.

The three of us found time in her parent's basement to sexually please each other a few more times before I left for California; however, there was never any intercourse. Neither she nor her girlfriend would engage in coitus. They said that intercourse between two people when not married was sinful; besides, they were saving their virginity for marriage. Both girls were Catholic; thus, I concluded that much of their reluctance to engage in premarital sex was driven by religious upbringing, but apparently neither girl was a practicing Catholic as we never went to church while I stayed there.

My cousin was part Italian and part Irish. Her dad was Italian and her mom was Irish. My cousin took after her dad's Italian side of the family. She was blessed with the most beautiful smooth olive skin; raven black hair, and smoldering dark eyes. She was definitely one hot young lady. After a couple of nights I came to understand we weren't lovers we were just experimenters like Billy and I had been. We enjoyed sex, but with certain limitations she was my female huckleberry friend.

The girl was amazingly adept at sex, but would not allow me to ejaculate inside her or in her mouth when we engaged in sex. Of a night we would lie up in the bedroom making out sexually stimulating each other to completion. While in the sixty-nine position she would play with my asshole while sucking on me, something that drove me absolutely wild. The tender touch of her finger tip around my asshole made me jump and twitch every time she touched my pucker. This girl could have been a sex education teacher. About a week into my stay her mother remarked one morning about how tired I appeared, asking me if I was getting enough sleep?

I wasn't getting much in the way of restful sleep, but I was enjoying my stay and all the sex. I had no problems with my cousin keeping me awake all night teaching me all about the mechanics of the female body and sex. She taught me about giving her head and how to orally pleasure her clit with my tongue. She also showed me where her "G" spot was located, so I could stimulate her with my finger while performing cunnilingus. She moaned frequently and frantically as I would lick and nibble on her engorged clit while the tip of my middle finger diddled her "G" spot just inside her vagina. She told me that her pussy lips were sensitive and needed attention too. All of that type of sex, but I was not allowed to enter her vagina with my penis. She was saving her virginity for marriage.

I accepted the fact that she was saving herself for marriage and never pursued actual intercourse. Then one day towards the end of my stay she told me that one of her boy friends had jacked off and shot a load on her nipples, and then she made him licked it off as she watched. By this time in my young life I was up for anything sexual. I was also shooting long strong strings of gooey white spooge, very impressive for a fifteen year old. So, we engaged in a couple sessions of that, and then she wanted me to lay my penis between her breasts masturbating to completion. I shot a massive load on her chin and face which she made me clean off with my tongue.

When the day came for me to leave she snuck into my room before dawn that morning crying uncontrollably, she was upset and didn't want me to leave. I guess I was like a new toy or doll that she didn't want to give up as she moved into adulthood. She began giving me a morning blow job. Of a morning my cock was at its best back then. She stopped and asked me to strangle it to make the glans grow one more time for her. She then began licking and working my big crimson knob like it was a candy apple on a stick. After a few moments fireworks began going off inside my head like the fireworks display we watched on the fourth of July a few nights before.

I shot an incredible load that morning. The first shots went high into the air. A couple of the strings of spooge landed somewhere off the bed; we never were able to locate the one wet spot of jism. That morning was so incredible; the best sex I'd experienced in fifteen years. Then it was time to cleanup, go down for breakfast, and then off to take a train my new digs in California. My cousin and I never engaged in sex again. We never even discussed that summer again.

Funny, the things we do as youngsters never get discussed once we become adults. None of the people I had sex with as a boy ever mentioned it after we became adults. I never understood if it was a sense of shame for what we had done, or just youthful secrets best kept buried in the past.



Arrival in California

After a tiring cross country train ride with a couple changes I finally arrived in California on the second Sunday afternoon in July 1975. I had managed to secret away and whack my wang a couple of times throughout the journey. My parent's met me at the train station; from there we drove to my new home. Somewhere along the way we stopped off for a nice dinner. Once we arrived at the new house there was a quick tour. Mom and Dad were excited to show me the new digs. After the tour and a brief visit I decided to turn in early. I was exhausted after the long ride across country. When I awoke on Monday morning the window in my bedroom was open. I could smell the fresh sea breeze blowing in from the ocean in the distance.


As the gentle breeze blew across my bare bottom I became sexually aroused. My parents had already left for work, so I lay on the bed in my new bedroom daydreaming about the prior times with Billy and my cousin. I new life as I had known it was over, in the past. There would be no more huckleberry friends to help me. I knew that from that day on it would be me and my hand for sexual pleasure. I played with my nipples watching them become erect and watching my cock grow. As the blood began filling the three spongy erectile tissue chambers of my penis I took advantage of that leisure summer morning to stroke my cock.


On that Monday morning the second week of July 1975 I found myself in a new strange place; moreover, I had no partner with whom to engage in any sexual pleasuring except my hand. So, I licked my fingers running my saliva wet finger tips around the engorged glans, paying special attention to the coronal band. More saliva was added as I stroked up and down the shaft slowly, while playing with my balls using my free hand. I then licked the fingers on my free hand so I could tantalize my super sensitive asshole. I was fingering the outer perimeter of my anus with my wet forefinger while stroking myself with the other saliva slick hand. I would stop and rest when I sensed that I was about ready to ejaculate and then begin over again.

Finally, I got out of bed with my hard dick leading the way for my morning shower. I continued to beat my meat in the shower while the rain of warm shower water pitter pattered on my back. I ejaculated after a few moments of frantic flogging watching the strings of spooge circle the drain and disappear. After finishing my shower I dressed and took off for a Monday morning jog to recharge my internal batteries, and get my bearings in my new environment. I had just made the right turn onto Elm another street in the area when I noticed the blond boy midway up the street lying back on the lawn.

As I got closer I noticed he was about my age, without a shirt, wearing cutoffs, lounging in the middle of a newly cut front yard. There was that smell of freshly cut grass permeating the air. As I approached the lad lying back propped up on his elbows I nodded my head in his direction and spoke, "Hello."

He responded with, "Suck my dick," his forefinger pointing to the fly on his cutoff Levis like a pistol.

"Fuck you," was my crude reply as I grabbed my crotch like Michael Jackson doing one of his dance routines.

You wish," the teen retorted humorously as I stopped in front of him.

I looked down upon the well-tanned teenager lying back on the fresh cut lawn and was struck immediately by the beauty of his body, "Hi, Alan Street, I just arrived in the neighborhood Sunday." Not knowing what to expect I prepared myself to go a round or two with the teen.

"Glad to meet you Alan. I'm Dennis Dengle Junior or just Denny," the boy said sitting up extending his hand. I noticed immediately that Denny's hand was nice looking with long slender fingers and close cut fingernails; ideal for diddling.

"Glad to meet you Denny. I thought at first you were testing me or gonna give me some shit cause I'm new to the neighborhood."

"Naw, you just looked lost, you know, like you needed someone to fuck with you this morning; besides, you're too nice looking to beat up on," Denny said with a humorous smile.

I was stunned by Denny's flirtatious come back about me being nice looking and said. "I definitely don't need any shit from anyone today. I am already apprehensive about moving here and starting a new school in the fall."

"So, where ya headin?"

"No where in particular. I'm just joggin this morning, tryin to get my bearings to navigate around the new neighborhood."

"Why don't I join you and show ya around the area. The high school is only a few blocks from here," Denny said.

"Sounds great," I said extending my hand to pull Denny up off the ground so we could get started.

As Denny stood up he appeared to be slightly taller than me. We probably weighed about the same, but he had a much better developed physique than mine. The boy presented a chiseled build with nice looking biceps, pecs, abs, calves, and thighs, but the thing that captured my attention were the two very nice looking pink nipples standing at attention equally spaced across his chest. His body appeared to be that of the stereotypical blond California surfer type or male model; the type body and appearance I'd seen in the surfer magazines and posters. Denny definitely had model potential written all over his body.

The two of us took off walking down the street talking along the way. I found out Denny was older than me, and a grade ahead in school. His dad worked at Vandenberg, and his mom worked as an administrator with the local school district. Denny was going to be a junior when school started in the fall. That meant I'd have at least one friend when I started school. We picked up the pace to a brisk jog down the sidewalk.

Denny said that he really needed to be jogging everyday because he would have to start football practice in August. He wanted to know if I played. I told him that I hadn't played football at my old high school, but had played baseball and basketball for the church and school; plus, I'd been on the golf and tennis team as a freshman in high school. I also told him that I had been a Boy Scout and about a couple other activities I had been involved. Denny invited me to try out for the football team and said he'd put a good word in with the coach. Denny asked about religion I told him that I was Methodist. He said that he was Methodist too, but didn't attend church regularly.

Suddenly he said, "Take a right up here."

We turned right and there was the high school; a fairly new modern looking single story school with large parking area and athletic fields. The sprawling educational facility was much nicer and more spacious than my old high school. Denny said to head up onto the school grounds and he'd give me a quick tour. We jogged around the outer perimeter of the school as he pointed out the classrooms, gym, shop area, cafeteria, etc. Then we headed back towards my house by way of another street.

Once we got close to home I asked Denny if he would like to come over and hang out with me. I told him that my new house had a swimming pool. He said we'd have to stop by his house so he could get his swim suit. When we arrived at Denny's he introduced me to his mother who was not working that day. He grabbed his swimming gear including a large beach towel, and we headed around to my house.

"Wow, nice digs!" Denny exclaimed as he entered the house.

"Yeah, it's cool I guess." The California ranch house was only a few years old and had one previous owner.

"I knew the people who lived here, but was never inside. I delivered their paper. The wife was killed on the Pacific Coast Highway by a driver who crossed the line hitting her head on. After the accident her husband was so overcome by grief he just sold everything off and moved away."

"I heard that the woman who lived here died, but didn't know how or where. I hear that Mom and Dad got a fantastic deal on the house. Come on let's get changed and hit the pool."

"Where do we change?" Denny asked.

"There's a little place out back for changing and rinsing off," I said as we stepped onto the deck.

"Wow! Your back yard is so bitchen," Denny exclaimed surveying the pool and yard as he stood on the deck.


I was not used to the word "bitchen" used by teens in California. In the Midwest we used slang such as cool, neat, and nifty to denote excellent. I figured that I would have to get used to a change in teenage jargon from the Midwest to California.

The properties in the area had large lots with spacious yards. So I asked, "Don't you have a pool?"

"Naw, not yet. The folks been talkin about havin one put in. So, where do we change?"

"Over there," I said pointing to the pool cabana in the back corner of the yard.

"Wow! That's so fuckin bitchen."

We both entered the pool house and began changing. As we stripped off our street clothes my eyes secretly searched to see what was between Denny's legs. As Denny dropped his cutoffs I noticed he was not wearing any underwear; moreover, I was delighted to see the nice looking piece of meat dangling between his legs. The dangler appeared to be about five or more inches flaccid with a nicely shaped circumcised pink glans. He had a nice tight bush, and very nice tight looking buns. He stood up pulling on his swim suit and then ran out the door immediately towards the pool. There was a big splash as he did a cannon ball into the pool.

I stood on the deck of the cabana staring in disbelief as I tied the draw string on my swim ware. Denny hadn't waited for me; it was my house, my pool, and he didn't wait jumping in ahead of me. I waited patiently for him to surface. A few seconds later he pulled himself up on the side of the pool in the deep end and said, "Guess what, you get to suck my dick this morning."

"You wish," was my reply.

"Right on man; last one in the pool sucks dick first always."

"Says who?"

"Says me. So, you wanta suck my dick under water, out in the sun, or in the pool house?"

My mind flashed back to earlier comments Denny had made since we first met. I couldn't figure out whether he was joking or flirting with me. I thought to myself that I certainly wouldn't mind gobbling down the fine piece of meat I had seen dangling off Denny's body a few minutes earlier. Denny interrupted my train of thoughts with, "Well?"

"Well what?"

"You ready, or want to wait till later?"

"Later, let's swim first."

"By the way that's the way we all play the game when we go swimmin," Denny replied seriously.

"Who's we," I said as I jumped into the pool and came up alongside Denny.


"Me and my friends."

"So, who're your friends?"

"Ryan, Phil, David, and others." Denny said, "a couple of them are my fuck buddies."

"Your fuck buddies?"

"Yeah, haven't you ever had a fuck buddy before?"

I lied and said, "No."

"I can't believe you've never had a special boyfriend to fool around with sexually," Denny said somewhat taken aback by my disclosure that I didn't have a fuck buddy.


"So, how many fuck buddies do you have?"

"Two right now, hopefully you'll be the third if things work out between us."

As I swam around the pool I wondered if Denny was for real or just a jokester. I wanted to know who Denny's other fuck buddies were and wanted to meet them as soon as possible. Denny was beginning to sound like an interesting person; a person who might take Billy's place in my life. I was up for sex that day, but didn't want to seem too eager. Although jerking off was good release for pent up sexual energy I was looking forward to some sex with another live person instead of my hand. I had discovered by the time I was twelve that sex was always better with a live person rather than by hand.

What a surreal day my first day in California was starting out to be. The sun hadn't reached its pinnacle in the sky on my first day in California and I'd already met a new friend; moreover, I'd been propositioned by him for sex.

I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming or the day was real.