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by Macout Mann


Saturday is total chaos. Campers from the first session are leaving at the same time new guys are arriving. The counsellors have to stay on their toes. Meanwhile, the six and twelve week campers enjoy watching the havoc, especially Eric. He's looking for new dicks and new asses to play with.

Camp buses shuttle back and forth to the Fort Payne Greyhound Station. Charter buses take campers to the Birmingham airport and return with a new crop.

Right after lunch the first charter returns. Russel Sanchez is one of its passengers. This is his third year at Lookout. Russel is fifteen, gay, and from Key Biscayne, Florida. His great, great, great grandfather had come from Cuba to South Florida when Florida still belonged to Spain. It is apparent that over the generations the Sanchez men have favored women of Northern European extraction; so while Russel has black hair, sexy Hispanic eyes, and a dark complexion, his features are almost Nordic. And he is already hung like a bull moose.

Although Russel was a Choctaw last summer, Eric had not paid any attention to him. There were more attractive fourteen-year-olds. Over the succeeding months, however, Russel has not only matured sexually, he has discovered weight training. As he jumps off the bus, his pecs strain against his expensive t shirt and his biceps more than fill out its short sleeves. Eric is in heat.

He waits until Russel is checked in, and as Winston is about to take Russel to the cabin, he interrupts. "I'm heading over to the cabin, Winston," he says. "I can get him fixed up."

"I'm sure you can," Winston smirks.

As they walk across the clearing, Eric says, "I remember you from last year, man, but I've forgotten your name."

"Russel...Russel Sanchez."

"Sure. Now I remember. You've grown since last summer."

"Yeah. And I've been working out. Want my dad to think I'm one tough s.o.b."

Eric laughs. "So he wouldn't take it lightly, if he knew you were gay, eh?"

"He'd beat the shit out of me, then disinherit me. Like he did my brother."

"Fuck!" Eric exclaims.

At the cabin, Eric helps Russel pick out a bunk and settle in. He watches appreciatively as Russel changes from his traveling clothes to the Lookout uniform. There are several campers wandering about, so Eric guides Russel into the counsellors' room. Roger is at his desk taking care of paper work.

Already Eric is feeling up Russel's tool through his tight cutoffs. "Mind if we use part of the room for a few minutes, Roger?"

"Why not?" Roger answers. "If not here you'd just go someplace else."

"You mean?" Russel says. He had messed around some last year, but he has no idea of the extent of sexual activity the older boys had engaged in.

He now finds out. Eric strips Russel and himself. Then he runs his hands over every inch of Russel's pumped torso. "I like a nice hard bod," Eric says.

He then guides Russel's hands over his own chest, and down his gut to his jewels.

"Nice dick," Russel pants.

"You think? Yours is already as big as mine. I can't imagine what it'll be like in a couple of years."

"Oh? My brother has a big one."

"You and him mess around?"

"Nah. I thought he was straight, until he came out and Dad kicked him out. He may still think I am.

"It aint hard to get laid in Florida, though. Me and some friends fuck around all the time."

"Come on, man," Eric murmurs. "Taste me."

Russel falls to his knees and takes Eric into his mouth. Eric immediately begins to fuck face, massaging Russel's muscular shoulders as he does so. Across the room Roger continues to enter the names of the second session campers into his record book.

"Man, you suck good," Eric pants. He pulls his prong out and lifts Russel to his feet. "Let me show you what I can do."

He pushes Russel onto Winston's bed and kisses his way from the fifteen-year-old's nipples to his abs. He takes Russel's balls into his mouth and then gobbles down his oversized shaft. He tongues Russel's piss slit, vaulting over the boy's prone body to allow access once again to his own rigid bone. They sixty-nine until each of them dumps his seed into the other's oral cavity.

They are sitting on the edge of the bed embracing when Winston appears.

"I told you that you could settle him in, not that you could use him on my bed," Winston says.

"Oh, I haven't been using him," Eric grins. "We've been using each other."

"Well cover your asses and get out of here. We've got shit to take care of," Winston orders.

"Yes sir!" Eric cheekily responds. They leave the cabin.

Once outside Eric says, "I'd love to sleep with you tonight, but probably won't be able to. You go ahead and find somebody to get together with. But tomorrow afternoon, let's go for a canoe ride.

"You ever been fucked?"

"Sure. Lotsa times," Russel replies.

"I can see we're goanna have a lotta fun the next few weeks," Eric chuckles.

He turns so that his body blocks the view of anyone who might be watching and gently fondles Russel's dick and balls. The fifteen-year-old has found a new best friend.

Come "lights-out" Eric slips back into Winston and Roger's room. Only about half the new campers have arrived. Russel quickly finds that he can choose between three boys who want to share his bunk. He snuggles in with another fifteen-year-old he remembers from last year. He thinks to himself, "Working out is good."

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