Chapter 5

My sister and I were usually on good terms. It was mostly because we minded our own business. Well, it was more like she really had no interest in what I did and she made sure I knew nothing about what she did. I would like to think that I fulfilled all the duties of a big brother but my sister was quite an independent fourteen-year-old girl.

I knocked on my sister's door and waited for a few seconds until the door opened.

"What do you want?" my sister said in an irritated voice.

I was caught a bit unaware. I wasn't sure what exactly to say or how to broach the topic of Colin without sounding too weird.

"Oh, um, I was just wondering if you got home okay," I managed to spit out.

My sister gave me a questioning look. She probably thought I was going insane or something because I had never inquired after her in that manner before.

"Yeah," she said slowly still looking at me oddly. "Michelle's brother dropped me off."

My eyes widened. That's interesting. This conversation was headed in the right direction.

"Colin?" I asked.

"Yeah, I thought you said you didn't know him."

"Oh, I ran into him when I was leaving Michelle's house," I said coolly.

"Oh. Well, he asked for you but I told him that you were at the swim meet."

"Really," I said. I was now really surprised.

"Yeah, for some reason he seemed really interested in seeing you. I would stay away from him if I were you. He's a bit weird."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, for one, he's always listening to emo music and then when Michelle and I went to his room to get one of his non-emo CDs, we accidentally found a collection of gay porn magazines."


"Yeah, Michelle says he's never had a girlfriend. He's probably gay or something."

Gay! I liked what I was hearing. I was about to ask more about Colin but at that moment, my sister's cell phone started ringing. She went over to her desk and grabbed it along with her purse.

"Hey Gina!" she exclaimed into the phone.

I kept standing in her doorway as she started talking to Gina about some party at some girl's house. Meanwhile, she opened her purse, pulled out a slip of paper, pushed it into my hand, and the closed her door in my face.

I stood in the hallway staring at my sister's door before I looked down at the piece of paper. On it was written "Colin" followed by a phone number. Then everything that my sister had said clicked in place.

I almost felt like yelling some profanities. This was fucking unbelievable. Colin was gay. Well, it wasn't official but he had gay porn magazines. That part was a bit weird but I guess he just fit the horny teenager stereotype. Nevertheless, this meant that I actually had a chance with him. I still had to find out more about him. I had to find out his likes, dislikes, and more what he was like. From what my sister had said, he was really into emo music. I personally didn't really like emo music. I don't have anything against it. It's just not my taste but I wouldn't mind listening to if I could spend time with Colin.

However, the thought that really stuck out was that he had asked for me. Colin had asked to hang out with me. Well I guess I did ask him earlier to hang out with me later. However, he had gone beyond my casual invite and had actually left me a phone number. This meant an invite to call him and talk to him. Fuck! This would be interesting.

I think I was getting a little obsessed about him. I had to stay cool and not become some obsessive stalker. I went to my room and closed the door behind me. I sat down on my bed, and pulled out my cell phone. I thought about calling Colin. What would I say to him? Should I ask him to hang out with me? As all the possibilities went through my head, my phone actually rang. I saw that it was Jake calling me.

"Hey Jake," I said putting the phone to my ear.

"Dude, you are never going to believe who we just saw in the parking lot after you dropped us off."


"That Colin kid."

"What!" I exclaimed standing up.

"Yeah, Ashley and I were making out in my car and then we saw him getting out of this nice black BMW. Ashley recognized that he was Colin."

"No, shit. You know what he was there for?"

"No idea, he went inside the aquatic center, came back out a few minutes later and then just got in his car and left."


"Well, yeah just thought you would like to know."

"Oh, fuck!" I exclaimed as the realization hit me.


"Okay, you are never going to believe this but I talked to my sister and apparently Colin dropped her off at our house earlier and then he asked for me. My sister told him that I had gone to the swim meet so it could be possible that maybe he went there to find me."

"Wait why is he looking for you? I thought you were looking for him."

"Well I guess I didn't tell you guys but before I left his house after dropping off my sister, I asked him to come with me to the swim meet but he said he had to meet a friend so I told him that we should hang out sometime."

"So he wants to hang out with you. That seems like a good step in the right direction."

"Well, I don't want to sound too full of myself but he could be interested in more than just hanging out with me."

"Dude, you don't even if that guy swings that way."

"Well, I haven't told you the best part. My sister told me that apparently she and his sister Michelle found some gay porn magazines in his room."

"FUCK!" Jake exclaimed.

"Yeah, so I'm guessing he does swing that way."

"Yeah, but gay porn magazines? That's a bit weird."

"Uh, I guess but the important part is that I might actually have a chance with him."

"Dude, that is awesome."

"Yeah, now I better think about what I am going to do."

"Okay, best of luck with that but I personally don't think you will have to do much. He's probably like totally in love with you already."

"Yeah right, he doesn't even know that I like him in that way."

"You never know. He might have some gaydar or something."

"That's just stupid. I'm going to talk to you later," I replied laughing.

"Okay dude, talk to you later."

"Yeah, see you."

I hung up the phone and sat down on my bed again. This was getting more interesting by the minute. I wondered what was in store for me tomorrow at school. I wondered if I would see Colin again and what would happen. I got ready for bed and then climbed in and went to sleep with a small smile on my face.

To be continued...

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