Hi my name is Carl Jenkins and I'm 17 years old. I'm as normal as any other teenage kid I'm gloomy ,reserved and to me everything is a chore, that's why when the alarm went off this morning I felt I could smash the damn clock, but I knew better, I needed it more than it needed me. Even using the toilet was an issue and as painful as It sounds I wish I could wear a catheter up my dick every day the pee could just flow out, oh the good old times I had when I was a kid in diapers. I made my way to the toilet and did my usual morning routine toilet, bath, teeth, then hair. Let me describe myself to you, by every standard in the physical light I am 6'feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes I have the muscular build that comes around when both your parents are jocks. Hmmm...Can women be termed as jocks too?? Well let's just say my family is athletic I'm just not obsessed with it. So yea I've got my abs and my biceps and I love the way I look. "Carl, hurry up you're going to be late for your first day in school."

Humph! That's my mum. She is the sweetest person you can ever meet and I'm proud to be her kid "will be right down mum." I say as I quickly dress in some new clothes id gotten over the summer. "Hey mum, what's for breakfast?" I ask as I settle down on the kitchen table placing my bag beside me on the table. "no bags on the table carl" my dad says as he walks in wearing his running clothes "yes daddy "I take the bag and place on the floor. My dad is an interesting guy he's character changes depending on his mood just like my mum he is the coolest guy ever if you talk to him you can think you're talking to a frat boy even the way he carries himself is like that of a 20 year old. "What time does school start carl" my mum asked as she eased some cornflakes and milk onto my table mat, "I have homeroom at 8:30 but I was hoping to be there at 8:00".i replied as I poured my milk into the cornflakes bowl." I guess that gives you half an hour finish up and be on your way," my dad said as he went up the stairs to get ready for work. "mum I'm still not comfortable with all that has happened did we have to move this far the last time I was here was 10 years back" I asked my mum as I dreaded the thought of starting a new school in a new county in a new state to make it worse a new about taking a big step. Okay, let me explain in a nutshell my story.

I was originally born in Oregon, my dad was a big CFO for a fortune 500 company he was still young and at 30 he had accomplished much. My mother was a neurosurgeon so when she got pregnant they both agreed they had enough money to support the family for a decade and still be comfortable but In my sight they took that a little too far by taking us to another continent Africa, yea I know right. So I was raised in Kenya for 17 years and I won't lie I had a great time. Kenya was laid back in everything, so when my parents decided to take a break here they were shocked with the currency change one dollar was equal 90 Kenyan shillings so you can only do the math when a neurosurgeon and a CFO convert their monies we were filthy rich but my family raised me modest and I never let it get to my head. School was awesome I attended an American school that was saturated with Africans, I'm not racist or anything but they were different. I joined martial arts and some other clubs but Kenya does not regard the arts too highly so it was more of a hobby that I did. So when my father came home one afternoon and told us we were moving back to the states I was angry and happy at the same time. Angry because I grew up in Kenya therefore making it home, but happy because I was going to a more accepting people. Yeah I'm confusing you I have known for about 5 years that I was gay but in Kenya it was not a wise thing to be the people just wouldn't get it the people I had seen coming out ended up ostracized and that's the best thing that can happen. As I told you everything is laid back including the law, so if anything were to happen it would take forever before any investigation happened. The only one who knew was my dad. Most people are close to the mum when it comes to sexuality but for me it just happened to be my dad on my fifteenth birthday my dad came to talk to me you know about the' bird and the bees'. I had been so confused of late so I asked him without thinking "what about a bee and a bee" that was the stupidest question I had ever asked. He looked at me for a while his deep blue eyes scanning mine as my body started to react to the rejection I was about to undergo tears began forming around my eyes...all he did was pull me in for a hug and we cried together. Yea I know. Weird. When we both calmed down my dad looked into my eyes and asked me how long I had known I was gay. I just stared at him and held 2 fingers. After that we have only grown stronger in our relationship he later came and we discussed the gay `birds and the bees' I was elated when he was comfortable enough to talk to me he was my only outlet. He asked me if I had a boyfriend I just shook my head no.

"Well carl let's not dwell on that now we already settled that it was the best thing for all of us to do" my mu said as we headed for the door before I could open the door my dad came down in a robe and hugged me tightly well buddy before you go I have a gift for you, last year on your birthday I asked you which car you liked when we were trolling the internet?" oh my god, I thought." Well when I was out yesterday I got it for you" he said as he handed me the keys to the car of my dreams.

In a daze I approached my brand new Lamborghini Gallardo. I could not believe this was the car I was starting my new life with. Damn that black ink was so sexy I got a bonner just looking at it. "okay, carl you know we trust you and love you so be careful drivng that thing. Good day." My dad said as both my mum and dad went back to the house and I enterd my new car. The new car smell was so relaxing. I started the car and headed to school where one of two things were going to happen id be a social pariah or a popular kid. I was hoping for a seclusive life but with a Gallardo I don't think that is possible.