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I woke up today with a lot of anxiety ,I had barely slept a wink last night tossing and turning in cold sweat. Twice I had woken up in the middle of the night to have a cold shower hoping it would lure me to sleep, that was a complete lie to myself no doubt because it didn't help at all. I lay on bed for the rest of the night staring at my ceiling trying to calm my nerves which was pointless I had thought of going out for a run but that would just have left me tired. I was nervous when I came down for breakfast not because I was afraid just on the edge for some unknown reason and both my parents could smell it, more weird was that I was more eager to go to school this is because I have always hated mingling with humans due to the hormones they secret with every emotion, it's annoying especially when girls are at their time of the month they emotions are over the roof. I know you're wondering what I'm talking about so let me put it this way. My name is Jason Rudolf Black but most people call me Jason or Jake and I am a Lycan or in lay man term a werewolf shifter. Well ,most people accredit us to the Hollywood written stories of us changing in the full moon and all that crap but in truth we change at will from birth, it's not painful ,unsettling would be the right term we eat normal food people think we eat human meat but we hate long pig it taste like sand. Yuck! For most things we mostly live to gain territory breed and most especially watch that the stupid humans don't kill themselves with their petty wars. In general we are guardians, and our history is pretty awesome.

 For centuries the shifter race had opted to remain the bearers of gene that is they could shift to any creature they willed  but over time the recessive gene that allowed us to shift to the other creatures stopped being passed down to the offspring during mating at the same time the gene began to naturally select the remaining gene bearers, it was very mysterious but many knew it was the spirits arranging the cosmos, so many shifters died down leaving only a few shifters with the recessive genes. The offspring were found to be either of two creatures, humans and lycans. the lycans were able to shift to human thus the term `were' was used to tell who they once was wolf for the creature they morphed to thus `werewolf' . the humans were not happy with this and began to hate the werewolves so with a treaty the two creatures both separated to be their own people. The shifters that remained were guarded fiercely both the Lycans and humans were angered that the spirits stole from them what they were meant to be theirs, their birth rites. Some of the older Lycans held the 7th sense of intuition and knew that what was ahead could not be survived and they commissioned volunteer Lycans to guard the shifters. The shifters were bountifully powerful and no alpha wolf or human weapon could kill them, and they did not age since they could simply shift to a different creature that could repair the dying cells and restore them to a healthy and strong state this only made the two descendant creatures more angry because  they were immortal. The other creatures of the land and sea watched as the hate of the two species grew towards the shifters and were saddened by it. It is believed that from the few shifters  that were left they one day without a trace  mysteriously disappeared from the hunters and rogues who were angered by their ability to retain their genes, the shifters who were highly peaceful were tired of watching their brothers who had volunteered to protect them die for them and so they just vanished being that they could not be traced it was assumed they simply assimilated by the spirits.

I turned 18 years this past summer and I haven't been able to concentrate this whole time and with school about to start. My dad would kill me if I screwed up my grades. "what is it son, you seem more eager than usual to return to the human world, everything okay?" my dad, the Alpha asked. I was not really scared of my father, standing at 6 feet 8 inches and weighing 240 pounds of pure muscle I feared nothing, but my dad exhumed authority my wolf bowed to so it was only natural I did too. "I don't know dad, I'm just so uneasy today I feel as though something is going to happen today." My dad looked at my mom and smiled. I was so confused, why were they smiling." Well son, your wolf is sensing your mate and seeing that it is drawn towards school the chances are that she is human."  My dad said with a toothy grin. I was speechless, I knew about mates and all that but I thought that it was until I reached 25 years of age when I would begin sensing her, my father read my puzzled look." In some people they get their mates early but that hasn't happened in a long time Jason, it begs the question why?" the last part of the statement was more rhetoric I cleared my plate and bid my parents goodbye. Standing outside I was met by my best friend Dylan and his girlfriend Brit, "hey guys ready for the stink?" we all laughed at my stupidity, Dylan turned to me and said I looked disorientated, "yea I had a bad night, couldn't sleep well!" Dylan gave me a shy smile before jumping into my jeep he had known all summer that I had been having a crazy time controlling my wolf but I wasn't about to tell him it was because of my mate, he was always the romantic in our friendship and I didn't want him making my situation more awkward than it already was. I entered my jeep, exhaled deeply, and drove out heading off to your mate!