This is an actual experience I had with an actual guy. I have changed his name to protect him.

Carpool to Passion
-mr. b-

I had just entered my senior year of high school. I knew I was attracted to guys but I played it macho most of the time and still went out with girls. Most of the guys I hung out with, I was attracted to, but none seemed to be inclined to other men. I had so many crushes on so many guys that practically anything with a dick at my school could get me in bed. I was always horny. I was always hard. And I was always looking for satisfaction...

One guy that I drooled over, Edward, was one of my friends since about the third grade. We used to live next to each other and sleep over at each other's houses. We never really got sexually involved. When we were little, we would just compare are little dicks and that kind of shit. However, I moved away when I went to middle school and we didn't get much of a chance to continue our childhood exploration. I always wanted to believe that he was gay like me, but I had no proof and didn't have the nerve to make a move on him once we were older and went to the same high school.

I was a year older than Ed was. He enticed me so much that I would sneak up to his window at night when I was out and watch him just doing his homework. He had magnificently stringy blonde hair that curved down over his forehead so perfectly. He had almost ice colored, blue eyes that pierced into your skin and made you tingle. He was smooth all over and not very hairy at all. He played Varsity soccer so his legs and ass were unbelievably muscular and tight. He was kind of skinny and pale up top with a thin build but he had well-defined abs and pecs curving down to caramel nipples. And although he was a year younger than I was, he was very mature and sure of himself. I would cherish the time I got just to look at him or walk with him. That's probably why I volunteered to drive him home after school my senior year. And that's when I began to really get opportunities to see what he was really like...

It was about 3:30pm. I remember seeing Edward coming towards my car smiling. The wind was blowing a few locks of his sunny hair and his book bag hung casually over his shoulder. He hopped in and, right away, I could smell his wonderful, natural musk. He didn't live far from school but we always had good, in depth conversations on the way to his house. Sometimes, when I took him home, he invited me in and we chilled for a while before I left. His parents were divorced and he lived with his mom. She always worked late. This day, he invited me in and we went down to his room. We always talked about sex and girls and normal adolescent stuff, but today, he seemed to be overly eager to talk about it...

I was sitting on the bed with him kind of watching vicariously at his every move; the way his shoulders slid under his shirt, his warm smile, and innocent demeanor. That's when I noticed that his sharp blue eyes were staring at me. I almost gasped when I realized it but then I returned the stare. Of all the times we had sat together on his bed, this seemed so much different. We felt closer, hotter, and now that I know, hornier than before. I watched almost helpless as his thin, smooth arm extended towards me and rested on my thigh. My cock jumped up. I put my hand on his, and leaned my head carefully and slowly toward him not taking my eyes off of his. Our noses brushed and then our lips. I put my other hand on his prickly thigh and plunged my tongue into his mouth. He sucked it in like candy and our tongues fought passionately. The whole time I thought I was in a dream. It felt so soft, so serene, and so natural. My dick was throbbing now, and I glanced at the protruding bulge in his khaki shorts. I rubbed my hand across that bulge and he exhaled into my face. I licked down from his juicy lips to his slender neck. I put my hands on the bottom of his shirt and helped him pull it off and over his head. He smiled faintly as our eyes met again, and then I resumed my oral path down his neck and to his smooth navel. I licked around and he laid his body back passively suggesting I go further. His pants were sticking up to heaven as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped the zipper. I opened the flap of his Calvin's and excavated his smooth, uncut cock surrounded by sparse, sandy blonde hair. All memories of his bald little childhood dick were erased from my memory and replaced with this new, seven-inch or so, pleasure tool. A little precum had already nestled on the tip of his cock-head peeking out of his snug foreskin. He squinted his eyes and threw his head back as I licked the precum off and slammed his dick into my throat. His skin peeled back and exposed his true meat to the wet walls of my throat. I repeated my bobs and his hands rushed to my neck steadying his dick in my mouth. I didn't want him to cum just yet because I didn't want this to end. I was finally getting what I had fantasized about so many times. I stopped my sucking and rose up.

His eyes opened and he took a deep breath. We hadn't said a word since we kissed and his soft voice almost shocked me. He told me to get naked and pull the bedspreads back. I did just that, exposing my six-inch cock to his frosty blue eyes and hopped into the bed. He shucked all of his clothes and hopped in right behind me. His head flew straight to my cock that was dripping precum. He enclosed the base with his right hand and shoved most of it into his oral haven. I almost fainted from the sensations of his tongue. It slowly stroked my shaft, sliding over the head. His head moved smoothly up and down my dick and I opened my eyes just enough to get a glimpse of him slowly wristing himself off by my leg. He licked from my dick to my balls. He juggled each one in his mouth before sliding his tongue to my furry ass. He eagerly dug his tongue in the outskirts of my asshole as I spread my legs and caressed his sleek, slightly muscular back. Just as I thought I was about to cum, he stopped and lifted his head. He moved his strong legs over me and straddled my cock letting it slip around with his. I put my hands on his firm ass and he leaned down and began licking my nipples. I pressed his head down more and began to play with his spread asshole. It was very tight but I managed to get my middle finger about halfway in before he groaned with pleasurable pain. Our cocks were rubbing together and his foreskin slid vigorously over my cut cock. I never imagined how good it would feel just to have our dicks together but before I knew what was happening, he stopped licking my nipples and began licking my lips. He put raised his arms above my head and placed them on the pillow revealing his almost bare armpits. We kissed as I watched his face plush with red and felt his asshole tighten around my finger. He was about to cum. Watching him sent my juices flowing and I drove my finger as far in him as I could. I felt his dick throb into my balls as it unleashed spurt after spurt of warm cum. It rained all over my pubes and stomach as I slipped into ecstasy, too. I pressed his hot, moist body into me by the ass with both hands, pushing my other middle finger into his damp asshole. My dick shot loads of cream up onto his dick and upper thighs as my hips bucked with a violent orgasm. We both came to a standstill and finally inhaled again. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me with gratitude and passion. He laid his head on my shoulder as my fingers slipped out of him. I stroked his ass gently as our thrusts stopped and our breathing resumed to normal. I had nothing to say and neither did he. We both understood that the other had been waiting for this for so long that words weren't needed. We just rested in the wetness of our own cum and stroked each other to sleep.

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