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C'est la vie


Part 9


He entered the house and the moment the door closed behind him he heard his mother's voice call out from the kitchen.

"Kai is that you?"

"Yes mum," and he made his way into the kitchen and started to help himself to a couple of apple crumble pies from the cake box.

"Don't eat too many or you won't be able to eat your food, you have to eat early today."

"Why mum?"

"Because Mrs Clarkson phoned to say that Timothy is home, and wants to know if you could go over later this evening and stay the night. I took the liberty to say yes on your behalf and that you'd be there as soon as you've finished your evening meal."

"Really mum," he said putting the second pie back and closing the cake tin, "I knew he was coming home today and was going to let him settle in before going to see him tomorrow. I'll just go up and get showered and changed then have my meal."

He left the kitchen and bound up the stairs his feelings running riot inside him with the thought of spending the night at Timothy's house.

He showered and when he'd finished splashed on some Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, that his parents had bought him for his fifteenth birthday. After he'd dressed he packed his nightwear and toothbrush into his back pack and made his way downstairs.

While Kai was having his food his father arrived home and after being informed that he would be spending the night at Timothy's house his father promptly offered to drive him over.

Kai knew that since the knife attack his parents were worried every time he stepped out the front door they tried to cover the anxiety they both felt but it was so obvious in their faces. So to try and free them of their worry he would phone them as often as possible en route to which ever destination he was headed. Now when his father offered to drop him off to allay their fears he accepted the offer. Fifteen minutes later after saying goodbye to his mother he made his way to the car his heart hammering at what seemed twice its normal rate in anticipation of being in the same bed he hoped as Timothy.



He lay with his legs up on the settee with Linda alongside him resting her head on his shoulder. He fingered the chain around his neck waiting for the boy that had given it to him to make his presence known. He'd gleaned a great deal of comfort from the chain while he was in hospital when all the visitors had left and he was alone. It was the chain and his fingers running over the name, and the kiss he remembered while he lay on the pavement that made the hours of loneliness bearable.

The boy's parents had seen the chain around his neck while in hospital and had accepted the fact that it meant something special to him. They were pleased that he'd found a friend in Kai someone who they hoped would help give Timothy another interest in life.


Now while he waited for Kai to arrive his mind focused on his friend. How he longed to hold Kai in his arms, but would Kai now be willing to continue their friendship in the manner it had been while he was in hospital. Or would he now want to keep it at the just good friends' level like it was before he had been injured. Now that he had recovered and was home again how would Kai's behaviour be toward him.

The bell ringing broke his train of thought and he watched as his father stood and made his way to the front door. He felt the chill as Linda left his side and her body heat went with her as she followed her father to see who had come to visit. Then he heard his father's voice, "Come in Kai," then Linda's high pitched voice, "Kai, Kai, have you come to play," then footsteps and the boy his mind had been focusing on walked into the room

"Good evening Mrs. Clarkson the visitor said, then Kai was turning and their eyes met and in that instant Timothy knew that his love for this boy was unbounded, and no other would be able to replace him. They stared at each other momentarily then he heard a voice soft and gentle saying,

"Hi Timmy, I came as quickly as I could when I got your message."

Then Kai was walking towards the smaller boy who had stood from the settee to greet him. On reaching him Kai wrapped his arms around Timothy to hug him and was quite literally shocked at his thinness and had to reduce the strength of his hug for fear of hurting the frail boy.

"Come sit beside me," Timothy said patting the settee as he took his seat, "And tell me what all has been happening at school.



Later that evening after Timothy had bled Kai dry of all the events he could remember they sat side by side and watched a movie on the box. Till he suddenly felt the smaller boys body resting against him and his head resting against his upper arm. Looking down at the face of the boy he noticed that Timothy had fallen asleep. He looked across at Mr. Clarkson who smiled and stood then walked across to the two boys. He bent and placed an arm around Timothy's shoulders at the same time squeezing his other arm under his thighs then lifted Timothy into his arms, When he was upright Mr. Clarkson asked Kai to accompany him to Timothy's bedroom so he can help to put the boy to bed. He followed Mr. Clarkson to Timmy's room and couldn't get over the marked difference to the last time he was in here. The room had been painted the floor was carpeted from wall to wall all and Timmy now had a new wardrobe and dressing table. There was also a computer and CD player on the desk by the window. His observation of the room was broken by Mr Clarkson calling his name.


Turning he saw that Timothy had been placed on the bed. "Yes Mr. Clarkson."

"We've noticed that Timothy seems to put a lot of trust in that chain that you gave him and he's seems to have grown very attached to you. I hope your friendship will continue once he's fully recovered."

"I gave him the chain Mr. Clarkson just to keep his spirits up and not to be afraid when he was alone in the hospital, and it seems to have worked, and I'm just as fond of Timothy as he is of me."

"Ah I see, very well do you want to come downstairs again its only just gone 9.00pm you can come to bed later."

"I'll stay up here Mr. Clarkson just in case Timmy wakes and needs anything."

"Okay if Timothy does wake and needs to change into his nightwear would you please help him,"

"Certainly Mr. Clarkson."

"See you later Kai," and Jack Clarkson left the room to make his way downstairs.


Left alone with Timmy, Kai walked around the room to where the pc. Was and checked it out then he saw the CD player and the CD's.

There were only about 6 discs and he smiled when he saw the title of one of them Stardust, and his mind went back when Timothy sang the song in his room. The thought of Timothy made him glance toward the bed where the boy of his thoughts lay. Moving across the room he sat on the bed and took the boys hand in his then lifted it to his face. He inhaled the aroma of the boy then kissed the palm of the Timothy's hand.

"I'd rather you kissed my lips," and startled Kai dropped the hand to see a smiling Timothy looking at him.

"Sorry didn't mean to disturb you."

"You didn't disturb me just woke me up really nicely."

"You want to get up now and get changed, I'll help you, then if you want to you can go back to sleep."

"You going to stay with me if I stay in bed?."

"Uh huh."

"Okay let me go to the loo first, can you come with me just in case."

"Sure," and Kai a bit embarrassed followed his small companion to the bathroom. Inside Timothy unzipped his trousers and started to relieve himself. When he'd finished he turned to Kai saying, "I need to wash will you give me a hand to remove my T-shirt and vest."

"Sure Timmy," and while the smaller boy flushed the toilet then sat on the lowered seat Kai stood in front of him stooped and getting hold of the lower part of Timmy's T-shirt and vest pulled them up over the boys head and up stretched arms. At once Kai saw the ugly red wound where the knife had entered Timothy's side just below the ribs. Looking at the wound Kai thought, that could have been me if it wasn't for the boy who was now standing in front of him completely naked.

Timothy had lowered his jeans and underwear to the floor then made his way past Kai to the bath tub and turned on the shower.

"Timmy is it safe for you to stand in the shower?" Kai said looking concerned, "you might fall and hurt yourself."

"I don't fancy filling the tub and having a bath."

"Then sit in the bath and I'll hold the shower while you soap yourself and I'll do your back as well."

Timothy did as his friend suggested but instead of sitting in the bath he knelt and sat on his legs. Kai dislodged the shower head and held it in his hand and let the water play over the kneeling boy.

"It's not too hot is it Timmy."

"No but you can let up now I'll soap myself."

"Aiming the spray away from Timmy, Kai watched as the boy lathered himself with soap then straightened up on his knees and washed his crutch and the tops of his thighs down to his knees.

Handing the soap to Kai he said, "Can you do my back please."

"Sure," and after handing the shower head to Timothy, Kai took the soap and did the boys back. He heard Timothy sigh then say, "Nice you've got gentle hands. Okay Kai enough you're giving me a boner."

They both laughed and Kai reluctantly broke contact, "What about your feet."

"Yeah I know, I'm going to sit down and do them."

"You want me to wash them Timmy."

"Oh boy that would be great," and Timothy sat back and lifted a leg to be washed.

Kai couldn't help but notice Timothy's manhood that was semi erect and because of his small stature it looked way out of proportion. He was slightly built before he went into hospital but since the stabbing he'd lost nearly a stone in weight, and now he looked so small that his penis that was the normal size for a nearly sixteen year old looked huge on him.

Kai washed each foot and leg in turn then helping Timmy to stand and holding on to him took the shower and rinsed him off from head to toe. When he'd finished he helped Timothy out of the bath then wrapped a towel around him and gently dried him off.

"Umm where are your pyjamas Timmy? Kai asked, "I'll fetch them for you."

"Don't bother I'll sleep in the nude." Then wrapping the towel around his waist Timothy went into the bedroom followed by Kai.

"Timmy do you want anything to drink or eat before you go to bed I can get it for you."

"No thanks Kai, but you have something."

"I'll just have a hot drink then say good night to your parents and come back up again."

"Timothy dropped the towel on the chair by the pc. then slid between the bedclothes. Kai walked over to the boy in the bed, leaning over him and pecking him on the lips said.

"Won't be long stay awake till I get back."



He made his way to the sitting room to see only Mr and Mrs Clarkson, when he walked in the Clarkson's asked about Timothy.

"He's showered and in bed now," he replied

"Do you want anything to eat or drink," Mrs. Clarkson enquired.

"I'll just have a hot drink if you don't mind."

"We've only got Chocolate or Ovaltine." Mrs Clarkson said, "Unless you want a cup of tea."

"Hot Chocolate will do fine," Kai said, "If you tell me where it's kept I can make it myself."

After getting instructions from Mrs Clarkson where the Chocolate was kept he excused himself and made his way into the kitchen. But he wasn't alone for long, Mrs Clarkson followed him in telling him to sit down and she'd do the necessary. With the chocolate made she set it down in front of him leaving Kai to have his drink.


Five minutes later after finishing his drink and wishing Timothy's parents goodnight he returned upstairs. He went straight to the bathroom brushed his teeth then washed his face, when he'd finished he made his way as noiselessly as possible to Timothy's bedroom. At the bedroom door he gently opened it and entered the room closing the door behind him in the same manner. Looking across to the bed he saw that Timothy was lying under the covers on his back with his eyes closed. He moved to where his night clothes were and started to undress, on the verge of donning his nightwear he paused then left them off. Going to the bed and pulling the covers back he switched the light off and slipped between the bedclothes.



The moment he was in the bed and on his side with his back to Timothy, an arm was wrapped around his chest and a leg was thrown across his groin area resting on his loins.

He rolled onto his other side and was just able to make out the shape lying next to him, "You're awake?"

"Uh huh," there was a pause, "Kai"


"Love you,"

"Love you too, now go to sleep."

"No, I've been dreaming of this every day I was in hospital, I don't intend going to sleep now. I want to do things."

"Timmy you have to be careful you don't know what might happen to your wound if you exert yourself."

"I know what's going to happen to my dick if I don't," he could feel Timothy's breath on his face as he spoke, "and it won't be pleasant if I do it over you in my sleep."


Kai laughed, and now that his eyes were getting accustomed to the dark he could see the diminutive figure of Timothy curled up beside him his face on the edge of his pillow only inches from his own. "Okay then but get on top of me full length."

Timothy rolled and with the help of Kai lifted his body and lay full length on top of his bed companion, their erections rubbing against each other.

Laying his head on Kai's shoulder Timothy rested a bit and revelled in the sensations flowing through his body as Kai stroked his back. He raised his himself up searching for the lips that he been wanting to kiss from the moment he'd seen the boy walk through the sitting room door. Now looking down at the face below him he whispered, "Kai" then their lips met and their mouths opened to accommodate their tongues. They drank of each others fluids and it tasted like nectar to them. They were flying, soaring and swooping, two spirits in perfect harmony as if they were one. Then Timothy broke the kiss lowering himself till his loins were positioned against those of Kai's, Slowly he ground his erection against those of his partner who now began to reciprocate, gradually they increased the speed till Timothy threw his head back calling Kai's name, while Kai himself with his manhood straining for release cried, "Oh God Timmy I love you." and erupted. Timmy also acquired that feeling of excruciating pleasure at the same time as Kai; their loins in harmony jointly spewed forth their juices to spray over their bodies. They lay motionless gasping and panting for breath as they recovered from their exertions, their manhood's reflexively squeezing the last remaining drops of semen onto their bodies.




"You okay?"

"Wonderful, didn't realize you had such a big dick."

"It's only longer, yours is fatter."

"Funny isn't it, I'm so small and I have a fat dick."

"Do you want me to clean us,"

"Not yet Kai let's relax for a bit."

He lay resting his head on his companions shoulder thinking this is the happiest day of my life, please God don't let anything happen to spoil it. He began to drift asleep when he was nudged awake.

"Come on Timmy got to clean you before you fall asleep roll off me onto your back and stay like that till I get the wet wipes and tissues."

Kai helped the half asleep boy onto his back then slid out from the bed clothes that were wrapped around their legs, and went over to the dressing table where he'd seen the wipes and tissues. Returning to the bed he went over to Timmy's side knelt down and started to wipe his body then loins.

With the administrations to his loins with the wipes Timmy's flaccid penis now started to rise. Kai giggled wiped Timmy with the tissues then bent over and kissed the end of Timmy's penis saying "Down Boy."

He cleansed himself then returning to his side of the bed climbed in.

An arm and leg were thrown over him then a pair of lips kissing him on the cheek, "Thanks Kai, Love you."

Kai Webster lay revelling in the feelings of happiness coursing through his body. It had taken a beating and knifing of the boy who now lay in his arms for him to find the peace of mind that he now exhilarated in. But he swore to himself that he would never if it was humanly possible within his power to ever let any harm come to the boy who had nearly given his life for him.

Gently he squeezed the sleeping form into his body, and kissing the boy's forehead whispered, "Love you Timothy Clarkson."


The End

That is the conclusion of C'est la vie, gathering from the letters I have received, you the readers have enjoyed the previous 8 episodes. I just hope this final chapter in the boy's lives will live up to your expectations.

Caleb Wilson