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C'est la Vie

(Book 2)




Part 11

He stayed at the hospital with his mother for nearly an hour. In that time he was able to see Mr Clarkson and learn that Timmy was still in the same condition as he was the day before. The medical staff wouldn't let him into the room but he could view Timothy from the observation window that looked into where he lay. It was hard to see anything of him with all the attachments to his body that were assisting in keeping him alive. With his mother finally convincing him to return home reluctantly he left the hospital.


He sat in his bedroom his mind turning over all the events that had happened in the last month and he berating himself. If he had done this and if he hadn't said so and so then Timmy wouldn't be in hospital. But that was in the past he couldn't change what had happened, now if Timothy survived he had to make it up to him if he would let him.

That evening his father who had been told of the attack on Timothy noticed his son's lack of appetite and sorrowful demeanour.

When the plates and dishes had been cleared away he asked Kai to accompany him to the shed in the garden. Once inside and seated in his tattered armchair Frank Webster said, "Okay Kai spit it out."

Kai stared at his father then as the tears trickled down his cheeks he blurted out, "It's my fault dad, that Timmy got hurt again."

Rising from the chair the man went and wrapped his arms around his son to comfort him. "It wasn't your fault Kai," he said, his hands stroking the boys back.

"Yes dad it was. I dumped Timmy for another boy who only wanted me for a brief fling."

"You're not the first nor will you be the last person to have their head turned by a pretty face. What happened to Timothy had nothing to do with you but hopefully you'll learn from your mistake."

"Dad, do you think Timmy will make it."

"If there's the slightest chance that he can then he will. He might be small in stature but he has a strong will. Have you forgotten all that he has been through from a very young age and he never ran away from the abuse and bullying. Now you've got to get yourself sorted out, and sitting around moping isn't going to help. When Timothy comes out of this, you've got to be ready to help him and if I know anything about Timothy Clarkson he'll be happy to see your face beside his bed when he does awaken."

"How can you be so sure dad?"

"I'm not, but I'd rather see you put on a positive attitude then go around looking as if the world were going to end tomorrow."

Kai Webster hugged his father saying, "Thanks dad," then left the shed so that his father could partake of his ciggy.



The following morning as he made for the school gates he saw Adam, and Peter, getting off the bus. He waited for them at the gates to join him and together they walked into the school.

"Were you able to see Timothy yesterday?" the boys asked.

"Only from the observation window, he's still on life support, and I couldn't see much of his face with all the attachments he had stuck all over him."

"Any news about who attacked him?" Adam enquired.

"Nothing, zilch, no one seems to know. But maybe the woman would be able to recognize the boys if she were to see them again."

They'd arrived at their lockers and were putting their belongings away when Brian and Sammy, joined them.

Kai repeated what he'd said earlier for the benefit of the two newcomers.

"They watched as Peter's eyebrows lowered and knitted together as he asked Kai, "Do you know if he was robbed at all?"

"No his dad said that nothing was taken from him."

Still frowning Peter nodded his head saying, "Then it must have been someone from the school who roughed him up."

"You can't be sure of that," Sammy said.

"If nothing was stolen from Timmy then it stands to reason that he was beaten up by someone who had it in for him."

"Does anyone know if Timothy had been involved in any arguments with anyone?" Sammy asked.

"I was the only one I think who had any sort of and argument," Kai said, "He was trying to be friendly with me even after I'd dumped him and got involved with Adam's brother. I told him to leave me alone and wasn't too friendly towards him. Then when I finished my meal I left him and went out into the recreation grounds. But I know I didn't and would never hit Timmy, and in any case the woman who saw the kids beating him up said there were three of them."

"Do you think she'd be able to recognize them again," Brian said, standing behind Sammy with his arms wrapped around her waist, "she could be brought to the school and as the pupils came through the gates she could look them over."

"Good idea but will she be willing to do it." Kai said looking at the others, "And if she doesn't want to get involved then when Timmy recovers he could name his attackers."

Any further discussion about Timothy's assailants was brought to an end with the sound of the school bell for the beginning of classes. As they dashed along the corridors to the classroom Adam called out to Kai, "If you're going to visit Timmy after school can Peter and I tag along."

"You don't have to ask my permission you two have just as much right to visit him as I do. So we'll meet up after school and go to the hospital together."



Timothy Clarkson remained in I.C. till Friday afternoon. Although still in coma the doctors thought that he could be taken off the life support machine as he was now able to breathe on his own. He was moved to a room rather than a ward and still had his drip-feed and monitors attached to him.


He had been walking down this tunnel like forever. He thought he'd seen a pin prick of light at what seemed like the end of a very long tunnel but after walking for what seemed hours it had got no closer.

Think I'll have a bit of a rest, a lie down and sleep a bit then carry on walking later. Wish these effing insects would stop buzzing around my head they're Bloody nuisance. Can't see them in the dark but I can surely hear them, God! I wish I had a fly swat. Great they've stopped now for some rest.


It was Sunday afternoon and they had been sitting around Timmy's bed talking to him. Although the boy didn't show any response to their voices, undeterred they still kept up the barrage of words informing him of the latest news from school. There were six of them now, Peter had brought along Crystal Lenihan, they'd been at the hospital with Timmy's parents and sister since 12 noon.

"I think we should have a bit of a break," Mr Clarkson said interrupting their conversation, "We can get something to drink and eat then you can resume your talking to Timmy."

They all agreed and started making their way out of the room. Kai as usual was the last to leave and this time he thought, hang it, they all know my feelings for Timmy so he lowered his face and brush his lips against those of the comatose boy.



He was thankful for the silence now he could rest, and he was sliding deeper into himself and as the point of light had nearly diminished. Something brushed his lips and light exploded into his brain as he slowly opened his eyes. He saw an image in front of him then a loud noise coming from that image. There was more noise none of it made any sense, he tried focusing his eyes at the figure above his face and slowly recognition came he smiled, Kai, he thought then closed his eyes and slept.


Four hours later Timothy Clarkson opened his eyes for the second time since being beaten into unconsciousness, this time his eyes focused immediately on the figures around his bed. The woman smiling at him wore a uniform as also the man attired in a white smock with a stethoscope hanging from his neck.

"Can you hear me?" the man asked

Timothy nodded in response to the man's question.

"Good," he said putting his hand to Timothy's face and lifting his eyelid and shining his transilluminator into the eye to gauge the pupil reaction. After looking at both eyes then doing other tests on the boy he asked, "Do you know where you are."

Timothy looked around then tried to talk but only a strangled sound came out. The nurse quickly put an arm around his shoulders lifting him and brought a feeding cup to his lips letting him drink some water then laying him back on his pillows.

Timothy tried again this time his voice didn't fail him, "I suppose I'm in hospital," he said, his voice clear but weak.

"Do you know your name?"

"Yep, it's Timothy Clarkson."

The doctor smiled okay you seem to be doing really well I suppose you'd like to see your family and friends now?"

His eyes eager with anticipation Timothy nodded his response.


A few moments later His mother holding Linda's hand walked into the room followed by his father, and then the gang.

They all had smiles a mile wide on their faces when they saw the boy in the bed his eyes bright and a smiling.

There was the general conversation then his mother asked the inevitable, "Timothy do you know who assaulted you?"

Timothy looked around at the faces surrounding his bedside that gazed at him expectantly. He shook his head saying, "I can't remember mum, the last thing I can remember is getting off the bus and walking up Grove Road and then Kai waking me up."

"Never mind it may come back to you when you're fully recovered."

He wasn't listening to the voices humming away in the background. He was thinking back to the incident and visualizing James Fletcher's face and his two companions as they confronted him. He was wondering what to do about it when the humming in the background suddenly broke his thoughts with Kai's voice calling his name.

"Uh, yeah what did you want?"

"We got worried we were talking to you and you seemed like you weren't listening your mind seemed far away."

"I've just realized something."

"What?" They all asked in unison

"Your voices, when I was thinking about something else just now I'd blocked your voices out it was just like a droning in the background. Now I remember where I'd heard that noise before."

"What d'you mean?" Peter asked.

"When I was unconscious often I could hear this irritating buzzing in the background and I thought they were insects. I used to wish I could see the blasted things so I could swat them, now I realize it was you lot talking to me."

"Well it's good to know that our constant jabbering got you to wake up eventually," Peter said smiling, "And now that you're awake you've got seven weeks to get better. School finishes next week then it summer break."

"I'll be there for the first day," Timothy said, not realizing that he himself will make a decision that will take him away from his friends in the not too distant future.



Two weeks later Timothy left the City Hospital and on arriving home found all his friend's and their parents waiting for him inside the sitting room. He blushed at all the good wishes and compliments paid to him by the adults. As soon as the adults had finished with him the three boys with Sammy, and Crystal, gathered round and started by giving Timothy all the latest news and also where each of them were going for their summer holiday's.

Finally the house emptied till at last he was left alone with his parents and sister. His mother came over to him and noticing the tired look in his eyes helped him up from the armchair he was seated in and over to the settee.

"Lie down here for a couple of hours son and get some rest, then your father and I want to discuss something with you."

"I'm not that tired mum we can talk now if you want."

"No rest then we'll talk."

Knowing it was no use arguing with his mother he lay down on the settee, as he stretched out Linda came and lay beside him. He wrapped his arms around his sister's body as she cuddled into him. With the smell of the baby shampoo their mother used on her hair invading his senses he slowly lost consciousness and slept.

Two hours later he awoke alone on the settee. He stood a bit shakily at first still groggy from sleep, as he came fully awake he made his way to the kitchen where he could hear voices in conversation.

Seeing Timothy enter the room Jack Clarkson pulled out a chair at the kitchen table for his son saying, "You feeling rested?"

"Yes dad," he said as he took the proffered chair next to his sister.

His mother left the dishes she was washing in the sink dried her hands and joined them at the table.

The adults eyed each other nervously before Jack Clarkson after clearing his throat and hesitantly began speaking.

"Um Timothy your mother and I have been discussing your future and we've decided," And he looked across at his wife who gave him a nod of reassurance, "Only if you are agreeable if your not then we'll scrap the plan."

"Dad, it would be a good idea if you told me the plan before you talk about scrapping it."

"Um yes well your mother and I have become really frightened after this last assault this is the second time you've come so close to dying. We're terrified that the next time it will be fatal, and don't say there won't be a next time if you stay in this school or in this locality it is sure to happen, your friends can't be with you 24hours of the day to protect you. For some unknown reason certain individuals seem to target you as their victim and attack you. We don't want to take that chance again so we think its best that you return to Manchester and finish your schooling there staying with your aunt Lucy. Your mum and sister will also move up there with you, I'll come up twice a month and spend the weekends. When you've finished school then we can all return to London."

His father stopped speaking and his parent's looked at him expectantly.

Timmy sat silent for a minute then stood before saying, "I'm going to my room to give it some thought as soon as I've decided I'll let you know." He went to his mother who looked worried and kissed her on the forehead and smiling said. "Don't be frit," then made his way to his room.


He lay on his bed giving what his father had said much thought. He was still in love with Kai; they hadn't had much chance to be alone together and on Saturday Kai was leaving for the Algarve for two weeks. Kai and his parents were starting out really early to drive down to Dover to get the cross channel ferry to Calais then drive down to their destination in Portugal.

It would be painful leaving London for Manchester, especially with all the friends he'd made but the one friend he would miss most was the one who had severed their relationship. Yes they were back talking again but that may be down to sympathy for an injured friend. If he went to Manchester he could still keep in touch with all of them by phone or correspondence over the internet and two years would give Kai time to decide if he really wanted to get back together again or as he recently did find someone else and go his own way.

He'd been thinking for the best part of an hour on the subject when he got to his feet went down to where his parents were in the sitting room. As he walked into the room Linda made a beeline for him he took her hand as she led him over to the settee to sit next to his mother while she clamoured into his lap.

"Looking at his parents and smiling he said "Okay mum and dad I'll go to Manchester to finish my schooling, have you got any particular school in mind?"

His mother with a smile of relief on her face said, "We contacted your aunt in the hope that you would agree to our plan and she has acquired you a place at St Peters RC. High School."

Now a bit sadder Timothy asked, "When do you want to leave?"

"Whenever you're ready," his mother responded, "We can have your medical notes sent to Manchester with the doctor we were registered under before we came to London, also it would be good for you to be in Manchester for a couple of weeks before school started to give you time to settle in."

I'll talk to my friends tomorrow when they come over and let them know what we've decided, I know they're going to be upset and Peter more so, but it won't be for long he's got Crystal to keep him occupied now."


The boys tried their best to get Timothy to change his mind about leaving London he even got a call from Kai from Portugal pleading for him not to go, but Timmy, his heart breaking had made his mind up and for the sake of his parent's peace of mind was going to go along with their plan.


It was the day before he was to leave for Manchester that Adam was the first to arrive at his house.

As soon as he'd made his presence known to Timothy's parents he ushered Adam up to his room. Once again Adam tried to dissuade him from leaving London

"No Adam, you guys can't spend all your time keeping an eye on me and its all settled I'll be leaving tomorrow." Before Adam could voice his disappointment Timothy said, "I've got something important to tell you but you have to make me a promise that before you say or do anything you'll speak to your parents first."

Adam was about to make a light hearted remark but seeing the serious look on Timmy's face refrained from doing so instead he promised to do as he was asked adding, "So what's so important?"

"It's about the kids who attacked me, I know who they were."

"You said you didn't know who it was all you could remember was walking up Grove Road then nothing."

"Yeah that was because I wanted you and your parents to decide what to do. You see it was James and a couple of his mates who beat the shit out of me,"

"What," Adam shouted.

"Shhh not so loud you'll have my parents running upstairs. I don't know the other kids names but you'll be able to get them off James."

"Why didn't you say so in the hospital?"

"Because the attack was premeditated not like Peter's incident with the knife which was an accident. I couldn't do for James and his mates what I did for Peter."

"But why did they attack you what was the reason?"

And Timothy related what had happened in school and the consequences at Grove Road till he blacked out.

Adam hung his head in embarrassment when hearing the story, "I'll do what you said Timmy and talk to my parents and also the parents of the other kids, but you can bet your life none of them will get away with it. I'd better get home now and as you suggested talk to the parents."

"You don't have to go now Peter and Brian will be along shortly."

"No Timmy I've got to get this sorted right away I'll be around to see you off tomorrow."




The old saying was very true "Out of sight out of mind."

The first few months of his stay in Manchester he'd kept in touch with the boys and Sammy, but as the weeks became months so the weekly calls and correspondence became monthly contacts till only Kai kept in touch but only on a limited basis. At first Kai wanted to come and spend weekends in Manchester but he had dissuaded him, informing Kai that his aunt's house was rather on the small side and as it was they were already cramped for room. The last time he'd heard from him was a couple of months ago informing him that Adam's brother and his friends were being released from detention, and that Peter's girlfriend and family had emigrated to Australia, and nothing else since.


His father had kept him informed about the case. Apparently the boys accompanied by the parents had walked into the police station a week after they'd left for Manchester and admitted to the assault. After the preliminary hearing the three boys were released on bail. When the case came to court his presence was not required at the trial, as the boys pleaded guilty to all charges. His father had gone to court to witness the outcome of the case. The Judge after reading the medical report on the injuries sustained by Timothy Clarkson had sentenced the boy to 3years each in a secure establishment. They had served two years and were then released on parole.




As they neared the house he looked out at the familiar surroundings. Nothing had changed in the two years that he'd been away, the same rows of houses, the corner shop was still there plying its trade for the locals. Now he'd returned to try and secure a place at London University if not there then his second choice Cambridge, or his final choice Exeter. He wanted London more than anywhere else so that he could be close to the only boy he had ever loved but he still didn't know if Kai was available. He had a whole year to wait before he would enter Uni. He had a few projects that he had planned but it all depended on how Kai would react to his return to London.


His father parked the car and they all alighted and trooped into the house leaving the bags to be collected later.

The house was empty no welcoming committee but then again he'd not expected one as he'd not heard from any of his friends for some time, and he hadn't informed them of his return to London.

After they'd finished their cups of tea they set about unloading the car. Grabbing his cases and carrying them to his room he got down to unpacking and organising his clothes. His computer and heavy belongings had been brought down earlier so all he had to really attend to were his clothing and arranging his personal belongings the way he wanted. Two hours later everything done to his satisfaction he lay on his bed wondering if he went over to Kai's house what would the response be when he knocked on Kai's door.

Their conversations on the phone when he had first moved to Manchester had been one of longing and very emotional, but as the weeks stretched to months, and then to years the talk had then become as one friend talking to another. He still longed to be held in Kai's arms but had not let his feelings be known to him he wanted Kai to find his own true self without any pressure or demands from him.


He looked at his watch it was nearly 4.00pm he wondered if Kai would be home this time on a Saturday, never mind, he thought, if he isn't there I can leave a message with his parents.

He went downstairs informed his parents he was going over to see if Kai was at home and instantly got that worried look on his mother's face.

"Mum, give over will you," he said as she continued to frown, "I'm seventeen years old now and nobody knows I'm back in London I'll be alright," he moved up beside her and planted a kiss on her forehead. Now although he was still slimly built and didn't weigh much over 135lbs at 5ft 7ins he didn't have to stand on tiptoe to kiss his mother on the forehead. Further more the ugly duckling, well more the plain duckling had turned into a handsome Cob. Timothy didn't realize it but as he'd grown older so his appearance had changed. In the last six months girls, as well as some boys had noticed his appealing features, which had made quite a few heads turn as he passed them by. But as he wasn't really interested in any of them he had never really noticed their approving glances.


Assuring his mother that he'd phone when he reached his destination, he left the house and made his way to the Webster premises to visit the boy who had stirred so many conflicting emotions inside of him before he had decided to leave London. As he neared 4 Yew Tree Close he started to feel nervous wondering if Kai would be glad to see him or would he be an embarrassment as he might be already in a relationship with someone else. Still there was only one way to find out, he walked up the pathway to the front door and rang the bell.

Elizabeth Webster answered the door and frowned when seeing the teenager standing on the doorstep.

"Yes can I help you?" she enquired.

"Is Kai in Mrs Webster," Timothy asked and he could see by the look on her face that she was not quite sure who he was.

"I'm sorry young man, he's gone to the Shopping Mall but he shouldn't be too long if you would like to wait for him inside. He said he'd be back before 4.00pm and its past that now."

No that's alright Mrs Webster I call again another time."

He turned to leave when he was halted by the woman asking, "Whom should I say called."

"Oh I'm sorry," he said turning to face Kai's mother, "Its Timothy, Timothy Clarkson."

The woman was stunned for a moment, the last time she'd seen him the boy was just under 5ft tall and weighed 105lb now a surprisingly handsome young boy who was taller than she stood looking at her. "Oh my goodness Timothy," and she grabbed his arm dragging him into the house. "So when did you arrive in London," she asked as she had the boy seated in an armchair in the sitting room.

"I only arrived earlier today. Thought I'd pop around and see Kai."

"He'll be so pleased to see you, just hope he does a better job of recognition than I did."

They'd been talking for about ten minutes when Timothy stood up saying, "It was nice seeing you again Mrs Webster, but I'd better get home. Tell Kai I called and I'll phone him later."

She accompanied the boy to the door seeing him out of the house saying that she'd definitely let Kai know that he'd called.



The front doorbell rang and Mary Clarkson went to answer it. Opening it she frowned at the person standing in front of her till the boy said, "Hello Mrs Clarkson." And realisation hit her, she smiled saying, "Wonderful to see you again Kai, my how you've grown."

Timothy called at our house," the boy said, "But I was out at the time, so I've come around to return the call."

"Come in Kai," Mary Clarkson said holding the door wide open for the boy to enter, "He's upstairs in his room you know the way."

"Thanks Mrs Clarkson," and he made his way to Timothy's bedroom.

Outside the room he knocked and waited he heard footsteps and the door opened and Kai Webster got the shock of his life. He still carried in his mind the last image he had of Timothy the day he returned home from hospital. Gone was the plain little nearly 5ft undernourished kid, in its place stood a young, slim 7inches taller, and very good looking boy.

Timothy in turn when opening the door had to lift his head to look into Kai's face. He had been nearly 6ft in height two years ago now he was well over it by four or five inches. They stood looking shyly at each other till Timothy coming to his senses stepped back saying, "Come on in Kai."

He entered the room and closed the door, but remained standing declining the chair that Timmy offered him. Moving so that he stood in front of the smaller boy he asked, "Have you got a boyfriend?"

"That depends," Timothy responded.

"What d'you mean by that."

"Well I'm not sure if the boy I'm in love with is available."

Kai felt a sinking feeling in his heart. He knew that Timothy was very fond of Peter Blake, and now that Crystal and her family had immigrated to Australia Peter was free, so after hearing what Timothy had just said he assumed it was Peter that had brought him back to London.

"So who's the boy?"

"Who do you think?" Timothy said thinking that Kai would automatically think it was him.

"Dunno Peter maybe."

"What," Timothy said astonished at the name mentioned. He moved closer to Kai so that their bodies were nearly touching. Then bowing his head and in a soft voice which caught in his throat because of the emotions coursing through his body said, "It's you Kai, It's never been anyone else."

Kai lifted his hand to place it under the chin of the bowed head that stood in front of him and tilted it upwards. As the face was exposed he could see the tears that trailed down Timothy's face, "I've been available for two whole years Timmy," and he lowered his head to bring their lips together.

The kissed with a hunger that lovers did after months of separation trying to devour each other and not getting enough to satisfy their longing. Kai broke the kiss lifted Timothy and carried him to the bed, he removed the smaller boy's shoes kicking off his own then laying Timothy on the bed lay down beside him. He wrapped his appendages around the smaller boy more or less making him disappear.

Timothy Clarkson was in Heaven having the only boy he'd ever loved enveloping him once again in those arms and legs. He snuggled into Kai's body and buried his face into his chest and quietly cried letting the tears of happiness flow freely.


They lay on the bed clinging to each other letting two years of emptiness be drained from their bodies, and revelling in the pleasure the simple act of lying in the others arms brought.

Kai unwrapped his arm from around Timothy and managed to get his smaller friend to lift his head so they could face each other.

"Why didn't you tell me it was only me when you were in Manchester?"

Timothy rolled over so that he lay full length on top of Kai, "Didn't want you to think you had to be committed to me." He said looking down into his companion's eyes, "I wanted you to have time to meet other boys and make up your own mind if you still wanted to be involved with me," he lowered his voice and shyly uttered the words, "And be my lover."

"I've been thinking of nothing else for the last two years." Kai said smiling, "I thought you'd gone to Manchester because of what happened between James and me and that you had decided you only wanted me as a friend not as a lover."

"I always wanted you Kai and no one else, but that's in the past now we can look to the future."

"So other than meeting me why are you back in London? I would have come to Manchester if you wanted."

"To go to Uni, if not in London, then Cambridge, or Exeter."

"What! You've already done you're `A' levels."

"Yeah in June got my results two weeks ago."

"Oh man you must be some sort of `Whiz Kid', Adam and I won't be sitting ours till next year"

"I was allowed to take my exams a year early. So I won't be going to Uni for at least a year. I can help you and Adam with your studies if you're still taking the same subjects you said you were going to take, and at the same time we'll be together," he ended by pecking Kai on the lips.

"He grabbed the smaller boy and rolled him over so that their positions were reversed, "Timothy Clarkson, if we weren't in your house I'd rip your clothes off and make wild passionate love to you."

The boy lying on his back looked up into the eyes of the face staring down at him, and smiled saying, "Promises, promises."

"Right for being sarky I'm going to do it," and Kai Webster began to pull at Timothy's shirt.

"No Kai no," Timothy yelled at the same time laughing, "You don't know when one of my parents or Linda might come up here."

Kai stopped his sham attack on the boy lying beneath him, then lowered his face to brush his lips against those of Timothy's with the faintest of touches.

As they lay side by side the smaller boy shyly asked, "Will you make love to me when we're alone Kai. I've been saving myself for you."

Those words were like a knife to his heart. Here was the boy who he had wronged and cheated on still being faithful to him.

He pecked the boy on the lips, then arose from the bed looking down at the boy lying on the bed he said, "Don't move and don't ask any questions." He left the bedroom making his way into the bathroom and heading for the medicine cabinet. Opening it he looked for and found what he knew to be there a small bottle of Vaseline removing it he made his way back to the bedroom and this time besides closing the door he locked it.

Moving to the bed he placed the Vaseline on the bedside table then lowering himself beside the boy who had never failed him he softly kissed him on the lips saying, "Timmy when we make love it's going to be something special. For not only do I have this desire to be inside and as one with you, also I need you to be inside of me so our love can be shared as equals."

I know your parents are in the house but I'm sure they're knowledgeable enough to give us our privacy and also to keep Linda away. "

Stroking the smaller boy's head and looking down at the expectant face he smiled saying, "Now today this is going to be my way of showing my love for you, Timmy I want, no I need you to make love to me."

The smaller boy lifted his hands to brush the hair from the face that looked down at him, "Love you Kai Webster, always have, always will." He pulled the face that had been constantly in his mind for the last two years downward so that their lips could unite.

Breaking the kiss Timothy said, "I'm scared, I've never done it before."

Kai grinned, and imitating his friend's accent said, "Don't be frit; I'm here and just as nervous."

"You can't be you've done it before."

"Not with the boy I love. Now enough talking keep still while I undress you."

Kai took great pleasure in undressing his lover and while doing so marvelled at the total contrast this simple act had on him in comparison to having sex with James Fletcher.

With his lover now naked on the bed and his loin rampant in expectation he quickly stripped then taking the Vaseline applied it to Timothy's throbbing erection. Preparing himself Kai then lay on his back and lifted his legs exposing his rectum for his lover, then looking at Timothy nodded to him.

Timothy Webster had never been more nervous in all his life. He had always imagined that it would be Kai entering him the first time they made love during his fantasies, never the other way round. Seeing Kai nod to him and smile encouragingly calmed his nerves as he moved forward to enter Kai. As he did so his lover grasped his manhood and guided him to the waiting orifice. Slowly he entered Kai, at first he thought it would not enter, but with encouragement from Kai and more persistent pressure on his part suddenly the head of his manhood disappeared as if swallowed by his lover's rectum. He saw Kai grimace a bit then nod to him to continue again he thrust forward and more of his manhood slid further in. Now the pleasure of being inside Kai's tunnel of love took over and he thrust further in till he was buried as far as he could go. Timothy looked at his lover lying on his back at the little beads of sweat above his upper lip, and at his manhood which had been erect before the proceedings was now deflated. He stayed still for a moment then moving his hand gently started to fondle Kai's scrotum and cock. Kai's manhood reacted to his stimulation and hardened, he moved his hips now in rhythm to his hand movements bringing pleasure to both of them. The grimace was gone from his lovers face in its place was a smile of contentment giving Timmy the incentive to increase his pace.

He knew he wouldn't last much longer he was trying desperately to forestall the inevitable but to no avail. He felt the tell tale tingling in his balls causing him to release his lovers manhood so that he could hold onto is hips and pound him harder and faster.

He could hear the sound escaping from his mouth "Uh uh uh uh uh then he froze momentarily as reached that moment when his semen would burst forth. That moment of stillness passed and his hips bucked uncontrollably as his semen now travelled up his cock and erupted blasting deep inside his lovers bowels. In the middle of his ejaculation he felt Kais rectum clamp down on his cock as if it were trying to strangle it then he heard him grunt and watched as the cum flew out of the end of Kai's cock to splatter over his lovers chest.

Exhausted he withdrew from Kai then lay full length on top of him resting his head on his lover's shoulder. He felt Kai's arms encircle him then gently squeeze and Kai whispering in his ear, "Love you,"

The two words spoken with such sincerity brought tears of happiness to Timothy's eyes. Kai feeling the wetness on his shoulder moved the smaller boy off his body so he could look at his face, and seeing the tears in his eyes asked. "What's wrong Timmy?"

Timothy smiling through his tears and with his voice catching in his throat managed to get out, "Nothing wrong Kai it's just that you've made me so happy I couldn't help but cry."

Kai taking the smaller boy into his arms and drawing him into a hug said, "That's what I intend to do from now on make you Happy."

The last two and a half years had seen the two boys having to contend with events that other boys never experience throughout their lives. Now content and lying in each others arms they could look forward to the future with a certain degree of confidence, knowing that they would be no straying from the fold. Yes they would have their highs and lows, which relationships didn't. But having already experienced some of life's knocks so early in their lives they were sure that together they would be able to overcome any further obstacles that life had ready to place in their path.


The End

Caleb Wilson.