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C'est la vie

(Book 2)



Part 2

Adam Fletcher

As they walked through the corridors he felt more at ease then he did the day before when he'd had a welcoming committee on his return to school.

Now he walked towards his locker with the boy who was one of the reasons that made life so good for him. He turned and looked up at the face that walked beside him and the feelings of well being coursed through his veins as he revelled in the company of Kai.

"What," the face asked as it looked down at the boy that stared up at him.

"Just," Timothy Clarkson responded knowing that his response would annoy the boy beside him.

"You always answer like that on purpose to annoy me don't you?"

"Alright if you want a proper answer, what made you choose me instead of someone else?"

The boy walking alongside him stopped and said, "Just," then grinning continued walking towards their lockers.

Timothy Webster stood staring at the figure striding down the corridor then followed quickly trying to catch up.

Reaching his locker he put what had to be stored then shut it and with Kai at his side made their way to their first class.

"Why me?" he asked again.

Kai looked down at the frail looking boy at his side, taking two paces to his one as the hurried to their class, "Why not," and stared into the eyes of the boy who had changed his life before breaking eye contact and looking ahead again.

Those two words were enough to satisfy Timothy Clarkson's and they walked silently into their first class of the day.


Entering the room again he noticed Fletcher sitting silently looking straight ahead not interacting with anyone else in the class.

He made his way to his desk at the same time responding to greetings from various pupils. He took his seat and promptly stood up again as Mr Beardsley entered the room.

The first two periods went as expected and then they made their way out into the recreation grounds for their morning break.

Again he noticed Adam Fletcher sitting on his own isolated from everyone else. Turning to Sammy and Kai he said he'd be back in a moment then went over to where Adam Fletcher was sitting. The boy stared at him for a moment then turned his gaze away.

"Umm Adam, can I talk to you for a minute."

The boy hesitated for a moment before saying, "If you want I can't stop you."

"You can say no it's your choice, I'm not forcing you to listen to me."

Adam Fletcher considered what the frail looking boy who stood in front of him had said then responded with an "Okay go ahead."

"Umm first off," and Timothy hesitated before asking, "Have you seen Peter Blake and if you have what's happening?"

"No haven't seen him since that day he was taken and charged, he was inside for sometime then I heard he was released on bail.

My parents have advised me not to visit him. Like Hunter I was questioned then released for what it's worth I honestly didn't know he had a knife."

"Okay, I see you're being left out of everything and being kind of isolated what happened."

"Dunno, I think because I was friendlier with Blake than anyone else they assume I must have been his accomplice in the assault, even though the police believe what I told them. The kids here still think I was involved in your stabbing."

"I'm sorry if its any consolation I believe you. One other thing does Blake still live at Wellington Court flats."

"Yeah, how did you know that?"

"I saw him entering the end ground floor flat when I was in the car. We were stuck in traffic at the time."

"Yeah that's where he stays No. 48"

"Do you want to come over and hang out with us during the rest of the break?"

"No I don't think so, you're friend Webster doesn't like me and I'm sure he won't want me hanging around."

"Kai won't bite your head off if you walk over with me."

"No not now some other time, and thanks for asking."

"Okay see you," and Timothy walked back to where his friends were.


"What was all that about?" Kai asked as soon as Timothy joined them.

"Just wanted to know why Fletcher was being isolated, seems like all the kids think he was implicated in the assault even though the police believed his story and didn't charge him. I asked him to come and join us but he copped out," then looking at Kai said,

"He doesn't think you'd appreciate his company."

"Timmy, he bolted like a scared rabbit when you got stabbed, at least he could have stayed like Brian Hunter and been of some assistance. All he thought about was himself and legged it out of there, so he's absolutely right I wouldn't want his arse hanging around us."

Timmy didn't get time to respond Brian Hunter joined them and with his head bowed and scuffing his shoes on the grass said,

"Umm Sammy, umm uh, I mean, umm that's if you um want to."

Samantha Clayton smiled and said, "Yes Brian I'd like to go out with you."

Brian Hunter's mouth fell open his eyes widened then stuttering managed to get out, "Umm uh you do."

"Yes Brian,"

"Oh brilliant," Brian Hunter a smile a mile wide started to walk away in a trance.

He'd taken a couple of steps and was stopped by "Samantha asking, "So when are we going out, where, and what time?"

He turned around again to face the girl he'd asked out and blushing asked, "Would you like to go to the movies on Saturday to the 5.00pm show."

"Yes that would be nice, umm what's the movie you want to take me to?"

"Oh yeah Slumdog Millionaire, that's if you want too otherwise we can do something else."

"That would be nice Brian, and you don't have to leave stay and talk till the bell goes."

Sammy turned to Kai and Timmy, do you two want to come along as well to see Slumdog?"

"Can't," Kai responded saying, "He and his family we're going to visit the grandparents."

"Well Timmy can come if he wants."

"No thanks Sammy have other things to do."

Just then the bell sounded for the end of the break and they trooped back inside for the resumption of classes.


When the lunch break came the four of them made their way to the cafeteria with Timothy in the lead. Normally he would stay alongside Kai but he had something he needed to do and being ahead of his friends in the food queue was necessary if he was to carry out his plan. After being served his food not waiting for the others he looked around the cafeteria and seeing the person he was looking for made straight to the table where Adam Fletcher sat by himself.

As he placed his tray on the table Fletcher looked up from his meal.

"Is it okay if I sit here?" Timothy asked.

Fletcher finished chewing his food swallowed and replied, "Suit yourself but what about your friends?

"Oh they'll be along as soon as they've been served."

"Shit, I'd better hurry up and get out of here."

"Just take it easy no one is going to have a go at you, I want everyone to see that I'm not blaming you for what happened so that they'll begin to stop treating you like I was treated till a few months back."

"Thanks hope it works getting fed up with talking to myself."

Timothy smiled, "Yeah well you got me for starters."

Adam Fletcher looked at the diminutive figure sitting in front of him, "You really don't hold anything against me,"

Before Timothy could answer three more trays were placed on the table and they were joined by Kai, Sammy, and Brian Hunter.

"So what have you got planned," Kai said taking a seat next to Timothy?"

"Not a lot just want the rest of the school to see us sitting at the same table as Fletcher so that they'll start treating him like a human being."

"So what's your story," Kai said as he sat looking across at Fletcher, "When Timothy got knifed you legged it out of there like a bat out of Hell."

Adam Fletcher's face turned a deep shade of red and before he could utter a word Timothy interrupted saying, "Adam forget it, you don't have to explain it to me or anyone else. The police are satisfied with your statement so that should be the end of it."

Adam Fletcher now more composed with bowed head said, "Its okay I'll answer the question."

Then raising his head and looking at each person in turn who sat at the table said, "The reason I legged it I got shit scared when Clarkson got stabbed. I don't mind getting into fist fights but when I saw the knife and blood I just took off that's not my scene. When I got home as soon as my dad saw me and how I was acting he questioned me. I was so nervous and babbling a load of crap he had to slap me on the face to get me to talk sense because I was jabbering so much. When I had calmed down he took me to the local cop shop to report what had happened, and the rest you know.

The group were silent for a moment when Fletcher finished his account till Kai said. "Okay all done let's forget it." And they all resumed there eating and normal conversation.

Timothy's plan seemed to work and Adam Fletcher was in conversation once more with other boys. So during the rest of the week whenever they met he acknowledged Timothy, grateful that the boy had made him part of the school once again...


Saturday morning Peter Blake having refused to go out to the shops with his parents sat in his chair trying to come up with a plan to get even with Webster and Clarkson.

His initial idea had backfired and he'd been given a mouthful by Ricky Stein the leader of the Iron Dukes the gang that resided in the Wellington Court flats. He'd gone up to number 135 on Thursday and rang the bell and was invited in by Ricky who opened the door and let him in.

Inside the house after taking a seat he came out with his plan for Ricky and some of his mates to sort out Webster and Clarkson.

He didn't have a chance to finish what he wanted to say when Ricky came over and grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to his feet saying, "Are you some kind of a moron, who do you think the cops are going to question first if anything happens to either of those two. What's more did you check to see if you were watched before coming here, or if not that tag on your leg could tell them where you are." Ricky let go of his shirt and pushed him back into the chair saying, "Your brother is serving 5years for not learning to keep his mouth shut and bragging about knocking off the local mini market, seems like stupidity runs in the family. Now go home and hope nothing happens to those two kids in the near future otherwise you'll have p.c. plod on your doorstep."


While Peter Blake sat moping at home at 26 Brentwood Avenue Timothy had woken washed and dressed then spoken to Kai over the phone. The Webster's were already on the road heading for the senior Webster's house. After the normal conversation Kai promised as soon as they got back this evening he'd be around to visit.

After the call Timothy had his breakfast spent some time with Linda then telling his parents he was going to visit a friend, and saying goodbye to them he left the house.



Peter Blake sat in the room moping and contemplating his shit luck when the doorbell rang. Resignedly he rose to his feet making his way to the front door.

On opening it his mouth fell open as he looked at the figure standing on the doorstep, then he blurted out "What the Fuck do you want?"




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