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C'est la vie

(Book 2)




Part 3

Peter Blake

"Umm I came to see you and have a talk."

"How the fuck did you know where I live?"

"Saw you coming into this flat," then turning and pointing to the road Timothy Clarkson said, "When we were stuck in traffic by the lights over there."

Peter Blake's thoughts were in turmoil; here standing on his doorstep was one of the two boys he was planning on doing harm, now what the Hell was he supposed to do. Knowing that the fragile looking boy standing on the doorstep posed no threat to him he stood to one side saying, "Okay not sure what you bloody want, but come on in."

"Thanks," and Timothy Clarkson stepped into the Blake household.

Closing the door behind his visitor Peter Blake led the way into their sitting room. When they were both seated Blake addressed the boy sitting in front of him who had almost disappeared into the armchair.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"Firstly my parents were informed of the date the case is going to be heard have you been notified yet."

"Yeah on Wednesday we had a letter from our lawyer. We went to see him to find out if there was anything special we had to do. He told us to be on time at the court and that was it."

"Has he discussed the case with you at all?"

"Well other than my defence, which is I didn't mean to stab you it was an accident. He also told me that I'd most probably get a custodial sentence of 2 to 5 years if found guilty, as they were taking knife crimes very seriously now."

"Oh shit that sounds rough, cant you do anything that will make sure that you don't get locked up?"

"Such as?"

"I don't know maybe if I wrote a letter that could be read out in court by your lawyer saying that you didn't mean to stab me and how sorry you are."

"How can that bloody help?"

"Well I was the one who got stabbed right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"And if I say that you didn't mean it, that should count for something right?"

"I can't see that working they'll think it's a load of crap, that's been made up to try and get me off with a lighter sentence."

"Okay then we won't give it to your lawyer, instead if I was to hand it to the judge when the case starts then he'll know it's genuine."

"Well I suppose so but what are you going to say in the letter?"

"Umm we could sort of work on it together."

"Okay," Peter Blake said rising from his seat, "I'll get a pen and some paper." He exited the room and was gone just a few moments then returned with pen and paper. He was about to sit down again then said, "This is no good we need to sit at a table come on into the dining room we can sit at the table there and write the letter.


Timothy with pen in hand looked across the table at Peter Blake, "Okay first of all how do we address the judge? We can't say dear sir."

"No I think you have to call him Your Honour that was what my lawyer was calling him when I went up for the hearing."

"Right then, and he stooped over the piece of paper and started writing, Your Honour, "umm," he lifted his head and stuck the end of the pen in his mouth and eyes staring at the ceiling thinking, then abruptly started writing again. My name is Timothy Clarkson, Peter Blake the boy who is on trial for stabbing me and who is pleading guilty. He stopped writing and asked his companion across the table, "What was that word your lawyer used when he said you were pleading guilty with?"

"Extenuating circumstances," Peter Blake supplied."

"Yeah that's it," and Timothy Clarkson started writing again. With Extenuating Circumstances never meant to stab anyone. Yes he was carrying a knife, which is against the law, but it was only meant to frighten my friend Kai Webster and me. What really happened was when I saw Peter Blake reach for the knife, at the time I didn't know it was only meant to scare us. So getting concerned I tried to grab his hand at the same time stepping between my friend and Blake. I missed his hand and as he was already bringing the knife upwards when I stepped in front of him I got stabbed instead. So it was partly my fault, if I hadn't got in the way most probably no one would have been injured. So I would be really grateful and so would Peter Blake, if Your Honour didn't give him a custodial sentence sending him to a youth detention centre as punishment, but give him a probationary sentence instead."

Looking across at the boy seated opposite Timothy Clarkson asked, "How do you end it?"

Peter Blake shrugged his shoulders, "No idea. Just say Thanks and sign it."

"Nah you must be joking you can't end it like that. It has to be yours faithfully or sincerely, I don't know which or maybe something else. I'll check it out when I get home. Do you want to have a read of it?"

"Yeah sling it over," and Timothy Clarkson passed his letter over the table for the other boy to read.

Peter Blake finished reading the letter then addressing the boy sitting opposite him said, "That's not bad if you hand it to the judge he's got to take notice." Then he abruptly stopped talking, and looked more intently at frail looking boy opposite him, who a couple of hours ago he was trying to hatch up a plan to do him harm.

"I'm really pleased about the letter but why are you doing this Clarkson?"

"What's with the Clarkson, the name is Timothy. And the reason I'm doing it is I don't want you to get locked up. Anyway I think your having to come back to school and face all the kids there is going to be pretty rough on you, kids can be worse than adults I should know. If you think I'm bullshitting you just ask your friend Adam Fletcher he was being treated like a leper and that's just because he was your mate.

"Shit was it that bad? I haven't had a chance to speak to him."

"I know his parents banned him from contacting you. You want me to take a message I'll see him at school on Monday."

"Nah, umm okay just say Hi and I'll see him whenever."

"Anything you want to say to Hunter."

"You must be joking he must be pretty pissed off at me."

"I don't think so. I think his mind is fully occupied with Samantha Clayton."


"Yeah they're an item now, and Brian walks around with a stupid grin on his face all the time. So you see you're the last person he's thinking about."

There conversation was halted by the opening of the front door and a woman's voice calling out, "Peter can you come here and give a hand with the bags."

Getting to his feet he yelled back "Be with you in a minute mum," then looking across to his visitor, "Won't be a minute stay put."

"Okay, but just one thing don't mention the letter to your parents let's keep it to ourselves."

Peter Blake handed the letter back to Timothy saying, "Done," and left to help with the bags.


He heard the footsteps going into the kitchen then voices which because they were so low he couldn't hear what was being said.

A few minutes later there were footsteps approaching the room then Peter Blake and his parents entered.

"Mum, Dad, meet my friend Timothy Clarkson." Peter Blake said walking over to place a hand on the seated boy's shoulder.

Immediately there was a loud, "What, did you say Clarkson?"

"Yes dad."

Are you crazy bringing that boy here don't you know that you have a restraining order preventing you from being within a mile of that boy, and his house?"

"I didn't bring him here dad, he came on his own to visit."

Mr Blake now turned his attention to the visitor, "Uh Timothy is that right you came on your own?"

"Yes Mr Blake."

"Are you alright is there anything you want to eat or drink."

"I'm fine, Peter and I have been talking about what happened, and can I have a cold drink if you don't mind."

Before anyone could move Mrs Blake was saying as she exited the room, "I'll get it, will orange be alright?" stopping at the door and waiting for a response.

"Orange will be good Mrs Blake."

"I think it would be better if we all went into the sitting room," and Mr Blake led the way shouting out to his wife in the kitchen, "Noeline, we'll be in the sitting room."

Once they were all seated the two boys on the settee beside each other, and Mrs Blake had provided Timothy with his drink, Mr Blake focusing his attention on the boys asked.

"So what have you two been discussing about the case?"

"Nothing much Mr Blake," Timothy said, "I was just asking Peter's how his lawyer was going to plead his case. He told me it would be accidental stabbing with extenuating circumstances he then informed me what the lawyer said about the sentence he could expect to get if he were to be found guilty of stabbing with intent, with which he's been charged."

"Do you believe Peter when he says it was an accident."

"Yes, sure Mr Blake, I think he was just as scared as anyone when he saw me get stabbed."

"Well I hope the jury sees it like you do Timothy otherwise I'm afraid like are other son Derek, Peter will get a custodial sentence. I just don't understand it we tried our utmost to give the boys all they wanted. Alright we weren't rich enough to give them the best but we did what we could. We also tried to instil some sort of discipline into them but it just seems to have gone all wrong."

Timothy could see the look of despair on the parent's faces they just couldn't believe that their youngest son would now be following his brother to a reform institution.

"I think there's a good chance that Peter may get off with just probation" Timothy said, with the purpose of trying to give the parents some hope, to make them feel that there was a chink of light at the end of the tunnel.

They discussed other issues such as school and what was being said about Peter until Timothy looking at his watch said, "I think I'd better get going my parents may start getting worried if I don't show soon."

"Stay and have something to eat," Mrs Blake said, "You can phone home and tell them where you are."

"No thank you Mrs Blake, I have to get back," rising from his seat Timothy made his goodbyes to the Blakes and followed by Peter headed for the front door.

Opening the door to let his visitor out Peter Blake asked, "Why didn't you want my parents to know about the letter?"

"I didn't want to build up their hopes," Timothy said standing outside on the doorstep, "You're pleading guilty to carrying a knife. But the prosecution are charging you with intent. If my letter doesn't do any good then it will be up to the jury and the Judge to decide what sentence you get. If we tell your parents about the letter they might think you'll get of with probation and raise their hopes. If the Judge doesn't take any notice of what we've written then there's no telling what sentence you'll get. So I think its best we keep it as it is and if worst comes to the worst they won't have their hopes dashed."

"Yeah I see what you mean. You coming around again?"

"Yeah, if you want me to."

Peter Blake hesitated for a moment then with bowed head said, "It would be good if you did, got no one to talk to other than my parents."

"Would it be okay if I brought Kai with me."

"Shit Timothy he'd be the last person to want to come around here and if he did he'd most probably beat the shit out of me."

"No he won't just leave it to me, I'll see you next Saturday."

"You can't come before then."

"No not during school days, my parents are a bit iffy about me going out on my own in the evenings so I'll see you then."

"Okay see you next Saturday." And Peter Blake watched the diminutive form disappear out of sight then closed the door and went back to sit and contemplate what one small boy had done and how he'd turned his mind and way of thinking upside down.




Part 4

The Letter

He made his way home and on entering the house was as usual greeted by a flying bundle of a 5yo girl rushing to greet him.

"Where have you been Timmy, mum and dad were getting a bit worried" she said as he put her down after planting a kiss on her cheek.

"Oh I just went to see a friend."

"Is he going to come here like Kai, then we can all play hide and seek."

"Umm not at the moment but maybe sometime later he'll come," and followed by his sister he made his way into the sitting room to greet his worried parents.

They tried not to show their concern but Timothy could see it in their eyes and realized that it had been inconsiderate of him not to have phoned to let them know he was alright. He knew it would take quite a bit more time before they would be able to put the events of the last couple of months behind them and until that time he'd just have to keep in contact with home as often as possible so that he didn't cause his parents any undue worry.


He spent the next few hours watching television and playing with his sister then after his tea told his parents he was going to his room to do his homework.

With his homework nearly finished he looked at his watch and frowned on seeing the time. It was just past 6.00pm and no call from Kai. He picked up his phone and dialled Kai's number and got no response, meaning the phone was either switched off or his battery was low.

Forgetting about his homework for the moment and putting his phone away he went to his computer and checked out the way to end a letter addressed to a judge. Getting the desired information he set about re-writing the letter.


Your Honour.

My name is Timothy Clarkson, Peter Blake the boy who is on trial for stabbing me and who is pleading guilty With Extenuating Circumstances, never meant to stab anyone. Yes he was carrying a knife, which is against the law, but it was only meant to frighten my friend Kai Webster and me. What really happened during the argument was when I saw Peter Blake reach for the knife. At the time I didn't know it was only for show and meant to scare us. So getting concerned I tried to grab his hand at the same time stepping between my friend and Blake. I missed his hand and as he was already bringing the knife upwards when I stepped in front of him it entered my stomach just below the ribs. So it was partly my fault, if I hadn't tried to intervene most probably no one would have been injured. On those grounds I would be really grateful and so would Peter Blake if Your Honour didn't send him to a youth detention centre as punishment for his crime. I know that the law now wants to deal with knife crime more harshly but having spoken to Peter recently I believe him when he says that he never intended to stab anyone. I'm sure a probationary sentence instead would be more suitable.

Thanking you in advance for listening to me.

Yours faithfully.

Timothy Clarkson


With the letter finished he printed it out then signed it by hand. He folded and put the letter into a plain white envelope and addressed it to The Right Honourable and left the name blank. He'd have to get the name of the Judge from Peter Blake through his lawyer, and that would mean getting his phone number off Adam Fletcher on Monday at school.

Pleased with all he'd achieved Timothy looked at his watch again and knitted his eyebrows in concern, it was past seven and still no word from Kai. He picked up his mobile again and this time dialled the Webster's landline and after a few rings got the answering machine asking him to leave a message which he ignored and just hung up. He went downstairs and tried to watch television but couldn't get interested in the programme. He moped around the sitting room going to the window and looking out till it got dark, and by 9'30pm with still no word from Kai he resigned himself to the fact that Kai wouldn't be coming around to spend the night. His mother noticing the boy's silence and restlessness asked him, "What's the matter Timothy?"

"Nothing really, he replied then noticing the look from his mother, "Umm well actually I haven't heard from Kai since this morning. I tried calling him but kept getting his voice mail. So either his phone is switched off or his battery is flat."

"Oh dear I hope all is well," and before his mother could continue his phone started ringing,

He pulled it out of his pocket looking at the number on display and frowned not recognising it and hesitantly saying.


The moment he heard the voice a big smile came on his face, "Kai, what happened you got me all worried, and whose phone are you using?"

They talked for about five minutes and then Timothy broke the connection, and turning to his mother said, "That was Kai. He forgot to put his phone on charge when he got home last night. They left his Grandparents house later than usual so he won't be over tonight."

"Well now you can stop worrying," his mother said

Putting his phone away "Mum, dad I'm going to my room see you in the morning." Giving his mother a goodnight kiss he went to his room pulled out his book and settled down for a couple of hours of reading. Knowing that he wouldn't be disturbed by someone asking him to play hide and seek or shops or any other game that she'd thought up.



At 9.30am the following morning the doorbell rang and Mrs Clarkson answered the front door to see Kai standing on the doorstep.

"Come in Kai," and she stood to one side as the boy entered the house. They made their way into the kitchen where Mr Clarkson and Linda were finishing their breakfast. After making his salutations Kai asked if Timothy was up.

"Actually he's still sleeping," Mary Clarkson said, "He was reading in bed till nearly 1.00am until I went into his room and told him it was time he went to sleep. But go and wake him Kai I think he's slept enough."


Not waiting to be told twice Kai made his way to Timothy's room entering as softly as he could he saw the small form of the boy curled up under the duvet with only his head exposed. Not making a sound Kai made his way across the room to kneel down beside the bed. Lifting the covers his face was only inches away from the sleeping boy. Leaning over he gently let his lips rest against those of the boy he'd fallen in love with.

"Mmm," as he stretched and straightened his limbs Timothy's eyes opened to see the face that he'd been so concerned about the previous day staring down at him. He smiled as he looked into the eyes of his favourite person "You're back?"

"Uh huh."

"Did you kiss me just now or was I dreaming?"

"I'm not telling, but you can figure it out when I kiss you again," and the face lowered again and two pair of lips were united.

Kai Webster broke the kiss slipped his trainers off his feet and lay down on top of the bedclothes beside the small form of Timothy Clarkson, his head sharing the same pillow.

Staring at the face that was only inches away Kai asked, "So how did your day go yesterday?"

"Other than worrying why you hadn't phoned like you normally do not bad." Timothy hesitated momentarily before saying, "I umm went to see Peter Blake."

"What," Kai yelled sitting up, "Are you crazy?"

"I only went to see how he was doing. He must be worried thinking about what will happen to him if he was to get a custodial sentence if found guilty."

"Yeah, well he deserves what he gets. I'm not shedding any tears over him."

"He wasn't going to stab anyone Kai. It was only because I got in the way that anyone got injured, he was only trying to scare us when he pulled the knife."

"Yeah, they all say that, it's the only way they can think of to get out of going in to youth custody."

"Well I believed him. His parents are really worried they already have their eldest son in prison and now it seems like the brother is going to follow him. I'm going to try and help see if I can get him probation instead of being sent away."

"Timmy leave it alone," Kai said taking the smaller boy into his arms, "You can't keep trying to change these kids. One of these days your going to come up against the wrong one and you're going to get hurt and I mean physically. You just can't tell with them."

"I'm not stupid Kai," the smaller boy said pecking his companion on the lips, "I know when to steer clear of certain kids when I meet up with them. But Peter Blake isn't all bad actually he's looking for attention, and acting at being a hard case he hopes he'll get noticed by the other kids, especially the girls and Crystal Lenihan in particular."

"Crystal Lenihan, you must be joking."

"Nope I've seen him watching her when he was in school and whenever he could he always tried to impress her by doing something that he hopes would catch her eye."

"So," Kai enquired, "What happened during your visit?"

"We got along fine I even decided to write a letter to the Judge," Timothy said, reaching over to his bedside table and picking up an envelope and handing it to Kai, "In the hope that it might help to lessen the sentence."

Kai took the envelope opened it and read the letter. When he'd finished he folded it again and placed it back inside the envelope and turning to his companion said, "You really think it will work."

Timothy smiled, for all his huff and puff inside his friend was quite a forgiving character he'd seen it applied to both Hunter, and Fletcher and now he had to convince him to do the same for Peter Blake and he was sure he was half way there already.

"I hope so not only for Blake's sake but for his parents they're real nice and if he were to follow his brother inside I think they'd be devastated."

"What do your parents and Peter Blake's have to say about the letter?"

"Only you and Peter Blake know about the letter. I'm not telling anybody else especially Blake's parents, don't want to build their hopes up just in case the judge doesn't bother to take any notice of it."

"Enough of Blake and your letter, can we have a bit of loving instead."

"Nope my dad, or mum, will most probably be up asking what I want for my breakfast pretty soon," Timothy said smiling, But we can go over to your place afterwards there's less chance of us being disturbed over there."

He waited for Timothy to get washed and changed then accompanied him downstairs to the kitchen, and was greeted by Mr Clarkson saying, "Ah I see you managed to drag him out of his bed Kai."

Kai smiled and took a seat at the breakfast table while Timothy after greeting his parents and sister who's took a seat next to him, poured flakes into a bowl added milk and sugar, and without ceremony proceeded to devour the contents of the bowl.

After Timothy had finished his breakfast the boys spent some time talking with the adults, and playing with Linda before heading out to Kao's house.


As they made their way towards Kai's house chatting Timothy suddenly said, "Kai I told Peter Blake that I'll visit him next Saturday and I'd bring you along if." And Timothy was cut short by Kai yelling.

"Are you fucking crazy? There's no way that I'd go and see that arsehole let alone walk into his fucking house. If it wasn't for you getting in the way that knife would have been sticking in my guts. No absolutely fucking not." And Kai stomped down the pavement.

He'd gone about a hundred yards down the road and not hearing any voice from Timothy turned and saw an empty pavement behind him.

"Shit! He exclaimed, and was going to retrace his steps and thought better of it. Best let it cool down a bit, he thought I opened my mouth a bit too much. His anger quelled he walked home more miserable then ever.


Arriving home Timothy went straight to his room and lay down. He'd hardly kicked his shoes off and put his head on the pillow when there was a knock on the bedroom door and his mother walked in.

The moment she saw him lying down she asked "Are you alright?"

"Yes mum I'm okay."

"The why did you come home so soon? I thought you were going to spend some time over at Kai's house."

"Well we had a bit of a misunderstanding so rather that arguing with him I left it alone and came home."

"Oh I see," his mother said, "Alright we'll leave you alone unless you want to come with us we're going to do some shopping."

"No mum I'll stay at home, I can catch up on my homework."

"Alright son see you when we get back." And Mary Clarkson left the room closing the door behind her.


The family had been gone for about an hour, with no Linda to disturb him he'd finished his homework and had gone down to the sitting room to watch the Sunday soccer match. He'd been watching the game for about fifteen minutes when he switched the TV off put on his trainers and headed out the front door. As he walked along the pavement he phoned his father telling him that he was on his way to see a friend and would be back in a couple of hours. Ten minutes of walking brought him to the Wellington Court flats and he was soon ringing the bell to No.48.

"Timothy come in." Mrs. Blake said on opening the door and seeing the boy standing on the doorstep. As she led the way to the sitting room she called out, "Peter, Timothy is here." Then told Timothy to take a seat Peter would be here shortly.

The words were hardly out of her mouth when he appeared with a grin on his face saying "Hi Timothy wasn't expecting you till next week."

"Yeah well I was at a lose end and thought I'd come and see you as I wanted to ask you about what we were talking about earlier."

Peter Blake caught on instantly and turning to his parents said, "Mum dad we're going to my room we got something to talk about."

"Doesn't Timothy want a cup of tea or soft drink?"

"No thanks Mrs Blake I'm okay." And with Peter Blake leading the way the boys left the room.

Once inside the room Peter asked, "So what did you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to know if you have your lawyer's phone number."

"No but I can get it off the letter he sent telling us the date of the trial."

"Okay then can you give him a call tomorrow, and ask him the name of the Judge who'll be presiding at the trial. If he gives it to you give me a call tomorrow after school and tell me the name, then I can address the letter and envelope to the judge. I was going to ask Fletcher to contact you when I saw him at school tomorrow, but as I wasn't doing anything at the moment thought I'd save a bit of time and come over now."

"Glad you did, it's driving me bonkers not being able to go out after 8.00pm and watching the box is about as exciting as watching grass grow."

Timothy smiled then reaching into his jacket pocket pulled out the letter to the Judge and handing it to Peter said have a read that's the finished article."

Peter took the letter and read it. Finished he looked at the boy sitting alongside him on the bed, "If this works Timothy I'll owe you for the rest of my life and if it doesn't I'll still thank you for trying."

"You won't owe me, but you're going to have a hard time living up to what people will be expecting of you. But not to worry you'll have plenty of support."

"Yeah well other than my parents, Adam, and you I don't know of anybody else who's going to be very supportive."

"Oh I don't know there is one other person who might be willing to help you, once I talk to her."

"Who's that?"

"Crystal Lenihan."

"Christ Timothy don't even think about it, and in any case why would I want her to help."

"Come off it Peter. Jeez didn't you ever feel embarrassed the things you used to do at school just to try and get her attention."

Peter Blake blushing said "Shit was it that obvious."

"If I noticed it and I wasn't even in your crowd, then what do you think the others must have seen."

"Oh bollocks!" the blushing boy exclaimed

"Just forget it for the moment we're getting carried away and counting our chickens before they're hatched, let's wait and see what happens at the trial."


They talked about school and other subjects then when it was nearing time for Timothy to leave they went into the sitting room to talk with the adults before Timothy made his goodbye's and with Peter accompanying him made for the front door.

"You still coming over next Saturday," Peter Blake asked holding the door open for his visitor."

"Yes unless something unexpected comes up."

"Okay will see you then. Umm is Webster coming with you?"

Timothy smiled seeing the look of concern on Peter Blake's face and said, "No he won't be coming Peter, see you."

He left the Blake household and as he made his way into the road turned to see Peter Blake still at the front door watching him. He raised his hand and waved to then turning the corner he then disappeared from view.