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C'est la Vie

(Book 2)





Spark of Jealousy

Part 5

He made his way back home and was on the point of opening the front door to enter the house when ha heard his name called. He didn't have to turn and see who it was he would recognize that voice amongst thousands. Turning he saw Kai standing at the front gate and walked over to him.

Kai stretching his hand out to stroke the smaller boys head said "I came over to say sorry for how I reacted earlier."

"No need to apologize Kai, you only voiced your opinion about Peter Blake which you're entitled to."

"Then why did you go back home."

"Because you were annoyed and swearing your head off so I thought it best to let you cool down."

"Umm yeah but I really wouldn't want to visit Blake."

"I didn't say you had to Kai. You never gave me a chance to finish what I was going to say and that was, if you didn't want to go I would go on my own."

"Oh, so what've you been doing?"

"I've just got back from seeing Peter Blake."

Again Kai's temper flared and before he could control his tongue he was saying, "Are you in love with that fucking moron that you have to keep on visiting him."

Timothy Clarkson turned his back on the shouting boy and made his way into the house.

Kai Webster was angry as he stomped his way home. He was angry and also jealous that Timothy could find time to visit the boy that had nearly killed him. Now the rest of the day was totally ruined because of his mouth, and also Peter fucking Blake.

Timothy was upset at the way that Kai had reacted at his visiting Peter Blake but as he entered the house he cloaked his emotions and went in to greet his parents and sister. He spent time playing with Linda, then when she went to bed he watched the start of the Sunday night film on the box and as it held little interest for him he said goodnight to his parents and went up to his room.

Now alone he could let his mind recall the events of the day and again remembering the words that really hurt, are you in love with that fucking moron. How could Kai even consider saying something like that, was he so blind with jealousy. And was this going to happen every time he visited another boy's home or even talked to them. He remembered that Kai wasn't very pleased when he'd spoken to Adam Fletcher and if they weren't in school or if Sammy and Hunter hadn't been in attendance would he have been so agreeable.

He loved Kai with all his heart but if he was going to fly into a jealous rage every time he spoke to another boy then it was going to put a strain on their relationship. With his thoughts still on what had happened he changed into his nightwear set his alarm for 7.30am and crawled into his bed.

Monday morning Timothy washed and dressed, went downstairs greeted his parents and Linda and sat down at the table to have his breakfast. As he ate his cereal his mother said, "Now don't forget I'll be at the school to pick you up during the first break."

Noticing the frown on the boy's face she smiled, I suppose you've forgotten you've got a hospital appointment at 12.30pm today."

"Cripes! Yes mum I had, you'd better give me a note to hand to Mr Beardsley."

His breakfast finished he collected his school bag made his goodbyes and headed for school. The first thing he noticed was there was no Kai at the bus stop. It didn't surprise him after his show of anger yesterday. At school he made for his locker meeting Adam Fletcher there and together they made for their first class of the day.

"I saw Peter Blake Yesterday," Timothy said as the walked along the corridor, "He told me to say Hi, and he can understand why you're not being allowed to meet up with him. I'm going to see him again on Saturday you want me to pass on a message."

"No Timmy, but I'm going to ask my parents if I can go with you to see him, if you don't mind the company. If they refuse then you can say Hi for me."

"That would be great it will help cheer him up, the trial will be the following Thursday and he'll be getting really nervous so it would be good if you could make it."

They separated as they made their way into the classroom Timothy noticing Kai talking to his cousin and Hunter. He made his way to his desk sat down and had a quick look at his math homework before Kathleen Jacobs came to collect it. As he handed his homework to her his mind went back to the time when it was Kai who was coming around collecting the books. He looked across the classroom to the boy in his thoughts only to see the back of his head as he was swivelled in his chair talking to Sammy.

At the end of the Math period as the boys trooped out of the classroom Timothy made his way to Mr Beardsley desk and handed him the note from his mother.

Mr Beardsley read the not then asked, "It's nothing serious is it Clarkson?"

"No sir just a check up? I'd forgotten all about it otherwise I would have informed the school earlier."

"Okay Clarkson make your way to your next class and I'll see you again tomorrow."

When the bell went for the end of the next period he packed his things and instead of going to the recreation area he made his way out of the school to meet up with his mother.

During the break Kai was busy talking to Sammy and Hunter but at the same time was keeping an eye out for Timothy. Not seeing him anywhere in the area he assumed that he'd stayed in the classroom like he did in times past when he was the centre of bullying. But when they went for their next lesson which he and Timothy shared and not seeing him he was wracking his brains trying to come up with a reason for him being absent from the class.

At the lunch break Kai, along with the usual crowd made his way to the cafeteria collected his food and looked around the dining area and Timothy was nowhere to be seen. Thinking that he hadn't yet arrived he went to a table closely followed by Hunter, Sammy, and Adam Fletcher.

When he finished his food Kai again looked around the cafeteria to try and locate Timothy but again he wasn't to be seen. Getting a bit worried he turned to Fletcher asking? Adam you were talking to Timothy when you came into the classroom this morning did he seem okay to you?"

"Yeah he was fine."

"What did have to say."

"He was passing a message on to me from Peter Blake and asked me if he I wanted to send him one. I said no but I'd try to get my parents to let me go and visit Peter, and if they did then I'd meet up with Timmy on Saturday and we go and visit together."

Hearing those words brought back the memory of what he'd said to Timothy the previous day and how hurt he must have felt. His jealousy had made him blurt out the first thing that had come to mind and now he wished so much that he could take those words back.

But they had been said and now it was up to him to undo the wrong.

Entering the classroom after the lunch break and not seeing Timmy, Kai was really worried, as soon as Ms. Carbury walked into the classroom he walked over to her saying, "May I speak with you pleas Miss."

"Yes Kai, what is it?"

"Umm Timothy has this class as well and he's not here and I haven't seen him since the first two periods."

"He went home Kai during the first break he has a hospital appointment at 12.30pm, didn't he tell you about it?"

"Umm no Miss."

"Well maybe he didn't want to worry you unnecessarily."

"Yes Miss and thanks for the information," and Kai went back to his desk his guts all knotted up feeling like shit.

Timothy Clarkson was far from happy. After his hospital appointment and the various tests done on him the doctor had confronted his mother and him with the words. "No school for two weeks at least, and I want to see Timothy before he's allowed to return."

"Is there something wrong doctor?" his mother enquired.

The doctor first looked at the boy then turning to the mother said, "Since Timothy left the hospital he's hardly put on any weight I was expecting him to have put on at least 10lbs or more instead he's gained just under 2lbs. I want him to stay at home and just rest and eat, so that he can get back to a normal weight for a boy of his height and age. At the moment he's very underweight he should for his height and age, weigh at the minimum 112lbs, presently Timothy weighs 92lbs which isn't good and if it continues there could be unwanted complications."

Now as his mother and he drove home he contemplated what the doctor had said. And although not liking the thought of staying home for two weeks he decided that if he got his weigh back to normal as quickly as possible then he would be back in school again. It wasn't that he liked school but since his involvement with Kai school had become a whole new experience for him. From being virtually an outcast now he had more friends and acquaintances than he'd ever had in his life before.

Turning to his mother as she drove he asked, "Mum can you get me some school work tomorrow for me to do at home."

"No, nothing Timmy, you're just going to sit around and relax for two weeks, maybe go for a walk to give you some exercise but nothing more."

Now as he sat in his room he wondered what he'd do with himself all day for the next two weeks. With Kai not talking to him and even Linda being away at school it would make the days seem twice as long. He grabbed a book off the shelf lay back on his bed his head resting on the headboard and continued reading the Jerusalem Man which he was half way through.

When the bell went for the end of school Kai Webster was contemplating going straight to Timothy's house to see him and apologize. But then he thought better of it just in case Timmy was resting, and also he was a bit nervous as to how he would react when he appeared on the doorstep. Dejectedly he made his way home thinking what a moron he'd been to sound off like he did yesterday and then not bothering to speak to Timmy when he had the chance to in the morning during classes.

Arriving home he greeted his mother and made straight for his room. After removing his shoes and jacket he sprawled out on his bed and pulled out his mobile phone, on the verge of calling Timothy he chickened out making the excuse to himself that maybe Timothy was resting and that he'd talk to him tomorrow at school. Instead he went to his computer and logged on and prepared to spend the next couple of hours on the net till it was time for his evening meal.

When he did go down for his evening meal his Father waited precisely two minutes before saying, "So what's wrong between you and Timothy?"

Startled at the question Kai looked at his Father before replying, "What makes you think something's wrong dad?"

Frank Webster gave his son a knowing look before saying, "When for the last couple of weeks a certain boy is either in this house or you are over at his house, and suddenly Timothy Clarkson isn't to be seen or heard talking to you on the phone, then it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to figure out that something is wrong between the two of you."

"Umm we had a bit of a misunderstanding dad," and was going to continue eating then seeing the frown on his Father's face said, "Actually it was me shooting my mouth off that caused it."

"So now that you've realized it was your fault are you going to apologize to Timothy."

"Yes dad, but I'll do it at school tomorrow."

"Why can't you apologize now you can talk to him on the phone."

"Timmy had to go to the hospital for a check-up today. He might have gone to bed early you know how he gets tired easily so in case he is resting I don't want to disturb him."

The response satisfied his Father and they continued their meal with know further discussion about Timothy.

Tuesday morning Kai was up and eager to get to school in the hope he could patch things up with Timothy. It was raining quite heavily so his mother drove him to school. The moment they arrived he kissed his mother and was out of the car in a flash and running through the school gates. He wasn't running because of the rain pelting down more so he was eager to see Timothy again. Reaching his locker other than Chapman, and Briggs, there was no one else around. Thinking that Timmy would already be in the class as he seldom hung around the lockers, he quickly stashed away what he had to then made a bee line for his first period English Literature class.

Walking into the room he looked across to Timothy's desk to see it vacant. Frowning he looked around the room and Timothy was nowhere to be seen. Going to his desk and greeting his cousin and Brian he sat down keeping his eyes on the door waiting for Timothy to walk in.

The bell sounded for the start of classes, and Ms Carbury walked into the room shortly afterwards and still Timothy had not appeared. Throughout the period he kept expecting the door to the class open and Timothy to walk in but it never happened.

Now his mind started to imagine the worst possible scenarios till not being able to withstand the tension any more he stood up and asked Ms. Carbury if he could be excused he needed to use the toilet. Getting permission he quickly made his way there and the moment he was inside the room made for the end cubicle took out his mobile phone and called Timothy's house.

His spirits soared when instead of Mrs Clarkson answering the phone he heard Timmy's voice say, "The Clarkson residence."

"Timmy, Oh God! I'm so sorry about what happened on Sunday and not talking to you yesterday at school, can you forgive me?"

He could hear the emotion in Timmy's voice as he said, "Nothing to forgive Kai I was never angry with you. I just walked away so that they'd be no argument."

"I'm going to be around there straight after school, I've got to go otherwise Ms. Carbury will be wondering what's happened to me, I was really worried when you didn't show at school this morning, and had to come to the loo to find out what had happened."

"Timmy tell me when I see you, have to go Love you."

He smiled when he heard the voice on at the other end say, "I love you more."

Cutting the link Kai Webster returned to the classroom literally walking on air, and with a huge grin on his face, and in his present frame of mind there wasn't a person in the whole school that he didn't like.

At the sound of the end of school bell Kai Webster was the first one out of the classroom and hurtling down the corridor and out of the main doors. He was making a beeline for the bus stop knowing that the bus driver usually came a bit early so he would miss the school rush, and saw it just pulling up to the stop. He made it and as the bus pulled away could see the annoyed faces of the kids who hadn't and their irate hand gestures at the driver. Arriving at the stop that Timothy normally alighted he got off the bus and was running down the street eager to meet up with the boy who had been on his mind all day. Arriving at Timothy's house before he could even ring the bell the door opened and the boy of his dreams stood before him.

Kai with a grin a mile wide pulled the boy into his arms saying, "Hi you."

Talking again

Part 6

As Kai pulled him into his arms and his head came to rest on his chest his worries disappeared and the feelings of contentment and happiness coursed through his body. He lifted his head from Kai's chest then moving from his embrace and taking him by the hand led him into the house closing the door behind them. Making his way to the kitchen with Kai following he called to his mother on entering, "Mum Kai's here."

Kai was greeted by Mrs Clarkson asking him if he wanted anything to eat or drink.

"No thanks Mrs Clarkson," he replied, "Can't stay too long. I came over to see Timmy and to find out if he was alright I'll have to be getting home soon."

"Mum can I spend the night at Kai's house?" Timothy asked, "He can drop me home on the way to school tomorrow."

Mary Clarkson knew that there had been some sort of disagreement between the two boys she sensed it on Sunday and again on Monday when she'd had to take Timothy to the hospital. Now she approached Kai and asked "Did Timothy tell you why he wasn't in school today?"

"No Mrs Clarkson, I spoke to Timmy on the phone from school but I didn't have time to speak for very long."

"Well let me fill you in with what happened. The specialist that he saw yesterday was far from pleased with Timothy's recuperation progress and has banned him from attending school for at least two weeks and will only let him return if he's satisfied with his recovery. At the moment he's very underweight," and she smiled as she said, "So if he's going to spend the night at your house you'd better make sure that he eats properly."

"I will Mrs. Clarkson even if I have to force the food down his throat."

"Alright now you'd better phone home and ask if it's alright for Timothy to spend the night."

While the boy phoned home Mary Clarkson knew that letting her son spend the night at Kai's house would be more beneficial for him than moping around in his room for the rest of the day.

Linda who had been listening in on the conversation while having her biscuits and milk suddenly called out.


He turned and focused his attention on his sister. "Yes Lindy what did you want?"

"It's not fair you said you'd play, Hide and Seek with me after I'd finished eating."

"I'm sorry I didn't know Kai would be calling, I'm going out with him, but I promise after you return from school tomorrow I'll play Hide and Seek and Shops, with you, how's that."

Her face brightened up then consenting to Timothy's proposal said, "Alright but we play Shops first and I'll be the Shopkeeper you can be the customer."

He bent down kissing her on the forehead, "Whatever you say Lindy."

Kai had finished talking on the phone telling Mrs Clarkson, there was no problem with Timothy staying over. The two boys then headed to Timothy's room to pick up his clothes and toiletries for his overnight stay with Kai.

The moment they were inside the room they were in each others arms their lips hungrily seeking the others, then their tongues uniting to send shivers of ecstasy through their bodies. Moving towards the bed Kai pulled Timmy with him and on reaching it broke the kiss and flopped back onto the bed with the smaller boy ending up lying on top of him. Kai lay there stroking the back of Timmy's head as it rested on his shoulder.

A little later Kai said, "I think we should start getting your things together."

Timothy didn't respond or move just lay silently on top of Kai.

"Timmy," Kai whispered, "Did you hear me."

Still there was no response from the resting boy. Kai slowly inserted his hands under Timmy's armpits and pulled him up to bring them face to face only to see that the face of boy he was in love with streaked with tears.

"Oh God! Timmy," Kai exclaimed, rolling the boy over so he lay on the bed and he could stare down at the crying boy "What's wrong?"

Timothy sniffed and through his sniffing said, "Nothing's wrong. I'm so happy to have you back; you don't know how much I've missed you these last two days."

"I'm sorry Timmy, really sorry, I never meant to hurt your feelings."

The crying boy used his hands to wipe the tears from his eyes saying, "Why did you get annoyed when I went to visit Peter Blake, I was only trying to help him?"

"Yeah I know but I get all sort of wound up when it's got to do with boys who hurt you."

Kai getting to his feet and looking down at the boy who held his heart leaned down then inserting his arms under Timmy lifted him into his arms. As Timothy was raised off the bed he wrapped his arms around his lover's neck then pulling his face towards that off Kai's brought their lips together in the faintest of touches saying "Love You."

"Love you too Timmy, but please don't go trying to change people unless you tell me first. If something happened to you I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Okay I promise I'll tell you first but you have to try and not blow your top when I do tell you."

Kai smiled at the plain looking face in front of him, knowing it wasn't the looks that attracted him towards the boy but what lay within.

Kissing him on the end of the nose he said, "I promise, I'll try my best." Then lowering the boy to the floor said, "You'd better get your stuff together then we can head for my place."

After Timothy had collected what he'd need for the sleepover the two boys went downstairs into the sitting room where his mother and Linda were sitting watching television. Going over to them Timothy kissed them saying, "Goodbye and he'd see them tomorrow." And with Kai also voicing his goodbyes the boys left the house.

They'd been walking for a couple of minutes when Timothy's phone started ringing. Quickly pulling it from his pocked he looked at the number and frowned not recognizing it, "Umm Timothy Clarkson speaking," then he smiled on hearing Peter Blakes voice at the other end.

"Just on my way to Kai's house. Did you get the Judges name?"

"Okay what is it?"

"Okay I got that Judge Rupert Hetherington."

"Okay bye for now see you on Saturday."

Putting the phone away hew looked across at Kai to see his reaction to the phone call and saw Kai was frowning.

"Are you annoyed about the phone call?" he asked nervously looking at Kai.

Kai smiled, "You don't have to worry I'm not going to sound off. No I was just thinking I've seen the changes in Adam Fletcher, and Brian. Now I think I'll invite myself and accompany you and Adam when you visit Blake on Saturday."

Timothy smiled saying, "You'll be more than welcome."

Reaching Kai's house the boys entered and went into the sitting room to greet Mrs Webster. After chatting a few minutes the boys excused themselves and made their way to Kai's bedroom. Immediately Timothy discarding his shoes went over to the bed and flopped down onto it.

Kai went over and looking down at the boy lying on the bed asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah just want to lay back and rest and get the smell of you from your pillows."

Kai kicked of his shoes then eased himself down beside Timothy. He wrapped his arms and legs around the diminutive figure pulling him into his body, saying, "Now you can smell the real thing."

Timothy needed no second invitation he snuggled into Kai's body then lifting his head looked expectantly into the eyes of the boy whose arms he lay in. The face smiled then lowered their lips joined, and the ritual of their love making began.

An hour later Kai unravelled himself from the small form that he'd wrapped his arms and legs around and stretched. The body that was lying next to him squirmed and tried to wrap itself around him again. He smiled and lowering his face to the others ear said,

"My dad will be home soon and as soon as he hears that you're here he'll want to see you, so you'd better get washed and put your clothes back on."

The small face looked back at him, "You going to shower?"

Kai nodded.

"Okay," the small form said sitting up, "Let's go."

Kai grabbed hold of the skinny kid lifted him into his arms and carried him into the bathroom. Inside he set Timmy on his feet under the shower, and making sure that the shower head was not aimed at their bodies switched it on.

Twenty minutes later they were in the sitting room talking to Kai's mother when they heard the rattling of keys in the front door then the door closing. They heard footsteps and into the sitting room strode Fran Webster. After greeting his wife with a kiss who promptly left to get the food ready, Frank Webster with a huge grin on his face turned to greet his son and Timothy ruffling the latter's hair saying, "How are you keeping son."

"Not bad Mr Webster."

"That's a load of bull dad; the specialist has banned him from school for at least two weeks because his recovery progress is not as good as expected."

Frowning Frank Webster looked at the frail looking boy asking, "Is that true Timothy?"

"Umm yes Mr Webster, but it's only because of my weight everything else is okay."

Frank Webster looked at the seated boy in front of him and grinned saying, "Well if you're going to eat and stay the night I expect you to finish every morsel of food served on your plate this evening," and turning to Kai and still smiling said, "Otherwise we'll have to force feed him won't we."

"Absolutely dad," Kai responded with a huge grin on his face.

Just then Liz Webster called out from the doorway, "The food's served."

The three of them joined the woman of the house in the dining room and sat down to partake of the meal she had prepared.

Since Sunday when Timothy had, had the difference of opinion with Kai he'd been very upset and had not really eaten well. Now that he was back with the boy who had won his heart his appetite returned with a vengeance, and he needed no encouragement to clean his plate. The food that he'd been served disappeared at an alarming rate till Mr Webster had to remark, "We were only joking Timothy we didn't intend force feeding you."

Swallowing a mouthful of food Timothy grinned saying, "I know Mr Webster but I really am very hungry."

The boys after the meal spent the time with the adults chatting and watching TV till Kai noticed that Timothy's eyes were beginning to droop. Getting to his feet and pulling Timmy up with him he said, "Mum, dad, we're going to bed see you in the morning."

With Timmy mumbling his good night and getting a response from the adults the boys made their way to Kai's bedroom.

At the top of the stairs Kai heard his father's voice calling out to him. Telling Timmy to carry on to the bedroom and he'd see him in a bit he retraced his steps and saw his father waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs

"What did you want dad?" he asked on reaching his father.

Frank Webster first looked up to make sure that Timothy wasn't in sight before responding to his son's question before asking,

"Kai what's the real issue with Timothy?"

"Just what I told you dad. The doctors weren't pleased with his progress so they asked his mum to keep him away from school till he gets back to his normal weight or even more."

"Alright Kai go to bed, but remember try not to put too many demands on Timmy."

"Yes dad, goodnight," and he climbed the stairs to return to his room.

Opening the door the room was in darkness he switched the light on to see Timothy sprawled on the bed. He stood paralysed for a moment till he saw the rise and fall of the small body as the air was inhaled and expelled with Timmy's breathing.

He walked over to the sleeping boy and gently turned him onto his back. The moment he did the boy's eyes opened and stared up at him.

"Ah there you are I was waiting for you," Timothy mumbled.

Kai smiled and started by unbuttoning Timmy's shirt then removing it. Next came the trousers and then the underwear. The boy lay naked on the bed, Kai rolled him to one side and pulled the covers back on the unoccupied side of the bed, then lifting Timmy placed him on the sheets and pulled the covers over him. Quickly he undressed and switching off the light and as naked as Timothy slipped under the covers to join his bed companion.

He lay on his side and wrapped an arm around Timothy and pulled him into his body. As the diminutive figure was pulled towards him so Timmy moaned and turned so that the were face to face. The boy spoke his name then nestled into his body and slept.

Kai kissed the top of the boy's head and lay thinking back to the time when he'd sworn that he'd do all in his power to prevent anybody ever harming Timothy again. Ironically it was he who was the first one to harm Timmy, not physically but emotionally and mentally, he'd come to realize it when seeing the tears of happiness in the boy's eyes as he'd said, "It was good to have him back," as they had lain on Timothy's bed in his house. Now he had to renew that promise to include himself in making sure that no harm came to the boy in his arms either physically or emotionally. Squeezing the boy a little bit tighter into his body then relaxing his hold and making himself comfortable with feelings of contentment he joined Timmy in sleep.


Part 7

He awoke to find his arm wrapped around the small frame of Timothy and their bodies stuck together like sardines in a can. His morning erection was pressed against his companion's lower back and as he moved his hands he felt the sleeping boys erection as it pressed into his palm. He moved his head so that he could nibble on the boy's ear, and as he did so the boy stirred then turned to face him.

"Umm you want to make love?"


"Oh, then why were you nibbling my ear?"

"Because I love you, and also it's time to get up."

"Why can't we make love?"

"Because I said so."

"Huh, what's wrong?"

He saw the questioning look in the smaller boys eyes, then pulling him into his body and kissing him on the forehead Kai said,

"I want you to start putting on weight and getting stronger. I don't want you exerting yourself for us to experience just a heartbeat of pleasure that leaves you drained and lifeless. I nearly lost you a couple of months back Timmy, and after hearing what your mum said I don't want to see you back in hospital again."

"I'm okay Kai honest."

"You keep saying that its okay, its okay, but look at you Timmy I'm scared to hug you too tightly in case I hurt. But going without sex for a few days isn't going to be the end of the world, so just let's take it easy for now, and just think how awesome it will be when we do start again.

"Well at least I can still kiss you." and the smaller boy lifted upwards to bring their lips together.


An hour later after having washed, dressed, and eaten, the two boys said goodbye to Kai's parents and left the house.

"I'll walk with you to the bus stop," Timothy said as they made their way to his house, "And then head home."

"No I told your mum that I'd drop you home and then head for school and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Reaching the house they stopped at the gate.

"I'll call you during the breaks then drop in after school before heading home."

"Okay I don't think my parents would let me spend another night away from home. Oh yeah check with Adam when and where he's going to meet us on Saturday if he's given permission to visit Peter Blake."

"Okay, I'd better get going see you later," and Kai squeezed the smaller boys hand in a sign of affection then let it slip away as he turned and made his way down the street.

Timmy watched him till he reached the end of the road then turn and wave before disappearing from view.



He wasn't able to see Adam Fletcher till the first break, and when he did he was talking to a younger boy. As he drew near the two boys they stopped talking.

"Hi Kai," Adam Fletcher said, "How's Timothy."

Before answering Kai looked across at the younger boy, their eyes met and instantly Kai Webster felt a stirring in his loins. He quickly looked away and answered the question, "He's okay. He asked me, if you've had permission to visit Blake, and to find out when and where you'd like to meet up on Saturday if you're able to."

Before answering Adam Fletcher turned to the younger boy at his side saying, "Jimmy go and join your mates."

"Why?" the younger boy asked.

"Because I fucking said so."

"Its okay Adam let him stay."

Fletcher gave the younger boy a withering look before saying, "He's a real pain he'll want to know everything if you let him hang around."

"Then why have him as a friend." Kai asked

"He's not my friend he's my younger brother. Anyway tell Timothy when you see him I'll meet him outside the flats where Blake lives at 11.00am on Saturday."

"Okay, I'll see you later; have to give Timothy a call." As he walked away he looked over his shoulder at the brothers mainly the younger one who stared back at him and smiled.

The younger Fletcher left his older brother who went off to join his friends and he headed in the direction of Kai Webster. He reached the older boy just as he was getting ready to use his phone.

"Hi do you mind if I join you?"

Startled Kai stopped dialling and put the phone away. He stared at the boy who was a good few inches taller than Timothy but still a few inches shorter than himself. He had the lightest of brown hair, and hazel eyes that seemed to verge more on green. He couldn't seem to stop staring into those eyes they seemed to draw you into them, and where Timmy was just plain this boy was beautiful.

"What can I do for you?" he finally managed to get out.

"What do you want to do," the boy said grinning leaving no doubt as to what he implied.

"You can get into trouble making remarks like that especially if they were to the wrong person."

"I don't think you're the wrong person."

"What would your brother say if I were to tell him that you were trying to come on to me?"

"Not a lot, he knows I mess around with other boys."

Before he could answer the bell went for the resumption of classes. "Got to go, Kai said "Its Jimmy isn't it."

"Yeah, but I prefer James."

"Okay see you around James."

"How about at lunch break?" the younger boy said.

Kai looked at the boy's expectant face waiting for and answer, momentarily he was lost in those eyes again then breaking his gaze said, "Okay. See you at lunch," and he left.

As he made his way to his first class he realized he hadn't phoned Timmy, and then it hit him. He was going to see another boy after all the promises he made to himself about Timothy, had flown out of the window on seeing the younger boy. But he just couldn't help it, this boy James Fletcher was everything Timothy wasn't. The boy was more self assured and if he wasn't the best looking kid in the school then he was very close to it. Yes he loved Timmy, but the feelings he got when looking at James Fletcher were hard to deny. Right now he'd wished he'd had the nerve to suggest they go to the toilets to relieve themselves, but that could be rectified at the lunch break if the younger Fletcher did as he'd said and met up with him. He'd have to see how things turned out and if he and James hit it off then he'd have to tell Timothy. It wouldn't do to lie to him after all he'd been through he deserved to hear the truth however painful.



The rest of the morning he couldn't concentrate on his studies his mind was working overtime thinking about James Fletcher, and how he'd like to have the boy in his arms and their lips locked together. When the bell went for the lunch break he was one of the first out of the classroom and hurrying to meet up with the boy who'd been in his thoughts since they'd met.

As he neared the cafeteria he slowed his pace to a casual amble giving the impression to all who saw him that he was on his way to fill his stomach and nothing else while internally his heart was pounding 100 beats a minute in expectation of meeting James.

Suddenly from behind he felt a hand on his shoulder at the same time a voice saying, "Hi."

He didn't have to look at the person to know who it was; he'd remembered that voice from when they'd last met at the first break.

Still trying to give a the impression of calmness and not breaking his casual pace, Kai turned to look at the boy who'd come up alongside him, "So are we set for eating together," he said, keeping his face impassive, "Or have you changed your mind."

"We're eating together," the younger boy said, and with a twisted grin and making his voice sound a bit suggestive added. "And something special afterwards for desserts."

Kai lifted his eyebrows and assuming what James Fletcher implied his loins twitched in anticipation. The two boys made their way into the cafeteria collected their food and found an empty table where they could eat and discuss their intentions towards each other.

"Before we go any further, Kai said between mouthfuls of food, "How old are you and why haven't I seen you around the school before?"

"Is how old I am important?"

"No, just wanted to know"

"Alright for your enlightenment I'm Eleven months younger than my brother, so I'll be turning fifteen in September. And I only started at this school two weeks ago."

"Where were you before?"

"At DeMonfort College but I got kicked out and ended up over here."


Adam Fletcher with Brian Hunter, and Sammy, had been standing outside the cafeteria waiting for Kai to appear when he hadn't shown they went in without him. As they stood in the queue waiting to be served, while Sammy and Brian were deep in conversation Adam looked around the seating area. His eyes were drawn by the movement of two boys getting up from a table at the back of the hall and saw Kai and his brother make their way out of the cafeteria from one of the side exits.

He was surprised to see Kai with his brother. He knew that Kai and Timothy were supposedly boyfriends. Brian had told him of the two boy's relationship when Timothy had just come out of hospital. He'd been warned by Brian that if ever word got out about the boys he knew where to come to, as besides the three of them no one else knew.

Now seeing Kai with his brother he began to wonder if he should look into the matter. He knew James fooled around a lot with other boys. He had inadvertently stumbled upon one of his brothers couplings when walking into his room without knocking. But James was not in the least embarrassed, and a couple of days later had another boy in his room. At first he had thought his younger brother was doing it to get his rocks off, but the frequency and different partners he brought home made Adam realize that James was a rampant bottom boy. He decided to leave the matter alone it was none of his business and if he did try to interfere he was sure that Kai wouldn't be too pleased.



James Fletcher led Kai through the school passageways till they reached the Assembly Hall making sure no one was watching he slipped through the open door pulling Kai with him. They walked towards the stage at the end of the hall and then around to the side where there was a small wooden door. Opening it and then fumbling around till he located what he was looking for the younger boy flooded the room under the stage with light.

"Come on hurry up," James Fletcher said, "And get inside and close the door behind you."

Kai his insides knotted up and shivering with anticipation at what was about to happen quickly did as he was asked."

"We don't have much time," James said as he led Kai over to some padding on the floor which was covered by an old curtain and started to strip.

Kai watched him not moving till he was suddenly startled by the boy saying, "Come on get your clothes off."

As soon as the two boys were naked James didn't stand on ceremony taking a tube out of one of his jacket pockets he started to lube Kai's rampant member then applied the same to his rectum. When he'd finished he lay on his back lifting his legs in the air exposing his hole for the older boy.

"Come on Kai, fuck me."

He didn't need a second invitation getting on his knees and sidling up to the boy he inserted his cock into the boy's arsehole. He slipped in so easily that he knew it wasn't the first time the boy had been fucked but he didn't worry about that. He just started pounding away the younger boy wanking his cock in rhythm to his fucking.

Within minutes James was yelling "Oh yeah faster, faster I'm ready to cum," and then Kai felt the boys sphincter clamp down on his cock as the boy's cum jetted out of his prick to splash over his chest. Seconds later Kai's own cock blasted his spunk deep in the moaning boy's bowels.

He lay on top of the younger boy spent till a voice said, "You're getting a bit heavy could you get off."

He rolled off and lay on his back and as the feeling of euphoria diminished so the guilt started to set in.

What the Hell had he done, and how was he going to explain it to Timothy. He thought. He'd let his prick do the leading and for what.

A fuck with the boy who was lying beside him.

Suddenly James leaned over and started to fondle the older boy's cock again coaxing it back to arousal saying. "We've got time for another."

With the hand stroking his balls and cock his feelings of guilt vanished. Again he slammed his cock into that inviting hole and ploughed it deep. This time it took a while longer for the two of them to reach their climaxes. The second time their flow of cum was not so copious but the feelings of pleasure were a lot more intense, and this time Kai joined in with James as they shouted and grunted as the intensity of their orgasms coursed through their bodies.

When they'd finished they did not wait around, but quickly cleaned themselves with tissue the younger boy supplied, dressed and left the Assembly Hall.

Outside before they went their separate ways to their classes James Fletcher said, "We going to meet up again tomorrow."

Kai hesitated but then he felt the younger boy's hand gently squeeze his loins and he nodded his assent.



With the bell ringing for the resumption of classes he returned to his class and on entering was given enquiring glances by Sammy and Brian Hunter. He ignored them and took his seat at his desk just as Ms Carbury came in for their English lesson. He didn't hear what the teacher said as his thoughts were going over what had happened earlier.

His mind was in turmoil at what had taken place during the meal break, How easily he'd let his lust for the boy overcome any feelings of guilt he'd had about cheating on Timothy. Suddenly he realized in all the time he'd been with James they had not kissed once. It was just strip and fuck, then get dressed and arrange to meet up again for another fuck, it was pure lust with that boy nothing else. Not the next time, he thought, he was going to change that it was going to be on his terms he would call the play and bring some emotion into the proceedings instead of just rutting like dogs.

His thoughts were broken by Ms Carbury calling his name and asking him to continue reading the next paragraph. He looked bewildered till Sammy hinted to him where to start reading. Giving her a look of thanks Kai Webster came back to the world and started to read.