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C'est la vie

(Book 2)




Part 8

During the last break Kai eventually phoned Timothy. He was very apologetic stating that he got held up during the meal break by his friends. After enquiring how his day was going he relayed Adam Fletcher's message stating that Adam would be waiting outside the flats where Peter stayed at 11.00am on Saturday. Saying he'll see him after school Kai hung up then turned to boy standing next to him.

"What will you be doing on Saturday?"

"Waiting for you to come around," James Fletcher said smiling, "But don't come too early wait till about 11.30am then my parents and Adam will be out of the house. Who were you talking to on the phone just now?"

"Just a friend, Timothy Clarkson."

"The kid who got stabbed by my brother's mate."

"Yeah that's the one."

"Okay enough of him lets go find somewhere quiet."

"No," Kai said, "We don't have time and I think we should curtail our activities at school if we get caught we could both get kicked out."

James Fletcher didn't look too pleased with Kai's statement but perked up when the older boy suggested they could meet up after school.

"Where and when do you want to meet?"

"Not tonight I have to go see Timothy. Tomorrow my dad works late they have a council meeting in the evening and he doesn't get home till about 8.00pm."

"What about your mum?"

"No problem, she normally goes to visit her sister and drags me along, but I'll get out of it. So if you can come around at 5.30pm we'll have a couple of hours together.

"Sweet, I like that," James Fletcher said his eyes lighting up at the prospect of being naked for two hours with Kai.



He walked up Brentwood Avenue his stomach churning with anxiety at the thought of confronting Timothy with the news of his finding a boy that he wanted to have a relationship with. As he neared number 26 he slowed giving himself time to compose he feelings. Reaching the gate he entered and the moment he did the front door opened and Timothy stood in the doorway looking out at him. He stopped and stared at the diminutive figure for a moment, then slowly walked towards him.

"Hi Timmy," he said nervously on reaching the front door.

"Hi, you want to come in."

"Umm no Timmy I just came to see how you were before going home."

"Kai come inside and tell me what's happened. I can more or less guess what it is so you won't be dropping a bombshell."

"No I won't come in Timmy, but okay here's how it is, I've met another boy and we've got really attached to each other. I never even knew he existed till today but when I saw him I just couldn't keep away from him."

"It's alright Kai I more or less guessed something like that had happened."

"How did you know did Adam Fletcher contact you?"

"No it was you, the lame excuse you made for not phoning and the way you spoke very sort of casual and of course the length of the call which I guess was all of one minute."

"I'm really sorry about what's happened Timmy, but can we still be friends?"

"Yeah, if you want but I don't suppose I'll be seeing a lot of you from now on."

Kai Webster hung his head then lifting it said, "I'm really sorry, not so much for breaking up with you but for all the promises I made and have broken."

"I told you its okay Kai, now you'd better go home, otherwise my mother will start wondering why you're standing out here and not coming in."

"See you Timmy," and Kai Webster, grateful that the conversation hadn't been prolonged and that there were no tears and tantrums being shed, turned on his heels and left the Clarkson household.


He stood and watched the back of his ex boyfriend disappear.

"Timmy, who's at the door?" He heard his mother call out.

"It was Kai mum," he said with his voice catching in his throat at the mention of the name and closing the door, "he's just left to go home.

As he walked into the sitting room Mary Clarkson saw the pain and the tears being held at bay in her son's eyes. Instinctively she rose from her chair and walked over to him and put her arms around her son, knowing that somehow the anguish he felt was connected to Kai. The moment he felt her embrace his resolve broke and the flood gates opened. Tears poured down his cheeks and great sobs wrenched his body as the loss of the boy he loved hit home. For five minutes she stood hugging her son and uttering words of comfort while Linda watched on anxiously and wondering why her older brother was crying something she had never seen before.

Eventually the crying lessened and Mary Clarkson led her son over to the settee where they could sit side by side. When they were seated with Linda jumping up beside her brother Mary Clarkson produced a handkerchief and proceeded to wipe the wetness from his cheeks.

Finished wiping his cheeks she said, "Its good you let it out Timmy keeping pain bottled up inside of you doesn't help only makes you bitter. It won't stop the hurt straight away but it will help to know you've done your crying, now you have to try and accept what has happened which is easier said than don. But you have your father and I."

"And Me," she was interrupted by Linda.

Mrs Clarkson looked at her daughter and smiled, "And of course Linda, and also your school friends to help you through this episode in your life."

"Thanks mum," he said leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek, "I'm going to go up to my room for a bit."

"Alright son but don't stay isolated in your room too long, there are people in this house who also need your company."

"I won't mum I just want to be alone for a few minutes to have a think." And leaning over and giving his sister a kiss he left them to go to his room.


Kai Webster reached home relieved that the break up with Timothy had gone so well. Now he thought he could start making plans to introduce his new boyfriend to his parents. He wouldn't do it straight away but wait till the weekend, by then his parents would be wondering why Timothy hadn't come over. Then he could tell them about James and that he'd ended his relationship with Timothy.

Pleased with himself after greeting his mother he dashed up to his room and immediately phoned James and was soon deep in conversation with him.



Timothy Clarkson collapsed onto his bed. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling and was just contemplating what had taken place earlier when his bedroom door opened. He looked across the room to see his younger sister entering carrying her teddy-bear.

Walking over to him and holding it out to him she said, "Here keep Bear with you, he'll make you happy."

"Thanks Lindy I'm sure he will," he said taking the bear from her outstretched hand.

She made her way to the door then stopped and turned saying, "Can I have Bear back when I go to bed."

He smiled, "Yes I'll even come and tuck you both in," and then he was left alone as she exited the room.

He hugged the bear to his chest and drew a deal of comfort from it. Knowing that there were people in this world who cared about him, the pain of Kai's leaving though not diminished was made bearable.

With Bear clutched in his arms he started to think about how to proceed with his life. All those years he'd had in learning to live in isolation with the exception of Linda and on occasions his aunt, now came to his aid. Yes the hurt of Kai's leaving was still there but now he had to get organized. First there had to be a significant improvement in his physical being within the next few days to allow the doctor to see fit to let him return to school. Next he had to be ready for court next Thursday which was in eight days time; he couldn't let Peter Blake down after giving him so much hope. After that he wouldn't have to plan his life it would take its own course depending on his actions but for now it meant getting up and starting the process.



As soon as his mother had departed the house Kai Webster had showered and scented his body and dressed in preparation for the arrival of James. He didn't have to wait long before the doorbell rang. He hurried to open it and his expectations of who it could be were confirmed when he saw a smiling James on the doorstep. Grabbing him by the arm he pulled the younger boy in and wrapped his arms around him hoping to bring their lips together. Somehow James managed to squirm out of the embrace saying.

"We can make time for that later let's get to your bedroom."

Kai a bit annoyed led the way to his room inside the moment the door was shut James began undressing telling Kai, "Come on hurry up we don't have all day."


Complying with James's demands Kai was soon naked. The moment the last garment was shed the younger boy was down on his knees taking the boy's manhood into his mouth at the same time fondling his testicles bringing moans of pleasure from Kai. After a couple of minutes of administration on the older boy's loins James led Kai over to the bed. He lay on his back then taking the lubricant he'd brought with him applied a liberal amount in and around his rectum. Finished he then did the same to Kai's throbbing manhood, he then lay on his back brought his feet over and past his head exposing his well lubricated rectum saying, "Fuck me Kai."

The older boy knelt on the bed then pushing James`s legs even further back thereby lifting his arse higher he lined his cock up and rammed it home. He didn't have to be careful with his entry knowing from past experience that James could take it easily and liked it rough. The moment he was balls deep inside James became very vociferous.

"Yeah that's it Kai now fuck me hard. Yeah faster, come on harder yeah, yeah deeper, come on fuck me. At the same time he was flailing away at his own cock. Kai now had sweat pouring down his face as he continued the merciless hammering at the arse in which he was buried.

"Oh fuck I'm nearly there," James yelled, come on Kai fuck me deep oh yeah it's here its fucking here and suddenly James's hips bucked and his rectum clamped down on the cock inside him as the semen sprayed out of his cock to splatter over his body. Kai now striving to reach his goal felt the familiar tingle in his balls telling him that his orgasm was imminent. And then he froze his cock buried to the hilt and suddenly he screamed, "Oh Fuck have my juice," as his hips bucked and thrust again, and again, his spunk blasting into his younger friends arse.

James lowered his legs as Kai sank down on the bed beside him. They lay side by side recovering from their exertions. When his breathing had returned to something like the norm he inserted and arm around the younger boy's shoulders and drew him into his body.

"What you doing?" James asked

"Just getting you close to me. Since we met I've never had a chance to kiss you now we can make up for it."

"Nah I'm not into all that kissing its too girlie for me."

"What d'you mean too girlie, it's a way of expressing your love for one another."

"Yeah, if you say so but I don't do kissing, fucking, and sucking, is what I do but leave the kissing out. Now what about a shower?"

Annoyed Kai got up from the bed saying, "Follow me," as he led the way to the bathroom.

The moment they were under the shower James had lathered soap around Kais loins. After rinsing the soap off James sunk to his knees and took the half erect cock into his mouth. Within seconds Kai was fucking the younger boy's mouth and moaning with pleasure. Suddenly James ceased his administrations on the throbbing member; he stood up and bent over his hands resting on the shower wall.

"Come on Kai fuck me again," as he proffered his arse to be penetrated once more.

Kai not hesitating being close to cumming when James's mouth had stopped its administrations on his cock slammed his throbbing member into the waiting hole up to the hilt. They fucked like rabbits with the same encouragement coming from the younger boy to plough his arse and to give it to him hard. Again they both loudly proclaimed their pleasure as the younger blasted his spunk against the shower wall and the other slamming into the body that his cock was buried in and erupting.

When they had finally showered and dressed it was nearly time for James to depart. Accompanying him to the door Kai said.

"I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"Yeah at lunch. Are we going under the stage after we've eaten."

"No, I told you James not at school, if we get caught I'll be in a lot more trouble then you as I being the older will be held responsible for our actions. Wait till Saturday when we meet at your house."

"Okay see you tomorrow." and James Fletcher having been well and truly satisfied left the Webster household with a big grin on his face.


As James was leaving the house so a car was pulling into the driveway. Frank Webster after the council meeting had picked up his wife from her sisters house and driven home. He frowned on seeing the boy leaving their premises and turning to hi wife asked,

"Do you know the boy?"

"Never seen him before," she responded, "But I suppose Kai will be able to enlighten us. I was wondering why he called off accompanying me this evening now I think we've just seen the reason."

Frowning, Frank Webster parked the car and with his wife made their way into the house. Inside he looked around the ground floor rooms and not seeing his son went to the bottom of the stairs and called up, "Kai we're home," and made his way to the sitting room.

Kai walked into the room with a smile on his face and greeted his parents.

"Was the boy we saw leaving the premises the reason you didn't accompany me to you aunt's house?" His mother enquired.

"Yes," Kai said blushing, "He's a friend from school.

Seeing the guilty look on his son's face Frank Webster guessed that there was more to this than just a friend coming over to visit.

Not to cause the boy any more discomfort he changed the topic and asked him, "Have you seen Timothy and how's he keeping?"

Again the boy blushed and this time he paused and with a bit of hesitancy said, "Umm he's okay," which was the extent of his response to the question.

"I'm going to have a cup of tea," Elizabeth Webster said as she rose from her seat, "Do either of you two want one?"

They both declined the offer and as his wife left the room Frank Webster addressed his son.

"What's happened between you and Timothy?"

"I broke our relationship off, but I'm still friendly with him."

"And is the boy we saw leaving the house the reason for the split between you and Timothy?"

"Yes dad."

"So all your high ideals went out of the window the moment you saw a pretty face."

"It wasn't like that dad."

"Alright then tell me how it was?"

"I can't explain it to you, you wouldn't understand."

I don't have to understand Kai it's as plain as can be, your word counts for nothing."

Kai stood facing his father, the words spoken to him having the same effect of a blow to the stomach. He turned and left to make his way to his room his father's words ringing in his ears. But he was not going to give up James, his mind ranted as he stomped up the stairs no matter what his parents had to say it was his life and he was going to lead it the way he wanted. He continued stomping up the stairs as loudly as possible letting them know of his anger and slammed his bedroom door after entering it.