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C'est la vie

(Book 2)




Trial and Tribulations

Part 9

Saturday morning and Timothy Clarkson rose from his bed and made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself, after washing his hands he brushed his teeth then still in his nightwear made his way downstairs to the kitchen. Entering he greeted his mother and sister, then helped himself to cereal added milk and sugar and joined them at the kitchen table. His mother who sat watching him was pleased to see the change in her son.

She had feared for him on the day that Kai had broken of their relationship. The way he had sobbed while in her arms she thought that it was going to be a long time before he would get over it. He had gone to his room wishing to be alone and had stayed there until it was time for the evening meal. He had not been called but came and joined the rest of the family at the dining table. He carried with him Bear and going to his sister handed the cuddly toy to her saying, "Thanks for lending me Bear Lindy; he's made me feel a lot better."

He had sat at table talking and eating and whether it was pretence or determination he did not let the incident that had taken place earlier in the day show on his face. Since that day he had eaten well and in the course of four days had put on five pounds. He'd told his mother that he was determined to return to school the week after the trial, and was going to make sure that the doctor would sanction it due to his improved physical state.


"Mum I'm going out later in the morning" Timothy said between mouthfuls of flakes, "to see a friend."

She paused with the teacup halfway to her lips and with raised eyebrows asked, "You're not going to see Kai are you?"

"No mum, another boy from school," which was the truth as he'd be meeting Adam Fletcher before going to Peter Blake's home, "I'll call you from there so you won't worry."

"I can give you a lift to where you're going."

"No mum please let me go on my own."

"Alright but mind you phone."

"Where's dad?" he enquired looking up from his bowl cereal, he's always at the breakfast table Saturday morning.

"In the garage changing the seat covers on the car."

He finished his breakfast and leaving the table said he was going to shower and change.

When he'd finished dressing he spent time playing with his sister then at 10'45am he said goodbye to his parents and started to leave the house. He was stopped at the front door by his father asking if he required any money, "No thanks dad,"

"Okay son now don't forget to phone."

"Will do, and don't you and mum worry," and he left the house.


He hadn't waited for Kai for although he said they could still be friends he didn't expect him to keep the appointment to visit Peter Blake as his interests were most definitely focused in other areas.

Arriving outside the flats just before 11.0am there was no Adam Fletcher. Looking at his watch he noticed there were still a couple of minutes to spare. As he looked up the road a bus pulled into the stop 50metres away and Adam Fletcher alighted from it.

The boys met with big grins on their faces Adam saying, "You look good Timmy."

Yeah I've put on a few pounds since the beginning of the week, come on let's go see Peter," and he turned to make his way into the entrance to the flats when he was restrained by Adams hand gripping his arm.

"Timmy, can we talk before we go in to see Blakie."

"Yeah what's on your mind?" Timothy asked seeing the look of concern on Adam's face.

"Umm it's about you and Kai Webster."

"What about us."

"Aw, Shit," Fletcher swore concernedly, then taking a deep breath said, "Okay here it is. Sammy, Brian, and I knew about yours and Kai's relationship."

Timothy blushed as Adam Fletcher paused, "Okay carry on Adam, but before you do let me bring you up to date. Kai isn't interested in me now, he's found someone else. So end of relationship."

"That's why I brought up the subject. I wanted to tell you before you heard it from someone else. The boy that Webster has latched onto is my younger brother James."

Timothy's eyes opened wide, "How young is he?"

"He's eleven months younger than me he'll turn fifteen in October. I'm sorry about it Timmy but I can't really interfere."

"Its okay I'm not holding it against you, and thanks for telling me. Now let's go see Peter," he said turning away, "or Blakie as you call him."


Again he stopped and turned to face his friend, "Yes."

"Besides Sammy, and Brian, you'll always have me as backup when you return to school and outside. If you need me I'll be there anytime anywhere, just yell."

"Yeah, well I need you right now to go see Peter,"

The two boys smiling walked through the entrance to the flats and made their way to number 48.



Peter Blake had been waiting nervously for the doorbell to ring for the last half hour hoping his expectant visitors would be early.

He'd been watching the time since 10.15am. When the phone had rung about five minutes later he'd held his breath thinking that it might be Timmy Clarkson cancelling his visit as he'd heard from Adam that Timmy had be off school all week. He'd wanted to phone his house to enquire about him, but was too scared not wanting to get the cops on his case if they found out he'd contacted the house. The only good thing was if Timmy didn't come to visit he was sure that Webster wouldn't come without him.

So when his mother kept talking to the person on the phone he let his breath out in relief.

Now nearly 45 minutes later he was beginning to curse under his breath. Three minutes after 11 and no one had shown. Fuck they're not coming, Shit! He thought, Just my fucking shit luck. God when is it going to, and the doorbell rang and his thoughts vanished as he ran to the front door and jerked it open to see the diminutive figure of Timothy, and Adam Fletcher standing on the doorstep grinning. Grins seemed to be catching because he joined them as a grin split his face to join the two standing in front of him. The other reason for the grin was he didn't see Kai Webster with the two boys.

"Come on in," he said standing to one side two let the boys into the house. The moment they were in he slammed the door shut behind them yelling out, "Mum, dad, Timmy and Adam are here."

He led them into the sitting room and shortly the parents appeared. The boys and the parents greeted one another then they all took seats except Mrs Blake who asked the boys if they wanted something to drink, which they kindly declined.

After talking with the boys for some time the parents excused themselves saying they had to get the weekly groceries in, and saying their goodbyes left the house.



"So are you okay now Timmy, Adam told me about you being off school all week?" Peter Blake asked once they were alone, "And where's Kai I thought he was supposed to being coming as well."

"I'm fine hope to be back at school not next week but the week after." Timothy replied, then giving Adam a quick glance said, "Kai had a change of mind had something else to do."

Peter Blake saw the look exchanged between the two boys so changed the subject saying, "You guys want to go to the Mall instead of being stuck indoors all day."

"Okay just let me call my parents to let them know so they don't start worrying." And Timothy Clarkson pulled out his mobile and dialled home.

"Can we stop off my house?" Adam asked while Timmy spoke on the phone, "I need to pick up some cash, didn't think we'd be going to the Mall."

"What about your parents they won't be too pleased to see me at your place."

"What's the time?"

"Its ten past twelve."

"That's okay then they won't be home they would have already gone out and I don't think James will be there, when I left he was dolling himself up so I think he's going out as well."

"So what do you need to buy?"

"Some blank discs."

"Okay I'm ready guys," Timothy said putting his phone away.

"Were going to stop off at my place first so I can pick up some money." Seeing Timothy's concerned look on his face Adam added, "There won't be anybody at home, and in any case we'll only be there a couple of minutes just time for me to get my money and out again."



Fifteen minutes later they were outside Adam's house. He let himself in saying, "Come on in I won't be long." As he bolted up the stairs to get his cash.

The two boys were standing at the bottom of the stairs when they started hearing sounds of moaning then a voice saying, "Yeah that's it oh yeah put it right in."

Then a voice that Timothy recognised saying, "Oh fuck yeah I'm going to cum soon."

"Peter Blake smiling turned to Timothy saying, "Seems like James hasn't gone out after all, sounds like he's entertaining again."

Timmy made for the front door saying "I'll wait outside." He made a point of slamming the door shut behind him as hard as he could.

Inside the house there was a sudden silence then Adam emerged from his room. From the top of the stairs seeing only Peter Blake inside the house he guessed what had happened.

"Shit! He exclaimed as he came down the stairs, then to Peter, "Come on lets find Timothy."

"Wait up, what's going on. Timmy slams the door and goes outside and you're all uptight just because your brother is entertaining?"

"I can't tell you yet, just leave it for now." and Adam Fletcher opened the front door waited till Peter exited the house then like Timothy, slammed the door behind him.

Once outside again he went straight to Timothy, "I'm really sorry Timmy I swear I had no idea that he was here."

"It's okay Adam I've got to get used to it." Come on and let's go to the Mall.

"Hey wait up a minute what's the big secret between you two?"
The two boys exchanged glances between each other then Timothy nodded his head slightly.

"Okay," Adam said addressing Peter, "The boy upstairs with James is Kai Webster."

"So what's the big deal, he prefers to be upstairs with James shagging then with us that's fine by me."

"Yeah well before James came on the scene Kai and Timmy were involved."

"Oh Shit Timmy," Peter Blake exclaimed I'm sorry I didn't know,"

"Will you two guys quit feeling sorry for me you're driving me nuts come on lets go to the Mall," and Timothy Clarkson stormed off leading the way out of the flats into the street, with the other two hastily following him.


As the boys made the way out of the complex they were watched by two pair of eyes. "Do you know who the little kid is with Peter Blake and my brother?"

"That kid is older then you its Timothy Clarkson."

"Oh your friend, the one who got stabbed. He looks kinda cute will like to meet him when he returns to school."

Kai Webster frowned at the boy standing beside him "I don't think that would be such a good idea."

"Why not," James said grinning while he fondled his friend throbbing member. "Is someone getting jealous?"

"No, he and I were more than just good friends. So I don't think he'd want to know the boy that I left him for."

"Yeah I see you point. Okay enough of them let's get back where we left off, and James Fletcher his hand wrapped around Kai's cock led him to the bed.


The three boys stood at the bus stop waiting for a bus to take them to the Mall.

"Timmy" Peer Blake began and was cut short.

"Don't say it Peter, I don't want to hear that word again. I'm cheesed off with you guys saying sorry."

"I wasn't going to. I wanted to ask if you'll be okay for the trial, and that your parents won't stop you from attending because you've not been well."

"I'll be there Peter and with the letter so don't worry about it."

"What about you having to be next to Kai in the court?"

"No problem, and I'll also be seeing him when I return to school so I'm going to have to live with it." and he started laughing.

"What's so bloody funny?"

"You two. Not so long ago the two of you were threatening to beat the shit out of me, and now you're concerned about my welfare."

"Yeah well you changed our way of thinking," Peter said, "So we owe you."

"I agree one hundred percent." Adam concurred,