Chainsaw Love

by -{BM}-

This is a story I wrote for a Halloween writing contest, happy Halloween everyone!

This story is copyrighted by the author (me!).

This story contains gay themes and sex, do not read it if it is against your laws or you are homophobic.

Thanks to Chris my editor, for the great editing job!


Ahhh... good old Halloween! I can remember back when I was a kid, the whole experience of trick or treating, the build up at home when you are putting on your costume, moving from house to house with your friends while making scary noises and annoying the hell out of the occupants until they give you some candy or tell you to get lost. And then comes the best part, when the night is over and you're sitting in your bedroom looking through your bag and deciding which ones to eat first. Why all the nostalgia you ask? Well because now I'm fifteen, and doing things like that is just for little kids, sigh. It's Halloween and I'm currently sitting in my room watching some dumb teenager getting hacked to death by a `scary' psycho. I've already seen this movie three times so as she fell to the ground holding her intestines I couldn't help but let out a chuckle, gotta love that third-rate acting. I looked up from the TV as my door burst open and Spiderman entered in his spidey-suit which looked like it was three sizes too big for him.

"Alex! Mum says you're gonna take me out trick or treating tonight," Spiderman exclaimed in an excited tone.

I sighed to myself; there goes my night of laughing at unscary movies!

"I thought Dad was taking you out Johnny?" I asked, trying to get out of it. Anything is better than following my dorky little brother and his friends around all night as they scream and cause mischief.

Johnny took off his spidey-mask, "Nah, Dad said he had some things to do tonight and told me that you would take me. You'd better take me Alex, or else I'll tell!" he pouted.

I sighed even louder as I turned off my TV and got up off the bed. "Ok ok! I'm taking you out; just give me a few seconds to get changed."

He let out a few excited whoops before running out of my room again. I grumbled as I locked my door behind him. Yeah my name's Alex, and life has been somewhat difficult for me since I came out of the closet, which was around a month ago. I was just tired of hiding who I am, you know? So I told my family and my closest friends, their reactions ranged from disinterested to enraged. I found that when you come out of the closet you find who your true friends are. Some couldn't accept what I am and ignore me whenever I walk past them at school while others didn't change at all. It hurt having to cut ties so suddenly with people I've known all my life just because of some silly fact that I had no control over, but I'm coming to the quick realization that life just isn't fair.

Anyway, my Mum and Dad weren't angry at me when I told them, but they weren't jumping up and down with joy either. My Dad took it the hardest, realizing that his oldest son would never pass his genes or last name onto the next generation. Don't get me wrong, they still love me, help me and talk to me, but I can feel that they're disappointed with me or something since they always thought that I was a real ladies man. And it's their disappointment that stops me from marching downstairs right now and chewing them out for ruining my night. And do you know the stupidest thing? Ever since I've come out of the closet, I've found that girls are even more attracted to me than before! It's like God is making this happen so he can sit back on his couch with a bag of popcorn and have a good laugh while he watches the tragic comedy that is my life.

I took off my shirt and looked at myself in the mirror, nothing special really, just your normal `white boy'... But for some reason people, (especially the girls) have always found my deep hazel eyes and longish blond hair combination attractive. I flexed my arms, hmmm... A few muscles starting to show through my skinny frame, I'm not exactly anorexic, but then don't go signing me down for the Mr. Universe competition either. I chucked on a nice pair of pants and a suave shirt and pulled on my nicest pair of shoes and made my way downstairs. Why was I dressing up so nice? Well maybe fate would throw something my way for once and I might meet a totally hot big-brother with the group that I'll be with who I can follow around during the night and fantasize about bathing him with my tongue.

"Alex? Make sure you and `Spiderman' don't stay out too late," my Mum yelled as me and my little brother reached the front door.

"Sure thing Mum!" I yelled in reply. And then we were free, well he was free. My little brother skipped happily along the street as we made our way to the place where he and his friends were meeting. It was a place in a massive park a few blocks from our house. As we walked along I smiled as I saw all the young kids moving from house to house in their costumes, I saw Witches, Frankenstein, Superman and even a little kid dressed up like a pimp! I just shook my head, this kid looked only ten, but his clothes suggested he should be in the city selling prostitutes on a shady corner, honestly, parents will let their kids wear anything these days.

My attention was diverted from `Snoop Dogg' by my little brother yelling in delight when he spotted his friends standing in a group with their parents. As I scoured the group I realized that I was the youngest `parent' in the group by at least twenty years which was just great! It looks like I got all dressed up for nothing. I received a few polite hellos from some of the parents I knew. I think some of them knew about me being gay when I noticed that they put their hands around their kid in a protective gesture as I approached, I couldn't help but be offended, it wasn't like homosexuality was catching or I was the boogeyman. The alpha female of the group, a dumpy old lady called Mrs. Quadrio suggested that we start trick or treating and so I ended up trailing behind a screeching group of kids while trying to ignore the not-so subtle glances from disapproving parents. I hate my life!

The next hour or so seemed to take for ever. My little brother was having the time of his life though, moving from door to door with his friends, screaming "Trick or Treat" at the top of their voices every time someone opened their door to them. Shame I wasn't having such a good time though... Until I met him!

My legs were sore from walking everywhere so I told the group I was going for a sit down. They told me where they'd be trick or treating next and I could join them in an hour or so. My heart leapt for joy! One hour by myself without having to deal with bratty kids or stuck up parents! I walked back into the park where I'd met the group originally and sat down on a bench so I could rest for a few moments and work out what to do for the rest of my hour of freedom.

I took in a deep breath of the night air and looked up at the sky, content to just sit here by myself, without having to ignore stares of judgment from homophobic assholes. The park was empty and the only sounds that could be heard were the trees moving in the wind, and the cars on the road surrounding the area. After a few more minutes of relaxation I decided to get up and walk to the mall which was around ten minutes away. It would be open this late since it was Halloween and you could bet that there would be something to do there, from looking at the latest CDs or sneaking glances at all of the eye candy (cute guys!).

I groaned as I got up, my feet were really tired from my one hour of walking. I didn't know how my little brother and his friends could keep going all night, every one of them was a little energizer bunny. I started to walk down the barely lit path that would lead me to the road opposite the mall. The night was cold and I started to shiver involuntarily as the cool breeze made goose bumps form on my skin. Suddenly I heard something rustle in the bushes to my left. I stopped and listened for any more sounds and when nothing else happened I just shrugged my shoulders and continued my trek. I walked a couple of more steps when I heard the bushes rustle again, Oookay... It's nothing Alex, just keep walking and you'll be at the mall staring at cute butts in no time. I moved to take another step forward and I heard the noise again, okay, it's time to investigate... What the hell is going on here?!

I swallowed nervously and moved a little closer to the side of the path. I looked ahead and behind me quickly to check if there was anyone else around, there wasn't. It was probably just a cat or something stupid like that. That explanation made sense and I smiled and shook my head at my stupidity, there was no point wasting time to try and find a stupid cat. I started to walk to the center of the path again before I wasted even more time when my body froze as I suddenly heard a deep groaning sound from the middle of the bushes,

"H-hello, i-is anyone there?" I asked nervously as I turned around and slowly crept towards the side of the path again. I was answered by another deep groan, maybe someone was hurt and lying in there waiting to be rescued. Looks like I'd better take a closer look just in case.

I stuck my head through the leaves but couldn't see anything so I reached out a shaky hand and felt around to see if there was anyone laying on the ground, but there wasn't. I sighed and started to walk back on the path again when I heard a voice,

"Dead meat,"

It was a very eerie tone and scared the hell out of me. I spun around and saw a guy standing there looking at me. He was around my size and build, had curly brown hair and a pair of blue eyes that were peering at me through the white hockey mask he was wearing on his face. He was wearing long pants, skate shoes and a button-up shirt, the only thing that was weird about his dress was that tripped out mask. Both of his arms were behind his back and he just stood there... like a statue.

"W-who the hell are you?" I asked.

He didn't answer me and after a few moments I was about to run off and leave this weirdo here, then he spoke again,

"Dead meat," he muttered in that eerie voice.

"You've already said that," I replied with a smile, this was obviously some joker who was trying to scare people in a park on Halloween. "You know you could have gotten a better costume than that," I added, trying to make him say something.

He replied by moving his arms around to his front revealing a chainsaw! Okay! I'm scared now! I took a few steps backwards in horror. As I stepped back he stepped forward and started to groan and wave his weapon around in the air. I swallowed nervously; this had to be a joke... it had to be!

"Nice try buddy, but it'll take more than that to scare me," I said unconvincingly as my voice cracked with fear.

He reached down and pulled the string on his chainsaw and it started up. I had to consider whether to fight him or take off... for about a millisecond! I spun around and started to run but my getaway was cut short when I slipped on one of the stones and fell backwards onto the path. I hit my head on the hard surface and slipped into darkness... is this the end?


I was woken up by a tickling sensation on my nose... and someone's lips locking onto mine! I opened my eyes and saw that it was silky brown curls that were tickling my nose and as I took a breath in through my nose I could smell shampoo. I could feel my penis start to swell involuntarily at the thought that someone was kissing me. Their lips were so soft, and the breath of their owner was so warm, I started to suck on their bottom lip and they suddenly jerked back in shock and was rewarded with a smile from a beautiful face.

"You're awake," he sighed. "Oh man, I was sooooo worried!" Wow! He was a guy! This caused my errection to swell with even more intensity.

I was still groggy and could only see his face as he looked at me in worry. My breath left me as I took in his features, his curly brown hair was hanging just above his mesmerizing blue eyes and he had the reddest lips that looked sooooo kissable!

"Are you an angel? Am I in heaven?" I asked, thinking in my nearly delirious state that he was an angel and the psycho in the park had cut me to pieces.

He giggled at that, "Not quite man, you're laying on the path in Eastern Park in San Francisco after freaking out from my Halloween prank."

I blushed, God I'm an idiot!

He just smiled and continued to talk, "I was trying to revive you with CPR and then you woke up," he stopped and took a brief glance towards my feet, "it seems you woke up in an excited state," he said with a grin.

I blushed even harder and sat up to hide my penis which must've been causing a big tent in my pants.

"I'm Matt," he said as he grinned and showed his pearly white teeth again.

"Hey I'm Alex, Matt," I replied as I shook his hand, his skin was so soft; it felt like I was shaking dough.

He widened his eyes for some reason, "Alex Rush?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"I go to the same school as you, we've never met though but I've... heard about you," he said awkwardly obviously referring to my sexuality which is still a hot topic at school even after three weeks! Grrr... looks like this is another friend I'll never have.

"Yeah..." was the only thing I could think of saying to that. And then I remembered a few conversations at school, "Are you Matt Hensley?" I asked and he nodded slowly. Now I knew why he would wait in the bushes and scare someone like this, he has a reputation to be a bit of a prankster and I told him so.

"Yeah," he grinned. "My reputation is accurate; I've already given three people a scare tonight although none of them fell over when they made their getaway, hehehe."

I giggled along with him but I could feel some tension in the air. I looked at my watch, I must have been out around five minutes, I slowly stood up and Matt followed suit. I took a step forward and once satisfied that my body was still working after my fall I started to walk away from him.

"Hey wait up!" he yelled once I had gotten a few meters away from him. I turned around,

"What?" I asked sadly, "You've heard about me so you don't want to be seen with the gay kid right? I'll save you the trouble of trying to come up with an excuse to get away from me and just walk away. How's that sound?"

"Well," he said nervously as he toed his shoe on the ground.

I waited for him to say something else and then grew a little impatient, "Well what?" I asked. He was a hottie, but it wasn't worth hanging around him because there was no way that God would make a guy that cute gay, it just doesn't happen.

"Do you know when you sucked on my bottom lip when I tried to resuscitate you?"

"Yeah, look I'm sorry," I said quickly. "I know you find the thought of kissing another guy sick, but I can't help what I feel, ok? If you're pissed I'll understand, but please don't tell anyone what happened at school, k?"

"I wont," replied as he bit his lip nervously, "Because I liked it."

I just looked at him for a few moments in disbelief, "Matt, listen man. If this is another one of your pranks it's not funny, seriously."

"It's not," he answered shyly as he slowly approached me. When he reached me I took a look into his deep blue eyes and I could see no malice or hidden agenda in them, just desire and love. I took a deep breath in as we stood opposite each other... he smelled sooooo good! Is this really a dream? Am I still knocked out?

He leaned his head against my shoulder and I sighed as I buried my face in his silky curls. I ran my lips up and down the side of his neck, enjoying the taste of his olive skin and he started to breathe a little faster. He moved his head off my shoulders and leaned and we shared our first kiss, well, second if you count him trying to resuscitate me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations that were making my head spin and my hard penis flare with passion. He ran his fingers through my blond locks as I grabbed him by his slim hips and pulled him closer to me.

I suddenly opened my eyes and noticed that we were still standing in the middle of the park. I broke the kiss and he looked at me with concern,

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"It might be better if we didn't do this in the middle of the park," I answered.

"Oh right, then how about we go back to my place?" he suggested, still breathless from the kiss.

I looked at my watch, hmmm... still had thirty-five minutes before I had to go and find the group, and who said I had to be on time? I agreed and we started to walk off,

"Oh shit!" he said suddenly and ran back to where I fell over. He reached into the bushes on the side of the path and pulled out his chainsaw and hockey mask.

"You're a nut, you know that?" I said as he ran back to my side with a big grin on his face.

"Takes one to know one," he replied with a wink and we started to walk to his place with him leading the way.

"Does that thing even work?" I asked as I pointed at the chainsaw in his hand.

"Well the motor does but the chain is jammed, so it can't cut through anything at the moment, I promised that I'd get it back to my next door neighbor tomorrow."

"Well that thing scared the hell out of me," I said, remembering the horror I felt when he showed it to me, I seriously thought he was going to hack me to bits with it.

"Hehehe, sorry," he said as he nudged me with his shoulder. "I just love tricking people, it's so much fun."

"Well next time pull that prank on someone else, I nearly peed my pants," I replied.

"Mmmm... Talk dirty to me baby," he replied with a grin on his face. I just shook my head at his silliness; I couldn't wait until we got to his place!


"Hey Mum," Matt said cheerfully as we entered the kitchen of his house. He had deposited his hockey mask and chainsaw in the shed at the side of his house so his mother didn't question what he'd been up to.

"Hello Matthew," his mother said in a disapproving tone as she read a book, "I hope you didn't get into any trouble tonight."

"Muuum!" he whined, his face displayed a look of hurt, as if he idea that he would do anything mischievous was insulting.

"Who's your friend?" she asked, her eyes never rising from that book.

"This is Alex," he answered, "I know him from school and he's come over to help me with my homework."

"Well okay," she replied and I swear I heard a hint of sarcasm in her voice, "Alex does your mum know where you are?" she enquired.

"Yes Mrs. Hensley," I replied. May as well be polite, she'll be seeing a lot more of me, I hope.

"Ok, we're going up to start working now mum," Matt said as he walked up the stairs with me in pursuit. When we were inside his room and he had locked the door I wrapped my arms around his hips and pulled him towards me, hungry for his lips again. I noticed from my quick inspection that his room was decorated with posters of punk bands and he had a bookcase full of books. We kissed until we were both disheveled and breathless, I was a bit worried about his mum hearing all of the sucking noises we were making so when I broke the kiss I asked him about it as he playfully rubbed his nose against mine,

"Don't worry about it dude. She probably has a good idea about what we're doing up here."

My jaw dropped, "Oh my God! Are you serious?"

"Yeah," he replied, "I came out to my mum around a month ago. I never met my dad so he doesn't count, asshole," he added with some spite.

I didn't want to pressure him about his dad but I wanted to know more about his coming out,

"Did you tell anyone else?" I asked.

"No," he answered with a smile, "I only told my mum because I wanted her to know, I kinda came to the conclusion that she's raised me and loved me, so she had a right to know. She's really cool about it and doesn't really care about what I do so long as my grades are solid and I stay out of trouble. I didn't tell any of my friends because as I'm sure you've found out; the schoolyard isn't the ideal place to come out in."

"You've got that right," I replied sadly, I'd lost a lot of friends over the past few weeks and the whispers at school were almost deafening.

"Hey," he said as he put his hand on my cheek, "Don't worry about all of them Alex, all that matters now is that you've got me."

I sighed, he was right about that! And I leaned in for another kiss, he returned the kiss with enthusiasm and our tongues wove and lapped around each other as we slowly made our way over onto his bed. As we lay down on the sheets he rolled on top of me and started to hump his groin against mine. His hands were clasping the back of my head and my hands were on his butt cheeks pulling him into me. The spasms of pleasure that I was experiencing were out of this world and I could feel his cock pulsating though the material of his pants. As he kissed me his silky brown curls fell down onto the top of my face and I moved my hands from his butt to his head and ran them through his curls. He tasted so nice, so clean, and I needed more!

I rolled over so I was on top of him and started to hump myself against him at a fierce pace. He broke the kiss,

"Oh God! Alex, I'm gonna cum man," he whimpered, I licked his cheek after he said that and started to hump into him at an even faster rate. I was close too, there was no way I could stop now, I needed release and I knew that he did too!

After a few more moments he bit his lip as his whole body tensed up, and I felt his cock expand in his pants, I could feel him shooting into his boxers. For some reason this set me off too and I buried my face in his neck, whining as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life!

When we were both spent we found each others lips and kissed softly as we both came down from cloud nine. I was really short of breath so I rolled off him and we lay side by side looking at the ceiling with silly grins on our faces.

"I need new pairs of pants and boxers," was the first thing I managed to say.

He just giggled, "No sweat man, you can borrow some of mine."

"God I love you," I said truthfully as I rolled over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too," he whispered back as he turned and looked me in the eyes.

We started to kiss again but I caught a glance at my watch and realized that I was already five minutes late to meet my brother and his group! I broke the kiss and sighed,

"What's wrong?" he asked as I got up and attempted to move, it wasn't easy with boxers full of cum!

"I've gotta meet my brother and his group of dorky friends. I'm supposed to be minding him tonight but managed to get an hour off, which is when I met you. So now I have to spend the rest of the evening following annoying little kids around as they trick-or-treat while catching glares from homophobic parents who think I'll give their kids the `gay disease'"

"Oh," he said, his smile faltering for a second but then he said something that confused me, "Who knows, it might be more fun if a special guest makes an appearance."

I asked him what he meant by that but he wouldn't tell me. Instead he showed me where the shower was and gave me a new pair of boxers to change into. I was tempted to ask him to join me in the shower but of that happened then I'm sure I'd be here all night. When I finished I kissed Matt goodbye and told him I'd see him at school tomorrow, he just smiled at that for some reason and said goodbye. I walked downstairs and said goodbye to his mother before I opened the door and stepped out into the night air.


"Hey Johnny," I said to my little brother as I approached him and his group of friends.

I noticed that some of the parents stepped in and led their kids away, some even sniffed when they walked past me. Seriously, I just took a shower for fucks sake! God I hate some people!

Oh well, I thought to myself as I trudged along behind the group as they all had fun, at least I have Matt to look forward to tomorrow.

I was broken from my thoughts when I heard some screams from kids at the head of the group. What the hell was going on? I pushed past some of the parents who were just standing there staring at whatever was scaring the kids and when I saw what it was I nearly burst out laughing. It was Matt dressed in his hockey mask, with the chainsaw in his hands. He'd obviously followed me and wanted to give me a surprise. Everybody but me turned and ran for it when he started his chainsaw and started to run towards us with a roar. I just stood there and spoke when everybody else was gone,

"Thanks baby, I owe you one and will give it to you tomorrow afternoon. See you at school. Oh! And you'd better clear out of here before someone calls the cops," I said and laughed when one of the eyes behind the mask winked at me and he took off.

I found my little brother around the next corner hiding with his friends and parents,

"I want to go home Alex," he whined.

"So do I little bro, so do I," I replied as I took his hand and we started the journey home.


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