Cheerleading High

Hi all Anthony here with another story, hope you all like this one, I've been working on it for the last few days and I think it's a good idea and story. Now on to the disclaimers, and to put it simply; too young, don't read, illegal where u live, don't read, don't like homosexual material, why you still here?. Now that's over with let's P.A.R.T.Y!!!!

Lets begin:

I've never loved anything more than cheerleading, I know it's weird for a guy to love to cheer but I love it. I've known I was good at it since I was 6 when I joined in with my sister and her friends, we would put together our own little routines. Ever since I've been practicing, making sure not to tell my friends what I do. But that is all to change after yesterday, I tried out for the squad at high school, I felt so stupid trying out for the squad I was the only guy in the hall trying out. I went through the routine and got a few smiles and nods off some of the cheerleaders, After the tryouts I went back to lessons knowing I did my best and knowing I have the guts to tryout for the team at least. I told my sister I had gone for a place in the team, she hugged me and said she knew I would get in, if only I was so certain.

The following day passed with no word and so did the day after and the day after, I was so sure I didn't get in the I considered forgetting cheerleading, my sister saw how upset I was about not getting in. I lay on my bed staring out of my window and into the empty void called space, when my sisters permanently cheery voice pierced my sulking mind "it really meant that much to you?" I just looked at her and nodded, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone not even her, she is such a sweet girl and easy to get on with but when I'm in this sort of mood I can't stand talking to anyone I just want to be left alone so I can think about it. But she doesn't see it that way, when I'm upset she makes it her mission to cheer me up and of course this time was no exception. She sat next to me on the bed and hugged me "it's only been three days don't worry about it too much", as she spoke I knew she was right but I wasn't going to let her know that. "I won't get in" I whined, getting into the team meant more than anything to me. She just smiled at m and hugged me again "of course you'll get in, I've seen you cheer and I know they'll let you in."

After a few seconds of silence she looked at me again but this time had a weird look on her face I had only seen a few times before "listen Justin, I want to know something I promise I won't tell a soul." This instantly made me curious and scared, whenever she said she wouldn't tell a soul it meant it was something serious, "what is it sis?" I asked not sure if I really wanted to know. She looked me in the eye and gave me her best you can trust me look before she asked the `killer question', "Justin are you gay?". To say the question caught me by surprise would be an understatement it completely stunned me, I never expected to be asked that by my sister, I mean yes she was older but it was still unexpected. I sat staring at her wondering what I should say and what her reaction would be. I looked at her again and she hadn't moved an inch but the smile on her face was still as bright as ever then she spoke "Justin you don't have to be scared of telling me, you know me I don't care what you are, It's just I don't like being kept out of a part of my brother's life". As she finished her words my defenses dropped and I nodded "ok sis, I suppose you should know I speak fag fluently, as the population of my high school would say". There I had done it, I had just told her everything she wanted to know and I knew it was going to be ok, I had no idea just how much life would change after them few words, or how much I would be saying them in the future. She hugged me straight away the grin getting bigger "great" she said in her infectiously happy tone "we can check out guys together and everything, you can be the sister I never had" her face was glowing by this point. I was nearly rolling around in laughter at her reaction, "hang on, sister you never had? I am no woman." She laughed a little and threw me a smile "never said you were, anyway I had better get going, my house won't maintain itself" we said our goodbyes and she left, leaving me sat on my bed replaying our conversation.

It had been a long day up till now and it felt a lot better, It felt great knowing one person knew about me and was so great about it, even if it was my sister. The corridors of school seemed to be a bit emptier than usual as I walked down the corridor and saw a crowd of people huddled round a piece of paper on the wall. As I approached I could hear some people laughing followed by "no way" and "definately fags" which got my interest peeked so I walked into the crowd and stared at the list. My eyes scanned it a few times before it registered, `no way, I'm on the team' I shouted inside my head. Then it started a few of the football players who were stood in front of me saw me and shouted "oh look it's one of the cheerleading fag" which caused more people to turn and face me. I was petrified as the two huge football players walked right up to me and grabbed my shirt, then I heard it the sound of my savior "let him go, now." I looked around and saw three guys standing to the right of the football players and behind them were the cheerleaders I had auditioned in front of. The football players dropped me on the floor and laughed "oh look the rest of the fags came to the rescue", with that last comment they made their exit leaving me on the floor stunned. The cheerleaders came over and helped me up each one giving me a huge smile "Are you okay, Justin?" one of the cheerleaders from auditions asked a little concerned "I'll survive" I said not realizing the play on words I used.

I was sat in the hall looking at all the people sat around me awaiting the cheerleaders to come and talk to us, The door opened and about 10 girls burst into the room all dressed in small blue skirts and tops with the word "griffins" written on them in yellow. There was an air of anticipation as the girls looked over us all "hi everyone I'm Amanda and I'm going to be your captain, you are all here cause you made the squad so lets get to work." They started by showing us all a simple routine which most of us got first time after that the people who slipped up were told to work with Cindy and Rachel on the routine. The next routine was harder but didn't present too much of a challenge for me and a few of the others, so the people who slipped up on that were taken to the side and worked on the routine with Amy and Sarah.

The remaining 5 of us were to work on the routine with Amanda and the other 5 cheerleaders, "right can you please find a partner to go through the routine with, the remaining person will team with me" Amanda said at the remaining five of which I was one. I looked round the room and saw the other four people looking at each other deciding who to team up with, I turned to face Amanda thinking it would be cool to team up with the captain when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned round to find myself facing a gorgeous guy who was smiling back at me "wanna be my partner" he said smiling at me. "Sure dude" I said trying not to seem too happy about it but failing. The rest of training was a disaster I kept messing up on most of the moves which required me to be near Tim (that's what his name is), the fact of me messing up didn't go unnoticed by Amanda and most of the other cheerleaders who were all whispering to each other. Tim also noticed I was messing everything up "what's wrong dude? You keep messing up" I just stared at him turning a deep shade of red "err nothing just takes me a while to get moves down" I said hoping he would understand. He just smiled at me and nodded "I know what you mean it can take me ages to get moves down." I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly hurried out of the hall as it was the end of practice. After I had changed out of my practice clothed and had a shower I headed out to the car park where I was met by Amanda and another cheerleader called Tammy. They each smiled at me and then started their interrogation "You seemed a bit off in practice, what's wrong?" I could see in their eyes they had an idea why, but they weren't going to say. "It just takes me a while to get moves down", they just grinned and shuck their heads "ok if youu insist but next practice we will be teaming you up with Sarah, I just nodded in reply and said my goodbyes as I got in my car and drove off.

I went through the routine again making sure I got every move right and at the right time, It took me about 2 hours but I finally got most of it down, by this time it was getting dark so I headed inside and got on with my homework. After I got through my history the phone started ringing, I ignored it and carried on with my math's, to say I hate math's would be an understatement it's just too damn hard. I was just about to finish this really long question on algebra when my mum shouted me "Justin someone is on the phone for you", I looked at the phone in my room in shock, hardly anybody rings me anymore. I picked up the phone and asked in curiosity "Yep who is it?," a rather amused sounding male voice spoke back "is that how you always answer the phone?, anyway it's me Tim I'm ringing on behalf of Amanda and crew, there is a party going on we wondered if you want to come with us lot". I grinned instantly at the thought of such a gorgeous guy asking me to a party "sure I'd love to", "great, we'll pick you up, Amanda has all your details so don't worry about us finding you" he said as he put down the phone not even saying bye. I sat stunned for a second as I put the receiver down and rushed over to my wardrobe getting out one of my many tight fitting shirts and a pair of jeans.

I rushed downstairs and got my trainers on in a hurry, the excitement easily noticeable on my face, "where you going Justin" My sister (her name is Samantha by the way) asked. "I got on the team and I'm off to a party to celebrate" I said grinning from ear to ear, Sam walked over to me and threw her arm's around me and hugged me tightly. "Told you, I knew you'd get on the team" she said in her `I told you so' tone, I just shrugged my shoulders "guess you did, and you were right, that's a first for you isn't it?" I said earning myself a slap. "Owww that hurt", she grinned and raised her hand again "good, so you won't want me to do it again then will you?," before I got chance to reply the door bell rang. I leapt at the door and pulled it open revealing Tim, Amanda and Sarah smiling at me, then looking at my sister, "you ready Justin?" Tim asked, "yep, totally, See ya sis" I said as I gave her a hug and walked out of the door.

On the way to the car I noticed Sarah and Amanda giving me weird looks, and chatting amongst themselves, "what's wrong?" I asked them as they gave me another weird look, "nothing" Amanda said looking away from me. Normally I'm not the sort of person to carry on something when the other person say's nothing's wrong but there was something different about this and I knew it. "Don't give me that, I know something is wrong you and Sarah are giving me weird looks and I want to know why?" I shouted, surprising myself and the three people with me. But what happened next surprised me even more, Sarah looked me plain in the eyes and said the words I didn't want to hear "We were just wondering if you speak fag?" she said almost as if it were a normal question. Tim looked at me and so did Amanda, "I don't think it's any of your business if I talk fag or not" I said in a defeated tone, I knew they already knew but I didn't want to confirm it.

Tim looked me over and spoke for the first time in a few minutes "don't feel like you're the odd one out they ask all the guys the same question" he said reassuringly, causing the girls to get embarrassed. I looked around me and then at the three people in front of me "fluently" I muttered under my breathe causing Sarah to jump up and down in joy "I win, now pay up Amanda" she screamed. She hugged me and told me why she was so happy "we had a bet on how many of the four new guy's `speak fag fluently' and I guessed the correct number" she rushed out continuing her celebratory dance and collecting her cash off Amanda. I looked at her and studied the others a bit surprised "how many people `speak fag' on the team?" I enquired, needing to know if I was alone or not, she grinned "two of you newbies" she said still doing a little dance, which she nicknamed the `happy dance'. `Two' I thought to myself as I looked at Tim, he must have noticed me looking at him as the next thing I heard was "nope not me, try asking Ricky" after he spoke he headed to the car and jumped into the drivers seat. We followed him into the car, Amanda in the front seat and me and Sarah in the back seat of the jeep, I grinned as the car pulled out of the drive way and onto the streets of LA.

Tim and Amanda were talking upfront about new routines, leaving me and Sarah to have a chat on the rest of the team, she told me about Ricky, giving me a brief history of him. Tim turned on the radio and Ex-girlfriend blasted out, causing me to scream, as No doubt is one of my favorite bands (I know screaming at a song is camp but hey it's me) Sarah and the rest of the gang in the car stared at me as I started singing along in the car with my eyes closed. I was pull out of my solitude by the sound of laughter, I looked around the car and saw Sarah and Amanda bent over laughing and Tim trying to suppress his laughter, "I'm not that bad a singer am I?" I asked in a mock hurt tone causing them to laugh a bit more. After a bit more laughing at my expense the car pulled into a driveway, we all jumped out of the car and headed into the house, me and Tim walking behind the girls.

I studied the new surroundings carefully, I was stood in the corridor of what seemed like a large house, the walls were covered in a plain light blue wall paper, with a few pictures decorating the walls. As I stared into space I felt Tim pull me into what must have been the room, when I looked round the room I saw the familiar faces of all the cheerleaders sat around the room. April another of the constantly cheery cheerleaders walked over and hugged us all, hugging me longer than the rest, Amanda pulled her to the side and whispered something to her. She looked at me then Amanda in shock "no way", Amanda just nodded and April freaked she ran over to me and hugged me again, "didn't think you talked fag" she said in an amazed tone. I noticed everyone giving me long stares wondering what was happening, and right at that moment I burst, I didn't know why but I just flew, "Yes you're all right, I speak fag, now can we all forget it and act normal, okay?". My outburst shocked everyone, no one moved for a few moments, until Ricky crossed the room and hugged me, "don't worry Justin, we've all been there", I grinned at his comment's and hugged him back "thanx man". After hugs off most of the team the party started, the music started pumping out of the radio and everyone started mixing and talking to each other, I discussed what routines I had to learn with Amanda, and Sarah was quizzing me on the guys I like.

The night was great, we all got to know each other and had a great time, well like all good things it had to end and it did, after a short goodbye to everyone we left and headed home. Tim dropped me off and told me he would see me at school the next day, so I headed into my house and up to bed. A few seconds after the door shut I heard my sister shout me into the living room, when I entered she was sat there in the middle of the couch on her own "how was the party?" she asked. I told her everything that happened and she just grinned and laughed as she saw how excited I was about being accepted. I slowly made my way to bed, my mind over run with thoughts of happiness and contentment. I opened the door and lay on my bed forgetting to undress, when I remembered it was too late my eyes had already started to close and my mind shut down allowing me to enter the dreamless world.

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