Cheerleading High

Chapter 2: Happy Times

Well here it is chapter two of my new story, I hope you like it J, I have been writing this since I sent chapter one out, I've got really into writing this story and hope to have chapter 3 done soon, although I plan on a break to write my other stories. I am looking for someone to proof read this story, if anyone would like to please email me at, also send any comment's good or bad please, as I need response's as I don't know if I am writing a good story or not.

Remember, if you are too young, don't read, hate homosexuality then don't read this, think it's real get a life, and illegal where you are, don't read it, they are the main rules, Oh one more Have fun (that's an order).

The sunlight poured into my room, filling every corner with its golden rays, I slowly opened my eyes as the bright blinding rays slowly invaded the world of darkness I was in. I was in a state of total happiness, the whole team had accepted me and I now knew another gay guy, I stood up and walked over to the mirror to study how my body looked, I was shocked to see I still had clothes on. I walked into the bathroom and undressed then had a shower, after a long shower I went back into my room and grabbed a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I headed downstairs and into the kitchen pouring myself a bowl of cereal and eating it as fast as I could, for some reason I couldn't wait to get into school, I wanted to see the squad again. After a few more spoon full of cereal the bowl was empty, so I got up from the table and grabbed my bag shouting a bye to my parents I rushed out of the house and started on the short walk to school.

As I got to school I saw Tim, Ricky and Adam talking to each other next to the main entrance. I slowly walked over saying my hello's to each of them and getting a reply off everyone, "what lesson's you all got next?" I asked hoping someone would have math first thing. Tim grinned and replied first "I've got advanced chemistry", then Adam replied "I've got Spanish", I turned and faced Ricky "what about you?" I was really worried I would end up in a lesson with no one I knew, he sighed and looked at me "I've got Math" he said not looking too happy. I broke into a huge smile "same here, now I won't have to suffer on my own" I said as Tim and Adam broke into laughter. We checked the time and all of us headed to lessons, Tim and Adam headed their way and Ricky and me headed to Math. Just before we got to lesson the two footballer's from yesterday approached us, "you better watch your backs fag's" they said continuing to walk past us, "screw you asshole's" Ricky shouted after them as they disappeared. He looked at the upset look on my face and put his arm around me, "after math we need to talk" he said leading me into the math room.

Math was as boring as usual, except I got to sit next to Ricky, who was an interesting distraction, we just talked about why we joined the team and how long we'd been cheerleading. The lesson ended and we headed outside and sat underneath one of the many trees, he smiled at me and we started talking "don't let them upset you, their just dumb asshole's". He put his arm around me and smiled "If you let what they say hurt you then they have won." I smiled at his words and looked around the empty field, "so you involved with anyone?" I asked hoping he'd say no. His grin grew wider as he replayed memory after memory of his boyfriend, "Yep I'm going out with Zack," he said happily. I just nodded my head somberly and moved away a little, he noticed this and stood up "Justin, do you have feelings for me?".  His question hit me hard I didn't know how to reply to it, I mean I was attracted to him, who wouldn't be. He was about 6ft with ice blue eyes and short spiked blond hair; most of the girls in the school and probably most of the guys followed him around. Even though I found him attractive I couldn't tell him, yet I knew I had to because I knew he already knew how I felt. He looked at me impatiently his eye's studying me, hoping to find out what I was hiding, I nodded my head slowly and mumbled out my answer "I find you attractive". As soon as my words had registered he looked right into my eyes and put his arm round me again "I'm happy you told me Justin, most guy's would lie. But you're special, you finding me attractive doesn't change our friendship as long as you know not to try anything" his voice was soft and comforting. I smiled at him looked around the field to make sure it was empty and hugged him "thanks for understanding Ricky" I said before standing to my feet and heading back inside.

As I entered the building I noticed Sarah standing next to my locker, I headed over to her and said the usual "hi, how are you" greeting, instead of replying to me like normal she hugged me. To say it shocked me is an understatement, I was confused as to why she had hugged me, "what did you do that for Sarah?" I asked the shock obvious in my voice. She giggled at me "just saying hi, that's how I always greet my friends, especially the cute one's" she winked at me as she spoke causing me to laugh. "Now, flattery will get you nowhere girl" I replied trying not to laugh too much, but failing, at least I wasn't the only one, Sarah had now joined me in my fit of laughter, everyone in the corridor was staring at us probably thinking we were mad. After we regained our sense's we looked at each other managing to keep our act together, "Justin, you want to come round to mine tonight, I'm inviting a few friends over". I thought it over for a few seconds, well microseconds and accepted trying not to sound so happy. It has been a while since I've had a social life, I never really fitted in to any group, I was too much of a wimp to be a jock, not cool enough to be one of the popular kids and not smart enough to be a geek. She smiled happily for a second and replied in a happy go lucky tone "great, see you tonight", she turned round and headed out of sight leaving me to search my locker for my books and headed for lesson.

The rest of the day was uneventful and dull, as soon as the final bell rang I sprinted pout of school and headed home. I had to be at Sarah's at about 6pm and I had a lot to do at home, plus I felt like running, I always use to run when I needed to clear my head and at the moment I needed to clear it a little. A lot had happened to me in the last week and it had taken it's toll, I was a feeling ok physically but mentally I was a little mixed up, I had a lot of good stuff happen to me, all my cheerleading team mate had accepted me. But I had also had a lot of trouble from the football players, which had really upset me, even though I had been told I should ignore it, but how could I ignore all the taunt's they have and are going to throw at me. I arrived home and headed straight to my room to get ready to go to Sarah's, I chose which clothes to wear and headed downstairs to watch some TV. I lay on the couch and turned on mtv, my mind slowly shut down as the sounds of `as long as you love me' filled my ears.

I felt my body being shaken which forced me to return to the world, my eye's slowly opened and adjusted to the light, a few moments later my eye's had focused and I saw the smiling face of Sam in front of me. "Hi sis, what time is it?" I asked slowly sitting up, she looked at the clock and smiled "it's 6:30pm" she replied happily, as I heard the time I shot to my feet and told her I had to go get changed and get to Sarah's. She nodded and offered me a lift which I gladly accepted after about 10 minutes of getting showered and changed I got into my sister's car and we headed off on our way to Sarah's. It didn't take that long for us to get to Sarah's, my sister pulled the car into Sarah's drive way and hugs me "I'll see you tomorrow, Justin" she said smiling, "see you then sis" I replied breaking the hug and getting out of the car.

I approached Sarah's door, screams and laughter could be heard coming from within. I smiled as I knocked on the door wondering what they were up to in the house. As soon as I had stopped knocking on the door, the laughter and screams stopped, a few moments later the door opened and Sarah's smiling face appeared. "You're finally here", I nodded and followed her into the front room. Tim was lying on the floor next to Amanda, Ricky was lying with his head on the lap of a guy I haven't seen before but guessed was Zack and Tammy was sat on a chair watching TV. When I came into the room everyone's attention focused on me, "what took you so long man?" Tim asked the question everyone wanted to know the answer for. I grinned and shuck my head "When I got home I fell asleep on the couch", Tammy started laughing a little, as I stared at her I felt a pillow hit me in the stomach, I grabbed the weapon off the floor and looked around the room, everyone's eyes were on me. I noticed Ricky had his head hidden from me, after a few second's he glanced at me and went back to hiding his face in Zack's lap, "you!!!!" I shouted as I threw the pillow at him, but I missed and hit Zack. He glared at me and threw it back, I dived out of the way and it smacked Sarah in the face, she stared at Zack and me and hissed, "this means war, newbies!" with that, pillows flew everywhere. No one was safe, after a few minutes and many thrown pillows later the war ended with Amanda screaming for mercy as most of the squad, except me and Ricky had turned on her. "Since we are all here, I can inform you guys that regional's are in 2 weeks, so we need to arrange more practices" Amanda stated with confidence, she had been captain for 3 years and was great at it. We all accepted her idea and we agreed with 2 new practices per week, meaning we would spend all seven days of both weeks getting the routine down. She stood up and walked into the kitchen "Justin can I talk to your for a moment please?" she asked as she disappeared leaving me wondering what she wanted, I decided to follow her into the kitchen and find out.

As I entered the kitchen she motioned me to take a seat on one of the stools next to her, I sat down quickly and she smiled at me "Justin I'm a bit worried, in the last practice you seemed unable to concentrate, you are a great cheerleader and I am hoping it won't happen again". Her statement caught me off guard but I knew what she meant, I concentrated more on Tim then the routine last time, I didn't do it on purpose it was just my hormones got control of me. I studied myself for a second and nodded "I'll be fine Amanda, I'll keep my hormone's in check." She nodded and hugged me "anyway, I also wanted to know if you're dating any guy's?" she asked the hunger for gossip obvious in her eyes. "I wish" I stated sadly, looking out at the stars and wishing I could get a BF, she put her arm around my shoulder comforting a little, "well regional's are coming up you know." She stated in a rather strange tone, and then left the room leaving me sat in the middle of the kitchen wondering just what she meant. The rest of the night was just like it started we joked about had some conversation's about this and that, Ricky and Zack spent most of the night making out, getting moans from everyone in the room. I tried confronting Amanda and asking her what she meant and she just gave me some cryptic story about the griffin hunting the leopard, which left me more confused than ever.