Cheerleading High:

Well here it is, chapter 3 of cheerleading high, I cannot believe I have done 3 chapters of this story already. I got this chapter done so quickly cause of all the email I have been getting saying how much you all are enjoying the story. I hope this chapter is as good as all the others and I hope you all enjoy it. I would like to thank everyone who has emailed me and the people who said they will proof read this story for me thanks a lot all.

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Chapter Three: Time to prepare:

"Regionals are tomorrow!" Amanda shouted as she ran into the hall. The excitement that she felt was obvious on her face. I, however, was not quite as excited as everyone else was. I was so nervous! I mean, in 24 hours we would be performing our routine in front of hundreds of people. What if I messed up?

Before I could go further into my worry, Tim approached me. "You looking forward to tomorrow?" he asked, excitement flowing from him.

I shook my head slightly, the doubts still in my mind. "Wish I could say I was, but I just get the feeling I'm going to mess up", I confessed to Tim.

He just smiled and laughed a bit. "Come on dude, think about what you're saying! In practice, you have the routine nailed, there's no way you'll mess up!" As he spoke, the doubts were pushed out of my thoughts; a warm fuzzy feeling soon replaced them. I couldn't believe that Tim was praising me so much; it made me feel so happy. My mind wandered off into my fantasy world, Tim would be sitting next to me with his arm around me holding me tight. He was whispering that he loved me into my ear...

"Justin, Justin, come back to earth" Tim half shouted at me as I was in my fantasy world. After a few moments, he was finally able to get me back to reality. "Was it a good place?"

I just stared at him. "What?" I asked,

He grinned at my disorientation. "The place where you were instead of here", he said, almost as if he wanted to know what I was thinking about.

"Err, yeah it was great," I said smiling, hoping he wouldn't ask what I was thinking of. Luckily he didn't, he just carried on about Regionals the next day and how much fun they would be. I wish I shared his ideas. In addition to my worries about Regionals, I couldn't get what Amanda had said out of my head. I still hadn't figured it out.

Everyone stopped talking as Amanda approached the benches where we were all sitting. She smiled softly and looked at all of us. "Well, here we are! Tomorrow is Regionals, the day that we have been working towards since the start of this school year. I know that we are good enough to make it to Nationals. In fact, I can guarantee that we will make it if we all try our best. Now, I know some of you will be nervous, but there is no need to be! We know that we're good, so let's go and show them just how good we are!" I felt like standing up and applauding after that, but decided to stay seated. The rest of the group just started talking to each other again; I suppose they were used to Amanda's speeches.

I got up and approached Amanda; what she said at Sarah's house was still on my mind and I had to know what she meant. I tapped her on the shoulder and waited for her to face me. She turned around with a huge grin plastered on her face when she saw it was me. "No Justin, I'm not going tell you what I meant, you'll have to wait till tomorrow".

I put on my best puppy dog look and stood right in front of her. "Please?" I begged, thinking she would crack.

Instead, she started laughing. "No chance, Justin! Now, go and sit down like a good puppy", she giggled as I retreated to my seat.

As I sat down, Ricky approached me with Tim and Adam in tow, "She still hasn't told you what she meant?" Ricky asked as he took a seat next to me.

I shook my head in defeat. "No, and she won't" I whined as I cursed her for not explaining what she meant.

He just sighed. "I suppose that you'll find out tomorrow", he said as I stared at Amanda.

"But I want to know now!" I whined again, causing Tim and Adam to giggle.

"Sometimes you can be a downright girl!" Adam said, getting more laughs.

The rest of the day and night were a blur, I just practiced and practiced. I even managed to get Amanda, Sarah, Ricky, Adam and Tim to come over to my place and practice with me. As Amanda puts it: "We get one place closer to winning with each practice we do". So, after another few hours of practice, we decided to stop and get some rest for tomorrow. We all sat in my back garden talking about how nervous we were when Adam poured some water over Ricky. This, of course, got Ricky to retaliate. Instead of hitting Adam as he intended, he missed and the water hit Amanda soaking her red top. Everyone else began laughing.

"Think it's funny, Sarah?" Amanda hollered as she tipped a glass of water over her unsuspecting target.

The resulting scream was deafening and the response was scary. Sarah leapt to her feet, stared at Amanda, and grabbed a bottle then ran over to the outside tap and filled it up. "You're gonna pay for that, wench!" she screamed as she chased Amanda around the garden. It only took a few more minutes before everyone was fighting each other, Tim was soaking Adam, Sarah was chasing Amanda (still), and Ricky had me pinned to the ground while he poured a bottle of water over my head.

"Get off me now, you bastard" I screamed almost sounding like Sarah, Ricky just smiled as he finished pouring the rest of the water over me, "you scream like a girl" he said then burst out laughing, I got to my feet and went inside making sure I gave him the death stare before I disappeared.

After I cooled off I went back outside to find Ricky running around the garden being followed by Amanda and Sarah. Tim and Adam were sitting on the grass laughing like hyenas. I slowly walked over to Tim and Adam and sat down next to them. "What's happening now?" I ask as Ricky tripped, Amanda jumped on top of him, and Sarah approached with a huge jug of water ready to pour.

Tim laughed a bit then replied, "Well, after you went, in we all settled down and were talking when Ricky called Amanda a "bitch" and said Sarah "couldn't dress a doll, let alone herself".

"He said that, oh my god, he better had been joking or they'll kill him" I replied, watching Ricky's punishment and trying not to laugh too much.

A few minutes later Amanda came over to the group and sat down shortly followed by Sarah and Ricky. "Man, you girls are mean, I was only kidding", Ricky said in a fake upset tone that caused the girls and myself to giggle.

"You asked for it Ricky" I replied.

"Yep, you know not to piss them off, we all know what they're like", Adam chipped in.

"What does that mean Adam?" Sarah asked, giving Amanda a quick nod.

"Err, nothing Sarah, honest, I meant nothing!" Adam quickly said while moving away from Sarah and Amanda as fast as he could.

The girls just nodded and remained where they were sitting, "Anyway, we have Regionals tomorrow, so I suggest we all get an early night" Amanda suggested as she got to her feet and started saying her goodbyes, followed by Sarah. "Yeah, you're right, we all need some sleep" Tim said as he said his goodbyes and left, along with everyone else.

The rest of the night went by slowly. I was bored as mad! I tried going to sleep early but I couldn't manage to. Every time I closed my eyes, I kept seeing images of myself messing up the routine tomorrow. I climbed back out of my bed and went back downstairs where my mum, dad, and sister all sat discussing what they had done that day. I walked into the room and sat next to my sister, saying a quick hi to everyone.

So, son, looking forward to Regionals tomorrow?" my dad asked, trying to start a conversation with me. Me and my mum and dad haven't really been close, they were always working or at some engagement and I was left at home with my sister looking after me.

I shook my head a little. "I'm so nervous about tomorrow, I know I'm going to mess up the routine" I said, resting my head on my sisters shoulder, which made my mum giggle a little.

"Justin, don't be so stupid! We all know that you won't mess up, we've seen you practice in the garden, the routine looks great" my mum and dad said almost at the same time making me think that they had rehearsed it.

"Listen Justin, I know what it's like, the night before a regional, I know you're feeling nervous and like you're going to mess up but you're not, if you start believing that then you will mess up" my sister said while rubbing my hair. I just nodded to what they said and excused myself. Then, I went back to my room to get some sleep. After a while picturing the events of tomorrow, I slowly slipped into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning by the piercing sound of my alarm clock dragging me out of my slumber. I slowly looked around my room at the darkness still everywhere, I looked at my alarm clock and noticed it was 6:00am; I moaned and stood up slowly. I slowly shuffled into the bathroom; my mind still felt like it was asleep as I rubbed the wet cloth over my face trying to wake myself up. I ran a quick shower and dove into it, making sure it was freezing cold so it would wake me up. As I entered the kitchen, I saw Sam cooking some bacon and eggs, "What you doing here, sis?" I asked, wondering why my sister was here instead of her house at this time in the morning.

She grinned at me as she put some of the bacon and eggs on a plate and handed it to me "I stayed here last night in my old room, I decided to be here and take you to the Regionals today. I have to watch my little brother win", she said, hugging me slightly. Win? Was she mad? I know that we have a killer routine and a great squad, but surely we weren't better than all the other squads, were we? My mind boggled over question after question as I ate my breakfast. As soon as I was finished, she took the plate from in front of me and started washing it, "You go upstairs and get your uniform on; we have to get going by 7:30," she said, not even looking back at me. I ran upstairs and threw on my uniform then looked at myself in the mirror, the uniform actually looked good on me. It was just tight enough to show off my body, which I saw as an advantage. After I gave myself the ok, I went back downstairs where my parents and sister were waiting for me. As soon as they saw me, my mum opened the door. "Come on, let's get going!" she ordered as we all marched out of the house and into the car.

Well, I'm here at Regionals! Now, I'm looking for the rest of the Griffins. My parents had dropped me off outside the arena and headed off to get a good seat so that they could watch the Griffins perform.

"Hey Justin, there you are!" I heard the now familiar voice of Sarah scream after me as I passed yet another bunch of cheerleaders. I turned around just in time for Sarah to hug me.

"How are you, sweetie?" I asked as she broke the hug and looked around the arena.

"I'm great, though this place is bigger than last year's venue" Sarah said as she noticed Tim and Amanda coming. "Hey guys!" she screamed again, running off and hugging them. I slowly walked over to where Amanda and Tim were now being hugged by Sarah.

"This year is going to be so great!" Amanda said looking at me. "So, are you still feeling nervous?" she questioned as any captain and friend would. I nodded my reply and carried on checking out my surroundings when I heard Amanda speak again. This time, annoyance and anger were in her voice. "They're here". I turned to see her pointing at a group of cheerleaders who were walking over to us. They were wearing white uniforms with "Leopards" written on them in black writing. The word written on the outfit made me remember what Amanda had said the other day. I was sure that I would find out what she meant today.

One of the girls approached Amanda, stared at her then spoke. "So you're here again, Amanda, and I see that you brought fresh blood, good new people for us to wipe the floor with" her voice was pretty high pitched and cold.

One of the other girls grabbed her shoulder. "Can you drop it Amber, none of us know why you hate the Griffins so much, most of us are friends with them, give them a chance", she said, getting a death stare off of Amber.

There you are hope you all liked it J I enjoyed writing it. What will happen at the Regionals? Will the Griffins win? Or will they be beat? And what exactly did Amanda mean by that griffin hunting the leopard thing in chapter 2? All will be revealed next chapter. Remember please email me with any reactions to this story at I need to know if the story is going down as good as I hope it is, well till next time.