Cheerleading High
Chapter Seven: Farewell to a friend:

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Here is chapter 7:

Tears fell from my eyes as I looked on watching one of my friends being lowered into the ground. My body was froze to the spot making my reluctant eyes watch. Every bone in my body wanted to leave and not think about what was happening. For the last week I'd tried to block out what happened but I couldn't. I'd only known Sarah for a short time but we had already become good friends. She was a great girl and an excellent friend.

"Justin, everyone's leaving" Leo said softly trying not to sound as upset as he was. That's one thing I noticed about him in the last week he was being strong but not for himself. He was being strong so I could have someone to turn to. He had become my rock, no matter how he felt he was always there to listen to me and I needed it. He had kept me sane; if it weren't for him I'd be being buried along with Sarah.

I unlinked our hands and headed towards the hole, which was now being filled in. I kneeled by the side of it and looked down into its depths as another shovel of dirt was thrown onto the coffin. My tears fell into the hole mixing with the dirt.

"We'll all miss you Sarah, It'll never be the same with out you," I said solemnly as I raised to my feet and headed down the small path towards the front gates of the cemetery Leo by my side squeezing my hand. As we reached the gates my eyes saw the familiar forms of Amanda and Adam stood motionless watching Leo and me approach them. I released Leo's hand and walked over to Amanda embracing her then doing the same thing to Adam, Leo following my lead. As we finished hugging we all started towards Leo's car our minds focusing on our own thoughts.

The car ride to Amanda's house was quiet no one said a word. I watched out of the window as the world flew by, people carrying on with their lives, happily doing what they had to do. As I watched the world go by I felt a hand rest on mine. I looked over and saw Leo looking at me quickly a supportive smile on his face as he squeezed my hand. A few moments later he pulled his hand from mine and put it back on the wheel putting all his attention back on the road.

After another few minutes and we had reached Amanda's house. The car pulled to a stop in the driveway and we all got out of the car following Amanda into her house. We followed silently into the front room; Leo and me walked over and sat on the couch our hands linked together. Silence grabbed the room where it all happened. Just sitting in that room made my body shake and memories of that day flash in my mind. Tears started building in my eyes and a few moments later were falling to the ground. Leo pulled me into a hug, his strong body protecting me from the things that had happened over the last few days.

"I can't believe she's gone" Adam's voice broke the silence; his usual cheerful tone had gone and was replaced with a miserable whisper. Amanda eyed everyone solemnly as we sat in the room where our best friend was taken from us.

The events of that day will never be forgotten by any of us; no one can believe what happened, no one wants to. The party was going ok; I had just gone upstairs and was about to kiss Leo again when we heard some noise downstairs. We all hurried downstairs expecting to see someone acting like an idiot because of drinking too much. But when we go to the bottom of the stairs what we saw shocked us. Sarah was lying on the ground blood all over her body. One of the windows was shattered and everyone was standing around in shock.

"What happened?" I screamed as I ran over to Sarah kneeling next to her looking at her motionless body. For a few seconds no one spoken, Tammy approached me slowly her face still showing the shock she was in and her eyes were full of tears.

"We were all dancing and laughing, Sarah went to get her drink which was next to Tim and Ricky. When she picked it up the window smashed and she fell to the floor. She was shoot. We called the cops, they're on their way." She said at such a speed she could only just be understood. The next few days were a blur, I remember talking to the cops and going home, but after that everything is blurry.

We all sat facing each other our eyes filled with sadness and our minds relaying the Events of that day. I felt Leo tighten his hug, his arms gripping me tighter to him. I looked into his eyes and saw the tears start to fall, this was the first time I had seen him cry about what happened. His body began to shake as the tears became heavier. His sobs became more audible as he held onto me tighter. Amanda rose to her feet and walked over to Leo embraced him; Adam followed her embracing me in a similar hug. Within minutes we were all crying holding each other for support.

The day dragged on with very little being said about anything. It was going dark by the time the other members of the team turned up. No one was sure about going to Amanda's again but everyone felt they had to be there. As soon as everyone was in the room Amanda got to her feet and looked at everyone.

"I know none of understand why this happened, why someone took Sarah away from us but they did and we have to go on with our lives no matter how much it hurts us. We'll all be reminded of her absence when we go to do routines. When we need someone to talk to. We'll all miss her and we'll all wish it hadn't happened but we must carry on with everything. We can't let the person who did this to Sarah win; we have to show them that although we will miss her we will still carry on. But over all we must continue to and win the nationals for Sarah. She'd want us to do our best; she'd want us to be the best. We'll all miss her but remember she isn't truly gone as long as we keep our memories she will always be with us."

As Amanda finished talking everyone had tears in their eyes but no one was crying. The tears were there but the sound of crying wasn't. Everyone just looked at each other thinking about what Amanda had just said. "I'll miss her, but she'd want us to carry on and be strong" I said just above a whisper but everyone in the room heard it. Amanda looked at me and for the first time in a week I saw her smile. It wasn't a big smile but it was a start.

The rest of the night was spent talking about Sarah all the memories we had about her, all the fun times and sad times we'd shared with her. The night went on and it got darker and dark until finally we all decided it was time to go. As I walked out of Amanda's house Leo took my arm and looked at me a small supportive smile on his face, "Justin I know your still upset, do you want me to come back to yours with you? Or would you like to stay at mine again?" He asked his voice full of support and comfort. I thought for a moment "Will you come back to mine with me? I need to get used to staying at home again." I replied weakly, the day had taken a lot out of me; I was emotionally drained and just needed to rest. We got into the car and headed home.

Amanda's House:

Amanda sat on the couch staring at a picture. The picture was of her and Sarah on a camping trip with a few other friends. She wept slowly as memories of Sarah flooded her head, Memories of good times and bad. The door to the room slowly opened as Adam made his way in. "Are you ok Amanda?" he asked softly his voice full of concern.

"I'm ok Adam just thinking about Sarah" she said softly her eyes still shedding tears and her hand rubbing over the picture. "We had been friend for 5 years, she was the only person except for Leo I felt I could turn to. She was more like a sister than a friend. Why did someone have to do this? Why Sarah? Why?" Amanda questioned her voice breaking slightly as she began crying heavily again. Adam crossed the room pulling Amanda into a hug. Neither of them spoke just sat there in their own thoughts Amanda crying softly into Adams shoulder.

"Maybe you should go to sleep, It's been a long day, you must be tired" Adam said supportively as he lifted Amanda to her feet. Amanda looked at Adam her eyes connecting with his. As she looked into his eyes she saw the sadness they he was holding in, the tears he wouldn't shed. Neither of them spoke, they just continued staring into each other's eyes. Adams' head slowly lowered and he kissed her.

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