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Chicken Shack

He caught my eye the moment I came in after swim practice. Was it the little paper cap, his fine blond hair sticking out all unruly? Was it his bright pink skin showing through the thin white shirt? The dark little nipples his shirt almost concealed? The mystery hidden behind that short little apron? Something in his manner?

He stood behind the counter, looking at me from kind boyish eyes, blue, intelligent, with neat arched brows. Soft, full lips...

No. No, it was his skin. Thin and soft and very fair. And hairless! No hair on his arms at all. Smooth, like his slender, boyish face. Yes, it was his skin. The moment I saw it, I wanted to touch it. It looked so... deliciously naked. I started to harden before I even realized why I was itching to touch him, to have him.

I think it was the third time I'd come in. I always got into his line, made eye contact and smiled at him. Each time, I was always extra kind and looked into his eyes just an instant longer than necessary. The first time I did it, he got caught up in our locked gaze and broke away a little lost. Luckily, my compass always pointed north when I undressed him in my imagination, leading me back to... (Hah!) Chicken Shack?

The second time, I think he was more, like, flattered. He held my gaze a moment, smiling. That was cool. But this third time, there was something else in his manner. He met my gaze with a certain warmth, a subtle cockiness, as if we shared something unspoken. Smiling at his long lashes, smiling at his smooth pink cheeks and kind blue eyes, at his little nipples, I pretended I wasn't terrified, and took a crazy leap: I asked if he wanted to maybe hang out after he got off of work.

"Sure," he smiled, "I get off in half an hour." Suddenly more poised, more decisive.

"I'm Andy," I said, my insides aflutter.

"I'm Tim."

That was a long half hour, I'm sure you know. When Tim emerged, he was in soft jeans and a tee-shirt. They clung to him, showing off his fragility, but also a promising little butt. I just wanted him naked. I wanted to feel that smooth pink boy skin against mine. I asked if he wanted to go any place special, or maybe just cruise back to my place and hang out.

"Your place sounds good."

We arrived and I offered him something to drink. He said something besides soda would be great, even water. I rummaged around and found him a bottle of Perrier lime and he said it was perfect. With him sitting across from me, pink, on the couch, I made get-to-know-you talk with his kind blue eyes, but it seemed like he had his attention on something. I know where mine was: inside his little clothes. Clearly, neither of us was really here to chat, so I decided to take the big plunge.

"You know why I've been wanting to get to know you. Don't you?" I kept it soft, but I made it a statement. I figured he might ask why, so I was going to say I found him attractive and see where that led.

He tossed his hair and straightened his shoulders a little, looking directly at my bulge. "You want to fuck me," he said, then looked back up into my eyes. He didn't look like he disapproved. I must say, I was shocked at his directness. Shocked but relieved: no more "Blah, blah, blah, yak, yak," but it did make me grin.

I laughed nervously. "Crap, I kind of figured we could just have an awkward conversation."

His blue eyes looked into me. "Am I making you nervous?"

Busted! "I'm sorry, all I really dared to hope for was a nice kiss and maybe, someday, we could do a little friendly sucking. I think I'd enjoy anything with you. Anything but just being friends." I just had to feel his soft pink skin against me.

He blushed, getting even cuter. "Some nice... a little friendly... mmm, that all sounds really nice."

"So will you come over here and sit with me?"

He was already on his feet, but I was in the armchair. "Sure, where... ?"

"My lap would be perfect, or... " He came over closer and I began to feel the heat coming off him. I reached to take his soft hand, helped him turn and settle sideways on me. He was soft and warm, his butt pressing down against my firming cock. He leaned in, and his body lightly rested against mine, warm and slender and soft, as my arms went around him.

"You're shaking," he said.

I just nodded and raised my hand to touch his face, appreciating the tender smoothness. He leaned closer, his slender pink arms sliding around my neck. Looking shyly into my eyes, his breath sweet and soft on my face, he murmured, "Kiss me. Please?"

His eyes closed as I leaned in, trembling, to brush his lips with mine. He turned to await me, to meet me, open softly. I turned to take his soft lips with mine, touching moisture, tasting him. Our tongues touched tickle-y soft, and I moaned softly, felt my fluid start to ooze. Who could have known? I opened wider and our tongues did their dance, as he let out a sweet little sigh through his nose.

As mine retreated, his tongue took command, entering me. But then he went all gentle, inflaming me, making me crave to have more of him. I sucked on his tongue, thrilled to have part of him inside me, thrilled to breathe him in, drink in his sweet breath like a drowning man. His tongue went away, leaving me open and needy, as his lips moved to devour mine, exploring me with searing tenderness as he crooned, making me needier, making me harder, making me ooze more. After a bit, he broke and put his cheek against my chest. I kissed his soft hair as I pushed my hardness up against his body, sharing my need, feeling my wetness spreading.

"Mmm, you smell like chicken."

"I'm around it so much," he said, "I probably taste like it."

"I'd sure like to find out," my voice smiled. Having said it, my cock pulsed again against his warm butt. He felt that and looked up at me.

"That sounds nice," he said, his voice breaking a little. He leaned out to slide his hand between my legs, cupping my hungry package. I leaned back to let him take me. As he ran his fingers along my length, my cock escaped to lengthen down my leg, trailing cool fluid. He cooed his approval and squeezed me, sending a twinge of pleasure, as I pulsed again, my cock lying hot against my thigh. I felt wanted, and that broke something loose inside. I needed to get closer to him. Hungry for intimacy, I put my face to his hot little ear.

"Kiss me again," I rasped, "I want you."

He turned and straddled me, sliding his hands to cradle the back of my head. He looked at me, closed his eyes and went for another kiss. This time his manner was stronger, more purposeful. His maleness came through, different from mine. I wanted to merge with him, to be with Tim's maleness, to feel his paradoxically soft hot boy skin all over me. I slid my arms around his body, pulling him in, feeling his softness, how slight his body was, enjoying his kiss, holding him to me, wanting him more, to have his slender body burning naked against mine. He moved to increase our contact. I could hardly breathe, I wanted him so bad.

I put a hand under his butt and leaned forward to stand up. He laced his fingers behind my neck. Both hands holding his little butt, I stood up, lifting him easily. He put his legs around me and hung from my neck, letting me carry him to my bed to lay him down and take off his shoes, his little jeans, his tee-shirt. He got even cuter. I shed my own clothes and lay with him, tenderly kissing his lips, his cheeks, his earlobes. Kissing him deeply again, I ran my hands over his soft smooth body, lightly brushing his nipples. They scrunched into little crinkle-y boy nubbins.

Not breaking the kiss, I brushed his nipples again, savoring their rubbery boyishness, then felt gently down his side to his butt, before sliding up the inside of his thigh to cup his bouncy sack through the cotton. I slid upwards to take his cock in my hand and moaned my appreciation for the fullness in my hand.

I had to get those little undies off him, see him, run my hands all over him. He let me, helped me. I now saw how nearly hairless he was. Nothing much under the arms, nothing at all on his smooth pink arms and legs, a modest patch of short, neat pubes. A generous package, youthful and pretty, candy to my eye. He seemed a little body shy, embarrassed.

I reverently kissed his sweet boy tit. "Your body is beautiful," I assured him, "I had no idea."

"I want to see you, too," he said, sitting up. He hooked his finger inside the elastic of my briefs and pulled them down, until I had to lift my butt. He took them off of me, smelled them, kissing the sticky spot with a wicked little smirk, and tossed them over by his backpack.

I pulled him on top of me. His soft hot skin was sticky smooth against mine, every bit as sweet as I had dreamed. Our rampant cocks lay trapped between us. We pressed into each other, moaning, until he reached down and aimed mine up between his thighs, wrapping me in his warm softness. I entered a dreamy state of tender passive intimacy, as his lips explored my face and then came home to suckle on mine. His touch was so sweet, his kiss so tender, that I would have come if he had moved against me.

"Hold still, or I'm gonna cum from being kissed," I laughed, giving him a peck on the lips. I lifted him to let my dick flop back between us, feeling myself retreat from the brink, and rolled sideways to lie facing him. He pushed me onto my back again and turned to lie crossways to me, scooting up to put his face over my cock.

I felt his blue eyes taking me in, ogling me, knowing me. He kissed the underside of my desperate boner. Taking me in his soft hand, he moved to mouth the bottom globes of my cock head and tenderly kiss my oozing pee lips. He licked his lips, savoring my juice. "Mmmm," he said, "that's... nice." Then he turned and lay back, to let me straddle his face and get to him. Finally, I was home. He kissed my sack and tugged it gently, as my mouth explored his tasty underside.

"Yum, scrotilicious!" he giggled, nuzzling me. Apart from his pubes, his crotch was completely hairless. I couldn't get enough of kissing and licking him, rooting between his thighs and plump sack, kissing it, wanting to bury my face in their coolness, but unable to reach. He smelled and tasted like sweet, clean boy. The fullness of his balls was sweet, elusive joy to my grasping lips.

His mouth engulfed me, released me, blew air on me. Warm then cool, wet. The tenderness, the pleasure and arousal almost an ache inside me. He sucked me like a boy who truly loves a penis. He knew to keep the touch of his lips light, until I was desperately hard, knew to slide his hand up my thigh, 'till he encountered my balls and then took them, lightly grasping them with his soft fingers, caressing them around the edges, gathering and tugging the loose skin at the back, tracing from my sack to my hole and back, all just enough to maximize the delicious invasion and make me delight in being taken by his soft hands.

His dick was surprisingly chubby. It looked huge on his slender body, important, made me need to have him in my mouth, need to suck him. I took him into my mouth. I had to have him down my throat, to get my lips to the base, to have all of his maleness within me. I craved to bury my nose in his balls while I sucked him, to experience all of him at once. Pushing and swallowing, I got there, the exotic tender maleness of this sweet youngster filling me.

We switched positions. I needed him on top, so I could get at him better. His fat one in my throat, I pulled his balls to cover my nose in softness and delight, enjoying his boyish moans of appreciation around the shaft of my penis. My mind went blank, as I worshipped him with my mouth, surrendered to the delight of sucking him, my face buried in his soft thighs and tender sack.

I could have spent forever there, but I struggled to hold off coming. After a bit, I just had to pull away. I put him on his back and swung around, raising his knees and cupping his butt, to lift him, so I could hum into his bouncy nuts. I took his fat dick back into my mouth, sucked him reverently, enjoying the smooth softness, the hardness within, the boyish upward curve, the shape and tenderness of his dick head, sliding my lips from tip to base, back to savor the taut, swelling head, to kiss the boyish pee lips, worshipping at the temple of boy. Pulsing, he put his hands on my shoulders and frantically urged me off.

"Don't make me come, don't make me come," he fussed. "Ohhh, I was too close." He panted for a second.

"Please fuck me," he asked, raising his knees, "I want to feel your big dick inside of me." He spread his legs, his penis arching hard and fat against his belly. He lifted his feet, giving his taut hairless bag to me, his innocent hole, displaying his surrender, presenting himself for penetration.

I "just happened" to have some Slippery Stuff handy. I squeezed a bunch next to his bouncy bag, as I licked his underside. It ran down toward his hole, and I caught the stream of lube on my fingers. I gently applied it, petting his opening, feeling it soften for me. He moaned at the contact and lifted his feet, spreading wider in wanton surrender, his cock even harder, even hotter, straining fat and needy against his belly.

I switched to kissing his bag, so he wouldn't come, and collected some more lube. My finger gently entered him, spreading the lube up into his tight softness. He ummm-ed squeaky in appreciation, as I collected more lube and my finger slid deeper. His hand fluttered in my hair. I gently pressed forward to push on his prostate. He spasmed, delivering a big clear dollop of sweet boy juice onto my lips. I savored its thickness, blowing a bubble to feel it.

He began to pant and I gently switched to two fingers. As he pressed back against my hand, he was going "Mmm! Mmmm!" ever more urgently. I felt him loosening and tightening, taking my fingers deeper into his ass.

It was safe to put my mouth around his dick again. His juice was sweet and I trembled to receive it. He was moaning his fuck-urgency as I added a third finger, now tenderly sucking him, swallowing to feel his lovely clean boy juice with my throat.

"I need to suck the dick that's going to fuck me," he moaned. "Nobody's ever fucked me. Feed me your big fat dick." I did, feeding his frantic need, fighting to hold back, as he sucked me deep and cried out in the thrall of penis joy. I pulled away barely in time, his hungry lips pursuing me as I fled, my load aching for release.

"Ohh, God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Put it in me deep. Ohh, fuuuuck me!" he was desperately whining his need. "Fuck me," he was begging, as I lifted his hips, put a pillow under him, and prepared to enter him. "Fuck me!" he insisted, wailed, "Ohh, fuuuuck me!"

I coated my cock with lube and found his hole again with my slippery thumb, pressing in deep, stretching him with the fat base, pressing deeper as he spasmed rhythmically. I slid my cock along my thumb, below it, slid to touch his eager hole and replaced my thumb with my eager cock, entering him just a little. He groaned his delight and whined for penetration. I pressed forward and began to gently enter his soft heat, intending to be slow and tender, and take my time.

"Fuck me with your big dick," he demanded, wrapping his soft legs around me, pulling insistently to urge me in. The resistance suddenly yielded, and I easily slid home to take his hungry ass completely, slid into heat and pleasure, slid to the music of him crying his delight as he impaled himself on me. I was joyfully buried in a soft gay boy who truly wanted this, who was calling out in pleasure from being penetrated, at having me go in, at having a fat penis buried in him.

Knowing he wanted me, knowing I was deeply satisfying Tim with my dick, made it hugely pleasurable to fuck him. My welcome intruder took pleasure from his ass like a hummingbird sipping nectar. With each thrust, Tim cried out his fuck joy and we both rang with the pleasure of each stroke. He babbled marvellous things about my size and hardness, urging me to fuck him and fuck him more and fuck him deeper.

With each stroke, my sex-hunger place took nourishment from him, feeding on his ass, an ancient longing being sated, healed with each groaning stroke into his softness and heat. I opened my eyes and took a lurch closer to the inevitable when I saw the joy and gratitude on Tim's face. We were both taking soul-deep pleasure from this, each bound for ecstasy, each focused on my fat cock, opening his portal over and over, fat hungry boner entering cock-hungry body, sliding, sliding, stretching him, arriving achy deep, his body clenching to have me there, to confirm the awesome fact of being fucked.

Both of us were close: tender willing boy having me; fat hungry cock penetrating, joyously thrusting deep into heat, happy fatness arriving all the way inside of him, buried, celebrated, cherished, joyous in his deep place. I felt total permission to be in him, to penetrate Tim with my big fat penis, to slide and bury myself and fuck him completely, to push to the hilt, to move him around to get into him deeper. We were both crying like puppies from the intensity of it, as I sweetly fucked him deep and complete.

A million years later, the fuck sweetness came upon me. I buried myself all the way in Tim, pushing in a tiny bit more, fat and hard, feeling him deeper, grasping him and thrusting in to take more joy from him. The sweet pleasure rose in my cock, blooming, as I shoved him onto me, his portal gripping around my base, the pleasure soon too good to bear. In exquisite surrender, I let my load be taken from me. In stark glory it slid, slow, sweet, sharp, filling my get-ready place. I began to cry out my release, my penis a pillar of glory, giant, eternal, mindless, full... ready... hanging in ecstasy. When I could contain the joy no longer, I erupted, a helpless pumping fountain of male joy, pumping hugely, completely, my asshole clenching with pleasure, as I surrendered my sweet load to Tim.

Coming in Tim was indescribably, exultantly satisfying, and he could tell. Hearing me cry out with the glory, feeling himself receive my first huge shot, then another, another, receiving my load deep within him, he let out a groan that became strangled, and shot too. Wailing the completeness of his release, Tim shot, and shot, and shot on us both, his contractions milking me. I could smell his clean hot young cum as he gasped and groaned and cried his satisfaction, ruby lips parted, abandoned to his fuck joy.

His eyes opened, unfocused. "You caaame in me... your load... so good... insiiide me." He found my eyes, looked into them, wobbly, surrendered and radiant, "Ohh, I'm a fuck boy. I'm a fuuuck boy!"

"Are you my boy?"

"Yes, oh yes... Oh God, you're still pumping... so good, so good. Oh, God, you fucked me."

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